Among all the incredible entertainment options the internet has to offer, memes are no-doubt, way up there and they’ve gradually become something we web surfers just can’t live without.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re already familiar with the ridiculous meme-wars flying around the internet like a swarm of bats. Meme-hunting has now become a commonly abused activity, so much so that people starting taking the initiative devising different phone-gripping-devices to provide you with optimal comfort, as you scroll your time away. Yes, it’s gotten totally out of hand, we can’t stop, and we don’t care!

Now, what’s cool about memes, is that they’re not just designated for a one-time share or a single chuckle. Meme images are recyclable and can be mixed and matched with any silly (or not silly) catchphrase or quote, depending on the sense of humor of the particular, targeted audience.