When it comes to celebrities, we can’t help but wonder how these super-talented people manage the overwhelming life of the rich and the famous. With all the constant pressure and competition, it’s no surprise that many of these guys have gone “kuku.” Consequently, Hollywood is a place where you can find the widest selection of deranged and weird fellows. Blame it on the drug, alcohol, money or even the weather, but you can’t deny these cooks have left a permanent impression on the nutty, wall of fame. Popular Everything is once again here to spill the juice on the biggest cooks of Hollywood. Stay tuned!

1. Nicolas Cage

10+ Nutcase Celebrities That Have Given Insane a Whole New Meaning

This guy sure is a wild card, particularly famous for his roles in Raising Arizona and Kickass, that had us laughing until our tummy ached. Nicholas is notorious for his tendency to lose all logic and nuance, both on stage and off. His series of Japanese commercials is one of our favorites of his many accomplishments.