Go Behind The Scenes To See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Netflix Originals

Netflix has been on an absolute roll with its extensive list of original shows and movies that viewers are going crazy for. Here at Popular Everything, we’ve delved into the behind the scenes facts and photos revealing what life is like on the set of one of these productions. With this insider knowledge, you’ll be wanting to change your entire Netflix queue.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals72
Image: SAPO Mag

While show business may be hard work, these candid photos provide a sneak peek into how the stars incorporate fun into their daily lives. Whether if it’s hammock hangs on break time or being silly with props in between scenes, these entertainers know how to let loose. As they say, all work and no play can make a life a little dull.

Simon Professes His Love in Bridgerton in the Actual Lancaster Home

In Bridgerton, when Simon and Daphne realize they need to expedite their marriage, they are forced to address the Queen to plea their love for each other. This strange proposal and confession of love actually took place in Queen Elizabeth’s real-life Lancaster Home. Given the allowance to film there, the cast and crew really didn’t have much time to nail the shot.

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Image: Instagram / Martins Imhangbe

As quickly as you see Simon spouting his love for Daphne to the queen, is about as much time as they had to shoot the entire scene. As gracious as it was for her majesty to offer her home for this brief moment on the show, she did urgently need and require her space back.

Nothing Came Easy for the Actors in Unorthodox

When it comes to Netflix’s hit miniseries Unorthodox, to put it lightly, there was no easy production aspect when creating the show. From having to wear endless layers for hours on end to speaking in a highly complicated language, these actors didn’t get cast for a basic job.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals46
Image: Twitter / CheNetflix

The main actress of the show, Shira Haas, not only struggled with the challenges mentioned above, but she also had to completely shave her head for her character. And, she had to say goodbye to her precious locks all on the first day of filming. While some actresses and women, in general, might consider this a bit traumatic, the actress stated it was, in fact, “liberating.”

The Covey Sisters From To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Are Just as Close in Real Life

It’s common for coworkers to become close after spending so much time in working environments. For the actors and actresses in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this remains to be just as true. This Netflix original rom-com created a space where these professionals could also get personal, turning costars into companions.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals27
Image: Instagram / Anna Cathcart

The onscreen bond of sisterhood between the Covey sisters may have seemed so unbreakable because they are actually so close even when the cameras aren’t rolling. In an interview with Insider, Anna Cathcart, who played the youngest sister said, “We became like real-life sisters and would always hang out on and off-set. We still keep in contact. We have our Covey sister group chat, and we are always texting. I love them so much.”

Lucifer Prevailed Even After Being Cancelled

Aside from the steamy storyline, fans have come to adore the cast members of Lucifer as much as they enjoy the show. If you thought the characters these actors portray are witty and charming, their real-life personalities are equally entertaining. From the constant jokes and funny pictures taken during working hours, it’s hard for us to imagine how they get any actual work done.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals13
Image: Instagram / Chris Rafferty

Apparently, Netflix thought the same thing when they first tried to cancel the show after its third season. Within less than a month, the hashtag #saveLucifer was trending all over social media. Seriously, the fans had this retweeted over eight million times! So back by popular demand, the show now has five full seasons streaming on Netflix.

Grief Counselors Were Paid To Be on the Set of When They See Us

When deciding to produce the story of the Central Park Five, Ava DuVernay knew the material would be hard to stomach not only for the viewers but also for the actors. Since this story affected five young men’s lives, the actors would need to depict the ages of the real-life people. In a story that talks about racism and wrongful conviction, the actors who brought this story to the screen could not just close their script at the end of each day.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals33
Image: Atsushi Nishijima

When these boys were selected to be actors, they were also selected to be storytellers. Fully embracing the characters they portrayed brought up tremendous distress, as the actors had to comprehend and accurately portray emotions that were really felt. Ava took responsibility and paid for grief counselors to be on the set for every day that they were filming. These counselors provided help not only for the actors but also for the crew.

