Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag

A celebration of life only comes once a year, so a birthday extravaganza is usually on the agenda regardless of who you are. If you thought you made a big deal out of your birthday, we found the celebrities that basically have an unlimited budget for planning their day of birth soirees. Renting out an island, top of the line performers, and of course, an open bar with decadent delights are just casual staples for any of these birthdays.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag55
Image: Men’s Health

Imagine unleashing your wildest dreams into a single event and having anyone and everyone in attendance. This is a yearly occasion for celebrity birthday celebrations. At Popular Everything, we’ve delved into the most outrageous birthday events that you could only dream of being on the guestlist for.

Kylie Jenner Drink, Drank, and Drunk Her Way Into Her 21st Birthday To the Tune of Over $345,000

Life-size Barbie, or should we say, Kylie Jenner, rang in her 21st birthday as any average girl of drinking age would. She made it a Very. Big. Deal. From the general aesthetic of her looks to the decorations, entertainers, venue, and drinks and food, the bill was casually totaling more than $345,000.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag39
Images: Instagram / Mindy Weiss (left) E! (right)

Attendees said that a few of their favorite party elements included the massive ball pit and customized Kylie party favor cups. We’re guessing that with the size of her guest list, the combo of these items alone was around $3,500. Easily, this was the A-Lister party of the year in 2018. Needless to say, it was a night Kylie would never forget – or never remember if she really celebrated the age of 21 like any other girl coming of age.

Jennifer Lopez Turns Half a Century With the Party of the Century

You might remember her as your basic girl from the Bronx, “Jenny from the Block.” But Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday party was so much more than your neighborhood cookout. Versace dress, diamond earrings, Gloria Estefan’s home, and a new shiny $140,000 Porsche convertible were just a few glamorous details from J. Lo’s birthday extraordinaire. It’s so apparent that she is a Leo, but she took the concept of “party” to a whole new level.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag6
Images: Billboard (left) Instagram / Jennifer Lopez (right)

With every celebrity’s lavish party comes a lavish guest list. Star-studded attendees included her close friends Ashanti, DJ Khaled, and Fat Joe – to name a few. And as if you were at Disney world, the only way to end a perfect night is obviously with a firework display. No matter the age, Jennifer Lopez knows how to have a good time.

John Legend’s Legendary 40th Shindig

When John Legend turned 40 years old, his wife, Chrissy Teigen, refused to let this milestone go unnoticed. In his honor and her style, she threw him the biggest celebration, including all of their closest friends and family members. In classic, chic, John style, the evening’s theme was a play on James Bond’s 007. For a high rolling party, they had a high rolling theme with every wall covered in a casino royale decor.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag19
Image: Instagram / John Legend

With jazzy casino decor, this made for the perfect backdrop for the photo booth corner. Other celebrities took full advantage of this photoshoot opportunity, such as Kim Kardashian, who just had to get the right angle. The best part is that this was a family-friendly affair, and even John’s kids were partying all night long to help celebrate their favorite man.

Vanessa Hudgens Has a Nerdy Thirty Birthday Enchantment

Summoning all the lords and ladies, Princess Vanessa Hudgens required a presence at her Lord of the Rings-style 30th birthday party. How else would one celebrate a mid-life crisis than having a “Middle Earth” social? But don’t let this backyard bash fool you. While the location may have been low key, everything else was so not.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag10
Images: Instagram / Allison Holker (left) Vanessa Hudgens (right)

Hudgens sported a very on-brand, red, floor-length, renaissance-ish dress and was decked out in metallic accessories. This backyard get-together was draped in the finest assortment of overlapping rugs, decorative pillows, string lights, velvet alternative outdoor seating, and a table placement that gave off The Great Hall vibes from Harry Potter. For the creation of just the vibe, we’re already looking at a five-figure fee.

