A Chance Encounter: How Georgina Rodriguez Won The Heart Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talked about soccer players today. The man is 34-years-old, but his doctors and trainers all agree that he’s in tip-top shape and is as healthy as a 21-year old man. Which makes sense when you take a look at how many records he has broken. Ronaldo is the kind of athlete that has it all. Although people like to believe that untalented people are beautiful and non-beautiful people are talented, Ronaldo proves this belief to be so wrong.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 15

The young stud has quite the track record when it comes to dating, but he’s very private about his personal life. He used to date Irina Shayk, but has clearly moved on since their breakup. You will now see him arm in arm with his current love interest, Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has made it difficult for the media to get to know Georgina, but after some serious digging, Popular Everything has the scoop. Find out Georgina’s story and how she started dating the legendary Soccer player.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

The fabulous woman who is seen accompanying Ronaldo is also the mother of his fourth child. But before we get into her current relationship with this mega-famous athlete, let’s talk a little bit about her background. Georgina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The 25-year-old is a beautiful woman, but don’t be fooled by her delicate exterior. This woman is as tough as nails. She has been through some difficult times, but that is what made her who she is today.

Helping Mom With the Bills

Georgina’s parents are both alive and well. She has a great relationship with both of them now, but she was basically raised by her mother. When she was younger, her father faced heavy criminal charges and was sentenced to jail for about eleven years.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 17

Georgina had to put in some elbow grease and help her mother out while her father was away. Many of Georgina’s fans today respect her because of how hard she worked and how strong she stayed. Like Ronaldo, she puts family first, and that makes her all the more likable. Before she stepped into Ronaldo’s lavish life, she worked as a waitress and a sales assistant at the Gucci store in Madrid.

How the Average Girl Met the Mega-Famous Athlete

The fairytale love story all happened at a Dolce & Gabbana event in Madrid. Ronaldo and Georgina met at the event, and the rest was history. Luckily, Georgina’s connections in the fashion industry landed her a spot in the VIP section.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 6

The soccer player spotted Georgina and had to get her number. Flattered by the attention, she gave him her digits. Of Course, the rest of the world had no idea this happened until months after they met. Cristiano loves his privacy and he does a darn good job at protecting it. We only knew about their romance after pictures of the two began popping up everywhere.

Secret Disney Date

Ronaldo is known for having short-lived relationships. That’s why everyone expected him and Georgina to break up within a matter of months. However, after they were spotted at Disneyland looking so in love, the world could not hold on to their doubts about their bond.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 3

Late last year, Ronaldo went on a secret date with Georgina to Disney. He wore a wig to hide his identity, but it did not do the trick. Everyone noticed his handsome face and snapped photos of the adorable couple on their date.

Catch Her on the Sidelines

Ever since their romance was outed at Disneyland, Rodriguez has been spotted on the sidelines of Real Madrid games, cheering on her man. She’s also considered part of the family for the FIFA awards. These appearances were the ones that really confirmed their romance.

Ronaldo 20

Sources say it was hard for her to get used to the attention and the rumors in the media. Going from being a sales assistant to being the most famous soccer player’s girlfriend is quite the change. Eventually, she got used to it, but that was not the only thing she had to get used to.

Georgina Wins “Most Serious Girlfriend”

It’s important to realize that Ronaldo literally never had a relationship that was this serious until he met Georgina. We know that having his child would definitely take the relationship to the next level, but it’s an even bigger deal when you think about all the other women he’s dated.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 2 1

Georgina has nothing to worry about; Ronaldo never cared about his ex’s as much as he cared for her. However, any woman would be freaking out if they dated a guy who’s ex-girlfriends look even close to as fabulous as this.

Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

Irina is one of the most popular models at the moment. Although we’ve recently seen her side by side with Bradley Cooper, we can’t forget the time she dated Ronaldo. The supermodel made it hard for the rest of us to watch any soccer game that she attended.

1 13

Their relationship was very public, and the paparazzi could not get enough. Seeing them photographed next to each other was like seeing the prom king standing next to the prom queen… but better.

Why They Split

Ronaldo and Irina dated for five long years. Everyone expected him to pop the question, but when she did not attend an award ceremony with him, the world knew it was over. Rumors spread that he dumped her because she refused to go to his mother’s 60th birthday party.