Wagner Moura Wore a Fake Stomach as Pablo Escobar in Narcos

Pablo Escobar may be known as the world’s most powerful drug lord and murderer, but he was also known for being a heavy eater. For someone who was always on the run, it seems as if that running was never was reflected on Pablo Escobar’s physique. When it came time to film the Netflix original Narcos, Wagner Moura, who played Pablo Escobar’s role, would need to do more than put on a good show to assume the role of Pablo.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals54
Image: The Guardian

Aside from gaining 40 pounds, Wagner Moura had to wear a fake stomach the entire time they were filming. And even with Wagner’s weight gain and fake tummy, he still couldn’t reach the size of the real Escobar gut. We can only hope that Netflix was at least feeding Wagner well for the weight that he was forced to put on.

Stranger Things Incorporates Gaten Matarazzo’s Bone Condition In the Script of the Show

When watching Stranger Things, nothing should come as a surprise. From the plotline to the childish (and rightfully so) behavior of the main characters, you can always expect something new from the Stranger Things squad. But something that was truly unexpected was the acknowledgment behind Gaten Matarazzo’s (Dustin Henderson) medical condition. What was written nonchalantly in a season three episode, was not unintentional.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals56
Image: Instagram / Shawn Levy

At one point during the third season, Gaten’s character states that he has “no collarbones” when explaining that he can crawl through an air vent with tremendous ease. When his costar then explains how he has a condition called cleidocranial dysplasia, this was no lie. Gaten was actually born with this disease. The writers would later on incorporate this when Gaten has missing teeth in the show.

Penn Badgley Hates His Character and Almost Turned Down Starring in You

After being known as the iconic Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley was put in a position to be selective about his career. When writer Gregory Berlanti first tried to recruit Badgley to be the twisted and tantalizing Joe Goldberg in the series You, we were shocked to find out that Badgley almost turned down this opportunity.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals61
Image: Instagram / Penn Badgley

I guess his response shouldn’t be all that surprising. Badgley wasn’t impressed by Joe’s character because of his corrupt personality and actually felt morally conflicted when considering the role. Not to mention he realized that people might find him typecast as a psychopath given his time on Gossip Girl. He even said, “Joe ends up being a meta-progression of Dan Humphrey that makes me wildly uncomfortable, but also, right at home.”

The Crown Was Never Filmed in Buckingham Palace

As realistic as it may have seemed, believe it or not, none of the four seasons of The Crown were ever filmed in Buckingham Palace. So if the actual historic location was never used, you can only imagine the production costs that were forked out for the efforts of recreating this magical manor.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals65
Image: Instagram / Sam Phillips

In order to replicate the elegant interior of the noted royal residence, researchers for the show really had their work cut out for them. By going on various tours, designers were able to construct the sets with every intention of recreating the palace’s atmosphere instead of making exact replicas.

Orange Is the New Black Cast Members Wear Actual Prison Undergarments

To create an irresistible and convincing show, those involved need to have a strong connection to the theme and storyline. To really get the cast members into character, you could say that the creative directors may have gotten a little carried away with what was enforced on the set of Orange Is the New Black.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals58
Image: Hello! Magazine

To grasp the real concept of prison, all of the actors employed as inmates were required to wear real prison undergarments. Taryn Manning, who plays the role of Pennsatucky, even joked about wearing “court-ordered granny panties” on the show. Even if we never saw what was underneath their prison uniform, it definitely wasn’t the lingerie of their choice.

The Chats in the Pods Were All Fair Game in Love Is Blind

At a time where the entire world was forced into isolation, the hit Netflix series Love is Blind had almost predicted what dating would be like for 2020. Crazy enough, these hopeless romantics looking for love took it upon themselves to search for their soulmate without ever seeing them. By doing this, their connection had to solely be established through intimate conversations that were conducted in the now-famous “pods.”

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals2
Image: Instagram / Danielle Drouin

While this may have been a reality TV show, the conversations in the pods were totally unscripted. By having no guidelines or scripts, the cast members could actually think and say what they wanted during their “pod dates.” Yes, some of the questions were obviously similar, as most first dates usually are. But as the first dates turned into second, third, and so on, all of the conversations that took place were raw and real, as were the emotions.