Dwayne Wade Spends Over $20,000 as He Sets Sail for His 32nd Year of Life

My prom dress may have matched my rented hummer limo, but that is no comparison to Dwayne Wade’s get-up and his private yacht party. Wade customized every aspect of the Venetian Lady yacht, including everything from the interior to the exterior. The cost of a 100-person party on this boat would be around $20,000. Add in the elements of the art installation, decor, and cuisine – and the party is scraping the surface of costing $100,000.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag32
Images: Haute Living (left) HuffPost (right)

The black and white design for the evening was inspired by artwork Wade had seen on the side of a building at an art event in Miami. He brought this idea to the design team and instructed them to incorporate it into everything. From superstructure to waterline, every inch of the “Way of Wade” screamed wealth.

Justin Bieber Allocated $500,000 To Properly Proclaim His Status as a 21-Year-Old

Justin Bieber finally evolved into adulthood by throwing the most insane 21st birthday. This sufficed for his initiation into the official party scene of being a celebrity. This three-day extravaganza might as well have been considered a festival with all that it entailed. Held at the Omnia Nightclub in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, this is the 21st celebration people dream of having. Word on the street is that this so-called stint cost Bieber $500,000.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag29 1
Image: The Hollywood Reporter

With the Omnia’s grand opening, Justin Beiber’s birthday was the perfect segway to entice people to go – even more than the usual hype. Once Justin had stepped on the red carpet, there was a full stampede of fans trying to make their way inside to be a part of this iconic evening.

Gigi Hadid’s Glamorous and Golden 23rd Galavant

Gigi Hadid turned 23 years of age on the 23rd of April in 2018. Truly making it her “golden” birthday, this set the tone for her epic birthday blowout. Embellished in a glossy, gold fit, it was only right that this gorgeous model would wear the looks of Versace for her special day. From receiving birthday presents wrapped in gold to blowing out her candles on a golden cake, this was a lavish affair to celebrate another year of life for Gigi Hadid.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag38
Images: Elle (left) GQ (right)

What could make this model’s birthday that much more elite? Having a star-studded guest list of other models and all the footage from the beloved photo booth to document the night. If it wasn’t already pricey to host such an affair, the net worth of the value of her friends in attendance raised the worth tremendously.

Rick Ross Actually Made It Rain by Dropping One Million Dollars at His 35th Birthaversary

Rappers always talk about making it rain in the club, but Rick Ross is a man of his word. For his 35th year of life, he didn’t just make an earthquake; he made a birthquake. Rick Ross rented out and spent one million dollars at the famous King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. But unfortunately, one million dollars was not enough for this legend, so he called in a Brink’s truck to drop off some more cash.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag36
Image: GQ

Rick Ross may have been throwing money all night long, but he was not alone in the matter. To say only one million dollars was spent this night would be a lie. Close friends and known celebrities such as Diddy, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, and Busta Rhymes were also there to help ring in their friends birthday the right way.

It’s Stormi’s $100,000 World, We’re Just Living in It – Actually, We Wish We Were

Is it possible for toddler’s memories to stay with them until adulthood? Well, with a Stormi palooza for her second birthday, this one might be hard for her to forget. With this tiny human’s face plastered everywhere and on everything, StormiWorld 2 was born. This party was more of a theme park, so much that they even had customized maps designed so that the guests could navigate their way through this festival of life.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag47
Images: Instagram / Kylie Jenner (left and right)

Attendees had the opportunity to explore the different elements of the party comprised of Stormi’s favorite things. This included Trolls and Frozen-themed rooms, a tie-dye station, and even riding carnival rides, similar to Disney World’s Dumbo. I guess you can’t put a price on the love for your child, even if it is $100,000.

Katy Perry Welcomed in Her 30th Milestone in Morocco

If you only turn thirty once in your life, you better make it last at least a week. And that, my friends, is exactly what Katy Perry did. For what was a week-long celebration, Katy flew 70 of her closest friends and family internationally. Destinations included Paris and Morocco, with the main event taking place at the Amanjena hotel in Marrakesh. Bottomless champagne, fire-breathers, and shisha pipes were obviously there.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag30
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

As if the party couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong. One of the appetizers that were served included the mouth-watering chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a. How they made their way to Marrakesh is something I don’t want to know but fully support. Katy Perry once tweeted, “yessss chick fil a. I want to swim in a sea of their delicious nuggets.” She didn’t swim in her sea of nuggets, but having it at her birthday put her fortune to good use.