Ronaldo 6

However, none of those rumors have been confirmed. Ronaldo’s manager clearly stated that Irina had a very close relationship to Ronaldo’s family and that any negative rumors about them are completely false. Since then the rumors died down, and Irina had to deal with these heartbreaking tabloids.

Ronaldo Was Quick to Move On

After Ronaldo publically announced that he and Irina decided to part ways and that he wishes her all the best, he was on the go! The soccer player was soon after spotted with another woman at his award ceremonies.

2 5

Rumors spread that he was dating other people and Irina was forced to hurt in silence. The Russian model just broke up with the man she thought she would eventually marry and he seemed like he had already forgotten her. Luckily everything turned out ok because Irina was able to find love again with Bradley Cooper

Georgiana Becomes An Instant Mother of Three

When Georgina agreed to be Ronaldo’s girlfriend, she also agreed to be a mother figure to his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, and his twins, Eva Maria and Mateo. Introducing her to the children was a huge step for the soccer player, but he knew she was worthy of the introduction.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 1

She’s stuck around long enough to be considered family. Not to mention, she eventually had Ronaldo’s daughter. Most stepmoms have to deal with competition, but in Georgina’s case, there is no competition at all.

No One Knows Who Ronaldo’s Son’s Mother Is

This is the thing; whether or not we like it, we need to accept the fact that we won’t know the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr’s mother until he turns 18. What happened was that Ronaldo had gone on vacation and met a waitress in America.

Ronaldo 19

According to sources, he fogged up the window next to his table at the restaurant she worked at and drew a heart as a way to show her that he was interested. Of course, the waitress was fully charmed and wound up seeing Ronaldo later on that night.

The DNA Test That Changed His Life

Although Ronaldo thought he would never see his one-time date from America ever again, he wound up being bound to her for the rest of his life. The mystery woman fell pregnant and tracked down the soccer star through his agent to give him the news.

Ronaldo 17

Surely, many other women claim to be pregnant with his child, but this claim was pretty convincing. After finally hearing out this woman, Ronaldo ordered a DNA test. The results forever changed his life, in a good way!

The $15 Million Payout

Ronaldo has a fairly busy schedule, which makes co-parenting seem pretty impossible. The soccer player is a total family man, so he insisted that he have sole custody of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Lawyers sat together for weeks on end, discussing what should be done in regard to this beautiful baby boy.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 13

Eventually, Ronaldo and the mystery woman agreed on a $15 million dollar payout that entailed him to sole custody of the child. Ronaldo had to agree not to disclose the mother’s identity until Cristiano Jr. turns 18. Some rumors claim that the mystery mother regrets her decision, and wants to see her son. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed.

Ronaldo’s Mother Urged Him to Pay

Usually, high profile scandals don’t involve a payout that large. Although people believe Ronaldo paid that much money to cover up some serious secrets, they’re totally wrong. Ronaldo grew up in a home with family values.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 18

His mother Dolores was happy to be a grandmother, but being a mother herself made her think about something very true. Dolores sees the way her superstar son cares about her, and she knows that when she hurts, he hurts. That’s why she urged her son to give Cristiano Jr’s mother so much money. She didn’t want her grandson to live a lavish lifestyle, only to grow up knowing that his mother lived in poverty. What an amazing woman Dolores is!

Ronaldo’s Net Worth Makes the Payout “No Big Deal”

It’s no mystery that Athletes who reach a certain level of fame are making the big bucks! Ronaldo is worth $450 million. During soccer season, the talented player makes about $108 million, which is more than the average American makes in one year… a lot more!

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 9

So when Ronaldo handed over the $15 million to his son’s biological mother, it probably felt like pocket-change. Sure, it’s a bucket load of money, but it meant he could give his son the best life on his own terms. Considering all the other ridiculous things that celebrities spend money on, this is a great way to drop millions. Ronaldo loves being a dad so much that he decided that he wanted an even bigger family.

Hiring a Surrogate Mother

Ronaldo is clearly a family man. He loved being a father to his first son so much that he hired a surrogate mother to help him expand his family. Ronaldo ain’t need no woman! At this point in his life, he was having trouble being in a relationship, and no trouble at all with being a single father.