Laura Haddock Was Stung by Jellyfish When Filming White Lines

When you’re famous, usually all problems are either avoided or solved on your behalf. But when it came to filming in the wild for White Lines, Laura Haddock was no exception to the lack of mercy from mother nature. Of the ten episodes, several scenes required the actors to suit up and jump in to the sea to get the perfect shot. It may have seemed flawless in the script, but no one predicted the sea creatures to invade their borrowed set.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals4
Image: Manchester Evening News

On the chosen weekend to film Laura’s diving scenes, it just so happened to be jellyfish mating season. Surrounding her were hundreds of jellyfish, and despite the crew member’s best efforts to shield her with nets and buckets, she ultimately was stung – several times. In a recent interview, she exclaimed, “I got stung on my ankles and my feet. Anywhere there was skin out, I got stung. It was just mind over matter.”

Some Cast Members From 13 Reasons Why Have Permanent Matching Tattoos

The bonds created amongst friends is sometimes stronger than those of a family. For the cast members from 13 Reasons Why, their work relationship turned them from colleagues to friends, to family. The connection that the actors felt to each other and the story they were telling was so compelling that they found no other way to commemorate this part of their life unless they could do something permanent about it.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals11
Image: Instagram / Justin Prentice

After the first season was aired on Netflix, some of the cast members decided to go to a tattoo parlor together to get matching semi-colons. There could be no more appropriate symbol to define their experience. A semi-colon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence but decided not to. In the same way, the semi-colon indicates how we are the authors of our own lives, and the sentence is our life.

Ratched Star Sarah Paulson Refused To Eat Oysters for One of the Scenes

Every diva has her demands, but in Sarah Paulson’s case, she had a case of the “refusals.” When filming the hit series Ratched, we think maybe Sarah had skipped over a few details when reading her script. For one of her scenes with friend and costar Cynthia Nixon, they were supposed to be sitting at a restaurant eating oysters, a delicacy that Sarah Paulson hates.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals24
Image: Twitter / The AHS Zone

Usually, exceptions can be made, but in this case, oysters had to be present for the scene. So how did Sarah cope? While she was able to substitute her oysters for mushroom slices, she still had to endure the stench of Cynthia chowing down on actual oysters. In an interview with Netflix, Sarah said, “We were shooting that scene all day long and Cynthia was eating those warm, disgusting oysters like she might never get to have one again.”

Emily in Paris Was Influenced by Sex and the City

From the sacred pact of girl friendships to the dreamy and hopeful longing of finding love and success, it’s easy to see that Emily in Paris is like the younger daughter of Sex and the City. I guess it makes sense since Darren Star is the creative genius behind both of the shows.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals29
Image: Instagram / Lily Collins

If you pay attention closely, you’ll be able to see that just about everything in Emily in Paris is an ode to the iconic Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. From Emily’s costume that includes a tulle skirt to her namesake earrings, it’s clear to see that a crossover happened here. True SATC fans will also realize the hotel that Emily goes to when meeting a friend is exactly where Carrie had stayed in Paris. No wonder we loved it so much!

Money Heist Was Not Written in Advance

When it comes to television, before the show is even set to begin filming, the series is usually completely finished – from beginning to end. This makes casting decisions easier and gives the actors time to understand their character and the storyline. Well, for Money Heist, this was not the case at all. Instead of having the scripts written in advance, they were actually written alongside filming.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals78
Image: SAPO Mag

While this strays from the usual production path, it does allow for many creative liberties to be taken. For example, if an actor or director does something really unique or special on the set, the show can change within a second to harness the new direction. It also allows for the writers to be more flexible and to learn to adapt to new visions. We can only imagine how many times the director yelled “Cut!” throughout the entire process.

The Karate Kid‘s Enemy Had Conflicting Views About Being on Cobra Kai

Known for their big screen breaks in the Karate Kid in the 80s, Ralph Maccio and William Zabka couldn’t have predicted a career comeback for themselves 30 years later. While most “has-beens” would’ve jumped at the thought of reclaiming their fame, that wasn’t exactly the case for Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals68
Image: Instagram / William Zabka

William Zabka is classically known for his villainous role in the Karate Kid. Since the 80s, this is all he’s ever been known for – being the bad guy. When the opportunity first came around for him to come back on Cobra Kai, he was hesitant, as he knew the viewers’ consensus would be to see him fail. Luckily in this series, he gets to redeem his character as Johnny Lawrence the bad guy, into Johnny Lawrence the good sensei.

