Think you know your celebrities? Believe it or not, but even the world’s most beloved icons have some skeletons hiding in their closets. And when we say skeletons, we really mean it! 

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Caitlyn Jenner

Whether it be an accidental or a cold-blooded homicide, the rich and famous are just as capable of killing as any other. Don’t believe it? Check out this shocking list of twelve celebrities who are actually guilty of murder!

1. Snoop Dogg

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg – American rapper, singer, and actor.

While Snoop Dogg has been dubbed king of “chill,” he just might be a lie’ more gangster than you think.
In 1993, he and his bodyguard, Lee were charged with the murder of rival gang member, Philip Woldemarian.
Following the murder, Snoop and his sidekick were cuffed and put on house arrest for two years, until the trial ended. The case was closed when the two were found not guilty on the grounds of self-defense. Guess all you need is a good lawyer to get away with murder.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner – Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion, and stepfather to the Kardashian kids.

In January of 2016, transgender, Caitlyn Jenner, crashed into the back of a car on a Malibu highway. The accident resulted in the death of a 66-year-old woman, Kim Howe. Kim’s stepchildren filed to dismiss any legal action, following the accident and shortly after settled with Caitlyn “for a very modest amount.”

3. Michael Jace

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Michael Jace

Michael Jace – Famous actor featured as the police officer, Julian Lowe on TV series, “Shield.”

In May 2014, Jace shot his wife to death in front of their two children after a “heated” argument. Following the shooting, Jace claimed to have taken the gun to kill himself, but didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger. He was later charged with second-degree murder and sentenced 40 years-life in prison. It looks like anger management might have saved Jace a whole lot of trouble.

4. Michael Massee

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Michael Massee

Michael Massee – Former TV and movie actor on the Blacklist, 24, Fringe and The Amazing Spider-man.

If you’re a Spider-man fan, you’ll probably recognize the man above as Mr. Osborn, the villain played by actor, Michael Massee. Massee’s acting career took an unexpected turn when shooting for the film, Crow. The actor accidentally shot and killed his co-actor and friend, Brandon Lee, with a prop gun that shouldn’t have been loaded. He was so traumatized by the event that he left L.A and moved to New York while taking a year off from acting. He later died at the age of 64 after battling stomach cancer.

6. Venus Williams

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Venus Williams

Venus Williams – American professional tennis player.

Despite being the world’s greatest female professional tennis champions, Williams career was no walk in the park. In July of 2017, the tennis star was involved in a car collision that led to the death of 79-year-old, Jerome Barson. The victim suffered spinal and internal injuries that eventually cost him his life. The family of the victim accused Williams of running a red light, while she firmly denied the claim. For now, she has not been charged guilty of a crime, but the case is not yet closed.

7. Rae Carruth

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth – Former American football player and wide receiver of the Carolina Panthers.

In 1999, the football player was found guilty of conspiring to the murder of Cherica Adams, a woman he was casually dating at the time. Rae had knocked her up and when she refused to abort the child, all hell broke loose. The crime took place when Carruth stopped his car in front of Adam’s, while one of his partners shot her to death, from another vehicle. Carruth fled the scene and was later arrested and sentenced 18-24 years in prison.

8. Johnny Lewis

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis – Former actor in TV series, Sons of Anarchy and ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry.

In 2011, Johnny crashed his motorcycle and subsequently suffered serious head injuries that ultimately caused irreversible psychological impairment. In 2012, he truly went mad, when he murdered his landlady and her cat after ransacking her house. He later committed suicide by jumping off a roof which leads to his immediate death.

9. Charles S. Dutton

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Charles S. Dutton

Charles S. Dutton – American stage, film, and television actor and director.

American actor, Charles Dutton starred in films such as Rudy and Alien 3. Dutton was a middle school drop-out, convicted of manslaughter, following a fight with a man who he claimed had attacked him. He subsequently spent seven years in prison for those misdeeds and shortly after release, was imprisoned again for possession of dangerous weaponry.

10. Matthew Broderick

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick – American actor and singer.

Mathew, an American actor, singer and Golden Globe winner have been featured in numerous films and TV shows such as The Lion King, (adult Simba voice) The Stepford Wives, Inspector Gadget and Modern Family. Along with two Tony Awards, Broderick scored beautiful wife and actress, Sara Jessica Parker. Unfortunately, in 1987, as he was cruising the roads of Ireland with his mistress, he crashed head-on into another car. The driver and passenger in the other vehicle died on the spot and following convictions and court visits, the story was concluded with just a $175,000 fine on Broderick’s behalf.

11. Laura Bush

10+ Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Have Killed Someone - Laura Bush

Laura Bush – Wife of 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.

Despite her well-respected and prestigious reputation, Laura Bush was a First Lady burdened with tremendous amounts of guilt. At the age of 17, she drove through a stop sign and hit a car driven by her school-mate, Mike Douglas. Mrs. Bush was not charged with a crime, as there was no clear evidence of the incident. She reserved her heavy feelings of regret and pain until 2010 when she published a book which discussed the truths of the accident and how it affected her religious faith.

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