Fan Theories: What Would Happen in a Friends Spin-off Reunion?

Ever since Friends exploded onto our screens in 1994, it became one of the beloved TV shows of all time. As we watched our favorite twenty-somethings navigate their lives and loves in NYC, we were all obsessed. So, ever since fans said farewell to the iconic show in 2004, the burning question on everyone’s lips has been over a possible Friends reunion. In fact, the entire cast has continued to tease us about a Central Park spin-off.

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Still, Friends is the kind of binge-worthy show that will never go out of style. So whether it was really the end or just a big break, at least we always had one thing; Friends re-runs on Netflix. However, that was until recently, when the streaming giant announced that it will be removing Friends in 2020. This is a big deal for fans. So, let’s talk about what would happen if they gang ever reunited on our screens again.

What the Cast Said

Ever since the season finale, the entire cast has offered differing opinions about a spin-off show. Matt Le Blanc once said, “to go back and revisit all these years later…They would all have moved on…so it wouldn’t be the same.” David Schwimmer also said, “I think we all feel it kind of ended in the perfect way.” Interestingly, Matthew Perry said, “When I’m asleep, I have this nightmare that we do Friends again and nobody cares.”

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Well, that’s not true, we all still care, and thankfully, the girls seem to be more hopeful about a reunion. Jennifer Aniston recently set fans hearts racing when she hinted, “Why not? I would do it. The girls would do it. And the boys would do it, I’m sure. Listen, anything could happen.” Jennifer also once said that she would like Friend’s reunion when the gang is “really, really old”. So, while we’re waiting with bated breath, let’s explore some wild fan theories about a future spin-off when they’re really really old.

What Would Happen to Ross and Rachel?

At the season finale, Ross and Rachel finally gave fans the fairytale ending they deserved when they eventually got together. However, the path to true love never runs smoothly. So in the spin-off, after a few years, they go on another break. Ross has a hard time adjusting to the break, but he writes some successful books about dinosaurs. He also proposes to the next woman he meets.

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After the break-up, Rachel flies to France to pursue her dream of working in the fashion capital, Paris. She also meets the head of Louis Vitton, Jean Pierre, and he proposes to her. When she invites her estranged husband Ross to her wedding, Ross dramatically enters the church to proclaim his love for Rachel. After more years of uncertainty, they finally remarry.

What Would Happen to Phoebe and Joey?

While Pheobe had her own happy ending with Mike, sadly he leaves her. So she travels to Paris to visit Rachel and becomes a street performer. Pheobe then finds more long-lost family members and is still as quirky as ever. Before long, she realizes that she actually always loved Joey. Meanwhile, Joey had finally landed his big break as a Marvel hero. He also has a trophy girlfriend. Still, Pheobe travels back to NYC to confess her love for him.

What Would Happen To Monica and Chandler?

After Monica and Chandler finally moved to the suburbs with their surrogate twins, everything seemed rosy for them. Monica then becomes a super successful celebrity chef and spends most of her time in LA. After some time, however, Chandler gets bored of being a house husband and has an affair with his ex-girlfriend Janice. The couple also go on a break. Still, Chandler realizes he needs Monica, so he tries everything to get his love back.

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Or Just a Happy Ending?

Still, the show’s co-creator once said in an interview that “you don’t want to see more of it, because it’s all a happy ending.” So, we like to think that everyone lives happily ever after and stays besties forever. Either way, let’s hope they really reunite in the future for real, so we can find out if it’s true!