Every Chess Scene Was Actually Choreographed in The Queen’s Gambit

While the actors in The Queen’s Gambit may have had some prior knowledge in playing chess, by no means did that make them expert players. In order to have accurate matches portrayed on the screen, chess consultants were hired to help throughout the entire filming process. Specifically, the Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and renowned American chess teacher Brue Pandolfini were the perfect guys for the job.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals41
Image: Adoring Anya

While each scene may have been choreographed, it was the actor’s responsibility to remember the specific moves. To keep all of the moves fresh in her mind, Anya Taylor-Joy was taught all of the chess choreography minutes before each scene was filmed. The actress said she was able to put her dance training to good use when memorizing the sequences of each chess scene.

House of Cards Changed the Business of Television

The American political thriller known as House of Cards is not only known for its cliff hangers and world-class acting. Going where no other series has gone, House of Cards was, in fact, the first television series that released an entire season of a show, all at once, online.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals3
Image: Netflix

With a bold move like that, it seemed as if the producers knew exactly what TV’s fate would be and decided to hop on the trend before they were left behind. Six seasons later, and streamed all at once, House of Cards has proven to be successful not only by the number of viewers it acquired but from the countless awards it has received over the years.

The Pandemic Affected the Filming of the Finale of The Politician

The COVID-19 pandemic affected everything – from going outside without a mask to learning what social distancing is, to saying “see you later” to concerts. Imagine all of the epic TV shows that were supposed to be filmed but were put on hold? While season two of The Politician was able to scrape by before the lockdown, they couldn’t quite finish in time for the season finale.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals31
Image: Twitter / Netflix Queue

For those that haven’t watched this season yet, we apologize in advance for any spoilers you’re about to read. Towards the end of the seventh episode, Gwyneth Paltrow makes a FaceTime call to Judith Light to formally ask Judith to be her vice president. While this may have seemed like a casual element to incorporate, it was actually due to the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. What a way to be a part of history in a dramatic way!

Christine Quinn Has Been Bullied Online Since the Airing of Selling Sunset

If you look at the picture below, all you see are perfectly paid for smiles from the cast of Selling Sunset at Christine Quinn’s wedding. The entire Oppenheim Group of real estate agents may have attended to show their support, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t subjected to Christine’s evil rath various times on the show. Well, it looks like Christine got a taste of her own medicine when she realized not all viewers of the show were her fans.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals67
Image: Instagram / Heather Rae Young

While Christine’s life may look glamorous and exciting, being a ruthless barbie doll doesn’t exactly rack up the nicest following. Since the show originally aired, Christine has received daily threats, hateful comments, and other forms of bullying through social media from Selling Sunset fans that were not fans of Christine. She may cause a lot of drama on the show, but that’s no reason for her to be abused online.

Outerbanks Couple Are in Love Both on and off the Set

The love was so strong between Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline (who play the roles of John Booker and Sarah Cameron) on the set of Outerbanks that they’re now actually dating in real life. At least now it’s understandable why the two characters did such a good job portraying their love interest in front of the cameras.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals47
Image: Instagram / Madelyn Cline

The most ironic part of their dating story isn’t just that they were dating as part of their on-screen jobs. From the moment Chase saw Madelyn in the production office, he actually had no idea who she was. He really just needed someone to walk on his back after getting off of a red-eye flight. While she said yes to his strange request, it was only after the fact that she revealed who she was. I guess you could call this love at first back crack?

The Umbrella Academy Was Actually Supposed To Be a Film

The hit Netflix two-season series The Umbrella Academy was no short and quick production. From the development of the show to the editing of the special effects, those involved definitely had their work cut out for them. Because of all the work that this specific series entailed, it was originally set out to be a movie.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals40
Image: Instagram / Justin H. Min

While it didn’t get the approval to be a film, that didn’t have the team cut any corners to compromise their work. In total, an entire season took about 18 months to produce. And that’s including the writing, filming, and editing processes. Even with all that comes with developing The Umbrella Academy, this TV success is already on its way to its third season.

