The Evolution of Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman Who Stole Elvis’s Heart

Elvis first spotted Priscilla at a party on his military base in Germany. Priscilla was living there because her father was a general. Fate put the two at the same party. Elvis was 24 when he saw Priscilla for the first time, and he fell madly in love the moment he laid eyes on her. Priscilla’s life drastically changed when the public discovered her iconic romance. She became the center of attention and the most coveted girl of her generation.

Priscilla Presley is one of the only women who stole the “King of Rock and Roll’s” heart. Eventually, rumors spread, and the pressures grew to be too much. Elvis and Priscilla split, but she will always be remembered as the one who captured Elvis’s heart. We knew her to be the King’s beauty queen. Some say she was the only one for him. While he passed away, his first love lives on.

Young Priscilla

This is the face of a young woman who had no idea that in only a few years, her whole life would change. Priscilla moved from her parents and into Elvis’s house when she was only 15 years old.

Their passion for each other was so strong, not even Priscilla’s parents could convince her to slow things down. She went from being the average teenage girl to the most coveted girl in the 20th century.

16-year Old Priscilla Writes a Letter to Her Army Boyfriend, Elvis

Her story gave hope to so many. She went from being a huge fan to being the one Elvis was a huge fan of. She wrote him letters while he was off serving in the army.

Unlike the fan letters he received, the letters from Priscilla were special. Out of all the girls that were pursuing Elvis, she was the special one he was thinking about while he was away.

Priscilla Says Farewell to Her Rockstar Boyfriend Amongst Crazy Fans

Now Priscilla was the other side of the cameras. This is one of the first times that bright lights flashed in her face. She was not used to being photographed, unlike Elvis who was constantly in the limelight.

Everyone wanted to know who this extremely lucky girl was. The other girls wanted to know who was able to stand out amongst the crowd and get to Elvis, who was that girl and why?

Priscilla Waits for Elvis at the Airport

The daughter of an air force general was familiar to emotional greetings and goodbyes. But this time, she wasn’t at the military airport waiting for her father. She was waiting for her special someone.

She stood there, butterflies and all, waiting for the one who took up all the space in her mind. Here she is anticipating Elvis’s arrival. She had been waiting for this moment to see him, which felt like forever.

Priscilla Poses for the Camera Looking Like a Star

She was only 15 when she moved in with Elvis. It wasn’t long before she knew what it meant to be a star. Priscilla was now loving life in the limelight. She enjoyed dressing up and posing for the camera.

Her style in this photo says it all. She poses with hair professionally done and dressed in the most fashionable outfit of the time. These are the qualities of a celebrity, which is what Priscilla officially became.

The King Puts a Ring on His Queen

They dated for several years before Elvis agreed to put a ring on it. Rumors of cheating gnawed at Priscilla’s restless mind. In the end, he chose her, after all, she had dedicated her heart to Elvis form the time she met him.

It was her he loved, and if that was true, why shouldn’t they make it official? Elvis couldn’t say no to his love. He asked her to get married and the next thing you know, they were hitched.

Priscilla Becomes a Mother

The young girl from the army base officially grew up when she had Elvis’s child. Elvis had to make space for another girl in his life. Priscilla was so happy to be a new mom.

They named their daughter Lisa Marie. Close friends will all say that Elvis’s love for Lisa was endless. Elvis was so happy to be a new father. He did everything for his baby girl.

Priscilla Introduces Her Big Hair and New Baby to the World

Priscilla and Elvis show the world their new addition to the family. Lisa Marie, all bundled up, faces her first swarm of screening fans. This was exciting for all of the Presley family’s fans. They were so curious to see the newly completed family.

Fans were so excited for the debut of the new baby. Cameras followed the new family to capture a glimpse for the world. His daughter became the most adored girl on the planet.

Tom Jones Puts His Arm Around Priscilla, and It Won’t Be the Last Time…

Tom Jones was a good friend of Elvis. Jones really admired Elvis. The three of them frequently hung out together. The relationship between Priscilla and Jones continued after the divorce.

This was not the last time that Jones put his arm around his good friend’s ex-wife. The two reunited later in life causing rumors of a romance, but we can’t confirm what really happened.

A New Look

Any breakup calls for a dramatic change. Most women change their hair. After her divorce from Elvis, Priscilla wanted to start fresh and create a whole new image to show the world she wanted a change.

While Priscilla didn’t go to the extreme and cut her hair super short, she did change her signature look. She got rid of the volume and dyed her hair blonde. No one ever expected to see Priscilla look like this. Everyone loved it!

Her Modeling Career Takes Off

At this point, Priscilla was famous by association, but once she and Elvis officially ended their marriage, she was responsible for her own fame. She persuaded modeling and her career took off.

