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New York Fashion Freak: Our Pick of the Strangest Trends to Grace the Runway This Week

High-fashion has always had a thing for theatrics; challenging our views on style and art, you just knew 2019 wouldn't disappoint... With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in full swing, we thought you'd appreciate being kept up-to-date with the weirdest trends we're seeing this week on the runway. Fresh off the runway, these out-there creations have dared to be different and await feedback from the fashion world and the public. From an unprecedented beauty trend to gender-bending accessories, check out the latest trends that we're not too sure about...
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Spend a Week in the Black Rock Desert: A Look at What Really Goes on at Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is an annual, nine-day expression of art, celebration, and bonfires in the Nevada desert. Artists and partygoers from all over the world hop into their campers and trek to Black Rock City to let out their creativity and celebrate freedom from their everyday responsibilities. If you're fascinated by Burning Man, you're not the only one. Spend a week in the desert with us, and we'll show you what really goes on!
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How Far Is Too Far? Hollywood’s Most Bizarre Red Carpet Looks

Can money buy taste? We've compiled a list to test that theory with our pick of some of the strangest outfits to parade down the red carpet. From ostrich feathers to raw beef, Hollywood are proving they're not afraid to test the boundaries of fashion. Whatever the designers and wearers were trying to say with these questionable designs, it's clear they wanted all eyes on them...
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Hidden Talents: Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Artists

Do these artistically inclined musicians and actors possess genuine talent, or are they just deluded celebrities? At Popular Everything, we’re bringing you the accomplished individuals keen to leave their mark in the world of fine art. From painters and sculptors to performance artists, we’re sure you’ll have an opinion on the notable figures you didn’t know created visual art.
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Why Model Chelsea Werner Is Transforming the Way the Fashion Industry Views Disability

Love it or hate it, the fashion industry has been causing quite the stir for several years now, if not it’s entire lifespan. The inclusion of plus-size models has settled many quarrels regarding models accused of being too thin, however another pressing matter needed to be addressed regarding a lack of inclusion for models with disabilities. Today, it’s taken one woman to resolve this issue, once and for all.
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The History of Women Wearing Pants as a Power Symbol

The last few years have been successful in breaking down the barriers between what men and women can do. With feminism on the up, the world is a less prejudicial place to what it was in the mid -twentieth century, regarding a woman’s place in society. How was this acceptance achieved? One of the tactics reducing women’s discrimination came down to a simple wardrobe change.
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