When we look at the top celebrities, we can’t help but think “I wish I were born with those beautiful genes.”While there are many Celebs who are lucky enough to be born beautiful, we would be foolish to think they’re all naturally perfect. Before these A-listers got anywhere close to fame, they were just like that guy sitting right next to you at the coffee shop. They were average, and they looked pretty average too. For the most part, celebs use their talents to work their way onto the red carpet, not their looks.

However, after getting a fat paycheck, their looks magically transform from drab to outrageously fab. We’re not talking inner beauty in this article. Loads of celebs have hearts of gold, but faces and bodies of plastic. No one is judging them for altering their external appearance. We’d all get under the knife or obsessively hit the gym if cameras followed our every move. These before and after fame pics show just how much money and fame have to do with looks. You’ll probably stop wishing you were born with these celebrity genes once you see what they really are. You might not even recognize the person in the “before” picture!