Pharrell Is No Krabby Patty When It Comes To Turning 41

Bikini Bottom, also known as Cipriani Wall Street in New York, housed Pharrell William’s epic Spongebob Squarepants themed birthday. Disguised as a 41-year-old, it turns out Pharrell is actually a kid trapped in an adult’s body. His love for Spongebob runs deep – from wearing a Spongebob onesie to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards to dedicating a clothing line to the cartoon star, he’s infatuated with the yellow guy.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag33
Images: Buzzfeed (left and right)

Guests obviously included Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, and Squidward Tentacles, but also Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz were there for a more realistic vibe. What kind of party would it be if favors weren’t provided? The take-home bag had goodies, including the book The SpongeBob SquarePants Experience: A Deep Dive Into the World of Bikini Bottom. Nothing like some light reading to dive into after a party…..

Eric Andre’s 35th Fiesta Free-for-All Quinceanera

The Adult Swim host and comedian, Eric Andre, is known for creating laughable moments. His 35th birthday was nothing short of a comedic thrill. The fact that this grown man wanted to dress up in a traditional Spanish 15-year-old girl’s Quinceanera outfit is just skimming the surface. From his arrival in Cinderella’s horse and carriage to continuing the crazy ride on a mechanical bull, the whole party was a production.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag45
Images: Instagram / Eric Andre (left) Lisa Marie Projects LLC (right)

It’s clear Eric was going through a mid-life crisis because nothing about his party made sense to any normal human being. He intentionally wanted and did get slammed by luchadores. One time even involving a table as a prop….ouch. This is one fiesta that could’ve easily and safely have been attended via Zoom.

The 1920s Was Priced at 2 Million Dollars for Kris Jenner To Celebrate Her 60th

Momager Kris Jenner works too hard not to be celebrated and recognizes this when it comes to her earth strong. The Kardashian Jenner spawn wanted to show their appreciation to mommy dearest and limited the party’s budget to be two million dollars….haha. With an allowance like this, Kris turned to a family friend and her personal event planner, Mindy Weiss – who has an eye for the finer things and large, luxurious parties.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag31
Images: Instagram / Kim Kardashian West (left) HerBeauty (right)

With all-white floral chandeliers, beaded streamers of pearls, and a golden dance floor, Kris’s 60th speakeasy felt like a scene right out of The Great Gatsby. Additionally, and attuned to the dress code, all of Kris’s A-lister BFF’s played into the theme and rocked gorgeous flapper outfits. To end her swanky event, Kris’ son-in-love, Kanye West, rapped Happy Birthday to her as she blew out the candles in perfect harmony with the confetti cannon.

Drake Turned His Birthday Into a Lifestyle

Drizzy Drake, or better yet known as “Champagne Papi,” took his song lyrics to Pop Style and literally turned his birthday into a lifestyle. Relishing in the best of the best is a daily occurrence for Drake, so it’s just another day in the life when it comes to his birthday. As he welcomed in year 33, the rapper did so with a mobster themed bash at Goya Studios in Hollywood.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag35
Images: Instagram / champagnepapi (left and right)

Complete with a casino section, the party was something straight out of The Godfather. Bottle girls were dressed in DEA jackets, and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries were being served by waiters wearing mob-styled tuxedos. Drake himself was even the perfect host by greeting all his guests individually with a warm welcome and handshake. Receiving presents amounting to at least $175,000, his party easily cost more than this.

Chrissy Teigen Soars Into Her 32rd Birthday

All (and we mean some) boarded Chrissy Teigen’s exclusive 32nd Pan Am flight to soar into her new year of life. While the flight wasn’t real, her vintage gathering was quite the simulation. Teigen even addressed her guests by saying, “Welcome to Chrissy’s Pan Am flight! We don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know what we’re doing, but we don’t care. Thank you all for dressing up; I felt like an a** for making you guys do this.”

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag44
Images: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen (left and right)

Compared to their usual gatherings, this was much more intimate and cozy, given the venue’s size. And, of course, the dress code was enforced for all guests. Vintage magazines, fake cigarettes, and an on-flight bingo game totally completed the event’s creative vision. And for probably the first time ever in flight history, the plane food was served and was NOT bad.

