Hogwarts All Grown Up: How the Harry Potter Cast Has Changed From Then to Now

Thu Apr 07 2022

It’s pretty hard to believe that the first Harry Potter movie first entered our screens nearly twenty years ago. You might say, it all happened by magic! Ever since their first days learning the ins and outs of witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts, this wand-waving community has been on quite the journey.

One huge franchise and twelve Academy Award nominations later, and the eight-part tale is recognized today as one of the highest grossing movie series of all time. Since their debut making potions and learning how to correctly pronounce “Wingardium Leviosa” the cast has gone on to do great things. Here’s a look at how they grew up over the years.

Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley

The time has come to turn to our favorite redhead. The lovable Ron Weasley acted as Potter’s trusty sidekick amid all the drama. Despite his timid tendencies and lack of spontaneity, he would always stand by his friend’s side. We’re glad to see those fiery red locks are still out!

Today, the star has taken part in a few small movie roles as well as staring in the British comedy series, Sick Note. Not just this, but the star often gets confused with Brit singer and fellow ginger, Ed Sheeran, getting cast to play an obsessive fan in his “Lego House” music video. Not a bad person to get compared to!

Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall

Oh, Professor McGonagall, all we need to do is hear the name to have shivers sent down our spine! She may have been one of the goodies, but this Hogwarts teacher was still as stern as she looked. At least the woman who played her, Maggie Smith, wasn’t quite so terrifying.

Age has only worked wonders on Mrs. Smith. She’s done so much over her lengthy acting career, we struggle to find a movie she hasn’t been in! Her most recent acting venture involves her role as Violet Crawley in the British period drama, Downton Abbey, which is due to release it’s first motion picture this year.

Robert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory

Now, this is a familiar face we all know and love! Cedric Diggory may have only made brief appearances in the Harry Potter franchise before tragically passing away, but whenever he did, they were always golden. As the Quidditch captain for his Hufflepuff house, Diggory epitomized the wizardry school spirit. Let see what the hunky actor is up to now.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know Robert Pattinson didn’t get his big break until several years later, in the Twilight movie saga, as our favorite vampire heartthrob, Edward Cullen. To this day, the actor still likes to keep himself busy in the entertainment industry, even set to feature in the new Batman movie! Exciting times.

Emma Thompson aka Professor Trelawney

Out of all the teachers that educated their aspiring witches and wizards in Hogwarts, Professor Trelawney could well have been the kookiest. If you pair those outlandish round glasses, with her talent to predict the future, it’s safe to say this woman was not a boring character. It would appear that in the real world, the actress’s life is just as thrilling.

This is a true Hollywood beauty. Thompson’s been around way before the Harry Potter movie franchise, and she’ll be around for years to come yet! There’s not a single motion picture this woman starred in that’s not been a hit. One of her most recent roles was playing Mrs. Potts in the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Robbie Coltrane aka Hagrid

If there was ever a star that fit the “big, friendly giant” bill, it would surely be our Hagrid. He may have looked large and scary, but in the end, this guy was always there to look out for Potter in time of need. In fact, you might say he was the closest thing the talented wizard had to a father!

We barely recognize the modern-day Hagrid. Clearly, playing a half-giant, half-human takes it out on you; we can’t say we’re surprised! Because of this, Robbie Coltrane has taken a little break in the acting industry ever since. One of his most notable roles since Hogwarts was voicing Lord Dingwall in the Pixar motion picture, Brave.

Helena Bonham-Carter aka Bellatrix Lestrange

Who was the darkest of the dark witches? That would have to be the one and only Bellatrix Estrange. As a previous Slytherin house member and dedicated follower of Voldermort’s, this twistedly dark witch was not the one to mess with. We wonder, has this evil side remained with the actress, all these years later?

We couldn’t be more surprised by this woman if we tried! Despite her successful portrayal of such an evil woman in the movie series, actress Helena Bonham-Carter is a gracious woman at heart. The talented star wows us with her eccentric looks, and has recently taken part in the Netflix series, The Crown, playing an older Princess Margaret, quite the switch up!

Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black

The whole of Hogwarts flipped upside down when they realized Harry Potter had a godfather, who went by the name of Sirius Black. The shape-shifting wizard may have been a little creepy in the movie, but we wonder if the real-life actor, Gary Oldman, is quite so terrifying.

Well, he certainly doesn’t look as scary. After his time playing the prisoner of Azkaban, Oldman went on to play some fairly less wreckless muggles. Probably his most notable work since taking part in the iconic movie series was portraying the British ex-Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in Darkest Hour. Good on you, Gaz!

Katie Leung aka Cho Chang

Who was Harry Potter’s first ever love interest? That’s right, the faithful Ravenclaw house member, Cho Chang. The romance may not have lasted long between these two, but it in no way affected her studies. Eventually, Chang went on to graduate and marry a muggle. We wonder what the talented actress is getting up to these days!

This is quite a success story! As far as we know, Katie Leung is a huge fan of performing onscreen and has recently been caught rubbing shoulders with some big names in the business. Her most recent acting pursuit saw the star working alongside the likes of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in The Foreigner.

Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy

Who was the one man who wanted to take Harry Potter down even more than Draco? None other than his old man, Lucius Malfoy! As a dedicated Death Eater to the almighty Voldemort, this was another man who you did not want to get on the wrong side of. How has he managed to keep himself busy since his wizarding days?

Who would’ve guessed this actor would’ve ditched that long, blonde mane? Busy is an understatement to describe actor Jason Isaac’s life. He’s taken part in many hits, including World War II movie Fury and the Netflix series The OA. Not only this, but Isaacs lives a happy home life with wife and documentary filmmaker Emma Hewitt, and their two children.

Michael Gambon aka Albus Dumbledore

All hail the great headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore! If you were an avid watcher of the movie series, you’ll know how much of a legend this guy was. There was never a moment this man wasn’t trying to share his pearls of wisdom to help the young Harry succeed. Hopping over to the present day, we wonder what the actor is up to now.

Clearly, this man took to the razor after filming. There’s no doubt that Michael Gambon has led a successful life. His acting talents paved the way for a fruitful onscreen career, with Dumbledore being one of his most notable roles! Today, the actor has concluded his time in the spotlight and spends most of his time with his loved ones. Mr. Gambon; you deserve it!

Fiona Shaw aka Petunia Dursley

Here’s a muggle you were hoping to avoid today. Petunia Dursley is the wicked aunt of Harry Potter’s, and although she took him in after his parents tragically passed away, the woman never exactly welcomed her nephew into the family; and that’s putting it nicely! Nowadays, we wonder if the evil aunt actress is still up to her old tricks

Since her days spent trying to make Harry Potter’s life as miserable as possible, actress Fiona Shaw has taken on some very impressive roles, good on her! Her most recent work was from her role in the British thriller series, Killing Eve. People were so impressed by this latest project that it won her BAFTA award; that’s what we like to hear.

Devon Murray aka Seamus Finnigan

Let’s switch things up a little now, and get some luck of the Irish! That’s right, from this statement only one wizard comes to mind, the lovable Seamus Finnigan. Let’s see if this actor kept busy after his time in the Gryffindor house.

Lo and behold, he has. Don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance, this talented actor celebrated his 30th birthday just last year; they grow up so fast! Since his big-screen debut, Devon Murray has taken part in a couple of small movies, we bet he still gets pulled aside in public for people to ask him some Harry Potter trivia!

Adrian Rawlins aka James Potter

The moments in Harry Potter when the protagonist looked through the Mirror of Erised to reconnect with his parents were always a tearjerker. We bet if James Potter were still alive, the bond he’d share with his talented son Harry would be like no other. Let’s catch up with the man who played such an iconic father.

