Sherri Papini Proved Herself To Be the Real “Gone Girl” After She Became the Center of the Largest Manhunt in Californian History

The real details behind the bizarre disappearance of Sherri Papini, mother of two, are only just coming to light. In November 2016, American sweetheart Sherri Papini suddenly vanished, giving way to the single largest manhunt in Californian history. And when she reappeared 3 weeks later with mysterious markings, she had a hell of a story to tell. unspeakable misery. But behind the scenes, detectives were discovering that Sherri’s story just didn’t add up. Take a look at what really went down in the kidnapping, and find out why people are comparing Sherri Papini to Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne.

These Three Dads Took Part in a Month-Long Experiment To Find Out What Pregnancy Really Feels Like

Three grateful dads took it upon themselves to come up with a meaningful way to honor the moms in their life. But when they settled on an idea, they had no idea where it would lead them. Before they knew it, they had gotten a hold of three proper pregnancy suits that they would attach to their bodies. But here’s the kick (pun intended) – they would be wearing these suits 24/7 for an entire month of their busy lives. The dads wanted to highlight the realities that moms-to-be have to endure before the little one has even arrived, but noone couldn’t have predicted what they ended up discovering.

Meet the Women Whose Sons Are Brothers, Twins, and Cousins at the Same Time

Many identical twins have reported a “twin connection” that’s present from the moment they’re born until the day they die, and 34-year-olds Brittany and Briana Deane are the perfect examples of this. They’re not only identical, but they also think the same thoughts, they wear the same clothes, they have the same likes and dislikes, and they do everything together. And when we say everything, we really do mean everything. This is their incredible story.

ABC Co-anchor Whit Johnson Ignored His Dad and Took a DNA Test, Only To Find Out the Truth About His Old Man

What would you think if one of your biological parents were adopted and knew nothing about where they came from? That’s the exact situation that ABC’s co-anchor and news correspondent Whit Johnson found himself in. Whit’s father had been adopted as a baby and naturally, Whit always had a lot of questions about his ethnic heritage. But those questions went by totally unanswered at the request of Whit’s father. As you’ll come to see, the co-anchor eventually went against his dad’s wishes and dug a little deeper, only to uncover a huge family secret by accident. Read on to learn about the ABC journalist’s touching family journey, and how it transformed his dad’s life for the better.

This Soldier Gave His Cheerleader Girlfriend the Surprise of Her Life at a 76ers Game

The Philadelphia 76ers pulled off an incredible military reunion for one of their cheerleaders and her Army Sergeant boyfriend. Sixers dancer Angela hadn’t seen her boyfriend in a year after he was stationed on the other side of the world. Sergeant Elliot knew that he had to make his homecoming as unforgettable as possible. Luckily for Elliot, the 76ers were totally on board with giving Angela the surprise of her life. Take a look at how this soldier reunited with her long-distance girlfriend in front of 20,000 screaming fans. She was preparing to dance for the first quarter break when she stopped in her tracks.

This Couple Handcuff Themselves Together for 123 Days To Prove Their Love, but It Didn’t Go as Planned

What would you do to prove your love to someone? A young couple living in Ukraine decided that the ultimate act of love would be to stay handcuffed together for 123 days. And they would document their journey to share with the world… But not everything went as planned.

This Is How One Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into a Home for Six Humans, Four Cats, and One Dog

This schoolie family decided to transform an old school bus into their dream home, and now their whole lives revolve around adventure. They explore, sleep, eat, play, and even learn in their epic home, but getting to this point in their lives wasn’t easy. Transforming this dilapidated school bus into a home fit for six humans and five animals was a long and arduous process, but just wait until you see what it looks like inside…

She Couldn’t Carry Her Own Child, So Her Mother Became Her Surrogate Instead

Having a child isn’t easy for couples where fertility is an issue. That was the case for social media influencer Breanna and her husband Aaron Lockwood, a young couple who were super keen to have kids. They would do anything to be able to have a family of their own, and after four years of trying everything, they were at a loss of what to do. Before long, the couple announced on Instagram that a baby was in fact on the way. But the plan that Breanna and Aaron had come up with had the world in shock. Take an in-depth look at exactly what’s been going on.

Adopted Woman Takes a DNA Test, Then Gets a Message That Would Change Her Life Forever

Companies like 23andMe and are advertising everywhere these days, offering information about where you came from for a one-time fee. If you’ve never taken a DNA test, the odds are that someone you know has. And with a growing network of people looking to reconnect with their roots, the chances of relatives finding each other are only increasing. This story of one woman shows just how life-changing a simple DNA test can be. Molly Sinert was just a curious person trying to find out more about where she came from. But she ended up discovering more than anyone could have hoped for.

When This Man Lost His Memory to Alzheimer’s His Wife Thought Their Marriage Was Over, Until Something Extraordinary Happened

As Lisa Marshall tried to traverse her husband’s memory loss, mood swings, and daily struggles, she thought it was the end of their marriage as she knew it. And when she learned that Peter had forgotten that they were married, she was convinced that she would be a stranger to the man she loved for the rest of his life. But their story proves that light can always come from darkness. Yes, Lisa experienced the unthinkable in 2021, and what happened will bring you to tears.