Diana Ross’s Dreamy 75th Birthday Ball

Like the diva she is, Diana Ross’s 75th birthday party was a floral affair for the fairytales. Transforming the Warwick in Los Angeles, California, was easy for the popular event planner, Mindy Weiss. She laced every inch of the interior in a floral fantasy of pink and white. Whatever wasn’t covered in flowers was sprinkled with white oversized balloons.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag34
Images: Instagram / Mindy Weiss (right)

To make the evening even more romantic, Ross suited up in one of the outfits she wore when she was in the Supremes. Honestly, I hope we all look and feel as good at 75 as Diana Ross does. And last but not least, what made this a sweet celebration for Diana was having the iconic Beyonce serenade her to the most beautiful “happy birthday” lullaby one could ever hope for. This part is what dreams are made of.

Taylor Swift Jingle Bell Rocked Her 30th Day of Birth Celebrations

It just made sense for Taylor Swift’s birthday party to double as her holiday party with Christmas right around the corner. Kicking off the season early, decor included everything found in your grandma’s attic and guests that could only be seen on the red carpet. Hosted at the Oscar Wilde Restaurant in New York City, Swift partied the night away following her epic performance moments before at Madison Square Garden.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag46
Images: Instagram / Taylor Swift (left) Antoni Porowski (right)

All of Taylor Swift’s favorite things were included in her bash, including an eery, realistic, cat cake, holiday cheer, and celeb besties like Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. She was also probably still relishing that the night before, she was honored with the Woman of the Decade award by Billboard. If this is what 30 looks like, she’ll need another smash single to hit song “22.”

Blue Ivy Goes Rose Gold for Her Regal 7th Birthday Party

When you’re practically born into royalty, it’s safe to say any occasion will be over the top. For Blue Ivy, this is all she’s known since her first birthday party extravaganza, which was #flawless. Iconic parents Beyonce and Jay Z are notorious for breaking the bank when spoiling their first princess. In the past six years of Blue’s life, her parents have spent over 2 million dollars on just birthday parties! This time around was no different.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag26
Images: Cosmopolitan (left and right)

A diva in the making, Blue Ivy was specific in having not a gold party but a rose gold party to commemorate her golden year. To ensure all eyes were on her, the main event included Blue modeling on a runway, complete with several wardrobe changes and her own glam squad on site. Those lucky enough to attend were even privy to on-site manicures. I may be in my late twenties, but I’m praying the Carter’s decide to adopt me at this point.

Jumping To the Extremes for Chris Brown’s 30th Earth Strong

For what was supposed to be a super-secret 30th spectacular, Chris Brown’s birthday turned into social media news. The Sky High Sports trampoline center in Woodland Hills, California, was never supposed to be revealed to those not on the guest list. But oops, this classified info was leaked, causing 1,000 women to loiter around. I totally get it; the main bar was covered in stuffed animals – can you say Instagram heaven?

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag3
Images: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design (left) Instagram / Chris Brown (right)

Covered in hundreds of pool floaties, neon signs, arcade games, and cartoon graphics – this space was altered into the ultimate funhouse. Every part of the venue was decked out in bright colors and cool lighting, making this the perfect opportunity for an Instagram photo shoot. For those lucky enough to be there, they even got to preview his, then, new song with Drake, “No Guidance.” There was no better way for this hottie to celebrate himself.

What Ariana Grande Wants, Ariana Grande Is Going To Get for Her 26th Golden Birthday

In honor of this milestone, a proper festivity was due to celebrate Ariana Grande’s star. At this time, Ariana was on tour for her Sweetener album and had just released her hit single “7 Rings,” which made for the most glorious theme of her birthday cake. The singer even received birthday love and recognition from the legendary Madonna, who sent a personalized birthday card with the sweetest message.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag7
Images: Us Weekly (left) Livingly (right)

The best part about this party? It was held backstage at one of her performances and looked like the pictures from your 3rd birthday party. Decor included streamers that looked like it was bought at the local corner store and had basic multicolor balloons and disposable table liners. In true Ariana fashion, she immediately changed from her lavish party attire to her classic oversized hoodie and sweatpants to party in her style.

