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The Ugly Truth About America’s Most Hated Family

America wouldn’t be America without freedom of speech, but The Westboro Church uses this right is downright SAVAGE. Here are some outrageous facts about the church’s members and beliefs. You’ll understand why no other Church will associate with them and why the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein was fond of the group.

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Military Fathers Surprise Their Kids, and The Reactions are Priceless

Military families really understand that love knows no boundaries. When these dads and moms surprise their kids after not seeing them for months at a time, the reactions are priceless. More and more, military parents are popping in when their kids least expect it, just to make sure their day is extra special. Try not to tear up when you see these reactions.

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This Teenager Spends Summer Building a House With Only $1,500 and it Looks Incredible

Most kids spend their summers staring at screens or kicking around a ball. Luke Thill decided to go a different route and be productive. Youtube and the Tiny House Movement inspired him to build a small house of his own. In two months he worked for the tools while building his tiny home… the results are incredible, especially for a teen.