Over the years, actor Adrian Rawlins has enjoyed a successful career in front of the cameras. Proving that it doesn’t stop once the Harry Potter franchise comes to a close though, Rawlins has recently got involved in the historical drama series, Chernobyl. We’re sure we’ll continue seeing Adrian on our screens in the coming years!

Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom

Oh, Neville; you meant well, but boy were you an unlucky one! One of the Hogwarts classmates who always seemed to become the butt of the joke for his awful magic skills was Neville Longbottom. Fast-forwarding to the present day, we can only hope the 2022 version of Longbottom is a little less clumsy.

Talk about a glow-up! The years have only worked wonders on the actor, Matthew Lewis. Since his wizarding days, the Yorkshire-born star has recently managed to sink his teeth into a few British sitcoms, alongside tieing the knot with love of his life, Angela Jones. They grow up so fast!

Warwick Davis aka Professor Flitwick

Here comes another professor! One of the brainiest alumni to come out of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was Professor Flitwick. After graduating, Flitwick began guiding aspiring pupils as a Charm Master. Remember that iconic “Wingardium Leviosa” scene? It was in Flitwick’s own class!

Since his days teaching young wizards and witches the handiest spells they could wave their wands to, actor Warwick Davis has taken part in a number of acting projects. His latest take to the screens was on an episode of the British Who Do You Think You Are? On the show, Davis traced the early beginnings of his family tree; fascinating stuff!

David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin

In a world full of wizards, be a werewolf! That’s certainly the motto Remus Lupin went by, even though he’s technically both. After graduating from Hogwarts, this man went on to become the best teacher for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. We wonder if these days, the actor who plays Lupin lives even half as much of an interesting life.

We can safely say, the tale of David Thewlis is not a boring one! Ok, so he may not turn into a howling werewolf every full moon; but he’s managed to maintain a steady acting career. One of his later pursuits in the US comedy series Fargo has scored him a decent amount of awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy!

Mark Williams aka Arthur Weasley

Once again, we’re headed back to the famous redheaded family. This time, it’s time for the head of the house, Mr. Arthur Weasley himself to feature. If there was ever a fair man in this fantasy world, it was Mr. Weasley, who believed both muggles and wizards could join together in harmony. We wonder if this man is just as humble in the real world!

What a success! Mark Williams is known as not only one of the most hardworking stars out there, but he’s a pretty big hit in the comedy world too. Since his days heading the Weasleys, this British actor’s most recent project included a role in the 2016 crime movie, Golden Years. We hope this man continues to grace our screens in the years to come.

Helen McCrory aka Narcissa Malfoy

Let’s take a look at another dark witch! The third clan member of the Malfoys, but nowhere near as big a pain in Harry Potter’s back was Narcissa Malfoy. She may have been part of an evil group, but underneath it all, this woman just wanted to keep her family protected. Let’s check in on what the famous actress has been up to after the Harry Potter days.

The question really is, what hasn’t this star been up to after Harry Potter? It would seem that Helen McCrory was born to act, judging by her busy schedule. Since playing a mother witch, the British actress stepped onto the stages, entertaining the theater world before getting involved in her latest project, in the British series Fearless which aired 2017.

Freddie Stroma aka Cormac McLaggen

If there was any member of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who was dedicated to the game of Quidditch, it’s Cormac McLaggen. This Gryffindor member may not have had the best luck in the competitive sport, but at least he had great spirit. The time has now arrived for us to catch up with the actor today.

Once again, this is a star who allowed his early beginnings in the Harry Potter movie series to pave the way for a hugely successful career in the spotlight! Freddie Stroma has since got involved in some series motion pictures, and even featured in the sixth season of popular series, Game of Thrones, portraying the character of Dickon Tarly. Keep up the good work, Freddie!

Miriam Margolyes aka Professor Sprout

If there was ever a Hogwarts teacher who was mad about nature, it would surely be Professor Pomona Sprout! When you’ve been named after a plant, it’s really just destined for you. If it wasn’t for this intelligent Head of Herbology, Harry Potter may have never learned how to root the Mandrake plant; heaven forbid! Let’s catch up with the star today.

Miriam Margolyes has celebrated an incredibly busy career in the acting industry, as well as doing her bit for various humanitarian causes. You may have recently caught the acting legend in her newest project, Miriam’s Big American Adventure, where the star herself tours the Unites States, meeting the less fortunate members of the nation.

Jessie Cave aka Lavendar Brown

We’re looking into the future, and we see more successes to come Lavender Brown’s way! That’s right, we’re turning over one witch of Hogwarts who had a huge interest in using her magic to be able to foresee the future. Let’s pay a visit to the world of Jessie Cave, the actress who portrayed such a conscientious student in the movie series.

She may have played a creative character onscreen, but in the real world, actress Jessie Cave has just as much creativity! Since her days in the acting world, Miss. Cave has developed a new passion as a cartoonist, even publishing her very own book in 2015, titled Lovesick. This may be one of the most unique stars on the list!

David Bradley aka Argus Filch

If there was ever a moment in Hogwarts that Harry, Ron, and Hermione truly feared, it was getting caught out on one of their top-secret adventures, by Argus Filch. Despite his spooky mannerisms, this caretaker always meant well. We’re sure his pet cat, Mrs. Norris would agree with us if she could speak! What’s the star up to these days?

Who would’ve guessed, the man can smile after all! Since his days spent patrolling the corridors of Hogwarts, David Bradley has enjoyed a multitude of successful acting pursuits. You might recognize David for his most recent work in the British miniseries Les Miserables, which aired on US television earlier this year.

Clemence Poesy aka Fleur Delacour

Oh, look! It’s one of the Weasley’s love interests. That’s right, after paying Gringotts a visit to improve her English, she began dating and eventually had three children with the brave redhead and oldest of the Weasley clan, Bill Weasley. Since her wizarding days, we’d love to know what the talented actress is up to now.

If you ever wanted to see a multi-tasker in action, you’ve come to the right place! Alongside a successful acting career, Clemence Poesy has made quite the name for herself over the years as a fashion model. Not only this, but she’s recently become a mother, too! In early 2017, Poesy gave birth to her first son. We’re sure this star is super proud of everything she’s achieved.

Jim Broadbent aka Horace Slughorn

If there was any member of Hogwarts who had managed to get his life in a serious dilemma, it was Professor Horace Slughorn. After Voldemort finding out everything this man had done, the Slytherin member had no choice but to try and seek a way out. Since then, we hope the actor leads a fairly less sketchy life!

We’re in luck! It would appear that after checking in on British actor, Jim Broadbent’s life, we can confirm there are no dark lords on the hunt for him. Instead, the star keeps himself busy in the recent few years through the world of theater. His most recent stage work involves the portrayal of Hans Christian Anderson in the play, A Very Very Very Dark Matter.

Imelda Staunton aka Dolores Umbridge

If there was ever someone powerful enough to take over Dumbledore’s position as head of Hogwarts, it would have to be Dolores Umbridge. We’re not sure the students were so pleased about this shift though, as Dolores was one of the strictest teachers the school had ever seen. On a lighter note, let’s see what the actress who played Miss. Umbridge is up to today.

Over the course of Imelda Staunton’s successful onscreen career, she has received a vast number of awards, including several BAFTAs and Olivier Awards. Proving she’s not ending her acting streak any time soon, it was announced that this star would be joining costar Maggie Smith, in the Downton Abbey motion picture. We can’t wait for this movie to hit screens!

Bill Nighy aka Rufus Scrimgeour

Possibly one of the most hardworking wizards to grace the scenes of Hogwarts was Rufus Scrimgeour. Despite his extensive training to become a veteran and moving forward in the fight against dark wizards, it all came crashing down when Voldemort eventually got his hands on this man. We hope in the real world, the actor has slightly better luck.

