Prepare to Bark Your Tail Off: Dogs That Hilariously Resemble Humans

Have you ever walked by a dog and thought, “hey, that looks like Jake!” If you have, then you know exactly where this article is going. We all know that dogs are a man and a woman’s best friend. The whole idea totally makes sense. People love dogs and dogs love people. We need them and they need us. However, what does not make sense is that sometimes the fury, four-legged creatures sometimes look like humans. The most common look-alike situation is when a dog resembles his or her owner.

dogs and their owners look alike

They say when you live with someone, you end up looking like them. The rule also applies to dogs and their owners. One day you’re strolling around in the park and you see an old lady walking her poodle and wonder if she gave birth to it. Hey, it’s strange but it’s totally something normal to cross your mind. What’s even more interesting is seeing a dog that looks like someone you know. When the neighbors bring home spike, their new pooch, and it looks exactly like uncle Tim, things start to feel like the Twilight Zone. It’s unexplainable, but its real! Popular Everything went out of the way to find you the best and most hilarious examples of human and dog look-alikes. Prepare to bark your tail off!

Jack Black, Adopt This Dog… Now!

Jack Black is one of the funniest comedians of all time. Everyone laughs at his jokes but this time around we’re laughing at him, not with him.

Dogs Humans 13

Jack and this dog look like brothers in the funniest way possible. There’s no doubt this dog’s been voted class clown in his yearbook.

Best Friend Hair Goals

This “mans best friend” thing went a little too far. The similarity is already there. They both have that low-brow thing happening, but what about their hair!

Dogs Humans 8

We would not be surprised to find these buddies hanging out at the hair salon together. They’ve got the same hair-do!

They Got it From Their Mama!

It looks like these ladies are having a fine day at the park. Yes, the two dogs look like sisters with their matching bows and sweaters, but if you take a second look, you’ll see that they “got it from their mama!”

Dogs Humans 11

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but, for some reason, these three ladies look alike. Perhaps its the volume in their hair.

Hold Up…

So yea this one’s a whole new level of weird. This dog and his owner could actually be siblings. They have the same shaped eyes, similar hair tones, and fierce look!

Dogs Humans 21

Their resemblance goes way beyond the fabulous matching outfit. It’s creepy, but we accept it!

Dogs Make That Face Too

You know the face you make when you’re trying your hardest to just accept reality. It’s that  “Yea well; I guess that’s that,” type of face.

Dogs Humans 17

These boys both look like they’ve had a tough day! At least they have each other?

Best Friends Selfie!

These buddies look like parents who are using FaceTime for the first time ever. They just dont know how to angle the camera, and they end up with double chins.

Dogs Humans 10

These pals are so cute, we hope they figure the selfie angle that suits them best!

Some Sophisticated Ol’ Chaps

Hello, fabulous! This pair gives off a sophisticated look that somehow maintains a hint of “artsyness.” They seem so similar in so many ways. Just look at their hair.

Dogs Humans 20

It wouldn’t be so shocking to learn that they read the same books and discuss their interpretations of them late at night.


Best friends forever! This dog and her owner love bath time. They also look alike. The owner even pulls off the cross-eyed look to match her dog.

Dogs Humans 1

If this isn’t going to be used on their Christmas card, we dont know what will!

Do You Believe in Life After Dog?

Cher has a doppelganger, except it’s not a human; it’s a fabulous dog. They part their hair the same, and both have long faces with striking eyes!

Dogs Humans 14

The final test is to see if this dark barks as beautifully as Cher sings.

Best Friends Hate the Same Things!

This dog and his owner are totally in sync. When Spike and this guy found out their neighbour adopted a cat, they made the same face!

Dogs Humans 2

They’re not against cats, but they have mentioned that they prefer dogs “way way waaaayyyyyy more.”

How Did This Happen?

We are sure that the moment you arrived at this photo, your heart sank. This resemblance is hard to wrap your head around because it’s just too much to handle.

Dogs Humans 22

If you saw this dog on the street, you’d think “hey that dog looks exactly like John Travolta!”

Same Eyes!

If destiny didn’t bring this fabulous pair together, then we dont know what did! Just take a look at their faces!

Dogs Humans 4

They have the same eyes and the same eye shape and the same eye colour and the same everything!

Vladimir Putin & The Leader of the Russian Barkalution

So yea, a lot of people say scary things about Vladamir Puting. However, it’s extremely difficult to take this revered Russian ruler seriously while knowing there is a dog who looks exactly like him out there!

Dogs Humans 18

Perhaps the dog version of Putin is a lot nicer than the human version…

We Have No Words

Usually, when it comes to human/dog look-alikes, the dog still looks like it’s own kind. But when you put this white-haired dude next to this dog… things get weird.

Dogs Humans 16

This dog fully looks like a human, specifically THIS human.

Are They Brothers?

It’s tough not to see this resemblance. They practically look like brothers! Their eyes are set the same way and are the same exact color.

Dogs Humans 3

What really makes them twins are the raised eyebrows and sweet look that they shoot right at the camera.


Everyone wonders where the members of the band Kiss got their inspiration for their crazy makeup. However, we think we just found the answer.

Dogs Humans 15

The similarities in the color scheme can, in no way, be by chance. Surely they must have seen this dog moments before they decided to paint their faces that way.

Oh Yeah…

Famous Rapper, Snoop Dog, actually resembles a dog… but only this one! These guys look so much alike… it’s pretty remarkable!

Dogs Humans 7

Snoop has a reputation for loving just to chill and relax. Perhaps this dog would be able to join him.


These fellas are all smiles! They both flash their teeth to the camera, only to reveal that this smile runs in the family!

Dogs Humans 9

The dog smile looks just like his mom’s. In fact, he almost looks human!

Baby Blue

This is the sweetest resemblance of all. These four eyes are all the same shade of blue and its nothing short of precious!

Dogs Humans 5

We’re so happy they found each other! These brothers will grow up to look more and more alike!