When we look at the top celebrities, we can’t help but think “I wish I were born with those beautiful genes.”While there are many Celebs who are lucky enough to be born beautiful, we would be foolish to think they’re all naturally perfect. Before these A-listers got anywhere close to fame, they were just like that guy sitting right next to you at the coffee shop. They were average, and they looked pretty average too. For the most part, celebs use their talents to work their way onto the red carpet, not their looks.

However, after getting a fat paycheck, their looks magically transform from drab to outrageously fab. We’re not talking inner beauty in this article. Loads of celebs have hearts of gold, but faces and bodies of plastic. No one is judging them for altering their external appearance. We’d all get under the knife or obsessively hit the gym if cameras followed our every move. These before and after fame pics show just how much money and fame have to do with looks. You’ll probably stop wishing you were born with these celebrity genes once you see what they really are. You might not even recognize the person in the “before” picture!

1. Kim Kardashian Shuts Bullies Up

Before this chick had her name shining in lights, she looked like an easy laughing target. Kids are heartless and cruel. Once they see someone who looks as geeky as the old Kim, they show no mercy. This beautiful Kardashian was made fun of in school, but look who’s laughing now! Kim has always been a member of Hollywood’s inner circle. She started off selling designer bags to hot celebs and was super close to Paris Hilton. The leaked video of her and her ex, Ray Jay, may have been the real kick-starter to fame, but we cant give the video credit for all that she is today. Most celebrities are the talk of the town for a bit, and then everyone forgets about them. Kim’s smarts are as great as her looks. She knows exactly how to stay relevant and make that cash flow. Rock on Kim!

2. Tom Cruise Got A Bag and Fixed His Teeth

Cardi B, the celebrity female rapper we all love, talks about how fame got her looking hotter and hotter. In one of her songs, she says “got a bag and fixed ma teeth, hope you hoes know that ain’t cheap.” We love her honesty, and tom cruise can really relate to this line. Cruise is a legendary, super handsome star. His acting career started at an age as young as 19 when he starred in the movie Endless Love. The 19-year-old Tom looks a lot different than the hunk we all know and love. Cruise had a serious case of buck-toothedness. After a few paychecks, he checked himself into the dentist and had mega work done. In addition to the recognition he deserves for being such an awesome actor, we need to give this dude props for getting through high school. There’s no way his peers let him live that down. Even with his noticeable crooked smile, he still had the confidence to get on the big screen. Cruise, you’re a role model!

3. Adele’s Ex Must Be Looking For Someone Like Her!

Adele has, arguably, one of the best sets of vocal chords in this generation. Her voice is like no other. If you listen to one of her songs and don’t get the chills, you need your ears checked ASAP! Before Adele’s voice climbed to the top of the charts, she looked a lot different. She mainly focused her time on the important things, like her talent and career. Now that she’s more famous than ever, she looks a lot different. Her down-to-earth attitude has people falling in love. She may not be the type to get all dolled up, but the extreme fame leaves her no choice. Adele is looking more beautiful than ever. Though she didn’t have much work done, her looks drastically changed. She naturally had it going for her. All she needed was a bit of the limelight to blossom fully! Whoever inspired her sad songs about heartbreak is totally lost in regrets right about now!

4. Geroge Clooney May Be the Perfect Reason to Go to the ER

This little guy on the left is the same guy from the TV series ER. Clooney went from a bowl-cut and geeky glasses to a sexy beard and a face to die for, real quick! There are many times we can say that hindsight is 20/20, but this is not one of those times. It’s crazy to believe that the nerdy kid on the left turned into the one and only George Clooney. The actor started his career taking on small roles in the late seventies and early eighties. After time, age, and a little fame, he grew into being the sexiest man alive. Clooney and fine wine have a lot in common; they just get better with age.

5. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face 2.0

Gaga is one of the most unforgettable musicians out there. She released hit single after hit single, but a lot of her fame has to do with factors other than her music. How can people forget a celebrity that wore a dress made out of meat to an award show? Before fame, Gaga rocked dark hair and a natural look. Once the limelight hit, she got new hair, makeup, and some work done. Now she looks like a totally different woman. She may even be unrecognizable to the folks who knew her before her red carpet debut. Gaga’s inner beauty blossomed as well as her external beauty. This star recalls being teased as a kid, and now she uses her fame and power to stand up against bullies. Her hit single “Born This Way” is the anthem for everyone who’s called a freak. She started an organization called the Born This Way Foundation to stand behind the victims of bullying. She’s letting the world know its ok to be different.

6. T-Swift Went From A Sweetheart to A Girl You Don’t Wanna Mess With

Taylor Swift started out as the classic country cutie. Her songs about heartbreak and love are so honest and relatable that people can’t help but be drawn to her. At the age of 14, she was the youngest person to sign with Big Machine Records. Since then, she’s been a hit star! Before fame, she made her cash by swatting insects out of Christmas trees. How adorable is that? Now T-Swift has taken on a more edgy role. She went from the sweet country girl to that girl you don’t want to mess with. After so much heartbreak and criticism, Swift decided to be tougher than ever. In her latest music video “Look What You Made Me Do,” she calls out all those who messed with her and declares the old Taylor dead. Unfortunately, fame made this girl’s heart a bit callous. No matter what, she’s got her fans and her army of women to back her up!

7. Macaulay Culkin Is All Grown Up

The world will never think about this kid and imagine anything other than the boy who singlehandedly outsmarted robbers on Christmas. Yea, he’s the little boy from the movie series Home Alone, but now he ain’t so little. It’s almost shocking when you see the actor all grown up with a beard! The thing about his now and then comparison photo is that he didn’t go from geeky to handsome. He simply grew up, and a lot of us cannot deal! We all want “Kevin” to stay the same!

8. Amber Rose; the Blossomed Flower

This celebrity beauty stole the hearts of high-end rappers Kanye West, Wiz Kalifa, and 21 Savage. She is known for her unique and irresistible beauty. Rose was gorgeous even before she got famous. The main difference between now and then is the fact that she’s all glammed up and grown up. She might be famous for her looks, but her inner beauty is grabbing more attention than ever. Amber Rose leads the “SlutWalk” every year and takes a stand against people who shame women for their sexuality. She exposes the double standard between men and women when it comes to intimacy and highlights how wrong and hurtful it is. Rose expresses that she felt “slut-shamed” as a teenager and now that she has a voice in the media she won’t stand for that type of behavior towards women.

9. Russell Brand… Yep, That’s Really Him

Russel Brand is a funny dude, and so is his before fame pic. The fact that he had a little extra chub is not the funny part. In fact, the chub is actually adorable! Whats hysterical is the fact that they’re the same person. Maybe they have the same eyebrows, but other than that small detail its unlikely that someone would look at that picture and say “wow that’s Russell Brand!” The comedian began his career doing some standup here and there. His humor and stage presence landed him the opportunity to be a presenter on MTV. This stud will have you in tears of laughter when you see him in the movies “Get Him to the Greek,” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

10. Connor McGregor Got More Handsome With Every Punch

This before and after fame comparison is probably the most confusing one on the list. McGreggor did get more handsome with fame, but he’s a fighter. One should expect a face that met dozens of fists to look worse over time. However, McGregor looks like he got the beauty beaten into him. It doesn’t make sense but hello, just look at this comparison! The Irish fighter is an inspiration. He is the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champ. He is also the only fighter to be a champion in two UFC divisions at the same time. Basically, you do not wanna mess with this guy! If you do mess with him, he’ll only get prettier.

11. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Looked Like a Car Salesman

So Johnson is one of the strongest men to walk the red carpet. He’s also a total hottie. But before this superstar got famous, he looked like an average car salesman. The Canadian actor used to play football for the University of Miami and won the national championship in the year 1991. He tried to continue his football career but got cut from the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. After that, his fame really kicked off as he became a fighter in the WWE and WWF. His coordination and muscles are not the only things he’s known for. The Rock is also an excellent actor that people can’t take their eyes off of when he’s on the big screen. Did anyone see those muscles in the Scorpion King?

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