History is what shapes our future and we must learn from our past. The past is filled with thought-provoking information and Popular Everything is here to keep you informed.

A Look Back At Sears Department Store: How The Iconic American Brand Changed Retail History

Remember when everything you could ever want was at your fingertips and could be delivered straight to your door?! No, we aren’t talking about Amazon, but the Sears Catalog! Take a walk down memory lane and see why Sears paved the way for today's modern retail environment: the internet. Mail delivery is a thing of the past and a major component of today’s retail shopping.
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Through the Eyes of a Soldier: Rare and Moving Moments from the Vietnam War

Throughout America’s involvement in Vietnam, It was important for the young soldiers to find solace wherever they could to distract them from the hardships of war. The photos that capture these moments of optimism offer a unique and rarely seen perspective of the the Vietnam war. Take a look at our collection of candid and unexpected snapshots that shed a light on the life of a soldier beyond the battlefield.
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The Ugly Truth About America’s Most Hated Family

America wouldn’t be America without freedom of speech, but The Westboro Church uses this right is downright SAVAGE. Here are some outrageous facts about the church's members and beliefs. You’ll understand why no other Church will associate with them and why the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein was fond of the group.
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The Strange Side of Smart: 20 Bizarre Things Brilliant People Do

Although the world’s most renown scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and philosophers look like total big shots today, they have had their days getting picked on for being different. Nobody has touched on this better than Bill Gates; "be nice to nerds, they'll probably be your boss one day." Popular Everything did some extensive internet digging to provide you with the odd things these "nerds" used to do. Some of these quirky habits might throw you for a loop.
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