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Tom Brady’s Ex & Gisele Bündchen Open Up About Co-Parenting

Tom Brady and Gisele are awesome parents, but they're even better co-parents. Tom's eldest son, Jack, was born a year after he and Gisele began to date. Discovering her new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend was pregnant was not easy for the supermodel. However, the three of them have figured out a productive way to co-parent and they're finally opening up about it.
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What Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Spend Their Super Bowl Money on

Tom Brady and Gisele are easily the cutest power couple. They both give their job 150% of their efforts, and it has paid off...literally. Popular Everything took the liberty to find out what one of the highest paid models and one of the highest paid football players spend all their cash flow on, and believe us, it's not what you'd expect.
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