Doing Dad Proud: Leonard Cohen’s Son Releases New Album, Three Years After His Father’s Passing

    Leonard Cohen is up there with some of the biggest legends to ever grace this Earth. As a singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist, many people considered this Canadian to be the gift that just kept on giving. Just before his passing, Leonard introduced the world to the remarkable talents of someone very special to him, his son.

    Image: Billboard

    Mr. Cohen’s last album, You Want it Darker, got released just one month before his passing, but that wasn’t the only fascinating thing about it. A couple of the tracks feature the impressive vocals of his son, Adam Cohen. If we fast forward now to the present day, we learn that this singer/composer has just released his very own album. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!

    A Very Special Collection of Music

    This is all so exciting! In very recent news, a small extract to Adam’s new album finally got released into the public domain, which sent fans all across the globe into a total and utter frenzy. The snippet came from one of the singles featuring on the album, labeled “The Goal,” while the entire album name was disclosed to us, too: Thanks for the Dance.

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    So, when will we get to listen to the full deal? According to reports, Adam’s music collection will get released on November 22nd, and we’re all counting down the days until that very moment! While we can’t reveal everything about the album just yet, there are a few extra notes Cohen Jr. and his team gave his fans to think about.

    Here are all the details. Officials have spoken out about Adam’s future album, likening the selection of tunes to both “a harvest of new songs” and “a continuation of the master’s work.” In other words, we’re getting the best of both worlds with Adam’s own music and a couple of tributes to the legend that is Leonard Cohen himself. What more could you ask for?

    What’s in Store for the Cohen Fans

    Let’s expand a little on the tributes section of the album. After their earlier collaboration in You Want it Darker, Leonard Cohen asked his son if, one day, he’d be able to finalize the leftover music that didn’t quite make the album. Seven months after his father’s passing, Adam got to work on those extra tracks, and now here it is, all ready for us to sing along to!

    We’re certainly in for a huge treat in the next few weeks, but that’s not the only thing fans have been told to look out for! Alongside his own music and the special tributes to his father, we can’t forget those big collaborations. That’s right, Cohen Jr. has been busy teaming up with some very important people to make his tunes as catchy as possible.

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    So, who exactly has the young talent been teaming up with for the new album? None other than the likes of indie rock band Arcade Fire, Irish rock singer Damien Rice, and indie-pop singer Leslie Feist. If Adam’s music is even half as successful as the musicians he’s collaborated with, this is set to be one very special album!

    Alongside the music, in September 2018, Adam released the final few poems and lyrics into an album named The Flame. We bet if Mr. Cohen was around today to see his young son’s hard work, he’d feel nothing but pride!