Ronaldo 7

While some people prefer to have a life-long partner around to help them raise a family, Ronaldo could not wait and decided to go ahead and do it on his own. The surrogate mother gave birth to twins. His “family-man” image in the media only made it easier for all the potential life-partners, like Georgina, to fall in love with him. Ronaldo and Georgina decided that they wanted their family to grow even more.

And Then There Were Four

Georgina Rodriguez came into a family with three children. Ronaldo was raising his kids alone, but with some help of course. However, when he saw the way that Georgina connected and cared for his kids, he decided he wanted to have a child with her.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 10

After they agreed that their love is strong enough to build a bigger family, Rodriguez and Ronaldo had a baby girl. The media blew up with the post that Ronaldo published on his Instagram of his girlfriend after she gave birth. Although the picture is adorable, no one understands how the heck Georgiana could look so beautiful after hours of labor.

Mini Cristiano Looks Cloned

There is one thing that makes us all turn our heads to the side and say “awwww,” and this is one of them. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first son not only has the same name as him, but he also looks exactly like him. The soccer player often posts pictures of him bonding with his little guy.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 11

Fatherhood is a blast for Ronaldo, and he’s pretty happy about the fact that he can include Georgina in the mix. When you look at Cristiano’s Instagram, you can see what he values, which is his family and his career.

The $800,000 Engagement Ring

Georgina stayed with Cristiano through a very trying time in his life. The soccer player was accused of very serious crimes and, based on what the media reported; it did not look like he was innocent. Georgina could have believed the rumors and left her man, but she believes Ronaldo when he says he did not do those things.

Ronaldo 10

She told the media the opposite of what they wanted to hear and stated that she loves him and is on his side. After showing so much strength for her family, Ronaldo was sure he wanted to marry her. Today Georgina sports an $800,000 Cartier ring that you literally cannot miss.

The Most Adorable Couple

Being an A-list star means having eyes on you at all times. Ronaldo and his girlfriend may be good at keeping their private life private, but their efforts can only work up to an extent. Paparazzi snapped pictures of them looking so adorable on vacation together.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 4

Ronaldo is a father and a professional soccer player, so his schedule is pretty tight. However, he always finds time to relax with Georgina here they are having the time of their life on vacation.

Couples That Workout Together Stay  Together

Ronaldo and Georgina are all about fitness. Georgina has since become a model and now posts Instagram stories of her excessive workouts that most people could not live through. She’s also quite flexible, and we know that because of all the pictures of her doing a split on her social media accounts.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 7

Georgina hits the gym regularly now that she is a model. She has to stay fit, and having a boyfriend with a body like Ronaldo’s is the ultimate motivator. He’s passed the point of having a six-pack, and his entire body is made up of muscle.

Trying to Be Like Dad

Naturally, Ronaldo’s eldest son has enrolled in the Juventus soccer training camp. According to Ronaldo, his son says he wants to be just as good as his father at soccer. However, he said that it’s unlikely for anyone to reach his level of success without working as hard as he has.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 8

It looks like someone is a little bit afraid of their son outshining them in the future. Ronaldo is clearly not the American dad who will grant their kids unconditional positive regard.

The Talent That Keeps Her Feeling Fit

Georgina did have to spend a lot of her time in restaurants or at the Gucci store, but she always made space in her schedule for dancing. Like many of us, her passion was not what she did for a living, but it was what she did for fun and freedom of expression.

Georgina Rodriguez  The Perfect Stranger Cristiano Ronaldo Fell For 12 1

Now that she is a mother and a stepmother, she does not have much time to do so. Georgina stated that she does not follow any strict diet, but that dancing is a big part of what keeps her in shape. However, she has started a career as a model. When she’s not following Ronaldo to his games, she’s booking photoshoots.

Making Time for Fatherly Things

When you become the best soccer player in the world, your schedule fills right up! With so many tournaments each year, it seems like soccer season never ends. On top of that, Ronaldo is known to stay after practice and train himself for hours.

Cristiano Ronaldo 4

Because he is so busy, he does his best to fill his free time with fatherly activities. According to Georgina, Ronaldo tries to help his children with their homework from time to time. He’s not a regular dad, but he does his best to be one.

Losing the Man He Loved Most

Not too long ago, Ronaldo lost his father. This was an extremely difficult time for him. Ronaldo and his father had a very close relationship. The reason Ronaldo got into soccer in the first place was that his father pushed him to give it a shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo 8

It was his father’s motivational words that got him through low points in his life and to a peak that most people never reach.

