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Extraordinary Animals With Surprising Superpowers

Move over Superman; it would appear there’s a new sheriff in town. There’s a whole bunch of them, and some may be closer to you than you think. Whether you have them as a pet or can find a few in your back garden, these unbelievable beings are never too far from our reach.

For years now, scientists have been researching new and undiscovered living creatures around the world. Popular Everything is giving you the scoop on all these extraordinary animals, and all about their supernatural powers.

Jellyfish Are Immortal

You heard it here first; these majestic sea jellies are like the underwater undead. Once this sea creature has performed its mating ritual, it’s right back to square one. They revert straight back to their youth.

If only it were so easy for us humans! Scientists have confirmed that as long as a jellyfish keeps performing this same ritual over and over again, they have granted themselves the mighty power to live forever. We guess the term ‘YOLO’ doesn’t apply to this particular species.

Hairy Frogs Have DIY Weapons

Have you ever seen the movie, Transformers? This is a little similar to that, only if the Autobots were all hairy frogs. These hopping creatures have the extraordinary ability to create their own features. What does this mean?! Allow us to elaborate for you.

So, what happens is the frogs break their bones (ouch). They then push them out, through their toes and out comes some claws. Wow, now we know that these hairy frogs are the last creatures we’d want to get on the bad side of.

Dragon Millipedes Can Poison You

These creatures take the importance of personal space to a whole new level. They take advantage of the fact that they look so creepy, in hopes no one would ever want to go near them. But if you do, then boy are you in for a nasty surprise.

Just one touch of these vicious creatures and bam! Hydrogen cyanide is shot straight into you. In other words, they can poison you faster than you can say “Dragon Millipede.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you about these evil masterminds.

All Dogs Are Psychic

Ever notice your dog pull his or her’s face up at the window before you’ve even reached your door? Yeah, that’s no coincidence. Scientists have conducted study after study to discover a pretty impressive fact about man’s best friend.

These furry friends have been graced with the gift of precognition. No, that doesn’t mean your dog can read your mind, but it does suggest that they can correctly guess when you’ve returned home. Who said dogs were stupid!

Boiling Water Pistols

Finally! A sea creature that doubles up as a kettle. And we thought we’d seen it all. If you ever find yourself dipping into marine waters, be sure not to catch a pistol shrimp during hunting season.

To perfect their performance searching for other fish, this species has been known to shoot out boiling water. Think you’re tough enough to take it? This water has been recorded to execute heat almost as intense as the sun. Take our advice and don’t take a chance on this one.

Bumble Bees Are Flower Whisperers

These are the one insect we all love and hate at the same time. We love them because they produce delicious honey. However, they’re also a nuisance when you’re trying to relax, and they won’t stop buzzing around your face. It also turns out these creatures are a little more studied up on their flowers than you think.

Did you know that bees can sense when a flower has already had its pollen taken, so they can avoid wasting time on it? This is remarkable and leads us to believe that all bees are secretly telepathic. What do you think?

Sloths Are Indestructible

Does anyone else feel like they can relate to sloths on a personal level, just due to how lazy they are? Well, get this: sloths can be fast! Not in their movement, of course, but these furry creatures have a powerful ability to speed up the course of nature in one exceptional way.

When a sloth gets injured in a way that could kill other animals, they push through. Scientists believe their fur enables them to recover quickly and without infection. How? Supposedly, through the beneficial bacteria that live within the hair. Moral of the story: don’t get in a fight with a sloth, they’ll be the ones coming out stronger.

Elephants Have Multi-Purpose Noses

One of the first things you notice when you come face-to-face with an elephant is its trunk. After doing research on these giant animals, we’ve found out there’s a little more to their long snouts than meets the eye.

These trunks serve a colorful variety of different functions. First of all, these animals can lift anything that weighs up to a ton. This particular skill gives way to a whole load of uses forks, hoses, snorkels, you name it. Then there are us mear humans who can only use our noses to smell. What kind of a joke is that?

Hyenas Have Tenacious Stomachs

Ever heard the saying “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”? Well, Hyenas actually can. Researchers have discovered that these species can eat all kinds of different animals. And you thought you could be greedy.

On the menu for these carnivoran mammals includes pretty much any part of any animal. The only things they are under strict instructions by their digestive system to avoid are the three h’s: hooves, horns or hairs. Anything else and these creatures are welcome to dig in.

The Albatross Can Travel Miles

If you were wondering who would finish a marathon first; you or a Laysan albatross. The answer is the latter. These majestic birds have been graced with the supreme power to fly considerably long distances.

To put things into perspective, here’s a quick statistic. The Laysan albatross can fly up to 50,000 in one year, just one! That’s a lot of flying, and it’s making us feel tired just hearing about it.

Owls Are Silent Predators

If there’s one animal we wouldn’t want to sneak up on us, it’s an owl. These creatures can give you the shock of your life when they creep up on you, and it’s because of a special gift they have.

Owls bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘silence is golden.’ These animals hold the ability to swoop down without letting their wings make a single sound. While scientists have yet to disclose a reason as to why this is, we’re amazed, nonetheless.

Bark Spiders Build Enemy Traps

If you were a tiny insect or fly, probably the last creature you’d want to annoy is the bark spider. Why is this? Within minutes you’d find yourself caught within their webbed death trap.

