A Chance Encounter: How Georgina Rodriguez Won The Heart Of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talked about soccer players today. The man is 34-years-old, but his doctors and trainers all agree that he’s in tip-top shape and is as healthy as a 21-year old man. Which makes sense when you take a look at how many records he has broken. Ronaldo is the kind of athlete that has it all. Although people like to believe that untalented people are beautiful and non-beautiful people are talented, Ronaldo proves this belief to be so wrong.

    The young stud has quite the track record when it comes to dating, but he’s very private about his personal life. He used to date Irina Shayk, but has clearly moved on since their breakup. You will now see him arm in arm with his current love interest, Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has made it difficult for the media to get to know Georgina, but after some serious digging, Popular Everything has the scoop. Find out Georgina’s story and how she started dating the legendary Soccer player.