Naomi Campbell’s Dancing Queen 40th Birthday in Cannes

40 white roses for a 40th celebration seems right on target for Naomi Campbell’s birthday in Cannes. Thanks to her billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, he threw her the most incredible week-long affair in the French Riviera. With a loaded boo, you can imagine that this birthday was nothing short of lavish.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag21
Images: Vogue (left and right)

To twist things up, she even had a rotating dinner table served as both a seating arrangement and carousel providing both entertainment and structure. Everyone who was anyone was on the guest list, including close friend Jennifer Lopez who even sprayed expensive vintage champagne all over the supermodel as a birthday gesture. Basically, everyone needs Vladimir to celebrate their birthday properly.

Justin Timberlake Literally Fell To the Floor for His 38th Birthday Surprise

Like the dedicated artist he is, Justin Timberlake was working on his 38th day of birth. While he was on his Man of the Woods tour, he needed to party accordingly. So after his show-stopping performance at Madison Square Garden, the festivities began at The Grill in New York City. Justin and his closest, famous, BFF’s and gorgeous wife Jessica Biel, all danced the night away all before Justin was literally taken to the floor.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag11
Images: Instagram / Justin Timberlake (left and right)

What would a musician’s birthday be without a musical performance? Justin may have grabbed the mic a few times to sing to his party guests playfully but actually had his own “fangirl” moment when his favorite rapper appeared. Mase, who is known to be one of Timberlake’s favorite rappers, showed up and performed his favorite hit, “Feel So Good.” Videos showed Justin with the biggest smile, and he was truly moved.

Rihanna Arrives at the Age of 30 With Champagne and Caviar

Bad Gal RiRi’s life can be compared to a never-ending stream of weekend highlights. So for her midlife soiree, of course, our girl was going to do it big. Dripping in diamonds, truly iced out, she arrived at her star-studded party ready for a good time. While her million-dollar boo thing may have been present, her million-dollar party was kept paparazzi free. But don’t worry, we have the scoop to fill you in on all that was left out.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag4
Image: Instagram / badgalriri

In the fancy uptown area of New York City, The Pool was home to Rihanna’s 30th rager. Caviar, peppered filet mignon, and champagne were just a few of the delicacies on the menu for the evening. To name drop a few of the attendees, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and even a performance by Toni Braxton were all there and accounted for.

Billie Eilish Becomes an Adult

After what seems like forever, Billie Eilish finally turned 18 years old and joined the ranks of being an adult, no longer a child superstar. Spotted in Hollywood, she rang in this new chapter of her life with her family and closest friends and apparently received many presents, as her team needed to make several trips to escort the gifts to her getaway car.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag18

A special guest and idol to Billie, Avril Lavigne, even made her way to the party. Activities included tons of arcade games, smashing a pinata, and of course, diving into Billie’s mom’s delicious homemade cake. Remember, this rockstar is only 18 years old – she’s got plenty of time for more wild and crazy extravaganzas.

Adele Went Overboard for Her 30th, Just a Little

As a celebrity commemorating a milestone, her party couldn’t just be gigantic; it had to be Titanic. For a classy lady, Adele had to have a classy theme and even doubled as Kate Winslet’s character, Rose. Her attention to detail is to be applauded, from the striking similarity of her dress to the recreation of the below-deck party for the third-class ticket holders. It’s like the time capsule had been re-opened, but minus the catastrophe.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag13
Images: Instagram / Adele (left and right)

She was so in love with how everything turned out; she even described the party as the best night of her life. On Instagram, she captioned her pictures, saying, “Dirty 30! I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next 30 years as I’ve been blessed beyond words in my life so far.”

Diddy Did Some Minor Damage by Spending 3 Million Dollars for His 40th Ball

If heaven was a place on Earth, it could’ve been located at the New York Plaza for Diddy’s 40th birthday ball. At this Garden of Eden themed affair, Diddy truly spared no expense in making his grandest birthday dreams come true. Within the 3 million dollar expense, guests were spoiled with gallons of champagne and Ciroc vodka and surrounded by an orchid display that in itself cost $300,000.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag49
Image: Essence

Of the 500 invited guests, American gospel singer Al Green not only attended but gave a private performance for the party goers. For what went down as the party of the century, it makes sense that Diddy stated that it was his “first hangover in five years.”

