Genius Home Electricals Will Make Your Life Significantly Easier and They’re More Affordable Than Ever

We live in exciting times. Cool electronic gadgets and gizmos that once cost a significant fortune are now being sold for extremely reasonable prices. These days, you can simplify your life with helpful home tools, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But best of all – they actually work. Don’t take our word for it. We’ve carefully compiled a list of the neatest home electrics that have rave reviews online, so you can be sure they perform. The cherry on top is that they’re pretty cheap for what they are. There’s no doubt you’ll find some perfect additions for your home sweet home.

These Unusual International Inventions Didn’t Catch on In the States and We Can See Why

We’ve all seen products that make us double take. But the overseas market is bursting with unheard gadgets and inventions that simply wouldn’t work in the U.S. Whether they fulfill a purpose America doesn’t have a need to or they’re just too bizarre for us to consider, these products haven’t found a way to penetrate the market in the states. Take a look at the really strange international creations that think way outside the box.

Virgin Galactic Unveils Their Spaceship Cabin Design for Golden Ticket Holders at $200,000 a Head

The future is almost upon us. Richard Branson’s space enterprise initiative, Virgin Galactic, has released images of what to expect from the cabin interiors. Launched in 2004, Virgin Galactic is finally creeping closer to becoming the first spacecraft made available to buying customers. It comes at a pretty penny, however, with price estimates circulating around the $200,000 mark. Preparing the first-ever commercial spacecraft is no easy feat, so it’s taking time to realize. But there’s one clear goal in sight for Richard which, in his own words, is to see Virgin Galactic become the “Spaceline for Earth.”

T-Minus Zero: SpaceX’s Rocket Launch Ushers In a New Era for Space Travel

At 3:22 pm EDT on May 30th, SpaceX sent two NASA astronauts into space in the Crew Dragon spacecraft via a Falcon 9 rocket. The level of cooperation between the private and public sectors facilitating this ambitious project is unprecedented. It certainly is ushering in a new era in space travel and technological collaboration. And since we are going through a major crisis, something to cheer us up a bit could not have come a better time.

Alexa Has Lost Her Voice and Amazon Has Recruited Samuel L. Jackson to Save the Day Once Again

Amazon is bringing one of Hollywoods most recognizable voices straight to a living room near you. No, we aren’t talking about another action packed movie full of zingy catch phrases and iconic one liners. This past Wednesday, Amazon announced we will soon all have the honor of inviting the legendary Samuel L. Jackson to take over our Alexa devices. With Jackson being the first of many celebrities to lend their voice to this new feature, you smart home device is about to get so much more entertaining.

The Easiest Way to Speak Another Language is Now at Your Fingertips

Let’s be frank – foreign language learning is a waste of time and money. This tiny but genius device instantly records and translates over 40 languages, which makes communication easy & fast. You can use it when traveling, for business meetings or whenever you wish to say something in a different language.

Instagram Makes Changes to Platform in Hopes to Initiate Social Change

In today’s world of tech reliance, and social media hype, people are becoming more and more obsessed with collecting “likes” and impressing their peers. The digital popularity contest continues to grow and negative psychological effects are beginning to surface. It seems that Instagram has intentions to make certain changes in order to lighten the societal pressures that result from its current platform. Find out what those changes will entail.

Problem Solving Gadgets That Every Senior Citizen Should Know About

These days it’s hard to keep track of all the new-age inventions and modern technologies that keep coming out of the woodwork. While some of these innovative discoveries are simply another headache not worth pursuing, there are plenty of amazing modern inventions that can actually make your life a lot easier. These practical, easy to use inventions are a perfect solution for aging adults who want to maintain their independence and continue living a happy, stress-free lifestyle.

Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell Out This May

In today’s day and age, people are looking for the most brand spanking new device that will benefit their life in a way they never even thought possible. Looking to keep up with the times? Take a look at our roundup of the best new gadgets that are due to sell out this May.

Isaac Asimov’s Predictions About 2019’s Workforce Were Right

Thirty-five years ago, Isaac Asimov set his predictions about the workforce of 2019. While they are a little frightening, they’re pretty spot on!