Devoted Husband Spends Two Years Planting a Scent Garden of Pink Flowers to Bring Blind Wife out of Despair

Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki were dairy farmers in the Japanese countryside and had been happily married for three decades when she suddenly lost her sight due to a diabetes complication. To Mr. Kuroki’s sadness, she fell into a depression and isolated herself in their home. In his desire to see her happy again, he came across an ingenious idea that he hoped would work, but wouldn’t be easy to execute.

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He decided to plant thousands of pink Shibazakura (moss phlox) flowers in the fields around their home. A venture that would be costly, laborious and time-consuming, in the hopes that the beautiful smell and visitor attraction would elevate his wife’s spirits and bring her out of her sadness.

He Toils the Field for Two Years

At wits’ end with how to help his wife, Mr. Kuroki noticed the attention the Shibazakura flowers in their garden received from casual passersby and caught inspiration. But the task ahead of him was an ambitious one. He needed to transform their on-site dairy farm of 60 cows, cut down surrounding trees and make room for the elaborate garden of flowers.

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He proceeded to quit his dairy farm business to free up his time and began laying the foundations for his vision of thousands of pink Shibazakura’s. He toiled the land around their home every day for two years, hoping that in the end, the sweet scent of the flowers would lift his wife’s spirits.

Giving More Than Just a Pleasant Scent

Also at the back of Mr. Kuroki’s mind was the possibility that if he succeeded to make it impressive enough, it would attract visitors to their home and serve as much needed company for the reclusive Mrs. Kuroki. He hoped that would encourage her to leave the house more, and that tending to the guests would provide her a new sense of purpose.

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Kuroki could not have been more right. The breathtaking floral display that he created brought more and more local visitors and tourists to their home, resulting in what is today a popular destination! They now attract well over 7,000 visitors a year and they welcome the attention that their garden garners.

The Field of Fuchsia Succeeded in Putting a Smile on Mrs. Kuroki’s Face

It is not just the sea of fuchsia flowers that brings so many visitors, but also the story behind it. People from all over the world have been touched by the story of Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, and many visit their home in the town of Shintomi, Miyazaki Prefecture, in hopes to catch a glimpse of the loving couple behind it all.

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Lucky for the visitors, she frequently takes a walk in their garden, side-by-side with her devoted husband. They have also added to the attraction by transforming the old cow sheds that previously housed their herd of 60 into a museum of photos that documents their love story.

Mr. Kuroki Found a Way to Put a Positive Spin on Their Change of Plans

As well as the diagnosis, it was their change of plans that encouraged negative feelings in Mrs. Kuroki. They had intended to tour around the country in retirement and had been leading up to this dream for many years. When Mrs. Kuroki became blind so suddenly, it was a huge disappointment for her not to be able to realize her goals. Now, she has people from all over visiting her and has found a whole other way to have new experiences.

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Even though Mrs. Kuroki can’t see the beautiful flower display that surrounds her home, Mr. Kuroki thankfully succeeded in bringing his wife out of depression, bringing joy into her life once again. He cultivated a gorgeous monument to his love and devotion, sharing with the public the high regard in which he holds his wife, Mrs. Kuroki.