These eight-legged wonders can work tirelessly spinning and spinning to create the most durable silk web. Get this; the networks can measure up to 82 feet long. Keep your distance from these creatures, if you don’t want to be stuck in a web-formed jail.

Archerfish Use Their Mouths as Guns

Taking spit-takes to the next level, these underwater creatures have what some may consider an obscene way of capturing any enemy in the sea that gets in their way.

We’ve seen it all, now we know about the spitting fish. Who needs water pistols when you can blast your enemies yourself? Their spit is so powerful in fact that they can attack targets just above water.

The Mimic Octopus Can Shape-Shift

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a mimic octopus! These intelligent sea creatures can be whatever you’d like them to be, and it’s all because they’re gifted with one specific trait.

To keep enemies away, these species can change color and skin tone to transform into virtually whatever they like. This can come in handy. For example, if the creatures believe they’re in danger, they can clone themselves into a super threatening creature within seconds, to scare the predators off.

Cuttlefish Disappear As They Please

It’s official; cuttlefish win the title as undefeated champions at hide-and-seek. How do we know this? Research has discovered their ability to vanish into thin air. Boy, do we wish we had this ability when we do something embarrassing.

Ok, well maybe they can’t turn invisible; but these fish have an extraordinary talent to camouflage themselves. They can blend into virtually any of their surroundings through distorting their bodies and use the pigments in the sac of their skin to alter color.

Peregrine Falcons Will Beat You in Any Race

Everyone knows that cheetahs are fast, but what about peregrine falcons? Researchers have found that these members of the bird family can fly at a record-breaking speed of 242 miles per hour. Incredible or what!?

You’d be lucky even to spot these falcons in the sky when they’re flying at such a fast pace. What’s more, these spectacular creatures have now been marked as the fastest animals ever. It’s times like these we’re thankful to be humans and not the prey of peregrine falcons.

Lyrebirds Can Generate Unique Sounds

So we all know about parrot’s ability to mimic whatever you say, but what about inanimate objects, like a chainsaw for example? Lyrebirds will have you questioning what’s real and what’s fake with their fantastic superpower.

These Australian birds can mimic virtually any sound they hear in the forest. This is great, but what’s the real purpose of it? The skill is used to attract a potential mate. While this is excellent news for the birds, we’re not sure how useful making sounds would be when you’re trying to impress your own sweetheart.

Sea Cucumbers Excrete Toxically

This one’s a little gross, but it’s kind of funny at the same time. The award for the best defense mechanism has to go to the sea cucumber. When enemies try getting too close to these creatures, they fight back in one of the most unique ways we’ve ever heard.

By contracting their muscles, the sea cucumber can eject its own organs out of their butts. The organs act as a sort of poison which kills off any enemy which comes into contact with them. Within a short period, these organs then get regenerated back into the creature’s body. Have you ever heard anything so extraordinary?

Giant Tortoises Are Older Than Our Grandparents

These creatures come with two fascinating facts, that’s right, you get two for the price of one! First of all, the Aldabra Tortoises currently stand as the heaviest tortoises in history (over 600 pounds to be precise). The second fact will stop us all from dreading the curse of Mother Nature’s aging process.

The Aldabra tortoise can live for approximately 200 years, with one in India being reported to be alive for around 255. Just let that sink in as you imagine how much the world can transform in that amount of time. Thinking of these animals, we suddenly don’t feel so old anymore.

Mantis Shrimp See Beyond the Rainbow

Have you ever been curious about there being more colors in the world, they’re just not visible to the human eye? The answer is there are, and mantis shrimp are lucky enough to be able to see them.

What these particular types of shellfish are well known for, is their elaborate systems of color vision. It boggles our minds just to try and picture a color we aren’t already familiar with, just imagine having the ability to see them.

Geckos Have Extraordinary Balance

We suspect that some of our favorite superheroes were strongly based off of the common gecko. These lizard-like creatures are gifted with the ability to climb wherever they wish, with no fear of falling over.

Electromagnetic attraction allows the gecko not only to climb across vertical surfaces, but they can even hang upside down. This sounds pretty fun. If only humans had toe-hair molecules which interacted with wall molecules, allowing us to do the same.

Meerkats Have Extra-Strong Eyes

Many of us were brought up being told to never stare at the sun, in fear of causing damage to our eyes. This is not the case for meerkats though. No, they’re not daredevils actively choosing to go against the system, they just have an extra unique vision.

The black circles which form around a meerkat’s eyes actually serve the purpose of natural sunglasses, which means these animals can stare at the sun as long as they so wish. Not only this, but these cool shades put meerkats one step ahead of the game when searching for predators.

Opossums Have Invincible Blood

Rodents everywhere just have to hear the word ‘snake’ and start shaking in their boots. Such is not the case for the almighty opossum. These furry friends are equipped with one life-saving feature.

If you were to examine the blood of these large marsupials, you might be astounded to find the peptide molecule inside it. This substance holds the ability to neutralize the venom of a snake, so these animals get to live another day.

Honey Badgers Have Fault-proof Skin

Who’s the most fearless animal in the entire world? Some say lions; others say tigers, but who it is may come as a surprise. The honey badger has a real tough-guy attitude, with the features to justify it.

This is one of the animals you do not want to get too close to. Not only do these creatures have nearly impenetrable skin, but they are immune to most stings and venoms. There’s no defeating the ferocious honey badger.