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Vegan for the Likes: A YouTuber Comes Clean About Life Behind the Camera

The path of fame never runs smooth, and it seems as though the smallest slip up can land you in hot water with your fans. This is especially true for celebrities and YouTubers alike, and one YouTube sensation has since felt the wrath of scorned fans thanks to her ongoing online rouse. Find out what happens when vegan blogger Yovana Mendoza Ayres, or Rawvana, gets accidentally exposed eating fish.
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Unique Gift Ideas for Your One of a Kind Mom

Mother's Day is just a few days away! This is the perfect time to show mom just how much you care, so why not get her something special this year? You can easily find your mom the perfect gift with one of these unique, memorable and affordable products that she is guaranteed to love.
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Why Today’s Kids Are More Bored, Lonely and Impatient Than Ever

Although the parents of every generation criticize kids for being less efficient, this generation's parents may have a good point. Kids are more bored, lonely, and impatient than ever. The way our society influences our brains may have a lot to do with it. Popular Everything will show you exactly how to prevent societies negative influence so you won't have to crack open a psych book.
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