For those of you who are dating app averse, Popular Everything has good news for you. The days of swiping left or right for love are coming to an end. However, the alternative may be a ton more intimidating. With today’s pricey world, people spend a majority of their time working to pay the bills. We sit in our chairs, stare at a computer, and type for hours on end. Many choose to use the little free time they have at the gym. Taking care of ourselves is another job in itself. Between juggling our job, our health and our careers, there’s hardly any time to find love.

Although tinder is a convenient way to meet people, it’s often used for the wrong reason. People lie about themselves, and their intentions for setting up a date. The human touch is lost with dating apps, and people found a way to make meeting people fit in their tight schedules before resulting to a quick swipe. Apparently, the gym is the new place to place to find love.

It turns out giving it your all at the gym does a lot more than get your heart pumping. The gym is officially listed as one of the places where people have a higher chance of finding their soulmate. According to a recent survey, 85% of people admit to feeling flattered at the gym when they receive romantic attention. Although dating apps are responsible for 20% of committed relationships in the United States, the gym accounts for a solid 27%.

A majority of people who participated in the survey mentioned that a subtle approach is key. Staring at a man or woman as they work out makes someone’s interest quite clear, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s downright creepy. The survey revealed that a smile and some small talk are the perfect recipes to start getting to know someone at the gym. It may sound obvious, but the guy whose eyes are glued to your every squat has no idea that he’s doing the opposite of attracting you. In fact, he’s repelling you!

Eight percent of the people surveyed said their favorite method to get to know their gym crush is by joining the classes they know he or she will attend, (It’s kind of like stalking, but less creepy, we hope). That way they’re in the same room and have something in common to talk about. All that’s left to do is for them to just happen to “bump into each other.” This survey included 2,365 participants from ages 17-70. The age group that found the most love at the gym ranges from 36-40 years old. Forty-three percent of the people in this lucky at love range admitted they like to flirt and one-third of them said they specifically like to flirt at the gym.

Here are some tips for getting your gym flirt on:

Do not stare at someone, no matter how fascinated you are. It’s the least attractive thing to do.

Showing off your big muscles is a huge no-no. 18 percent of people in the survey find the whole “look how strong I am” thing a huge turn off. Cheesy pickup lines at the gym either work for you or against you depending on what state you’re in. The survey revealed that in Ohio people appreciate a nice compliment on workout gear. However, in Nevada gym goers believe a nice cheesy pickup line will do the trick.

If you’re tired of letting a swipe decide your fate, you should probably hit the gym. The good news is that if you don’t find love, at least you’ll be healthy!