Kim Kardashian’s Dazzling Diamond 30th

For an entire decade, Kim Kardashian was regularly celebrating her birthday parties at the TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas. Her 30th birthday was no exception to this rule. The glamourous night included endless alcohol, VIP guests, her designer John Richmond metallic dress, and Christian Louboutin heels. Actually, the heels were a bit of a disaster, as the spiked exterior stabbed the starlet, causing her to delay her grand entrance.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag41
Images: People (left) OK! (right)

Because she worked soooooo hard, Kim even thought it was time she get everything she ever wanted – including a brand new Rolls Royce! But the presents don’t stop there; TAO Nightclub showed their appreciation to Kim’s partying loyalties and gifted her with a pair of Diamond Everlon earrings. My neighborhood bartender will barely give me a free shot for my consistent patronage!

Howard Stern’s 60th Ballroom Broadcast

This four-hour event was broadcasted live and for free on SiriusXM – if this gives any indication of the importance for this radio shock jock legend. Howard Stern’s 60th birthday included a roster of stars as long as an award show. This birthday bash had everything from performers to comedians that helped put on quite the show. A few to mention include John Mayer, The Black Keys, Jimmy Fallon, and Rosie O’Donnell.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag43
Images: Rolling Stone (left) Hardly House Wives (right)

For someone who’s known to change the way of broadcasting, the gratitude was endlessly shared throughout the night. Whether if it was pre-recorded video clips or the various speeches made on the stage, it was clear that Howard Stern has made a tremendous impact on the industry and those affected. It was easy to see that these birthday wishes went beyond surface level meaning.

Christina Aguilera May Have Turned Thirty Nine, but She Is Thirty Fine

A fabulously Christmas-themed birthday extraordinaire is exactly what a girl wants and what a girl needs. Christina Aguilera reigned in the last of her dirty thirty era by celebrating Christmas and her birthday all in one! With a form-fitting, low-cut, stunning red dress, she commanded the center of attention – reminding her friends that she may be thirty-nine, but she’s still got it.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag2
Images: Instagram / Christina Aguilera (left and right)

Before her evening of singing, dancing, and lots of salsaing commenced, there was one blip to kick off the night. Christina had an accidental nip slip in the midst of her grand entrance, but don’t worry, a black pasty covered the goods. With a fancy dinner, massive cake, and celebratory lap dance, this was the perfect way for Christina to celebrate the last of her 30’s.

Sir Elton John’s Half A Century Celebration

Complete with a 3-foot tall wig, miniature Spanish warship, and working cannon, Elton John was ready to embrace 50 years of age. What was regarded as his last way-over-the-top party was one that his 600 friends and family members will never forget. And one that the internet will always love. Like the king he is, his outfit replicated King Louis XIV.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag48
Images: Daily Mail (left) Elle (right)

Held at the Hammersmith Palais music hall, it’s needless to say that this event was epic. In fact, it was so grand that they weren’t even able to host the party on the day of Elton’s birthday – there was far too much involved that the date had to be postponed until April!

A Forest Fairy’s Fantasy for Kendall Jenner’s 24th Year

Channeling her inner 4-year-old self, Kendall Jenner unleashed the ultimate costume party for her 24th birthday. After all, who says Halloween can only be once a year? Clad in an upgraded Tinkerbell costume and accessorized with white stallions, this model turned her birthday into a photographer’s dreamland. Even the hired staff played their part by being identically dressed in Kendall’s orange 2019 Met Gala look.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag5
Images: Instagram / Kendall Jenner (left and right)

As excited as everyone was about celebrating another year of Kendall, it was apparent that everyone was more excited about what they were wearing! The models in attendance went crazy and got super creative with their looks, straying away from the usual model-esque vibes. Gigi Hadid had fully embraced Jim Carrey’s character from The Mask, while Hailey Beiber came suited as Lola Bunny from Space Jam.