You might have recognized Bill Nighy’s face from even before his time in the Harry Potter franchise; he’s quite the notorious movie star! From Pirates of the Caribbean to Love Actually, there’s not a project this man hasn’t got involved in that hasn’t been a straight hit! Recently, Nighy was flattered to receive the award of GQ’s 50 best dressed British men in 2015.

Natalia Tena aka Nymphadora Tonks

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s Nymphadora Tonks! One of the very few witches that had the ability to alter their physical appearance was Miss. Tonks. Just like Scrimgeour, Tonks was a hard worker who contributed greatly to the Ministry. Let’s now focus on how the real actress keeps busy today.

Ok, so she may not be able to shapeshift, but she’s still managed to lead a pretty influential life in the celebrity spotlight. Recently, the star announced that she would be featuring in the YouTube science-fiction series Origin, playing Lana Pierce. It’s a little different from Hogwarts, but fascinating nonetheless!

Shirley Henderson aka Moaning Myrtle

The one member of Hogwarts who really defined the term “outstaying their welcome” had to be Moaning Myrtle. We’re not too sure if she enjoyed hanging around the toilets all day, pestering Harry Potter, but that was just Myrtle! We wonder if the real actress leads a slightly less unusual lifestyle.

Well, we have to say this woman doesn’t share even the slightest resemblance anymore to her old, witch of a character! Ever since playing the moaning ghost, Shirley has kept herself beyond busy with her acting pursuits. Her most recent role included a spot in 2018’s huge drama hit, Stan and Ollie. We’re super proud of how far this woman has come.

James Phelps aka Fred Weasley

Ok, this is the last one now. The next member of the Weasley family we’re adding to the list is brother, Fred. Sharing possibly the closest bond with brother, Ron, Fred and his twin, George, were always there to look out for their family. Since his days in Gryffindor house, we’d love to know what the star gets involved in now.

As well as his many acting pursuits, James and his twin brother, Oliver are renowned for their unbelievable charity work, including taking part in a charity skydive for the Cancer Research UK charity. There’s nothing better than celebrities using their status to help the less fortunate. Keep up the tremendous work, James!

Miranda Richardson aka Rita Skeeter

If there was ever a witch who wanted to create havoc in the sneakiest of ways, we’re pretty sure it would be Rita Skeeter. Using her eloquent writing skills, the journalist would produce stories in poison-pen. We really hope that in the real world, this actress is not as sneaky as the witch she once played!

Clearly, Miranda Richardson goes by the motto of “another day, another movie” because she’s been in so many motion pictures, it’s hard to keep count! Her most recent movie role involved playing Patty Bauman in the 2017 drama, Stronger. We just know this isn’t the last motion picture we’ll see this star featuring in!

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Over the years, the whole world has been hooked on the adventures of Harry Potter, and his journey to avenge his parent’s death. Little did this London-born actor know nearly twenty years ago, just how much his life would change after his first movie.

Out of all the transformations, this is quite possibly the most significant one. Ever since his days as Harry Potter, Radcliffe’s career has just soared! Harry Potter was the perfect platform this star needed for Hollywood domination, and he’s absolutely nailed it! From jump-scare horrors such as The Woman in Black, all the way to classic rom-coms like What If. Keep doiung you, Dan!

Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy

Out of all the arch-nemeses that had ever featured in movies over the years, Draco Malfoy has got to be nearing the evilest. The bleach blonde leader of Slytherin made it his number one duty to make Harry Potter’s life a living hell. In the real world, we wonder if Tom Felton is just as wicked.

Once a villain, always a villain! It would seem that over the course of Felton’s successful acting career, he seemed to have taken up the routine of playing the bad guy. Since his wand-bearing debut, one of Felton’s most notable roles included a spot on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. You continue nailing that evil streak, Tom!

Julie Walters aka Molly Weasley

We’re turning back over to yet another member of the Weasley clan. This time, it’s momma’s turn! Molly Weasley was the ultimate matriarch, and the woman we’d all fear to get on the bad side of. Despite her sassiness, there wasn’t any length this woman wouldn’t go to, if it meant protecting her family.

So, what’s the tough matriarch up to now? You may have recognized Julie Walters from the various acting pursuits she took part in before instructing Harry how to get into platform nine and three quarters, she’s quite the busy bee! One of her most recent roles was playing sister Rosie, in the famous Mamma Mia 2 musical.

Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood

One of the most successful witches to come out of the Ravenclaw house was Luna Lovegood. The loyal friend of Harry Potter’s was always determined to work hard and fight against evil. We’re interested to see whether over the past few years, this talented star has kept up her successful acting streak.

Well, you were looking for answers and we found them! Evanna Lynch has recently got involved in some big projects, including a leading role in the Irish motion picture My Name Is Emily and taking part in the popular US dance competition Dancing with the Stars.

Josh Herdman aka Gregory Goyle

Draco Malfoy would be nothing without his two trusty sidekicks and fellow Slytherin house members, Crabbe and Goyle. Focusing on Gregory Goyle, it would seem that this boy ended up being more of a slave to the young Malfoy, instead of an actual friend of his. We just hope that over the years, this boy has learned to stand up for himself!

Well, this is quite the career change! Since his days performing alongside fellow wizards and witches at Hogwarts, Josh Herdman has developed a new passion, in Mixed Martial Arts! This was spurred on through his love of jiujitsu, and now hopes to take on a few amateur fights to really put him in good stead for success.

Timothy Spall aka Peter Pettigrew

It’s time for us to feature yet another Animagus! Peter Pettigrew was known for his crazy ability to shapeshift into a rat, which holds some sort of relevance now, considering just how disloyal the man turned out to be. The time has now come to check in on this actor who put on such a good performance of this unusual little character.

This is quite the transformation! Timothy Spall was already a well-established actor by the time he was cast in the popular wizarding movie series, and he’s continued his winning streak straight after. His most recent pursuit was on the live stage, playing the role of Davies in Harold Pinter’s play, The Caretaker. We are super impressed.

Zoe Wanamaker aka Rolanda Hooch

Who was the woman solely responsible for teaching Harry Potter how to first fly on a broomstick? That would be the one and only Rolanda Hooch! This woman simply defined school spirit, as you’ll remember in the first movie, she was also a Quidditch referee. Nowadays, we’d love to know if the woman who played Rolanda Hooch leads just as busy a life.

Well, it looks like she does! Since her teaching days spent at Hogwarts, British actress Zoe Wanamaker has taken part in a number of acting projects to continue boosting her profile. If you’re a fan of the British series, Mr. Selfridge, you would have caught her on her most recent role as Princess Marie.

Brendan Gleeson aka Alastor Moody

Bring in the Scots! If there was ever a man dedicated to battle, it was Mr. Mad-Eye himself, Alastor Moody. This Scottish pure-blood wizard was recorded to lose an eye, leg, and part of his nose in the Wizarding Wars; if that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is! Speaking of dedication, let’s see how well this star has managed to keep up his performing streak.

Once a success, always a success! Since his wizarding days, actor Brendan Gleeson has continued with a couple of notable acting roles before pursuing a second passion in the music industry. In fact, just earlier this year, the star contributed a new song named “The Rocky Road to Dublin” for the Irish folk group, “Dervish.”

Afshan Azad aka Padma Patil

Who’s the witch that made Ravenclaw house proud? Padma Patil. This Hogwarts member and twin sister to Parvati Patil gave her all to being a good witch, and we’re super proud of her! We now wonder, if we caught up with the British actress nowadays, whether we’d feel just as much pride towards how much this woman has achieved.

Well, we must say this is one super-talented girl. Since her early days wandering around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the British actress and model featured on the British children’s series, Married by Mum and Dad. We seriously hope this won’t be the last we’ll ever see of this onscreen talent!