Ozark’s Julia Garner Had a Panic Attack Over a Mouse

The rough and tough Ruth Langmore, played by Julia Garner, on Netflix’s original series Ozark is one lady you would not want to mess with. But it turns out, this mighty actress goes weak in the knees (and in general) when it comes to rodents. Within moments, Julia Garner’s solid exterior crumbled when she tried to film a scene where she’s dangling a mouse.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals52
Image: Instagram / Julia Garner

Julia’s crippling fear got the best of her, and, in the end, she was not actually able to complete the scene. It may show Ruth Langmore holding a mouse in the series, but in reality, they had to bring in a hand double to get the job done. As embarrassed and frightened as she may have been, we can’t blame her for not going through with this part of her acting job.

Millie Bobby Brown Delayed Filming Stranger Things Due To a Glitter Mishap

With tremendous talent comes great responsibility. But if you’re a teenager, understanding the lines of professionalism you need to maintain while still being your unapologetic authentic self, can get a little blurry. With four kids who had barely reached their teens on the first season of Stranger Things, there was just as much babysitting happening as there was directing.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals55
Image: Instagram / Millie Bobby Brown

During the filming of the first season, there was a slight delay due to the likes of Miss Millie Bobby Brown. The 11-year-old had shown up on time for work but was oddly covered in glitter from head to toe. Hair and makeup had to spend 45 minutes removing the sparkly substance from the actress, causing a serious delay in filming. For the first time, the creators had realized they were still working with “a little girl” despite her big talent.

The Production Design for Narcos Was Depicted From Pablo Escobar’s Own Footage

Since Narcos is based on the real-life story of Pablo Escobar, it helped the creative process go smoothly, rather than starting from scratch. Basing the series off of the historical and gruesome storyline of Pablo’s life was more of a challenge, as they had to do their best to illustrate everything accurately. For the production team, luckily, this came quite easy.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals53
Image: Instagram / Roberto Urbina

During their research in preparing for the series, the production team was able to replicate many of the scenes based on pictures and videos from Pablo’s personal collection, as well as news coverage. Pablo Escobar loved to document his life and would probably be “instafamous” today. From capturing moments on his ranch to flying in his private plane – everything from the clothing to the set’s construction was all too realistic.

The Crown Is One of the Most Expensive Series Ever Made

If you want to make a show about royalty, you better have the funds to maintain the lavish costumes, cast, and filming locations. After only filming the first season of The Crown, it was reported that this cost Netflix about $130 million, making it one of the most expensive series ever made.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals64
Image: Instagram / Josh O’Connor

Here we are four seasons later, and if the initial costs didn’t break the bank, the upkeep for the additional seasons might have. But with the fanbase the show has acquired, it was deemed near impossible to lower any type of quality season after season.

13 Reasons Why Had Mental Health Professionals and Therapy Dogs on Set

The original Netflix series 13 Reasons Why addresses issues that many teens face, such as suicide, bullying, drug abuse, and other sensitive subjects. Whether it was during cold readings or acting out scenes, the actors felt a deep connection to the characters they were playing and sometimes found it hard to separate who they were playing from their reality.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals10
Image: Instagram / 13 Reasons Why

To help sort through their emotions and provide support, it was essential for mental health professionals to be a part of this journey with the actors. And when human interaction and guidance wasn’t enough, they had puppies there as emotional support dogs to help bring them some comfort.

When They See Us Doesn’t Tell the Whole Truth About What Happened

What was called one of the best miniseries of the year, When They See Us is a riveting, emotional production based on real-life events. Director and co-writer Ava DuVernay didn’t think of this as just a job but a passion project. She felt a deep responsibility to tell the story of the men that were wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t do. Within the four lengthy episodes, there was still so much that happened that wasn’t included.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals32
Image: Atsushi Nishijima

It was evident that each of the five men had suffered through the process, but what was not clear was the severity of their sentences. The judge had decided that each of the young boys would serve the maximum possible sentence, including one of the boys who had to serve his entire time outside the juvenile system. New York City had also paid out about $41 million in settlement fees to the men for their wrongful conviction.