The new Priscilla began to model and show off her new look. She had a completely new image and persona. She was full of confidence and this time it was not because of Elvis.

Her Career Keeps Advancing

Her first modeling shoot was a total hit. Part of the reason she was so successful was due to the fact that she is Elvis’s ex-wife. But also because she had gone on to be successful without him.

She was also successful because of her different and interesting new look. Her modeling career quickly took off and she was happier than ever despite living in the shadow of Elvis.

An Exclusive Photoshoot

Photographers were so intrigued by the woman who stole Elvis’s heart. They constantly asked to take photoshoots of her, and sometimes she agreed. One of her most famous shoots was taken poolside in a swimsuit.

Priscilla lived the life of a rock star long after she was married to one. You would find her on the red carpet one day, then posing by the pool in a bikini. This was the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

From Mother to Grandmother

Daughter Lisa Marie was all grown up and soon had kids of her own. Priscilla now transitioned from being Elvis’s one and only, to a mother, beautiful model and now a she was a fabulous grandmother to two grandbabies.

Lisa Marie was now married with two children and Priscilla was delighted to be a grandmother. The Presley legacy continued. Physical similarities between Elvis and Priscilla were apparent in their grandchildren.

The Blue Eyed Beauty’s Look Gets More Casual

Although she’s now a grandmother, this doesn’t stop Priscilla from evolving her look. She soon transitions to straight hair and has a more casual look. Although she is past her model days she still resembles one.

This new look easily made her the best looking grandma around. She looks sophisticated and mature yet absolutely stunning. She was feeling as confident as she was in her modeling days despite the change of career.

Priscilla Rocks Short Hair

Priscilla rocks her short hair in 1976. She debuted this new look at the Grammy Award Ceremony. Priscilla was still blonde but with a new haircut. The beauty queen shopped off the long length of her hair.

This styled blow out left her ends with gorgeous waves. No one had ever seen her like this before. Everyone was curious as to what she would do next. The former queen of rock n’ roll was constantly changing her look and everyone was loving it.

Priscilla and Robert Kardashian

Priscilla’s hair gets more serious, and so does her dating life. Elvis’s ex-wife was too hot to be on the market alone. She dated the celebrity lawyer Robert Kardashian who had recently split with Kris Jenner in 1975.

The two made an extremely attractive couple. The relationship between Priscilla and Robert didn’t last long, it was short but sweet. Kardashian’s split from Kris was short, and he ended up getting back together and marrying her in 1978.

Priscilla Lets Her Bob Grow Out

Priscilla’s short bob turns into lengthened waves. This hairstyle may not be popular today, but back then, it was the style that everyone wanted. Farrah Fawcett also sported a similar style and it was one of the most requested hairstyles at the time.

Priscilla framed her face with these gorgeous layers and totally pulled it off. He hair color was very complimentary and wasn’t too light or dark. She looked like a natural beauty and this look made her look very youthful.

Priscilla is Looking Angelic

In the 1980s Priscilla goes modern with a bright and beautiful look. She lightened up her look with blonde highlights giving her an angelic look. The curl waves are gone, and her hair is straighter than before.

She also brightened her makeup making her look like an angel! She used soft gold tones that complimented her golden hair and bright blue eyes. This youthful look was extremely complimentary to her gorgeous complexion.

Straight Hair and She Don’t Care

The straight hair continues to be her new go-to look. It’s funny to think that less than a decade before this picture was taken, we saw Priscilla with heavy eye makeup and dark overdone hair.

This is a change no one ever expected to see on her. She had completely transformed her look and everyone was loving it. This a Priscilla no one ever expected to see.

Sea-Side Vacations

Priscilla dives into the sea on a quick vacation. The beauty queen had no problem showing off her gorgeous self at the beach. She loved living life and did so by going on many vacations around the world.

She has lived a lavish lifestyle her entire life because of Elvis and even without him, she was able to do so on her own. She didn’t let anything hold her back and lived her life to the fullest.

Priscilla Releases Her Signature Perfume

Priscilla eventually wanted to get into the business world. But what could she do? She wanted to have her own brand because after all, she’s the woman everyone wished they could be. So it only made sense that she at least give the world a chance to smell like her.

Priscilla poses beside her first perfume. She created the signature scent using some of her favorite fragrance notes. She was excited to launch this fragrance which she could proudly display as her own.

Priscilla Supports Elvis Once Again

Although they did not stay married, Priscilla and Elvis still had a good relationship. Their divorce was peaceful and mutual. This made Priscilla the right person to promote Elvis’s Showtime TV special.

She knew how much the world loved him. After all, she was a fan of him herself. She had nothing but love and respect for Elvis and this was evident in this showtime TV special. Fans were delighted she was the host.