Ralph Fiennes aka Voldemort

And you thought you’d got away without having to see this spooky face on the list! That’s right, the time has come to mention the unmentionable. The darkest of dark lords, Voldemort, was the sole reason Harry Potter slept with one eye open at night. The time has come to check what the man who played him has been up to since his black magic days.

We have to say, we’re glad that the man who plays Voldemort, Ralph Fiennes, still has his nose intact! It’s safe to say Mr. Fiennes has been on a wild ride full of acting pursuits over the years, his most recent role was as Alfred Pennyworth in the Lego Movie series. Clearly, he’s quite the versatile actor as this is a bit of a change-up from playing the Hogwarts super villain!

Frances de la Tour aka Olympe Maxime

You may need to look up high for this one! Potentially the tallest woman to ever grace the Hogwarts hallways was Olympe Maxime, well, she was a half-giant witch after all. We’d love to know whether the actress who plays Miss. Maxime is just as lofty in the real world.

It’s good to know that in real-life, Frances de la Tour is a perfectly average height; even if that’s about the only average thing about her! Over the years, this woman has achieved so much from her acting talents, a Tony Award and three Olivier Awards to be precise. You may have caught her in her most recent role as Mother Hildegarde in the drama series, Outlander.

Anna Shaffer aka Romilda Vane

Clearly, Harry Potter was the guy every girl dreamed about because we’ve got another girl here who had a crush on the wizard! That’s right, Gryffindor house member Romilda Vane felt so strongly towards Potter, she even tried to get him to drink a love potion she made. Now, let’s have a catch up with the woman who portrayed such a love-crazed witch.

It’s good to see this woman has moved on from her slightly obsessive crush! In the United Kingdom, actress Anna Shaffer is well-known for her time playing Ruby Button in the popular soap opera series, Hollyoaks. Since this ended, she has taken part in a variety of small onscreen roles. We hope she’ll continue impressing us in the future!

Gemma Jones aka Madam Pomfrey

If ever a member of Hogwarts was in trouble, Madam Pomfrey would always be there to pick up the pieces! During her time in the Hospital Wing, Pomfrey utilized her magical nursing expertise and made her own kind of magic to heal others. Let’s take a look at the current life of the woman playing such a clever character.

She may be nearing 80 years old, but she’s certainly not getting ready to slow down just yet. Gemma Jones has enjoyed a lifetime of success in the acting world, wowing us with her roles in British movies such as Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’ Diary. Her most recent role was as Petunia Howe in the British three-part series, Capital. Go, Gemma!

Kenneth Branagh aka Gilderoy Lockhart

Ex-Ravenclaw student, Gilderoy Lockhart quickly became very accustomed to his celebrity-like status, after publishing his fair share of books all about dark creatures. We wonder if the real-life actor enjoys being a celebrity just as much as his magical character.

Considering how hard Kenneth Branagh has worked over the years (not only in acting but directing, producing and screenwriting, too) we think he should enjoy life as a member of the rich and famous! You may have caught Branagh in his latest role as Hercule Poirot in the detective movie, Murder on the Orient Express. Keep wowing us with those talents, Kenneth!

Nick Moran aka Scabior

Do you remember the group of “Snatchers” set up by Voldemort, in an attempt to seize all muggle-borns? If you do, then you’ll be very familiar with the cunning work of Scabior, the wizard and keen Snatcher member. The time has now come to check in on how the man who portrayed this evil wizard is doing today.

It would appear we’ve come across yet another actor who’s a fan of the live stage! Since his days spent playing a wizard devoted to the dark lord, Nick Moran has got involved in some pretty big theater projects. His most recent role was playing the lead role in the Roaring Trade play. Keep up the good work, Mr. Moran!

David Tennant aka Bartemis Crouch Junior

Here’s a spooky one for you. Did you know, Barry Crouch Jr. was Azkaban prison’s first-ever escapee? You know you’ve done wrong when your own father sentences you to life in prison! It’s safe to say, this was one wizard you wouldn’t want to cross. Let’s just hope in the real world, the actor who played this monster is a little more pleasant.

Well, our hopes and wishes came true! In the United Kingdom, David Tennant is considered a member acting royalty. The ex-Doctor Who star loves nothing more than keeping himself busy with both onscreen projects and theater performances. In recent times, Tennant has started up his own David Tennant Does a Podcast With… where he chats to well-known stars.

Alfred Enoch aka Dean Thomas

We’re moving over to yet another Quidditch legend! This time, it’s a Chaser’s turn to enter the spotlight. Not only did half-blood wizard, Dean Thomas, make his school proud of his sporting efforts, but the entire house of Gryffindor, too. The time has now come to investigate whether the man who played Dean Thomas makes people just as proud in the real world!

Joining the crew of theatrical stars is none other than Alfred Enoch. Since his days in Hogwarts, the British actor has stepped foot onto the West End to perform in some pretty impressive plays. His most recent role was in the 2018 revival of Red at Wyndham’s Theater. You might also recognize Enoch for his role in the hit TV series, How to Get Away with Murder.

Jeff Rawle aka Amos Diggory

It’s time to pay Cedric’s old man a visit! Each and every one of us Potter fans can admit to feeling nothing but sorrow after this man realized he had lost his son. While it took Amos a while to come to terms with what had happened, he still remained a respected contributor to the British Ministry of Magic. Let’s see how the actor who played the wizard is doing today.

Jeff Rawle is yet another actor on this list who spent a good few years on the British soap opera, Hollyoaks. You can also catch him in various other TV series such as Father Brown, The Durrells in Corfu and State of the Union. Proving there’s more to him than just acting, though, the star has got involved in several narrating projects. Good on you, Jeff!

Sean Biggerstaff aka Oliver Wood

Who was the guy solely in charge of teaching a young Harry Potter the ropes of Quidditch? None other than the sporting legend, Oliver Wood! As both the Keeper and Captain of the Quidditch team, this wizard was basically the Michael Jordan of the wizarding world. We wonder if the actor who plays Mr. Wood is just as gifted in real-life.

Judging by this guy’s prolific past, we’d have to say he is! Acting is clearly in Sean Biggerstaff’s bones, using the Harry Potter series to kick off what would soon become an impressive onscreen career. His most recent work in the acting world involved the audio series, Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter playing the character of Noah. Don’t stop impressing us, Sean!

Stanislav Ianevski aka Viktor Krum

Move over for the King of Quidditch, Viktor Krum! That’s right, not only did this Bulgarian wizard achieve Seeker status by the age of 18 in the competitive sport, but he even won the world cup one year; there are good Quidditch players, and then there’s Ianevski. We wonder if in the real-world the man who plays such a skilled sportsman holds just as much talent.

Clearly, the man is indeed just as talented. Since his days swooping around the field in search of the Golden Snitch, the star has gone on to take part in a few motion pictures including a role as Miroslav in Eli Roth’s sequel movie, Hostel II.

Harry Melling aka Dudley Dursley

Remember this spoilt little mommy’s boy? Even though Harry and cousin, Dudley Dursley were living under the same roof, they had anything but a brotherly-bond. Dudley’s torment of his quieter, calmer and frankly much more intelligent relative would eventually come back to bite him. We wonder, how the star is doing now?

He may play a brat onscreen, but offscreen this guy couldn’t be sweeter! Not only has Harry Melling had a serious glow-up from his days on Privet Drive, but he’s spread his wings to continue to do great things in the acting world. One of his most recent roles includes playing a young thespian in last year’s western-comedy, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger

As the clear know-it-all of the group, Hermione was the true glue that held the iconic threesome that was her, Harry and Ron, together. Without Miss. Granger’s brains, things may not have gone so smoothly. Today, actress Emma Watson could not be more glamorous if she tried.

