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Give Your Pet the Attention They Need With These Cool Accessories

Most of you pet owners probably know the struggle. You spend your hard-earned cash on what you’d consider a top-of-the-range pet product, only to find it’s either broken or too flimsy to do the job correctly. If you’re looking to change this and ensure a satisfied pet, we’ve got you covered.

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WackaBottle – Portable Water Bottle

Summer is here and that means hot, sunny days. As any dog owner knows, our fluffy companions get dehydrated much faster than humans and that means long summer walks can get dangerous, fast. Beat the dehydration concerns with the WackaBottle – one of the first environmentally friendly dog bowls!

The days of rushing your pooch home from a walk, in fear of it getting thirsty are over. With the WackaBottle portable bottle – you can quench that canine’s thirst wherever you go, in just the touch of a button! The lightweight nature of the product makes it a handy accessory to carry around at all times.

Magic Hair Remover

How many of your homes have seen better days before a furry friend roamed it? Owners feel our pain on this one: seeing your pet’s hair everywhere you turn in your house. Good news! Now you can say goodbye to the shedding with the Magic Hair Remover – the tool that quickly gets rid of the fur from any part of your abode.

To get this magical device up and running, all you need to do is give it a brush on any hairy surface. Sound easy? It gets better. The Magic Hair Remover cleans itself, just pop the brush back into the container after you’re done and it comes back out good as new. Make your home fur-free again with the Magic Hair Remover.

Wacka Cat Litter Mat

All of you feline lovers probably ask this question daily: why must my cat leave so much mess around its litter box? Wackashacka listened to your doubts and came up with a solution. Introducing the eco-friendly Wacka Cat Litter Mat – making litter box mess a thing of the past!

Simply place this cat-mat next to your pet’s litter box, and you’re good to go as the dirt will fall through its holes. The smooth surface of the durable product makes it no bother to your animal’s paws. What’s more, all you need to do to clean the mat is pour out the mess through the opening pocket, it could not be easier!

WackaCollar – the LED Collar

Having a pet means keeping a watchful eye on them at all times, especially when you’re out and about! Keep your pooch’s security on a high during those nighttime walks with the WackaCollar.

Step one: choose which size you’d like your dog’s collar to be, step two: pick a color, step three: never worry again about losing your dog at night. The bright LED collar makes this accessory stand out in the darkest of areas, with four different options of flash to keep them visible. This product gives “standing out from the crowd” a whole new, safer meaning!

PetBall for Selfie

We all love a good selfie with our pet, one thing that turns it into a somewhat endless task though, is getting them to look at the camera! Capture that picture-perfect moment first time around with the PetBall for Selfie.

It’s simple: place the PetBall on top of your iPhone or Android, and you’ve captured the pup’s attention, they won’t be looking away from that screen any time soon! The product works with any phone case too, so it’s no fuss at all to get that Instagram-worthy moment.

Intelligence Tower Cat Toy

Admit it, many of us have been outsmarted by our cats. The feline community are more intelligent than we all think, so why not exercise those impressive brains of there’s with the Intelligence Tower Cat Toy?

Here’s the gist of it. Place the toy anywhere in your home, and watch your kitty stay entertained for hours as a ball rolls around multiple levels. If you find your cat refusing to leave the toy’s sight for mealtime, you can even place its treats on the top. Got a few cats? Never fear: this toy can entertain them all; it’s not a one-player game. Give your cat a break from staring at the walls all day with the Intelligence Tower Cat Toy.

WackaGlove – 2-in-1 Dog / Cat Hair DeShedding Brush

Stroking your pet can be a therapeutic way of passing the time until you look down to see the amount of fluff collected on your hands! Beat the struggles of wanting to groom your furry companion without transferring it all to yourself through the WackaGlove.

It’s called 2-in-1 for a reason. Give your pet the relaxation it dreams of with these massaging gloves, while removing all that excess fluff that would only have gone on your hands or furniture, otherwise! Adjust the strap to make the glove fit your hand perfectly, brush away then peel off the hair after each use. Quick and easy!

WackaChew – Dog Toothbrush Teeth Cleaner Toy

If you’ve been a dog owner for a while now, you’ll know how much of a burden their dental problems can be on not only your pooches life but even your own. We never thought we’d see the day a dog-toothbrush came into the world, but here it is! Introducing the WackaChew.

The WackaChew has two purposes: to clean your pup’s teeth and clear away the odor. The sturdy material lets this product win the race against all its competitors – it’s bite resistant so won’t fall apart, and non-toxic so completely safe! Just place the toothpaste in the reservoir and witness your dog make dentists proud everywhere while having fun doing so!

WackaFind – Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker

Are you afraid of letting your dog off the lead in the park, and never seeing it again? Worry no longer with the WackaFind – the most compact way of tracking your pet, or any belonging for that matter!

Let’s get it started: attach the 8-gram device to your furry friend’s collar, connect it to any Android or iPhone, download the App and your lost pet will start beeping. You can also check the last-scene pin drop on the App’s map. It’s a fault-proof way of locating your pooch!

WackaBed – Soft Warm Fleece Dog / Cat Bed

We all know that a comfy pet = a happy pet, so why not make your furry friend overjoyed with the WackaBed? We’re here to share with you why this product is the ultimate pet bed of all pet beds. Or a sleeping bag, or cushion…the choice is yours.

Just looking at this product makes us all feel ready for bed. Ensure your pet has the perfect night’s sleep with this super-comfortable fleece bed. With a range of sizes and colors to choose from, getting this will make you your furry friends favorite!