Don’t Try This at Home: Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets that Keep them Powered

Ever wondered how much training that a top athlete undertakes a week? While this astonishing number of hours may surprise you, it turns out being the best isn’t all about exercise. What’s the second factor that will help you get into shape, next to consistent exercise? You guessed it, a diet.

Athletes Diet 1

For most of us, a diet simply consists of cutting down on the excessive amount of cookies each week, nothing too drastic, right? If you’re a leading athlete though, the situation is so much more hardcore. Popular Everything is exploring some of the most ridiculous diets these sports stars force themselves to go on. And we thought we were motivated!

Michael Phelps

Competitive swimming reaches a new level with Michael Phelps, we’re a little convinced that this talented man is only part human, and other part fish. He may have retired from the contests now, but back when this man was lapping around the swimming arenas, he kept to a rigid eating plan.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 12

What’s the one word that must have gone through this Olympian’s mind when sorting his diet plan? Treat yourself! During his time in the spotlight, the Phelpsatron consumed a whopping 12,000 calories a day. His diet consisted of pasta, pizza, french toast, and pretty much any other guilty pleasure you can think of. It sounds like our kind of diet!

Dwayne Johnson

You don’t get nicknamed “The Rock” for nothing, you know! As one of the most famous WWE wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson makes sure he sticks to a strict eating routine. In fact, it’s so strict that he likes to focus on one particular delicacy, in particular, to keep in his built shape.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 11

So, what food does Johnson swear by for his routine diet? Fish, fish, and a little more fish. If you wanted to take a look at the figures, the bodybuilder consumes around 821 pounds of cod in a year. It’s a wonder to us how this man hasn’t started developing fins, gills, and taken up a new life underwater yet.

Usain Bolt

The clue is all in the surname here. Track and field superstar, Usain Bolt, is undoubtedly one of the fastest runners on the planet. It turns out, he didn’t get to where he is solely from jogging up and down a track all day. Sometimes, it’s all about the food – a saying we love to hear!

Athletes Diet 4

With an average calorie count of 5,500 a day, we’d expect Mr. Bolt’s diet to consist of nothing but clean-eating healthy food, right? Quite the opposite. The Olympian is a huge fan of McDonald’s, inhaling the treats from this fast-food chain for breakfast, lunch and even dinner! If Usain Bolt was to ever have a catchphrase, it would be “I’m lovin’ it.”

Caron Butler

You’ve never seen a true basketball game until you’ve watched Caron Butler in action. Having a 14-year career representing various different US teams in the competitive sport, you need your body to stay in a fit, and active condition. We can only imagine this man keeps up the healthiest of diets.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 14

Well, aren’t we surprised! Proving that a successful basketball career isn’t all about the healthy lifestyle is this man. In various interviews, the sports star admitted to having a huge addiction to the sugar-filled energy drink, Mountain Dew. During one point in his life, the baller was guzzling down a staggering 8 cups of Mountain Dew per day. That’s quite something.

Robert Oberst

There are strong people, and then there’s Robert Oberst. When you’ve been titled “World’s Strongest Man” for two separate years, you need to get into a routine of constant training, and being cautious of what foods you’re putting into your body. Judging by the size of this strongman, Obverts doesn’t shy away from the bigger portions!

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 9

If there was one food this man could live off, it’s meat. If he’s going to be successful at what he does, Robert needs to fuel his protein obsession. A typical meal for this huge man would involve a copious amount of pork, paired with a generous handing of rice. He makes it quite the routine, too! This exact meal is consumed around 6 days a week.

Kobe Bryant

You don’t become one of the most iconic basketball players of all time from just sitting around all day. Pro players like Kobe Bryant need to be keeping a watchful eye on their diets at all times. It’s because of this, that it becomes less of a surprise to learn about the star’s ritualistic focus on only consuming healthy fats.

Athletes Diet 8

The diet plan of Bryant’s, and indeed several other basketball stars, is so strict that they even have a name for it. Introducing to you, the “bacon, butter and broth” diet. The triple B plan consists of only humanely raised meat. The idea is that these foods work as both a valuable source of energy and a healing force. Perfect for those big games!

Venus Williams

Those of you tennis fans, better get a load of this. Being someone as talented as Venus Williams isn’t easy. The American tennis player is constantly striving to better her sporting performance. How does she achieve this? By keeping a close watch on her eating habits. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is a star tennis player!

Athletes Diet 9

2019 means one thing; veganism is on the up! One sports star who was keen to catch on with this food trend is Miss. Williams. As if this animal-friendly diet wasn’t difficult enough to keep up, the tennis legend follows a diet of raw veganism. This means that anything in the vegan category cooked above 118 degrees, cannot be consumed. That’s dedication!

