The Evolution of An Iconic Celebrity Wife

Priscilla Presley was only fourteen years old when she met her future husband, Elvis Presley. Before they laid eyes on each other, Priscilla was like any other teenage girl. She had a huge crush on this Hunk. The moment word got around that she and Elvis were dating, her life changed forever. Priscilla went from being a US Navy pilots daughter to being the most envied girl on the planet. People adored Elvis to such an extent he was the main focus in their lives.

Priscilla met Elvis at such a young age. She was 14 and was 24. They were at a party on a German military base and it was simply loved at first site. They started meeting up at night and any other time that Elvis was free. Soon enough she moved into Elvis’s house after convincing her parents how much her happiness depended on her relationship with Elvis. Sure enough, Priscilla’s parents agreed to let her go and be with the one she loved.

At an age as young as 15, she was out of her house and into his. They waited a while to get married, but eventually, they did. Over the years Priscilla had paparazzi around her at all times and she never failed to be fabulous. With or without Elvis her picture was taken on every corner. Popular Everything compiled as many as possible just to show how much she evolved over the years. The woman will forever remain stunning and the pictures go to prove it.

Although their marriage hardly lasted, Priscilla will always be the one who stole “The King’s” heart. We’re not sure if Priscilla was lucky to have Elvis or if Elvis was lucky to have Priscilla because both these humans are stunning! Priscilla’s looks transformed in ways that, today, make her unrecognizable. No matter what she remained in style and that’s what makes her transformation more special than others. Popular Everything assembled the perfect collection of images that take you through her beautiful transformations.