What a transformation! Over the years, it’s hard to find anything Watson hasn’t done. Alongside becoming a UN Ambassador and campaigning for gender equality, she still shows her face in big box office hits, such as the heartwarming teen movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the recent adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. This is not the last we’ll see of her.

Eleanor Columbus aka Susan Bones

The director of the first two Harry Potter films, Chris Columbus, managed to sneak his daughter into a minor recurring role. Appearing in the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets the following year, Eleanor Columbus was the character of young Susan Boyles.

You will probably recognize her trademark long red hair from the scene in the first film where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are sorted into a house by the Sorting Hat. She is also spotted at various times in the great hall during dining scenes, as well as hanging out with Hermione. The years may have come and gone, but Eleanor’s hair has stayed pretty much the same.

Jamie Waylett aka Vincent Crabbe

British actor Jamie Waylett played the part of the unforgettable Vincent Crabbe in six of the eight films. Vincent is the son of a death eater and a pure-blood wizard, who holds similar puritanical views to his friend, Draco Malfoy. He and his mate Gregory Goyle were always seen by Draco’s side, acting as yes-men to his problematic behavior.

With such a distinctive appearance, it’s easy to think he hasn’t changed all that much since his Harry Potter days. The truth is, he’s been having a few run-ins with the police in his adult years, having even served two years in a British jail cell. It turns out he was a trouble-maker in real life also, as well as the films.

Tiana Benjamin aka Angelina Johnson

Gryffindor student Angelina Johnson certainly made a name for herself through her time at Hogwarts. She was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her seventh year and was a member of Harry’s organization, Dumbledore’s Army. She returned to Hogwarts after graduating to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts alongside Harry and later married Ron’s brother, George Weasley.

Although Danielle Tabor took on the role of Angelina Johnson for the first three films, she was actually replaced with actress Tiana Benjamin in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Tiana was even offered to reprise the role in the following film but unfortunately had to turn it down due to a scheduling conflict. Today the actress is known for her four-year run playing the role of Chelsea Fox in the soap opera EastEnders.

Richard Griffiths aka Uncle Vernon

Actor Richard Griffiths was the detestable yet humorous Uncle Vernon, husband to Harry’s aunt Petunia and father to Dudley, who held a particular grudge towards the young wizard. He was a very large muggle who was partially responsible for Harry’s unhappy early years.

Richard was a Tony Award-winning character actor who gave the character his own unique touch. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2013 at the age of 65 years old due to complications after he underwent heart surgery. Luckily, he’s immortalised in his brilliant role as the horrible uncle of Privet Drive.

Jamie Yeates aka Marcus Flint

You’ll remember Marcus Flint as a student in Hogwarts who was sorted into the Slytherin house. He rose to prominence in the school and on our screens as the chaser for his house’s Quidditch team, as well the captain of the team for three consecutive years. Who could forget his crooked smile and jet black hair?

As it turns out, those teeth were actually fake. And he appears to have also outgrown the entire career path, having not acted in anything since the Potter films. He has, however, had some modeling headshots made in his adult life, proving he can do more than snarl at the camera as one of Draco’s fellow henchmen.

William Theakston aka Terence Higgs

Terence Higgs was another Slytherin Quidditch team seeker and was specifically the student who raced Harry Potter for the snitch in the first film. Despite his competitive spirit with Harry, he is considered to be a student of decent character as he adhered to the rules of the game instead of cheating.

Actor Will Theakston continued acting in some minor TV roles but has ultimately left behind his acting career – at least for now. Instead, he chose to attend a University in England, as well as pursue his musical passions. He performs under the stage name Vonesvonic, allegedly living and working in France these days.

Luke Youngblood aka Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan was a familiar face for us throughout the years, as he was a Hogwarts student who became best friends with the Weasley twins, Fred and George. He would help them think out and perform pranks, some of which even made it to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. He was also the Quidditch match commentator throughout his time at the school.

You won’t have seen actor Luke Youngblood in the later Potter films as he actually chose to take a step back from his acting career. He wanted to pursue his other passion in life, fashion, and design! He even appeared in the reality TV show Project Catwalk, making it to the final three contestants. He’s made the move from the UK to Los Angeles, taking acting and modeling jobs as they come.

John Cleese aka Nearly Headless Nick

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington was a Gryffindor wizard of the royal court. But we’re more familiar with him as Nearly Headless Nick who lost his life after he was decapitated… almost. It was his punishment for accidentally giving Lady Grieve tusks instead of straight teeth when a spell backfired. He remains a ghost of Gryffindor tower who regularly interacts with the students.

British comedic legend John Cleese already had a formidable career behind him when he joined the cast of Harry Potter. He received acclaim for founding the Monty Python films and the Fawlty Towers TV show, but he might be more familiar to us for his roles in the films Rat Race, James Bond, and the Shrek series. He’s considered a national treasure by many in the UK.

Geraldine Somerville aka Lily Potter 

As one of the most integral characters to the story, Lily Potter aka Harry’s mom doesn’t appear all that much throughout the films. We are only introduced to her after she is deceased. She was the muggle-born witch who is described as kind and caring, and who caught more than one wizard’s eye during her time at Hogwarts.

Lily’s gorgeous red locks come naturally to Irish actress Geraldine Somerville, who is also known for her roles in the movies Gosford Park and My Week with Marilyn. Most recently, she’s played the part of Princess Antoinette of Monaco in Grace of Monaco. Even there, she still sports her trademark red hair.

Christian Coulson aka Tom Riddle

Before there was Lord Voldemort, there was Tom Marvelo Riddle. He would go on to become the most dangerous wizard of all time, and it all started from a very young age. Christian Coulson plays young Voldemort when he was 16 years old, appearing in the second film installment Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Despite playing the role of a 16-year-old, he was in fact 24 years old at the time. He would have had the opportunity to reprise his role in the Half-Blood Prince but was considered officially too mature looking at 29 years of age. He’s still acting today, only he has moved to New York City where he also spends time pursuing a career in directing.

Chris Rankin aka Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley definitely comes across as the most uptight out of the Weasley siblings. He is younger only to Bill and Charlie, and was both a prefect and Head Boy in Hogwarts. As a stickler for the rules, he looks down on Fred and George for their constant pranking. He went on to work for the Ministry of Magic after school, which found him acting more and more distant from his family.

Interestingly, New Zealand-born British actor Chris Rankin had no previous experience of acting professionally before he landed the role in Harry Potter. He had only ever acted in school plays! But he’s taken on a different role these days as a co-founder of a theatre company, Painted Horse UK. When he does act these days, it’s more for pantomimes or theatre productions.

Charlotte Skeoch aka Hannah Abbott

Fellow student Hannah Abbot was in the same year as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and was a member of the Hufflepuff House. She went on to join Dumbledore’s Army in her fifth school year, as well as become a prefect. When she lost her mother to a death eater she pulled out of school for a year, returning to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts. Her future lay with Neville Longbottom, who she would later marry.

After acting in the Potter films, actress Charlotte Skeoch pursued a dancing career. She eventually left that profession too, however, moving into journalism and working for British newspapers. But today, she’s found herself doing something else entirely once more. She teaches English to homeschoolers, still doing the occasional voice-over work for Harry Potter video games.

Hugh Mitchell aka Colin Creevey

Who could forget shy Colin Creevey, the kid in the year below Harry Potter who had developed an obsessive interest in him? As a big fan of his, he would take pictures of Harry around the school when he had the chance, but he extended his photography skills to other students, too. Unsurprisingly, he went on to join Dumbledore’s Army in his fourth year under Harry’s leadership, of course.

