These Winter Olympians Probably Earn More Than You Thought They Did

Phelps, and Simone Biles, they’re still making some serious bank. Yep, what you might not realize about winter Olympians is that through their sponsorship deals, their endorsements, their social media standing, and their sporting prowess, they’ve become millionaires. In fact, the richest winter Olympian of all time is worth a hefty $60 million!

Is Brett Favre’s Latest Scandal the Third Strike for His Devoted Wife Deanna?

After Brett retired from the NFL in 2011, the couple hoped that the rumors and salacious stories surrounding their marriage would come to an end – but they just keep coming. Brett has been caught in personal scandal after personal scandal, and while fans have called for her to leave her husband, Deanna continues to stand beside him. However, she’s certainly been pushed to her limits on countless occasions, and it seems as though Brett Favre’s latest scandal may have been the straw to finally break the camel’s back.

Meeting The Wives and Girlfriends of These Pro Golf Legends Might Make You Consider Taking up The Sport

While famous golf stars are the reason we turn on our TV, the ladies on the sidelines keep us watching for hours on end. These women have become the stars of the show as they cheer on their boyfriends and husbands, and many have even donned their uniforms to caddy for these icons. But if you’ve always wanted to know more about the women who have stolen the hearts of these pro golfers, then you’re in luck. Check out their wives and girlfriends of iconic golf legends here.

Where Are They Now? The Lives of These WWE Legends Have Changed Dramatically Since Their Time in the Ring

The world of wrestling has certainly changed over the years. Costumes have varied in their flamboyance, commentators have upped the ante with their drama, and wrestlers have come and gone. And while there are some wrestlers who have made their way into the ring without making much of an impact, there are others we just can’t forget. These wrestling legends have all made their mark in one way or another over the course of their careers, but now they’ve retired things are a little different.

This High School Quarterback Was Homeless Until His Coach Did Something That Completely Changed His Life

One football coach went above and beyond his duties by opening his heart and home to a homeless quarterback. Sam Greiner was coaching his first team when he met Braheam Murphy, a teenager with a lot of potential. He would come to figure out Braheam’s secret – he was homeless – and create a mentorship that no one saw coming. In no time at all, Braheam was welcomed into his home. Not as a guest, but as one of the family. The aspiring footballer’s second chance at life gave him the nurturing and love that he needed to flourish both in football and as a young man. Find out how.

Life After the Olympics: What Happened To The World’s Greatest Olympians Since Their Claim To Fame

Once upon a time, the strongest, fastest, and most athletic legends that are known today had trained for most of their lives to become the best in their league. With early starts, late nights, and constantly pushing themselves, all their work amounted to a single event – the Olympics. But what happens after the awards are given out and the judges give their final scores?

All About Paige Spiranac, the Pro Golfer Who Became an Instagram Sensation

We think it’s high time we find out who Paige Spiranac really is. Known for being the “hot golfer” on social media, she’s changing what people think an athlete should look like. But as one of the most popular sportswomen today, we wanted to take a closer look at the professional golfer, and how she got to where she is today. And we have to say, it’s not been easy for Paige. She’s even had a fair share of controversy throughout her career, which we’ll be diving into deeper. Read on to find out more about the real Paige Spiranac.

47+ Massive Sporting Scandals That Should Never Be Forgotten

When most people play sports, sportsmanship is a critical part of the game. Without trust and adherence to the rules, the world of sports would not be what it is. Yet despite the widespread knowledge that following the rules is crucial, we get our fair share of people that flout them and commit athletic treason of the most severe degree. Here, we take an in-depth look at the biggest sports scandals in history and we’ll catch up with their perpetrators

Michael Jordan Is Changing Gears and Has Formed His Own Nascar Team

Legendary NBA icon, Michael Jordan might have been off the court for a few years now, but that does not mean the star athlete is slowing down anytime soon. Taking on a new challenge, the 57 year old sports enthusiast has teamed up with three-time Daytona 500 winner, Denny Hamlin to create his very own NASCAR Cup Series team. And the still unnamed team plans to compete in the 2021 season with Bubba Wallace as their first driver

The Tricky Situation Tokyo Finds Itself in Now They’ve Postponed the Olympics To 2021

Tokyo had no choice but to postpone its 2020 Olympic games with the current global pandemic climate. But pushing it into 2021 hasn’t solved all the problems, if any at all. When the virus will no longer be a threat is still very much unknown, and considering how prevalent it’s been over the last few months, it’s looking unlikely to go away anytime soon. But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have stated that it refuses to delay the Olympic games past the summer of 2021, so it looks like Tokyo has no choice but to push ahead. And the nation’s not happy about it.