Out of the way avocado toast! Foodies are predicting the new tasty trends. Similar to the fashion world, the food industry experiences cycles of trends. When a dish gains popularity, it feels like the whole planet is eating the same thing. Instagram posts are flying with hashtags that testify how amazing the hit cuisine tastes. In recent months, avocado toast took the spotlight. Restaurants dedicated their time and efforts to perfect the mixture of avocado, toast, and sometimes even eggs. As the year came to an end, food specialists made their predictions about the next fad that will take over our Instagram feeds.

Chef and Food Network host, Damaris Phillips, predicts 2018 will be the year of the vegan. She’s noticed plant-based proteins picking up speed in local food markets and restaurants. “Today, Louisville is seeing more and more restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian proteins,” she said. Phillips also has a feeling that tea-based cocktails are on the rise.

The Mayan Cafe’s Chef, Anne Shadle, jumps on board with Philip’s predictions about plant-based proteins. “Butters and spreads appear to be taking hold. Our Sikil Pak, pumpkin seed hummus, continues to grow in popularity at both the restaurant and food truck,” Anne said. It Looks like avocado won’t be going steady with toast anymore.

Out Of The Way Avocado Toast! Foodies Predict What We'll Be Eating in 2018

Foodie legend, Ian Hall, has an entirely different idea of what 2018 dishes will look like. He’s set on the fact that people enjoy cuisine that reminds them of a vacation. People want to feel like they’re somewhere else when there’s a fork at hand. “I think we will see more of this in the fast-casual sector, as ethnic foods continue to see growth,” he predicts. “People enjoy dishes that remind them of a certain vacations or trips they have taken. That’s the great thing about food — it can instantly take you back to a moment in time.”

Out Of The Way Avocado Toast! Foodies Predict What We'll Be Eating in 2018

Josh Moore is the executive chef at Volare on Frankfort Ave. He agrees that people are going for a more cultural twist when it comes to dining, but in Moore’s opinion, the focus will specifically be on Italian comfort foods. Moore also predicts a high concern for animal treatment in 2018. “Another trend I think we will see in 2018 is people becoming even more aware of not only where their food is coming from, but how it is being treated before it reaches the plate, especially livestock,”  he said. “This isn’t new but I believe it is even more of a concern for diners.”

On the one hand we have chefs betting on a year of healthy, vegan trends; however, on the other hand, some chefs see cultural foods on the horizon. Only time will tell which of these chefs have prophetic abilities. Keep updating your news feeds to see who was on point. Although these foodies disagree on what’s in, they can all say avocado toast is out!