Appearing in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was Hugh Mitchell’s first professional acting job. And he’s successfully made a career for himself after appearing in the Chamber of Secrets. You might have seen him in films like The Da Vinci Code, Nicholas Nickleby, or Waking The Dead. We’re surprised to say that he looks relatively similar now to how he did as a kid!

Edward Randell aka Justin Finch-Fletchley

Justin Finch-Fletchley was destined for an upper-class life had he not come to Hogwarts. He spoke like the royal family and boasted once: “My name was down for Eton, you know. I can’t tell you how glad I am I came here instead.” He was sorted into Hufflepuff House in his first and eventually joined Dumbledore’s Army further down the line.

Actor Edward Randell chose to pursue a different career path. He’s a musician and bassist for The Swingles, a French vocal group that performs in a variety of musical styles. He joined them in 2012, but the band initially came about in 1974 and has seen many members come and go.

Michelle Fairley aka Mrs. Granger

We don’t get to know too much about Mrs. Granger, Hermione’s mother, but she does make a brief appearance in The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. What we do know of her is that she and her husband Mr. Granger are dentists and muggles who were accepting of their daughter’s magical powers.

Irish actress Michelle Fairley is far more familiar to us as Catelyn Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones as matron to the Stark family and wife to Ned. She also plays the part of Ava Hessington in Suits. She can also be seen acting in big theatre productions in London.

Frank Dillane aka Tom Riddle

For Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince, actor Frank Dillane assumed the role of Tom Riddle from Christian Coulson. He convincingly played the part of a manipulative and problematic teenager with a particular talent for getting what he wanted out of people. Just ask Professor Slughorn.

Frank had considerable acting experience by the time he was cast in Harry Potter. His father is actor Stephen Dillane who plays Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones. Perhaps it’s unsurprising then that he’s continued to pursue the drama career. He was Nick Clark in the horror series Fear the Walking Dead and recently appeared in the comedy How to Build a Girl. Critics continue to applaud him for his formidable screen presence.

Pam Ferris aka Aunt Marge

Aunt Marge left quite an impression on us as Vernon Dursley’s older sister who comes to visit her family in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She comes across as extremely unpleasant, spoiling her nephew Dudley while making nasty comments to Harry. After a magic mishap, she swells to enormous size and floats off into the sky during her visit.

Pam Ferris is a Welsh actress who’s familiar with taking on the disliked roles in family films. For example, she played the part of Ms. Trunchbull, the headmistress and main antagonist in the 1996 film Matilda. And she’s still appearing on screen, having recently starred in the 2019 biopic Tolkien as Mrs. Faulker.

Genevieve Gaunt aka Pansy Parkinson

A fellow student of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s year, Pansy Parkinson was sorted into Slytherin House and never quite supported Harry or his cause. In fact, she wanted to hand Harry over to Lord Voldemort during the Second Wizarding War. It is said that after the battle, her and Draco Malfoy’s close friendship fell apart.

Genevieve Gaunt played the part of Pansy Parkinson only in the third film installment Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But that hasn’t stopped her from getting other roles. She was also Jessica Fuller in the psychological thriller The Face of an Angel, and Wilhelmina “Willow” Moreno on The Royals until 2018. She’s still acting to this day.

George Harris aka Kingsley Shacklebolt

In Order of the Phoenix we certainly felt a lot safer when Kingsley Shacklebolt was around. While the wizarding world largely believed that Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban with the intention of hunting down Harry, Shacklebolt knew what was really up: Sirius was trying to protect Harry. So Shacklebolt fed false info to the ministry in an attempt to conceal the truth, for a good purpose.

The British actor, George Harris, was perfect for the role, which required a tough, no-nonsense attitude towards the fight against the dark arts. Since his outstanding performance in the Harry Potter franchise, Harris has continued his fruitful acting career, with a notable role in The Heavy, a seat-clenching thriller.

Kathryn Hunter aka Mrs. Arabella Figg

Who said squibs and muggles can’t do a job at fighting the dark arts? Well, if someone did say such a thing, they’re wrong. Exhibit A: Mrs. Arabella Figg. Maybe on the surface, she looks like a docile crazy-cat lady, but in as you can probably recall, she was an active member in the Order of the Phoenix. She lived down the street from the Dursleys and she was given the task of keeping an eye on them.

The actress who played Mrs. Figg is Kathryn Hunter. She was born to Greek parents, and she originally had a saliently Greek name: Aikaterini Hadjipateras. She is trained as an actress and producer and her first film hit the air in 1990. Something about her, and this is a good thing, just happens to be perfectly suited for the role of a not-so-crazy cat lady. She’s still in the game, having just recently played in two BBC Two dramas.

Suzie Toase aka Alecto Carrow

Alecto Carrow is one of the bad guys. She makes her appearances in the last two films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, parts 1 and 2. She fought in the First Wizarding War, but when Voldemort was weakened and went into hiding after his confrontation with baby Harry, Alecto didn’t follow him. She blended in with the world and only returned to her liege when he reemerged 11 years later.

After playing some small roles here and there, including showing up for an episode of The IT Crowd, Toase made her break when she was cast for the Harry Potter franchise. She proved herself as an actress with her perfect portrayal of a hench-woman dark witch. After Harry Potter, she got back into her career as a stage actress, but it’s unknown whether she currently has anything in the works.

Ralph Ineson aka Amycus Carrow

Amycus Carrow, brother of Alecto Carrow, is another one of Voldemort’s minions, who are collectively known as the Death Eaters. Like his sister, when Voldemort disappeared after his Avada Kedavra ricocheted off baby Harry, Amycus hung tight. When Voldemort came back a decade later, he returned to his Death Eater ranks. At one point in the first Death Hallows film, Harry hit Amycus with a Crucio, effectively torturing him.

Ralph makes a great British evil sorcerer. When looking at his other projects, it seems that he’s perfectly suited for fantasy roles. For instance, he also played in Game of Thrones, where he took on the role of Dagmer Cleftjaw. Also, he recently did voice acting for the famous video game franchise Assassin’s Creed, which, as you can probably discern from the name, is loaded with fantasy vibes.

Rhys Ifans aka Xenophilius “Xeno” Lovegood

Xeno Lovegood is for sure the source of his daughter’s, Luna Lovegood’s eccentricity. We guess that you could sort of consider the Lovegood father and daughter as wizard hippies. They have all sorts of beliefs about how the world is, which, in a reality where magic exists, is not too whacky, even for us muggles. Xeno is the editor in chief in The Quibbler. The magazine often writes in support of Harry, so it’s safe to say that Xeno is a good guy.

The actor behind the blond hair is named Rhys Ifans. He has played in tons of movies over the last 20 years, including in Little Nicky and Hannibal Rising. For his part in Harry Potter he brought his experience to the table. Within less than a minute of meeting him, we understand that he’s Luna’s dad. This year he has a couple of promising projects on his plate, such as an action spy film, The King’s Man, set to be released in September.

David O’Hara aka Albert Runcorn

Albert Runcorn is another one of the human sources of DNA – or whatever the active ingredient is – for the Polyjuice potion used by Harry, Hermione, and Ron when they infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. The lore has it that he exercised his high-ranking position at the Ministry to uncover falsified documentation concerning muggle-borns. He’s not necessarily a bad guy in the Death Eater sense, but he’s pretty draconian.

David O’Hara is particularly suitable for fantasy-type roles. His medieval talent also showed when he was cast in Braveheart in 1995. O’Hara is a master at putting on an arrangement of stern and sharp facial features, so it was a good choice casting him for the role of a serious Ministry of Magic official. His latest role was for last year’s The Professor and the Madman, where he worked alongside Mel Gibson and Sean Penn.

