Son Spends 6 Years and $30,000 Building His Mom’s Dream Car Resulting in an Emotional Drive Down Memory Lane

    What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever given your mom? You’re unlikely to have gone as far as Donny Pinto, who won the title for best son of the year in 2018. Witness the touching moment Donny reveals his labor of love to his unsuspecting mom, in a gift that meant so much more than it’s market value.

    Image: Pinto Productions

    Having spent $37,000 and 6 years building Jeanie “Nonni” Pinto her dream Chevrolet, she received the biggest surprise of her life that left her completely speechless. He had no idea that the car would give his mom the chance to drive down memory lane and relive the most meaningful moment of her childhood. At Popular Everything, we’re revealing the touching story of just how far a son will go to make his mom happy.