Gemini Season Was in Full Effect for Jorja Smith’s Club Night Birthday Turn-Up

At the ripe age of 22, Jorja Smith showed up and showed out for this next life adventure. Sponsored by roaming nightlife series Boiler Room, Smith hosted her very own club night in the lavish city of London. To match her ritzy party, she wore a glitzy purple sequined cocktail dress by London-based designer Ashish.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag50
Images: Instagram / Jorja Smith (left and right)

With DJs like Conducta and Lil C, Jorja and her guests were living it up all night long until the sun came out. With looks that could break any turning neck and a party that shuts down the city of London, it’ll be hard for Jorja to top this birthday experience.

Lorde’s 20th Was Courtesy of Bestie Taylor Swift

How lucky is Lorde to call Taylor Swift her best friend?! To ring in the big two zero, Swift happily and graciously hosted Lorde’s birthday get together at ZZ’s Clam Bar in New York City. With balloons that spelled out “U R 20,” sparkly party hats, and a massive chocolate cake, there was no better way for Lorde to bid a farewell to her teenage years.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag37
Images: E! (left) Glamour (right)

Aside from Taylor Swift, other notables were there to celebrate, including Lena Dunham and Mae Whitman. Blown away by the kindness and love that was shared, the singer later captioned her Instagram picture, “happiest birthday girl in the world.”

Selena Gomez Says Ahoy To 26 on Her Pasta Filled Yacht Party

Nothing says “party” like a pasta bar. Seriously, that plus a yacht, Selena Gomez achieved #goals for her booze cruise birthday bash. With her closest friends as arm candy and her $325 Love Sam dress, her Instagram vibe was achieved all aboard a beautiful vessel that sailed into the first sunset of her new year.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag9
Images: Instagram / Selena Gomez (left and right)

Initially, Gomez was relishing in all of the festivities. It wasn’t until after her friends had gone public with their posts that Selena revealed photos of her own on social media, including the pictures featured above. In honor of her Italian themed fete, it’s clear to see that Selena is living “la bella vita” – the good life.

Natalia Vodianova’s 35th Surprise Was Covered in Love

For a surprise birthday party, somehow Natalia Vodianova dressed exactly for the occasion. This supermodel fit right in with her birthday theme of “red love” by unintentionally wearing a red rose Dilara Findikoglu dress. It was only suitable that her birthday would be all about love, especially since it took place in the city of love and lights, Paris. Not to mention her hubby was the brains behind this shindig – love can be too sweet sometimes.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag17
Images: Daily Front Row (left) Vogue (right)

What could be more ironic than a supermodel having her birthday party in Paris? Having the birthday coincide with Paris Fashion Week. If you weren’t jealous yet, Natalia’s Instagram caption may have taken you over the edge. “My angel, my love, my baby, my hero, my mirror, my biggest supporter, my happiness, the sexiest and hottest man alive, thank you for bringing together all my loved and cherished people in one room last night.”

Miley Cyrus Came in Like a Wrecking Ball for Her 22nd Trip Around the Sun

But that’s no surprise for this kooky queen. In true Miley Cyrus fashion, her 22nd birthday party was nothing short of outrageous. Actually, it provided some mere insight into just what absurd ideas Miley has circulating through that brain of hers, as the theme was “Miley’s Twisted Mind.” The night’s biggest (literal) highlight was the featured phallus-shaped mechanical bull.

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Images: Access (left) Instagram / Katy Coyne (right)

Hosted at the ever-popular Factory Nightclub in Hollywood, this space was transformed into the intricacies of Miley Cyrus’s noggin. Decorations included saucy toys and those leaves…….what?! Not to mention, her birthday cake didn’t even look like a cake, but an enormous pizza! This was no birthday party, but honestly a once in a lifetime experience.

Nadine Lustre’s 21st Trick and Treating Halloween Monster Mash

Filipino actress and singer Nadine Lustre rang in her 21st year of life with a killer birthday bash. Spooky season was in full effect for Nadine’s celebration of life as the Glass Garden was decked out in cobwebs, skeletons, and all things scary. And if the decorations weren’t enough to set the tone, the creepy red lighting illuminated a feel of thrilling mystery and suspicion throughout the evening.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag12

While Nadine let the professionals take care of arranging her precious party, like the perfect host she is, she zeroed in on the details. Staff even spotted her rearranging center pieces and meticulously evaluating every decorative aspect.