Steffan Rhodri aka Reginald Cattermole

Reginal Cattermole’s facial hair and something else about him just scream ‘Ministry of Magic Employee.’ One day during a shift of his at the Magical Maintenance Department, he becomes part of Hermione’s, Ron’s, and Harry’s plan to access a forbidden part of the Ministry undercover. After Hermione feeds him a potion that makes him vomit, and she secretly takes some hair from him. They then use it to make a disguise potion.

Steffan Rodri, the actor who plays the poor Cattermole, is a Welsh actor. He’s got all the facial features that make him an awesome match for the Ministry of Magic bureaucrat. His role was fairly small in Harry Potter, but it was nonetheless notable. As for other projects, he played a role in a British sitcom called Gavin and Stacey. There, however, he wasn’t puking and getting his hair stolen for a Polyjuice potion.

Julianne Hough aka Gryffindor Student

As is the case with lots of amazing movies and books, the devil (or the angel in this case) is in the details. In the first film of the franchise, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, we get a healthy dose of the excitement in the air befitting first year Hogwarts students. This particular one, who is selected by the Sorting Hat to be part of House Gryffindor, is super thrilled.

Though her role in Harry Potter was pretty small, Julianne Hough went on to have a colorful career. She and her brother were some of the only American actors to play in the Harry Potter franchise. When Hough grew up, she became a pro dancer. She was even on Dancing With the Stars! Also, just so you know, she dated Ryan Seacrest at some point.

Peter Mullan aka Corban Yaxley

Corban Yaxley is one of the bad guys. He always fought alongside Voldemort. When the showdown occurred that resulted in Snape murdering Dumbledore, Yaxley stood by. Later, during a search of Hogwarts, the good guys find Yaxley hiding out, and they ship him off to Azkaban. Good, he deserved it.

Yaxley is blunt, domineering, and he has little to no regard for the well-being of others. When Peter Mullan was cast to play the role, he really did a fantastic job of rendering those features. It’s no surprise – he’s a real acting heavyweight. He has won multiple accolades for his acting. Most notably, maybe, was when he bagged himself Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for his role in My Name Is Joe.

Scarlett Byrne aka Pansy Parkinson

Pansy Parkinson is no doubt one of the baddies. In fact, in one scene she even suggests that the students turn Harry over to Voldemort. That’s pure evil, of course, but most of the time she’s just a straight-up bully. She’s always mocking this person or that one, and particularly common targets of hers are Neville Longbottom and Parvati Patil. Guess what house Parkinson is in? It’s obvious: Slytherin.

To perform the role of the evil high bully, the producers of the franchise chose Scarlett Byrne. She’s very nice looking, but you can see on her face that she has the potential to play a mean spirited character, which she did to a stunning effect. Besides her role in Harry Potter, Byrne has played lots of other projects. Now, she’s pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her baby.

Ellie Darcey-Alden aka Lily Potter

Lily Potter, Harry’s late mother, was slain at the hands of Lord Voldemort when she tried to protect Harry from a fatal Avada Kedavra. But the Avada Kedavra (aka the Killing Curse) wasn’t fatal this time! No one is sure why, but, as explained in the book, it’s likely that baby Harry was saved by an inadvertent charm produced by his mother’s love. In some of the films, we see flashbacks and we see Lily when she was a child and still alive

British actress Ellie Darcey-Alden was able to pull off the role perfectly. She has long red hair and a radiant and friendly smile. She started her career very young and she has a promising future in showbiz. In addition to her Harry Potter work, she has also appeared in Doctor Who. These days she’s all grown up and enjoys a colorful career in theatre acting and competitive dancing. She also does film and TV when she can somehow find the time.

Angelica Mandy aka Gabrielle Delacour

Gabrielle Delacour gets attention in the fourth book/movie of the Harry Potter franchise. When Harry is participating in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, he goes underwater (chewing gillyweed for oxygen) and he’s tasked with saving young Gabrielle. She is the younger sister of Fleur Delacour, a member of the French delegation to Hogwarts that arrives in honor of the tournament.

The casting for this role was flawless. The role required a blond, young, and innocent girl who would make a good captive at the hands of the bellicose merpeople at the bottom of Black Lake. She nailed the part. Besides her role in Harry Potter, Mandy also played a young Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair, where she also nailed the part. Today, she sort of opts to enjoy a private life. We wonder if we’ll see her again, all grown up, on our screens.

Georgina Leonidas aka Katie Bell

Katie Bell was pretty unfortunate because in her last year at Hogwarts she was cursed and tortured by an Opal Necklace. She did recover though. Besides that, she’s a good-natured witch teenager. She likes sports: she played quidditch for Gryffindor. And she was happy to join the organization known as Dumbledore’s Army, spearheaded by Harry.

Katie Bell was played by British actress Georgina Leonidas. She also does the voice acting for her character in the Harry Potter video games. Long before her days of riding brooms and being cursed by evil jewelry, she played a part in the 1999 version of Les Misérables. That was way back, and she was just a little girl. It was enough, however, to put her on the map, and it paved the way for her to play a role in one of the biggest franchises ever.

Elarica Gallacher aka Muggle Waitress

Who said everyone here has to be pure-blood or even half-blood? Can’t we give some cred to the muggles? Yes, we can, and we will. This one here is the nice waitress we met in the sixth Harry Potter movie. She works at the inn by the Surbiton railway station. Little does she know, much of her clientele are wizards and witches. She’s so innocent and involuntarily clueless, such is the life of us beloved muggles…

The waitress, a muggle, is unaware of what is going on in the world of magic. There she is, while the wizarding world is in turmoil, smiling away and serving food. Also, notice the muggle clothes. The whole scene symbolizes the muggles’ obliviousness. Gallacher has played in over a dozen movies and shows. Her latest was just two years ago, in A Discovery of Witches.

Helena Barlow aka Rose Granger-Weasley

After the epic saga comes to its final scene, we meet Rose Granger-Weasley, the daughter of Hermione and Ron. We weren’t surprised when we found out Ron and Hermione had ended up getting hitched. They bickered too much to not be in love. Anyway, just like the rest of the Weasleys, Rose has that deep red hair. In the scene at the end of the movies and books, we see her getting ready to board the train to Hogwarts.

Helena Barlow was a great match for the Rose Granger-Weasley role. Her hair is naturally red, so that’s a huge plus. But she also came to the production with some real experience. Before being cast for the role, she was a stage actress, so she already had some skill. After the production, she went on to play in some more movies. She’s no kid anymore though, now she’s all grown up.

Tony Maudsley aka Grawp

Even though Grawp stands about 16 feet tall, he’s considered small in stature. He’s Hagrid’s half brother and he lives somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. At one point Hagrid takes it upon himself to care for him, #brothergoals. In the fifth Harry Potter book, the awful teacher, Delores Umbridge fires Hagrid from his teaching position and as Harry, Ron, and Hermione fill up with trepidation, Hagrid asks them to care for Grawp.

Tom Maudsley was the man chosen to do the voice role for the Grawp. He’s quite an accomplished actor, so of course, he pulled off the role superbly. Though Grawp’s speech is unintelligible, it still takes a skillful voice to pull of the animalistic ‘utterances’ of a giant. Maudlsey brought quite a bit of expertise to the role, having already collected a couple of acting awards for previous projects, and he’s currently hard at work on Coronation Street.

Shefali Chowdhury aka Parvati Patil

Upon arrival at Hogwarts, Parvati Patil she was sorted, along with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, to House Gryffindor. At one point, she is Harry’s date for the Yule Ball. Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry, said that during his dance scene with her, he noted to himself how beautiful the actress is. Parvati is one of the good guys. Along with others from Gryffindor, she joined the resistance movement against Voldemort.

The Gryffindor sweetheart is played by Shefali Chowdhury. During her studies at Waverley School in Birmingham, she was offered the role. It happened to coincide perfectly with her schedule, so she took the job. And she outstandingly reprised her role. Since her Harry Potter days, she has played in a number of short films, including one called I Am the Doorway, which is based on a Stephen King story. We bet it’s spooky.