Tom Brady

It’s time to showcase another American football legend! This time, we’re focusing on the king of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. Reaching successes as high as this guy is bound to come with endless hours of training, and making sure the food he consumes is only going to boost his performance.

Athletes Diet 10

Having spent 18 years in the spotlight means this football legend has had plenty of time to refine his diet plan. At this point, only the healthiest of foods reach this man’s plate. The list of foods he avoids includes white sugar, white flour, coffee, dairy, and so much more. Clearly, healthy eating is a full-time job for some people!

Michael Arnstein

The Fruitarian is here! And we’re going to tell you all about his diet plan. After the US legend that is Michael Arnstein entered the competitive world of running, he worked tirelessly to ensure no part of his lifestyle gets in the way of his winning streak. With great power, comes great nutritional responsibility.

Athletes Diet 11

Let’s get straight down to the business. A typical meal for Arnstein would consist of a lot of foods that go down the “raw vegan” route. This includes fruit, and quite honestly not much else! Suddenly, his unique nickname all becomes clear to us now. This diet plan enabled the star to cut down 17 minutes of his racing time, so it’s clearly done the trick.

Dwyane Wade

Oh look, it’s yet another basketball star! This athletic legend was wowing the audiences with his impressive skills for a number of years, 16 to be exact! Surprisingly, the star wasn’t actually getting involved with any sort of diet plan until he reached the ripe old age of 30. We’re ready to tell you all about it.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 5

No, he’s not jumped on board the raw veganism wagon, and he’s not ditched all white-colored foods either. Instead, Wade made the conscious choice to join the smoothie life! You heard it here first, the basketball superstar includes a healthy portion of chlorophyll into his daily blends, among other ingredients, and voila! Optimum health is restored.

John Daly

We’ve not mentioned any golfers on this list yet, so let’s introduce John Daly to the mix! The story of this sporting legend has always been an interesting one, to say the least. In keeping with his unpredictable theme, Daly’s dietary habits are just as unique as he is. Let us break things down for you here.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 4

This may come as a surprise to some, but not to all. Unlike several of the previous stars we’ve mentioned, this pro-golfer’s diet plan is in no way a strict one. He constantly satisfies his cravings for Diet Coke, at one point in his life drinking up to 28 cans a day, surely that’s a new world record?! Despite this, he’s still pretty successful, so just keep doing you, John!

Babe Ruth

Here’s a blast from the past! Who remembers the baseball legend from the early twentieth century, Babe Ruth? He may have set records with his winning streaks, but that’s not the only fascinating thing about this superstar. There’s certainly something to be said about his eating habits, back in the day.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 3

If anyone could eat, it was the Great Bambino. On a regular day, the baseball star would consume a huge breakfast of six eggs, a rare steak and a generous offering of potatoes; all washed down with four cups of bourbon and ginger ale. Despite his enormous appetite, Babe was undeniably good at his sport, so it was all worth it!

Jon Call

Have you ever heard of the sport, Acrobolix? If so, you’ll certainly be familiar with the legend that is Jon Call. This heavyweight beast works tirelessly in his combined sport of acrobatics and anabolic exercise, to set impressive new records. In order to maintain his winning streak, meal prep is everything for this star.

Athletes Diet 15

We’ve heard of famous athletes setting out a certain plan for what they’re going to eat, but Mr. Call takes things to a whole new level. Each morning, he prepares 100 pounds of frozen chicken, 12 cups of rice, and 15 pounds of potatoes for his meal. There are organized people, and then there’s Jon Call. Could you stick to a diet like this?

Laffit Pincay Jr.

If you know anything about the horse racing world, the name Laffit Pincay Jr. would certainly ring a few bells for you. This talented man knew all the ins and outs of how to become a successful jockey, including the huge benefit you gain from weighing less. That is exactly how his unusual dietary habits came into being!

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 15

Laffit was settling at nothing to become one of the greatest horse riding champions, and for that reason, he did whatever it took to lose weight. Some days, it was recorded that the sports star would consume half a peanut, for his entire meal! He may have suffered a few stomach grumbles, but at least it meant he could win a couple of trophies.

Wade Boggs

Let’s delve into the weird and wonderful life of Wade Boggs. This ex-professional baseball player had audiences on the edge of their seats during his games, and for good reason! He had an undeniable winning streak, which was clearly the result of hard work. Let’s take a look and see if there were any strict diet plans that also helped him at this time.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 2

Clearly, meal prep was not the done thing for Wade Boggs. Instead, this Red Sox legend was renowned for his love of beer; he couldn’t get enough of the stuff! It was recorded that the star guzzled down an unbelievable 107 cans in just one day. It doesn’t end here though, Wade also admitted to eating an entire chicken before each game. Whatever floats your boat, Boggs!

