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Never Too Cold: Exploring the Strange Phenomenon of Guys Who Insist on Wearing Shorts in the Winter

There you are, driving down the icy road in the middle of the winter on your way to wherever you're going. It's freezing outside. Good thing you have the heat cranked, you have a nice steaming coffee in the cup holder, and are all bundled up and ready to make the perilous 15-second journey that stands between your car and the door to your destination. Suddenly, to your bewilderment and slight horror, you spot a young guy walking down the street in shorts! "Oh my god" you think to yourself, "what's this guy thinking? Why is he wearing shorts?" As it turns out, this is a thing. and lots of guys refuse to wear long pants during the cold season. Come in and find out why.
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This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man, Cat Hilariously Steals the Show

Ever since Aaron Benitez first locked eyes with his beloved grey feline and decided to adopt him, the besties became inseparable. when the time came for Aaron to plan his wedding; he couldn't think of anyone more suited to be his best man than his trusty side-kick Prince Michael. However, his cat was no ordinary wedding guest. He winded up becoming the "main priority," the main attraction of the wedding and eventually stole the show!
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20+ Photos of Bargain Crazed Shoppers in the Heat of the Black Friday Madness

There's nothing quite like an outrageous sale, or a Black Friday bargain-hunt to make you feel alive. After all, who doesn't love a good deal? Still, when these shopping warriors prepared for Black Friday, the most coveted and busiest shopping day of the year, they went to the next level. On this day, there really are no rules. So let's marvel at these apocalyptic scenes and see what people will do for a crazed-deal, in the heat of the Black Friday madness.
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Laughing All the Way: Hilarious Fails That Will Bring Cheer to Your Holiday Season

Every year the holidays are a time where joy is to be shared with those around us. With bright lights, ornaments, Santa and reindeer are just a few ways we show off being merry. Even though these gifts come once a year we know there will always be some surprises - or should we say fails, along the way. We'll explore some of the most hilarious holidays fails that will have you laughing out loud or cringing in amazement!
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These Creative Couples Costumes Will Inspire You to Up Your Halloween Game This Year

As Halloween is creeping upon us once again, we know it's pretty tempting to grab your nearest witches hat, themed ears or cliche dollar store prop. What can we say, the struggle for inspiration is real. However, that was all before we stumbled upon these genius power couples, who've accepted the challenge and have prepared their holiday costumes in style. From pop-culture inspired outfits or movie characters to clever wordplay or coordinated props; these duos are sure to inspire you to step up your game this year.
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Moms Who Went to the Next Level and Hilariously Trolled Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos

Let's face it. For most parents, it was a long summer. We're sure some were happy to spend precious moments with their little ones. Others were just exhausted. Finally, when that big day arrived, parents worldwide got swept up with the tradition of back to school photos. Some got a little more creative. So let's take a look at the mom's who won the internet and hilariously trolled their kids on their first day back to school.
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NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit in a Bag. Local Commuters Found the Most Creative Loop Hole

In NYC, "bag dogs" are fast becoming the latest must-have accessory. The pup trend began in 2016 after NYC City enforced a new rule banning dogs on the subway unless they are in a bag. Well, New York dog owners love a good loophole. Ever since the law has been set in motion, commuters have been wowing us with a series of ingenious, stylish and fabulous ways to push the law to the limits. So let's take a glimpse at the most creative "bag dogs" to ever grace the NYC Subway.
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Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

Sometimes the most picture perfect moments happen when we least expect it. In some cases, it takes a skilled professional to capture the most beautiful photo at the right split second. Other times, it's just a question of being at the right place at the right time. Here is our collection of some of the most perfectly timed photos. Whether these hilarious and awe-worthy moments are professionally staged or lucky coincidences, we will let you be the judge.
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The Most Awkward Family Photos You Wish Never Happened

As kids most of us dreaded the yearly family photo, often forced to wear matching outfits and required to put on a plastic smile. We'll explore some of the most awkward, embarrassing and downright silly family photos many wish were never taken. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; some things are better left unsaid.
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The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved

It looks as though photobombs have turned from awkward accidents to hilarious works of art. Some people have managed to perfect the skill and can now transform the most standard of photos into knee-slapping masterpieces. These days, no one is safe from falling victim to a photobomb, and these pictures are here to prove it. Whether it's an uninvited wedding guest or a surprise addition to the annual family vacation, here is our collection of some of the most epic photobombs to date.
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Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons

Who remembers throwing a temper tantrum when they were little? Get ready to laugh your socks off, as Popular Everything are showing you our roundup of the most ridiculous reasons these adorable children have started the waterworks. Some of you parents may find yourselves relating to a few of these moments!
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Hilarious T-Shirt Fails That Will Make You Stare in Disbelief

Your whole idea about T-shirt's is about to change. The comfortable and easy clothing choice is no longer safe! There is a serious T-shirt epidemic that's causing people to parade around in the most epic failures of a T-shirt and it's just hilarious. Popular Everything surfed the web to provide you with T-shirt fails that will have you fighting uncontrollable laughter.
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