Daphne de Beistegui aka Lily Luna Potter

When the Battle for Hogwarts was won, and the Dark Lord was vanquished again, things return to normal in the wizarding world. As any avid Harry Potter reader or watcher knows, Harry boos up with Ron’s sister, Ginny Weasley, and the end we see them married with children. The youngest, their daughter, is Lily. She is eager to go to Hogwarts, but she’s still too young at that point.

Though she’s only a little girl, she is 100% believable as the daughter of Ginny and Harry. Apparently, even when they weren’t filming, she was following Radcliffe around and hugging him! So you see, she’s already developing those critical immersion skills needed for show business. Since Harry Potter, de Beistegui hasn’t popped up on our showbiz radar, so we wonder if she was a one-hit-wonder or if we’ll see her act again.

Kelly Macdonald aka Lady Grey

Lady Grey is a ghost of days bygone. In fact, it’s estimated that she was born around the year 1000, so yeah, she’s old school. When Voldemort and the Death Eaters begin their military-style bombardment of Hogwarts before the final showdown, Harry seeks out Lady Grey to ask for her help. Thinking Harry needed her for better grades, she was reluctant to disclose helpful info. But eventually she let the important info slip.

If you’re going to cast a tortured and beautiful but obnoxious ghost, you need someone good. And the talent scouts for the franchise hit gold when they stumbled upon Kelly Macdonald. Her resume is impressive! Seriously, she’s been in the business for over 20 years and has played roles in classics such as The Trainspotting and No Country for Old Men. More recently, she played in an episode of the epic (and scary) anthology series Black Mirror.

Will Theakston aka Terrence Higgs

Surely not everyone in Slytherin is a terrible human being, right? Not all of them are Draco Malfoys and Pansy Parkinsons, correct? Indeed, some of them are actually decent, such as Terrence Higgs, one of the quidditch seekers. In Harry’s first at Hogwarts, he and Higgs go head to head in their search for the Golden snitch during a match. Higgs doesn’t resort to trickery or cheating, and he displays good sportsmanship.

The actor chosen to play the role of the uncharacteristically good-hearted Slytherin quidditch seeker was Will Theakston. His part in the first Harry Potter movie was his first acting gig. He also played in a couple of children’s TV series. These days, he’s all grown up and he has chosen not to pursue a career in acting. He has opted for the more routine lifestyle of a nice 9-5.

Jarvis Cocker aka Myron Wagtail

Nobody said the wizarding world doesn’t have its very own rockstars. One of them is Myron Wagtail, the lead singer of The Weird Sisters. Interestingly, despite their name, all eight members of the band are male. A number of our Hogwarts favs are huge fans of them, including Ginny Weasley.

In contrast with everyone else in the Harry Potter cast, the guy who plays Myron Wagtail, Jarvis Cocker is not really an actor by trade. He happens to be a professional musician: he’s the lead singer of the famous rock band called Pulp, from Britain. What’s he up to these days? Well, just as he has been for the last few decades, he’s been on tour, rocking out all over the place. Check out Pulp’s tunes if you like rock, they’re pretty good!

Predrag Bjelac aka Igor Karkaroff

Igor Karkaroff is the Headmaster of the Durmstrang Institute. He’s prone to switching sides. During the first wars, before Harry Potter’s time, Karkaroff was a Death Eater who served Lord Voldemort. But after he was imprisoned and sent to Azkaban, he gave up some information about the Dark Lord and his minions.

Pedja Bjelac makes one heck of an eastern European tough guy wizard that flirts with the dark arts. Since he graduated from the Belgrade University’s dramatic arts program in the 1980s, he has appeared in a ton of films and series. Besides acting in Harry Potter, his most notable performance might be his role in Chronicles of Narnia or in Omen.

Lee Ingleby aka Stanley Shunpike

Imagine waiting for the bus and then it eventually pulls up and this dude is the conductor. It’d be a wild ride. Stanley Shunpike was the conductor of the Knight Bus, the special nocturnal bus line that caters to wizard and witch travelers. He was overheard saying he had inside info about the Death Eaters and was subsequently arrested and sent to Azkaban. It seems like he was just fooling around though, and that he was wrongly convicted.

Lee Ingleby was the lucky guy chosen to play Stan Shunpike, which was a perfect match, seeing as the character required a touch of eccentricity. Ingleby was a fantastic choice because he brought over 20 years of experience to the table, or to the bus in this case. One of the finer little details that accentuate the bizarreness of the Knight Bus ride is the particularly thick accent Ingleby does perfectly.

Julie Christie aka Madam Rosmerta

One of the juiciest little details in Harry Potter that isn’t clear from the movies is the delicious descriptions of the treats people consume in the village of Hogsmeade. But the books do make our mouths water. Remember the butterbeer? And remember the inn keep, Madam Rosmerta? She was always serving the refreshments and making us wish she worked in our local coffee shop.

Julie Christie played the role of Rosmerta. She’s a British actress who’s born in India. During the 1960s she appeared in a number of critically acclaimed film productions. One of her most notable gigs was her role in a 1996 version of Hamlet. She’s really good a playing these medieval types. She has been acting for over half a century and she’s still going strong, her latest role being as a narrator in a drama called The Bookshop.

Hebe Beardsall aka Ariana Dumbledore

We all know and love Albus Dumbledore, may he rest in peace. But did you remember that he had a little sister? Her story is kind of grim. After being attacked by some muggle boys when she was young, Ariana’s powers were rendered uncontrollable. Later on in her life, her powers caused an accidental explosion that killed her mother. Ariana passed away when she was struck by a spell during a three-way dual between her brothers.

The role of Ariana is not a major one. In the Harry Potter films, we only ever see her as a portrait, a memory a girl long gone. Still, it takes some cinematic astuteness to perfectly pull it off. The gig was given to Hebe Beardsall. Recently, her most well-known performance was in How to Talk to Girls at Parties, where she worked with Nicole Kidman!

Domhnall Gleeson aka Bill Weasley

It may come as a surprise for some of you to learn that despite the obvious redheaded similarities, the Weasley siblings were not actually related in real life; mind = blown! As the oldest in the clan, it was Bill who Ron could always turn to for some brotherly advice in time of need. So, what’s this big bro been getting himself up to in the present day?

Clearly, Domnhall Gleeson quite likes his movie franchises; once he gets involved in a project, he sticks to it! Some of these examples include his role as the evil villain, Hux, in the Star Wars movies. If there was ever a list of most dedicated actors to their roles, this guy would be nearing the top.

Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley

The first girl who admitted to having a crush on her fellow Hogwarts classmate, Harry Potter, was none other than Ginny Weasley. Ron’s redheaded sister got in quite the dilemma at one point in the series, reopening the Chamber of Secrets and putting all her schoolmates lives in danger. The question now is, what’s this actress like today?

Wow, this is impressive! You might say, Bonnie Wright followed in the footsteps of her costar, Miss. Watson, through her various good deeds. The talented actress frequently campaigns for women’s rights, as well as various environmental issues. Keep making the world a better place, Bonnie!

Danielle Tabor aka Angelina Johnson

Angelina Johnson was the witch who caught George Weasley’s attention the year of the Yule ball. She was also the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her seventh year and was a member of Dumbledore’s Army under Harry’s leadership. She would go on to marry George and have two children together, Fred II and Roxanne.

British actress Danielle Tabor actually played the part of Angelina Johnson only for the first three films. Her appearance remained too youthful for her to keep playing the role of George’s love interest and the twins just looked too mature in comparison. Instead, she was replaced by the older actress Tiana Benjamin for the films that followed. It looks like it is possible to look too youthful!