Prepare to Bark Your Tail Off: Dogs That Hilariously Resemble Humans

    Have you ever walked by a dog and thought, “hey, that looks like Jake!” If you have, then you know exactly where this article is going. We all know that dogs are a man and a woman’s best friend. The whole idea totally makes sense. People love dogs and dogs love people. We need them and they need us. However, what does not make sense is that sometimes the fury, four-legged creatures sometimes look like humans. The most common look-alike situation is when a dog resembles his or her owner.

    They say when you live with someone, you end up looking like them. The rule also applies to dogs and their owners. One day you’re strolling around in the park and you see an old lady walking her poodle and wonder if she gave birth to it. Hey, it’s strange but it’s totally something normal to cross your mind. What’s even more interesting is seeing a dog that looks like someone you know. When the neighbors bring home spike, their new pooch, and it looks exactly like uncle Tim, things start to feel like the Twilight Zone. It’s unexplainable, but its real! Popular Everything went out of the way to find you the best and most hilarious examples of human and dog look-alikes. Prepare to bark your tail off!