Oprah Winfrey and Bob Veloz Have a Joint Birthday Blowout

Two different February birthdays, two neighbors, and a whole lot of net worth combined – well, obviously, this celebration can’t be limited to one day. Oprah Winfrey and her neighbor Bob Veloz decided to celebrate her 60th and his 80th together and to do it in a big way. Held at the Bacara Resort in Goleta, California, this three-day birthday palooza was comprised of 250 guests and a whole lot of moola.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag28 1
Image: E!

The first two days were a real production. Day one consisted of a classic five-course dinner, live band, and an open bar, with the dress code being a black-tie affair. Day two kicked off with a “gospel brunch” as a 40 person choir serenaded the attendees while they munched on egg whites and bottomless mimosas. If this is what a birthday looks like for billionaires, I could easily adapt to their lifestyle.

Welcome To the Circus, Also Known as Perez Hilton’s Birthday Fete

Well, when it comes to Perez Hilton EVERYTHING is a big deal, so of course, his 32nd birthday would be nothing short of over the top. The “Carn-Evil Freak and Funk” event was exactly as it sounds – freaky, funky, and pure fun. This was no regular extraordinary elitist affair. Perez actually spent time creating this freak show at the Studios at Paramount with the event producer.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag27 1
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

The craziest part is that Perez’s birthday was even sponsored – people actually invested in this. Corporate sponsors like Alizé, Arizona Tea, Lifestyles condoms, and Café Bustelo had their names affiliated with the occasion. Amongst his headlining performers included none other than THE Liza Minelli and casually had Katy Perry mounted on an elephant. He may talk a lot of trash, but Perez sure knows how to party.

Kate Moss Parties for 100 Hours Straight To Celebrate Her 40th in the Cotswolds

As the world’s most photographed supermodel, Kate Moss was ready for endless documentation as she reached the milestone of her 40th birthday. Regardless of her age, she was adamant about proving that she can still hang with the big kids when it came to endless raging and partied for 100 hours straight. What better way to survive endless partying? Host an epic bash in the comfort of your (magnificent) home.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag23
Images: Buzzfeed (left) E! (right)

But don’t worry, no cost was skipped out on making this an unforgettable year, as the festivities cost her nearly $150,000. On top of that, Moss had received a vintage Porsche Carrerra with a price tag of about $130,000. Superstars like Florence and the Machine and Vivienne Westwood were amongst the guests, including an unforgettable performance by the classic 80s band Soul II Soul. This easily went down in the history of all parties.

The Queen of Pop Had the Police Called on Her for Partying Too Hard

Madonna may be the Queen of Pop, but that didn’t stop the cops from showing up at her 57th birthday due to a noise complaint. For a lavish gypsy-themed birthday, obviously, this icon had no issues in securing a home, as the party took place in her Hampton’s household. Making her grand entrance in a “vintage gypsy wagon,” she arrived at the party and danced with her guests in hay-filled tents – and her new french bulldog.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag14
Images: Hello! Magazine (left)

Madonna and her guests partied into the wee hours of the next morning, which clearly upset her neighbors that were not invited to the backyard bash. Police officials showed up around 2:30 am, where Madonna took her warning and turned the music down. But word on the street is the tunes went right back up shortly after their visit.

Ellen Degeneres Went All Out and Had a Sweet 60

Anyone who was anyone was on the guest list which truly made Ellen’s 60th a star-studded affair. Seriously, there were more stars at her party than in the sky. Even Michelle Obama showed up for the turn-up! With all of these celebs in one place, the party turned into a show with everyone getting on the stage to sing, dance, and obviously crack a joke or two.

Crazy Expensive Celebrity Birthday Bashes That Were Definitely Worth The Price Tag53
Images: Bravo (left) Instagram / Ellen DeGeneres (right)

In true Ellen Fashion, the party didn’t just end with this A-Lister evening. What would an episode of Ellen be if a couple tears aren’t shed? The following day on her show, the birthday love continued to be shown as guests dropped by to wish Ellen a Happy 60th. The best gift of all, was when Ellen’s wife, Portia, appeared on the show to share that she had started a wildlife foundation in Ellen’s honor.