Familiar Faces: Meet the Real People Behind the Nation’s Beloved TV Commercials

    The loveable faces behind our favorite commercials were so much more than just TV extras. They became household names and an intrinsic part of our daily TV viewing. They were unique, entertaining, charismatic, and memorable for so many reasons. With their catchy slogans, they could convince us that we needed all their products in our lives. We welcomed them into our living rooms and watched them so many times, that they became part of the family.

    Image: Improv.com

    Before we had the luxury to skip ads, we would all tune in to our favorite TV programs and actually look forward to the commercials. These familiar faces were so endearing that they were like our TV friends. Of course, we didn’t really know them, or what they did after the commercials. And they didn’t know us. So we’ve ransacked the TV archives to uncover who these TV personalities really are, and more about their intriguing lives.