Tom Ellis Ditched His Body Double in Lucifer

The devil is supposed to be a real enchanter, but could someone have warned the people that it would be Tom Ellis?! While Tom may not have been in charge of his shirtless scenes, he did work very hard for one goal in particular. In order to not make a fool of himself for losing a bet, Tom trained harder than ever to look as good as he did in all of his shirtless scenes.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals14
Image: Instagram / Chris Rafferty

Often times stunt and body doubles are frequently used to step in for actors for certain action or revealing scenes. For Tom Ellis, this was not the case. After losing a bet with his trainer, Tom trained harder than ever to prepare his body to be in perfect shape to do all of his own nude scenes. Yes, you are seeing 100% Tom on the screen every time.

The White Lines Nudity Had To Become Normal

For a series that’s all about hardcore partying, it was expected that some risque scenes would appear throughout the series. Diving right into it, on the very first episode, a full nude scene involving a secret sex party takes place. Don’t worry; if you’re shocked, imagine how the cast felt. On their very first day of filming, this was the first part of the show that needed to be directed and shot.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals5
Image: Deadline Hollywood

Angela Griffin, who plays one of the original Manchester four revealed, “It was one of the most bizarre things I’ve filmed in my entire life. There was no time for typical British politeness or niceties, we were getting on with it. Everyone knew why we were there, everyone had consented and to be honest, all the people who were part of the sex party knew why they were there. I just had to get over myself and just get stuck in really.”

Love Is Blind Was Filmed in Only Two Months Time

For what seemed like an eternity of drama and unforeseen (literally) love amidst 11 episodes, it’s hard to believe that the whole season was only filmed in a matter of two short months. They say time really flies when you’re having fun, but I guess it goes even faster when you have no access to the outside world.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals1
Image: Instagram / Cameron Hamilton

From “I Love You’s” to “I Do’s,” everything happened so fast. As rapidly as people were falling in love, the show was running faster on the time that they could film. Being in the pod for only ten days, plus another 15 days before they could return to the real world, the cast members only got their phones back in time to announce their upcoming weddings! I guess the success rate from these proposals speaks for themselves…

The Actors Didn’t Know the Ending To The Haunting of Bly Manor

When most of the actors were hired to be on The Haunting of Bly Manor, it’s true; they had no idea what the ending of the show was. Initially, the actors were only given a few of the first couple of scripts so that they could get an understanding of what was going to happen.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals7
Image: Instagram / Amelie Bea Smith

And to the actor’s surprise, they still didn’t even find out the show’s whole story until weeks and even months later! Imagine the thrill and anxiety of not knowing what happens to your character even after you’ve been assigned the job? For example, T’Nia Miller didn’t even know her character Hannah would die until she had received the script indicating it later on. What a way to break the news to your employee.

You May Be Narrated by a Man but Is Directed by Women

Of the 20 episodes between the two seasons of You, Joe Goldberg, the show’s main character and nutcase, is the voice you hear most consistently as the narrator. Indeed, the story unfolds according to his point of view, but as it turns out, the real brains behinds the operation lies within the expertise of women.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals60
Image: Twitter / Netflix Queue

Just because the show’s writer and main character may be men, You put a tremendous emphasis on trying to tell the story from the lens of a woman. Such importance was put on this aspect of the show that notable female directors such as Silver Tree, Cherie Nowlan, and Meera Menon were even brought on to direct different episodes within the seasons.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Is Known for Noah Centineo’s Adorable Personality on and off the Screen

Whether if you’re 14 or 24, the good looks of Noah Centineo will have you cooing over him in the original and sequel of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. A perfect typecast or coincidence, the silly and lovable boy you all fall in love with on the screen, turns out to be the exact same person in reality. His playfulness is something the crew members thoroughly enjoy, and his kind demeanor is respected and appreciated by all.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals26
Image: Instagram / Ross Butler

Word on the street is that before any kissing seen Noah had to do with Lana Condor (playing the role of Lara Jean Covey), he would intentionally scarf down cheeseburgers pre-kiss. In a recent interview, Centineo said the secret behind his kissing scenes was, “No mints, all cheese.”

Unorthodox Producers Needed To Hire Help To Create Authenticity in the Show

Because Unorthodox is based on a partially true story with a very true and real history and culture, the directors and producers were not willing to compromise on anything less than accurate. Eli Rosen, who played the Rabbi that officiated the wedding of the main characters, proved to be valuable for more than his acting capabilities.