Ronaldo’s Rough Beginnings

Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal. His family had very little money. Ronaldo used to live in a small home with a tin roof for protection. With the push of his father, he was out on the streets practicing his soccer skills with his pals.

Cristiano Ronaldo 5

His tough beginnings made him want to have a better life. His past actually brought him closer to Georgina because she went through the same troubles growing up.

How He Spends His Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo is worth hundreds of millions, and we all wonder where he spends it all. Ronaldo loves the fast life. His legs could only bring him so much speed, that’s why he’s an avid car collector.

Cristiano Ronaldo 9

The soccer player has three Ferraris, a Bugatti, a Roll Royce, and the list keep going. It only makes sense for a guy that wealthy to always want the next best thing with four wheels. Some think that his spending habits are ridiculous, but we can assure you that he also donates as many millions as he spends.

The Need for Speed Is Dangerous

Of course, if you have that much money and you love cars, why not buy yourself the best ones. But, with great cars comes great responsibilities. In 2009 Ronaldo lost control of his $350,000 Ferrari in Manchester.

Cristiano Ronaldo 10

He crashed the front of it into a wall. Luckily he came out of the crash without a scratch. We’re sure that after this dangerous incident, Ronaldo takes extra precautions while driving. After all, one injury could put his career to rest!

The Most Hated Soccer Player

One year, people voted Cristiano Ronaldo to be the most hated soccer player. Ronaldo, the confident soccer player he is, says that these statements do not bother him one bit. When he was asked why he thought he landed this infamous reputation, he said: “I think that because I am rich, handsome and a great player people are envious of me.

Cristiano Ronaldo 7

I don’t have any other explanation.” Although the response was quite cocky, he does have a very good point. People do love to hate someone when they’re doing well. It’s just called jealousy.

A Dazzling $2 Million Watch

Cars are not the only thing that Ronaldo is a huge fan of. The soccer player also loves to collect watches, and we’re not just talking about a Rolex, we’re talking about watches that cost about $2 Million dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo 1

It may seem ridiculous but everything is relative to the bank. A watch is actually a great investment, and it looks incredible. The least a guy who works this hard could do is to treat himself to the finer things in life. His affinity for watches is so well known that companies like Jacob and Co. have signed promotional deals with him.

A Charitable Heart

Ronaldo is known for treating himself to the finer things in life, but he also has a reputation for being extremely charitable. This year Ronaldo put down the funds to construct a hospital in Chile, but that’s not all he does.

Cristiano Ronaldo 6

In 2013 he auctioned off his beautiful Ballon d’Or trophy for 600,000 euro and gave all the money to the Make a Wish Foundation. In 2016 he gave a very generous donation of clothes, food, and medical care to children in Syria. In 2015 he donated $5 million to help the people of Nepal after an earthquake. The list can go on forever, and it’s his big heart that sets him apart from other athletic millionaires.

Mommy Workouts

Georgina is often busy taking care of the kids. Dating the best soccer player in the world leaves her a full-time mother. However, the 25-year-old has found a way to make sure that she stays in shape for her part-time modeling gigs.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2

Georgina is known to post short videos of her working out with her kids. She is very good at improvising her workouts to make them entertaining for the kids. Ronaldo says that Georgina is a fabulous mother and we totally agree with him. After all, it’s hard to hold down the fort, especially when you’re famous. With all the drama in the media and screaming fans, being a mother takes on a whole new level of difficulty.

Ronaldo Is Always There for Georgina

Georgina’s father passed away before he was ever able to see his only granddaughter. Ronaldo knows exactly what kind of pain his girlfriend was going through at the time, and he made sure he was going to be there for her to help her get through it.

Cristiano Ronaldo 3

The media speculated that he was not making enough time for her in his busy schedule, but Georgina squashed those rumors with this statement: “My partner is always by my side. I have his support every day.”

Totally Devoted

Georgina is totally devoted to her man. She attends most of his games and watches the kids throughout it all. She is working on her career, but it is clear that she is also happy focusing most of her time helping her husband raise their beautiful family.

Ronaldo 3

From what we can see, it seems like she is here for the long run and the Popular Everything team is pretty happy about that.