Dinner in the Big Apple

Priscilla frequently dined out in the Big Apple. Priscilla loved spending time in New York. Priscilla slowed down with the party scene, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have any nights out.

Here Priscilla is spotted in the late ’80s leaving a dinner in New York. She is looking gorgeous as ever, her hair is still blonde, she is dressed in the classy fashion of the time. A wool coat and leather gloves keep her warm during this time.

She Wore the ’80s Like a Glove

Some people wished they could escape the 80’s while other people wore the looks of the time with perfection! Priscilla proved she could rock any look in any decade in this photo.

Her 80’s style wild hair and bright shadow look so good, you’d think she invented the look herself. She was always on-trend and wore it with perfection. She also enjoyed evolving her looks, this kept the public curious about what Priscilla would do next.

Priscilla’s Movie Appearance

Priscilla’s modeling career is not the only thing that kicked off after she started to fly solo. She experimented with acting here and there. She scored a movie role in Naked Gun in 1988.

This starring role put her on the map and gained exposure for the beauty queen who was finally gaining a bigger fan base. She was confident in front of the big screen and was happy to show off her acting skills.

Heading in the Red Direction

As we have seen Priscilla liked to switch things up and keep people guessing. Including her hair color, switching throughout the years from black to blonde to red! Priscilla decided that red lips were not enough and added some red to her hair.

The red hair really brought out her bright blue eyes. Here she is also promoting her signature scent and she looks fabulous while doing it. She loved representing her own brand because now it was all about Priscilla.

A Bold Look

People were shocked to see this beauty queen with fiery red hair and here she took it up a notch. Surely, this was a fashion statement that only she could pull off. This bright new look really made her stand out.

This bold new look with this intense color makes her look like a total rebel. Priscilla was never afraid to make a bold statement with her appearance. She always enjoyed dressing up and showing off.

Priscilla Goes Grunge

Whoever knew that grunge fashion could look so classy. We never would have imagined Priscilla would choose this look. The crazy red hair is gone, and she’s got a shaggy cut with the whole smokey, grunge look going on.

How did she make this grunge look so classy? All she had to do to add class to this look was pair it with a black blazer. It totally worked, here she is pulling another switch a roo on us and we are loving it.

Priscilla’s Plastic Surgery Becomes Noticeable

We notice a little something different about Priscilla this time and we don’t blame her. Many women in the public eye turn to a nip and tuck here and there as they go through the aging process.

This is not the first time Priscilla had cosmetic procedures performed; it’s simply the first time the media ever noticed it. She happened to take things to a more dramatic level than before and this got everyone talking.

Trendy in the 1990s

If you remember butterfly clips, you remember the 90’s! Priscilla’s short and choppy hair bunched in multiple different little clips was all the rage during this time. She went back to a paler shade of red and was following all of the hottest trends.

We know she was going for a more youthful look here and she looks incredibly hot! She could easily join the Spice Girls with this look! Priscilla knows she had to keep with the current trends as she was frequently featured more in the spotlight.

Her Much Younger Boy Toy

A woman who looks this good can get any guy she wants! Here the gorgeous Priscilla with her boyfriend, who is 25 years younger than her. Some think this is strange, but it’s actually fitting.

After a privileged life in the spotlight and having whatever she wanted most of her life, Priscilla decided to try something new. She was not ashamed what others thought although she knew the media would have a frenzy.

She Can Still Pull Off a Sheer Top

Sexy and sheer is what describes Priscilla’s look in the 2000s. She knows her outfit is a little risky, but she’s got the confidence to wear it without caring. She knew she looked got and she flaunted it.

Her fashion choices have always been risque and she loved to push the limits. The nineties were also about this type of fashion, sheer and see-through was all the rage and thankfully she pulled it off!

Red Is Her Favorite Color

It’s safe to assume that this gorgeous woman’s favorite color is red. When her hair is not red, it seems like everything else is. Take a look at her glasses, lipstick and her jacket for proof!

She sure knows how to make a statement for herself. She looks fabulous in red, so she rocks it! From her eyes to her toes she loves to stand out and show off what she’s got!

Priscilla Can Pass for Royalty

In 2004, the UK Hall of Fame honored Elvis and invited Priscilla to do the same. Priscilla is dressed as if she borrowed clothing from a royal family. Being married to Elvis gave her the same amount of attention that any royal person has experienced.

Priscilla was flattered to have been a part of her late husband’s tribute. She was happy to show up and show off her new look. Of course, she’s sporting her favorite red hair and these royal colors look fabulous of the king of rock’s ex.

Priscilla Looks Great for Her Age

How many 58-year-old do you know that look this good? Priscilla makes us realize that age ain’t nothing but a number. Even close to 60 years old she still looks amazing and has lots of confidence.

She feels comfortable showing up at premieres and red carpet events. She actually enjoys being in the spotlight. Every chance Priscilla has to be in front of the TV is her chance to show off her new look.

