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Former Quebec Beauty Queen Won the Lottery And Actually Tries to Accomplish World Peace

Former Canadian beauty queen, Rachel Lapierre, won the lottery in 2013, which meant receiving $1,000 a week for the rest of her life. This extra income could potentially make a big difference in Rachel’s life, but she decided to let others reap the benefits.

Instead of keeping her lottery winnings for herself, Lapierre created a nonprofit and donates all that money to the organization. The nonprofit’s main goal is to simply do good deeds.

What’s really cool about Lapierre is that she still helps in a lot of the projects that the organization does. She doesn’t just run an organization, she actively participates in it.


Before winning the lottery, Lapierre already lived a pretty comfortable life. As a former beauty queen who grew up in poverty, she was well aware of how fortunate she was for the life she lived and that many other people were still struggling. When she was a beauty queen, she enjoyed traveling around Canada spreading the message that social action was important. Her solution was to create Le Book Humanitaire – a nonprofit for helping the less fortunate in Canada, Haiti, Senegal, and India.

Le Book runs off of generous donations and volunteers and works to serve the communities in many ways. In 2017, Le Book donated food and helped cancer patients with housework.

Lapierre explains that they just try to promote good deeds. The definition of a good deed to Lapierre is extremely broad. It isn’t hard to do something good. One of the simplest good things you can do is to listen to someone on the phone because they are lonely.

Post Beauty Queen

Rachel had always enjoyed helping others before she won the lottery. When she was a beauty queen at age 21 she toured Canada and realized how much she loved participating in social action projects.

After she retired from the beauty queen scene she became a nurse. Raising kids and working full time didn’t stop her from helping others across seas. She was involved in a number of humanitarian projects too.

When her winning lottery numbers came up, she was happy to give even more to the people who she’s always wanted to help.