Laurie Hernandez

We’re switching over to gymnasts now. Since her debut on the beams, the American Laurie Hernandez has been amazing the crowds with her bendable bones and sheer strength. Keen to show the world that you don’t need a limited diet of vegetables and nuts to shine at sports, is this girl.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 16

She may have won a gold medal for Team USA, but Hernandez likes to prove she’s just like any other girl from New Jersey. How does she do this? With her addiction to the gas station chain, Wawa. It may not be the healthiest option, but it’s in no way putting a halt on her active success.

Lamar Odom

There seems to be a common trend that keeps popping up on this list, between strange diet habits and basketball stars. One more baller to join the bandwagon is Lamar Odom. You might say, Odom’s dietary habits are less of a strict routine for optimum playing performance and more of a craving filler.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 1

Got a sweet tooth? Lamar Odom’s got a bigger one! Before every big game, the basketball star likes to fill up on as many sugary treats as possible. What treats do these include? Anything from jelly beans, Twizzlers, to Hershey’s cookies. If it’s got a high sugar content, Lamar will be all over it.

Herschel Walker

Mixed Martial Arts has a skilled, new member in town, and he goes by the name of Herschel Walker. Ever since this man’s debut into the sporting world, he has ensured his eating habits matched his high-impact activities. If you wanted to hear about a strict meal plan, this is your guy.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 17

Not only has Herschel turned to the veggie life, but he also made the brave decision to consume only one meal a day. That’s right, just one! While that may seem like an impossible task to some of us, it’s merely the key to success for this talented individual. To each his own!

J.J Watt

Here are the straight facts. If you want to get into a serious sport like American football and be any good at it, you have to train your body tremendously to fit the brief. While exercise is great, you must follow an insane amount of diet tips. Houston Texan player, J.J Watts couldn’t agree with this more.

Athletes Diet 21

How many calories do you think this guy consumes in a single day? Not 7, not 8, but 9,000 calories; a rather impressive figure if you ask us! In order to maintain the “bulk” of his body, Watt goes through 50 bacon slices, 25 eggs, and 20 chicken breasts. Just reading this is making us feel a little queazy, so just imagine making it your daily routine.

Ryan Lochte

We’re adding another swimmer into the mix! This time, it’s all about the 12-time Olympic medalist, Ryan Lochte. While this guy may look a little smaller than the average sports star, don’t be fooled. You best believe he follows the classic routine of most swimmers and packs away as much food as he possibly can.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 18

So, how much food are we talking about here? 8,000 of just about anything: from steak and eggs to ice cream. During the 2008 Olympics, Lochte made a habit of having a McDonald’s for his every meal. Clearly, he was looking to track and field star Usain Bolt for a little inspiration! The McPlan worked well, earning him an impressive four medals overall.

David Carter

It’s time for a whopper to enter our list! Judging by the sheer size of former-American footballer, David Carter, one would only assume he’s been piling the meat onto his plates. After all, so many other sports stars are doing it, so why shouldn’t he?

Athletes Diet 23

Well, this is a little surprising! It may come as a shock to some of you, but this man is 100% meat-free. The full-fledged vegan loves nothing more than filling his appetite with a morning smoothie, followed by only the healthiest of foods, including rice, greens, nuts, quinoa, and beans. We’re not sure we could stick to a diet like this, but good on David!

Simone Biles

It’s time for another gymnast! American superstar Simone Biles may be young, but she’s already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with. Alongside the endless amounts of training she does for her various competitions, there’s one dietary habit the young star can’t seem to shake off.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 19

For most of us, pizza is the number one guilty pleasure that we simply cannot live without. Proving that she didn’t need to shift her love affair with this Italian delicacy, after entering the Olympics was Simone. After every single meet, the gymnast wolfs down an entire pepperoni pizza.

Riff Raff

Introducing you to one of the most versatile men out there, the one and the only Riff Raff! While most of you may identify this guy as an American rapper, he also tried his hand as a WWE wrestler for some time, and was even pretty good at it! While he may make it look easy, becoming a wrestler involves a serious diet alteration.

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 8

Riff Raff went from 0-100 real quick. With the help of his good friend, Hulk Hogan, this musician managed to transform his body, to become a real wrestling beast. How did he do so? Through copious portions of pizzas, shrimp, barbecued meat and burgers.

Justin Verlander

As a successful baseball pitcher, Justin Verlander has been taking his sporting career very seriously, ever since his debut back in 2005. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Verlander does anything but sticks to a healthy meal plan. He plays how he wants, and eats what he wants, too!

Don’t Try This at Home Star Athletes Reveal the Insane Diets That Keep Them Powered 20

In an interview, the major league player admitted that before every game, Verlander would wolf down an order from the fast-food chain, Taco Bell, even getting the same meal each time! You do you, Justin.