Award-Winning Appearance

In 2007, we see a red tint coming back into Priscilla’s hair and were not surprised at all. She dressed to impress the crowd at this event. She looks classy in an all-black attire which really makes her red hair stand out.

In 2007 she is right in style for the current fashion trends. She looks sleek and sophisticated and fabulous for her age. She is 62 here and looks almost half her age.

Priscilla Brightens Up Again

Priscilla is constantly bouncing back and forth from darker and lighter looks. Here is one of her brighter looks. We know she loves wearing red hair. If her hair and makeup didn’t do the trick, she pinned this pretty silk flower to her blazer. That got the job done!

This bold look makes her pale skin look flawless. The bright red hair along with the pop of color from her accessory really makes her stand out in the sleek black outfit she is sporting at this premiere.

A Beautiful Glow in NYC

The most admired quality in the makeup world is achieving a seemingly natural glow. Priscilla’s makeup is beautifully applied and finished with a glow. She elegantly accessories with diamond dangle earrings.

Her skin looks like porcelain. She also enjoys wearing black which makes any accessories, hair color or makeup stand out. The smoky eye look frames her baby blues helping her to look youthful.

Priscilla in Blue

The royal blue outfit really makes her red hair pop! The royal color is really complimentary with her light skin and makes her eyes look bright blue. We know Priscila to have gorgeous eyes, but this new shade seems to really work for her.

Once again she’s rocking the red hair, this time with various accents of the shade. Her makeup is subtle, not to take away from the statement color she is wearing. This look does the trick in helping her look classy and dignified.

Three Generations Side by Side

As s mother-daughter duo, these two went through so much together. They were each other’s support systems when times got hard. Pricilla was a very hands-on mom who raised Lisa Marie after the divorce. Here granddaughter Riley is a mirrored image of mom Lisa Marie.

What makes these women so special is that out of all the women Elvis came across in his lifetime, these are the women that Elvis cared and (would have cared) about the most. These women will always have a special place in their heart for Elvis unlike anyone else.

A Light Change

Priscilla seems to have stuck to a similar style wearing black throughout the last decade. She has been consistent with the red-colored hair. Here she looks like a lioness. She faces the camera with her incredible cheekbones.

She decides here to change up her clothing colors, looking angelic in white. Despite this switch up, her eyes appear crystal blue and her hair still looks bright and bold. This look has her on-trend with the 21st century, looking polished and classy.

Paparazzi Won’t Give Priscilla a Break

As the years progress you would think te pap paparazzi would slow down and give Priscilla a break. However, this is not the case. Priscilla needs to look her best at all times since cameras are following her around the clock. This proves how famous Elvis really was.

The media is still obsessed with knowing how his ex-wife is doing, even though it has been decades since they were married. Priscilla has been out of the limelight since she has gotten older and wishes to remain so, but it’s hard to stop the aggressive photographers.

Priscilla with Tom Jones

We said that Jones would put his arm around Priscilla once more. in 2017 the paparazzi caught these two out in Los Angeles. Rumors swirled around the two dating, but we never will know.

We do know that they’ re good friends and Jones was a good friend to Elvis. Their common history probably makes small talk super easy to achieve on their dates. So did they, or didn’t they?

The Newest Priscilla is Unrecognizable

Before you see how the beauty queen looks today, let’s stop and remember how these two looked side by side. They were a happy couple before fame, fortune, and substances got in the way.

It’s hard not to wonder where they would be today if Elvis never got famous or if their marriage would have lasted. Elvis’s extreme fame and his vices were likely the causes of their failed relationship.

Priscilla Today

Unfortunately, the King of Rock’s life was cut short. While he was gone, his ex-wife raised their daughter and her grandchildren. She went on to find fame on her own account and had continued confidence throughout her life.

The last pictures of Elvis show that he was aging much quicker than Priscilla. After seeing Pricilla today it is hard to imagine how he would have aged alongside her today.

Priscilla Celebrates Elvis’s 80th Birthday

We all wonder what it would be like if Elvis were still around. His name will never be forgotten, and Priscilla makes sure of that by celebrating the day he was born each year.

Here it would have been Elvis’s 80th birthday. Fans gather around Pricilla to watch her cut a birthday cake in his memory. As well as Priscilla, fans today all over the world still celebrate Elvis’s birthday on January 8.

Today Priscilla Is Unrecognizable to Most

Most people say that Priscilla is unrecognizable today. There are many critiques journalists write about Pricscill’s current look but what is missing a key factor: We all change as we age and that is exactly what happened to Priscilla.

We knew her face when she was only a teenager! It’s no wonder why she looks unrecognizable! She still looks amazing, we all know it isn’t easy aging in the public spotlight.