The Evolution of An Iconic Celebrity Wife

Priscilla Presley was only fourteen years old when she met her future husband, Elvis Presley. Before they laid eyes on each other, Priscilla was like any other teenage girl. She had a huge crush on this Hunk. The moment word got around that she and Elvis were dating, her life changed forever. Priscilla went from being a US Navy pilots daughter to being the most envied girl on the planet. Although their marriage hardly lasted, Priscilla will always be the one who stole “The King’s” heart. We’re not sure if Priscilla was lucky to have Elvis or if Elvis was lucky to have Priscilla because both these humans are stunning! Priscilla’s looks transformed in ways that, today, make her unrecognizable. Popular Everything assembled the perfect collection of images that take you through her shocking transformations.

1. A Young Priscilla Presley

2. 16-Year Old Priscilla Writes A Letter to Her Boyfriend in the Army, Elvis

3. Priscilla Says Goodbye to Her Rockstar Boyfriend Amongst Crazy Fans

4. Priscilla Is Photographed Waiting for Elvis at the Airport in Germany

5. Priscilla poses for the camera with her cute pooch (1965)

6. An Epic Love Story

7. Priscilla Becomes A Mom

8. Priscilla Introduces Her Big Hair and New Baby to a World of Flashing Lights

9. Tim Jones Puts His Arm Around Priscilla, and Not For the Last Time…

10. Pricilla Goes Blonde

11. Her Modeling Career Thrives

12. She & Elvis Are Over, But Her Career Keeps Moving

13. Beverly Hills By the Pool

14. An Exclusive Photoshoot at Her Home in California

15. From Mama to Grandma

16. The Blue Eyed Beauty’s Look Matures. She Goes for Straighter Hair and a More Serious Look from Now On

17. Priscilla Sports Short Hair at the Grammy Award Ceremony (1976)

18. Priscilla & Boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, Strike A Pose

19. Priscilla Grows Out Her Bob

20. A Beautiful Priscilla in NYC (1980)

21. Straight Hair, Don’t Care

22. A Dip in the Sea

23. Priscilla Poses With Her Signature Perfume

24. Priscilla Presley Promotes Elvis Presley Showtime TV Special

25. Post Dinner in NYC (1988)

26. Priscilla Wore the 80’s Like a Glove

presley hair

27. Priscilla Starring in The Naked Gun With Leslie Nielsen in 1988

28. Heading in the Red Direction

29. Aging With a Firey Red Look That Not too Many Can Pull Off

30. Back to the Blonde Bob

31. Priscilla’s Plastic Surgery Becomes Noticeable (1997)

32. Trendy Hair Clips Scream “Hello 1990’s”

33. Priscilla’s Best Accessories At This Time Was 25 Years Younger Than Her, Toby Antis

34. It’s Almost the Year 2000 and Priscilla Still Pulls Off A Sheer Top

35. When the Hair’s Not Red, Everything Else Is

36. Priscilla Looking Royal at the UK Hall of Fame (2004)

37. Priscilla Looking Way Younger Than 58 Years-Old

38. Priscilla at the Grammy Awards (2007)

39. Light Hair, Light Eyes, Light Lips (2011)

40. A Beautiful & Glowing Look in Brooklyn, NYC

41. Priscilla Visits An Elvis Exhibition (2014)

42. Mother and Daughter Side by Side

43. Priscilla’s Blue Eyes Shine Like Crystals As Always

44. Paparazzi Doesnt Give Priscilla a Break

45. Priscilla Presley With Her New Boyfriend Tom Jones (Old Friend of Elvis & Priscilla) in 2017

46. Her Most Recent Pictures Look Show A Completely Different, Priscilla

47. Priscilla Today, Elvis Back Then

48. Priscilla Celebrates What Would Have Been Elvis’s 80th Birthday

49. Today Priscilla is Nearly Unrecognizable


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