She Fought for Her Life: Woman Kills Hitman Hired by Ex-Husband

    In 2006 Susan Walters killed a hitman sent by her Ex-Husband. He thought she would go down without a fight, but Walters remained strong. Almost a full decade later, she tells her story in an interview. This strong woman even through in a few words to Walters was home alone one night when she heard the noise of a person breaking into her home. When she finally saw the man she knew what he was there to do. “Not having any clue why he was in my home, I could feel his intent to kill me,” Walters says. Edward Haffey, a drug addict, received 50,000 dollars from Walters ex-husband to murder her.

    Although she was caught off guard, she was still able to fight for her life. Haffey charged at her with a hammer. Walters slammed her body into him and, after much struggle, she grabbed his weapon. The two continued to fight for 15 minutes. Susan ended up with her hands around his neck and gave him one last chance, “if you tell me who sent you ‘ll call an ambulance,” she told Haffey. He refused to confess and continued to fight back.

    In court, Walters explained that Haffey was shocked by her strength. “We were within inches of each other, and he said ‘you’re tough.’” Walters fought for her life and ended up killing the man who was sent to kill her. She never thought she would be in this situation or be strong enough to come out of it alive. Haffey wanted her dead and she had no choice but to fight back.  In an interview nearly eight years later, she gives some advice to women. “If there is ever something that makes you think ‘I can’t do that,’ you can,” Susan tells interviewers.