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Michael Jordan Is Changing Gears and Has Formed His Own Nascar Team

Legendary NBA icon, Michael Jordan might have been off the court for a few years now, but that does not mean the star athlete is slowing down anytime soon. Taking on a new challenge, the 57 year old sports enthusiast has teamed up with three-time Daytona 500 winner, Denny Hamlin to create his very own NASCAR Cup Series team. And the still unnamed team plans to compete in the 2021 season with Bubba Wallace as their first driver
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The Tricky Situation Tokyo Finds Itself in Now They’ve Postponed the Olympics To 2021

Tokyo had no choice but to postpone its 2020 Olympic games with the current global pandemic climate. But pushing it into 2021 hasn't solved all the problems, if any at all. When the virus will no longer be a threat is still very much unknown, and considering how prevalent it's been over the last few months, it's looking unlikely to go away anytime soon. But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have stated that it refuses to delay the Olympic games past the summer of 2021, so it looks like Tokyo has no choice but to push ahead. And the nation's not happy about it.
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The Real Superwomen: Female Athletes Who Outperformed Their Male Counterparts and Made Sports History

Today, female athletes are more celebrated than they've ever been, however, it's taken a lot to get to this point. Where women once weren't allowed to compete, the last century has seen female athletes reach incredible feats and even outperform their male counterparts in male-dominated sports. At Popular Everything, we've compiled a list of women who broke the gender barrier and made sports history.
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#GirlDad: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Has Inspired The Most Heartwarming Viral Hashtag

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna makes us want to all call our loved ones and tell them how much we care for them. Bryant will forever be remembered for his sick b-ball skills and kind-hearted philanthropy. But he also leaves something else important behind: #GirlDad. Find out why the hashtag is going viral, and come have a look at the touching story and legacy of a basketball hero
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Packers vs. Chiefs 1967: the First Super Bowl In History

Super Bowl LIV was an absolute blast. With no shortage of white-knuckle moments and reversals of fortune, it had us clenching our seats the whole time. The halftime show was also amazing. J.Lo and Shakira really tackled it beautifully. But the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the US, wasn't always this huge. Join us for a flashback to 1967 to see what the first Super Bowl in history looked like.
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25+ Game-Changing Commercials that Went Down in Super Bowl History

Let's face it. Who even tunes into the Super Bowl to watch the game anymore! Well, some might. But over the years, the Halftime commercials have become bigger, louder, more memorable and more budget-busting than ever before. As flagship brands have been forced to go head-to-head to score a prized spot in the Halftime commercial schedule, the ad game is well and truly on. The competition is fierce, but here are the most memorable Super Bowl Commercials of all time.
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23+ Perfectly Timed Mid-Action Photos of Football at Its Best

Popular Everything went on a serious mission: to bring you explosive mid-action shots of the hardest-hitting, earth trembling sport in the business. Suit up and join us for an epic tour of some perfectly time football photos. Some of these sweet pictures are high-octane, some are downright hilarious. Whatever you're looking for, get ready to enjoy!
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25+ Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations

A lot can happen out on the water that those back on dry land will never get to experience for themselves. Fishing is not the boring sport that some people think it is. On the contrary, a good fishing outing is full of challenges, strange situations, and hilarious unexpected predicaments. Don't believe us? Then take a look at these LOL-worthy photos that are sure to change your mind about the sport. Soon you'll understand that fishing can be much more intense and eventful than you realized.
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Photos of Tennis Players in Mid-Action That Will Make You Double-Take

With the US Open Championships in full swing, we wanted to take a look at some of the most intense and perfectly captured moments in tennis. Incredible, hilarious, or down-right embarrassing, here are our must-see photos of tennis athletes at maximum exertion! At Popular everything, we're bringing you some of the priceless photos that catch our tennis favorites in questionable moments!
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Tom Brady’s Ex & Gisele Bündchen Open Up About Co-Parenting

Tom Brady and Gisele are awesome parents, but they're even better co-parents. Tom's eldest son, Jack, was born a year after he and Gisele began to date. Discovering her new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend was pregnant was not easy for the supermodel. However, the three of them have figured out a productive way to co-parent and they're finally opening up about it.
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What Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Spend Their Super Bowl Money on

Tom Brady and Gisele are easily the cutest power couple. They both give their job 150% of their efforts, and it has paid off...literally. Popular Everything took the liberty to find out what one of the highest paid models and one of the highest paid football players spend all their cash flow on, and believe us, it's not what you'd expect.
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