Go Behind the Scenes to See a Day in the Life of Filming Your Favorite Nextflix Originals45
Image: Sony

As someone who grew up in a Hasidic family in Brooklyn, Eli was able to do more than just relate to this show’s storyline. Actually, he translated the scripts into the distinct lingo of Hungarian Yiddish spoken in the Satmar community. On top of that, he coached the actors in Yiddish and assisted in perfectly curating the fine-tuning of the cultural details. I guess Eli proved to be a triple threat in the eyes of the Unorthodox cast and crew.

Robin Wright’s Character Took the Lead in House of Cards for All the Right Reasons

In the sixth and final season of House of Cards, it was finally time for a woman to take charge of the Oval Office. With the closing words in season five’s finale being “My Turn,” Robin Wright could have never known just how prophetic this closing line would be.

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Image: Entertainment Weekly

While Robin Wright, or better yet Claire Underwood, was always intended to take the seat of power, this part of the plot was seriously expedited. During the production of the final series, it was announced that the time had come for Robin’s character to become the President of the United States. While it may have only happened during the last ever season of the show, it’s about time that a woman was running the country, even if only portrayed on screen.

The Song Bella Ciao Has More To Do With Protests Than Money Heist

Throughout the hit series Money Heist, fans will not only hear the theme song My Life is Going on by Cecilia Krull, but they’ll often hear the Italian folklore song Bella Ciao. Cued as a symbol of victory, the song is played initially when the team finds dirt in Spain’s Mint and again when the Professor sings the song with his brother. But to your surprise, the song is known far from being victorious and more so rebellious.

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During World War II, Bella Ciao was inspiring real protestors to rally the antifascist resistance in Italy. People also resonate with this song, as it is also used as a worldwide hymn for freedom. So aside from just being a catchy tune on a cool TV show, there’s actually a serious meaning behind the lyrics you hum from time to time.

Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Nixon Were Friends Long Before Their Ratched Debut

To truly hook viewers in, it’s vital that the actors on set are not only talented but can really make the audience believe in the emotions that they are trying to convey. When sparks start to fly between Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Nixon on Ratched, this immediately peeks the interest of those watching on the other side of the screen.

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Yes, the chemistry between the two actresses may have been scripted, but their execution of the emotion was flawless. But this came as no surprise to those onset or to those who know the pair because it turns out the two ladies are long time friends. I guess work (and love) can come a bit easier when you’re already comfortable with the other person.

The Politician Was Filmed at Kim Kardashian’s Alma Mater

Student government is not just a club but a way of life – at least in the realms of the high school world. This intense and exclusive society is depicted just how cutthroat high school politics can be in the Netflix original series The Politician. Taking place in what was supposed to be Santa Barbara, was actually a culmination of different shots from different locations within California.

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While it may have seemed that Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) attended the most gorgeous school in California – this was depicted by various filming locations. The majority of the courtyard and interior shots took place at Marymount High School, also known as Kim Kardashian’s Alma Mater. But the auditorium and library scenes took place at Fullerton Union High School and Woodbury University Library – located in other parts of Cali.

Costume Design Was One of the Biggest Challenges on Orange Is the New Black

For a show that takes place in a prison, it’s a little ironic that the costumes would be one of the bigger challenges for a TV series. Where the majority of the cast where’s the same thing, what’s the big problem in having everyone look alike? Designer Jennifer Rogien set the story straight when interviewed about the job.

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“In some cases, we followed the rules and regulations within prison, no alterations to the uniforms, which are real prison uniforms from prison suppliers. In other cases, we folded and rolled cuffs. Sometimes, there were a few actual alterations to the uniform that characters could have executed on their own,” said Rogien.

Emily in Paris Writers Actually Lived in Paris To Spark Inspiration

When Darren Star came up with the idea for Emily in Paris, he knew he wanted to make his mark with this Netflix series. He wanted the show to be captivating, juicy, engaging, romantic – all of the things that Sex and the City very much was and is remembered as today. So how can you create real-life experiences in a fictional figment of one’s imagination?

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Well, by making your dreams a reality, of course! