The Evolution of Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman Who Stole Elvis’s Heart

    Elvis first spotted Priscilla at a party on his military base in Germany. Priscilla was living there because her father was a general. Fate put the two at the same party. Elvis was 24 when he saw Priscilla for the first time, and he fell madly in love the moment he laid eyes on her. Priscilla’s life drastically changed when the public discovered her iconic romance. She became the center of attention and the most coveted girl of her generation.

    Priscilla Presley is one of the only women who stole the “King of Rock and Roll’s” heart. Eventually, rumors spread, and the pressures grew to be too much. Elvis and Priscilla split, but she will always be remembered as the one who captured Elvis’s heart. We knew her to be the King’s beauty queen. Some say she was the only one for him. While he passed away, his first love lives on.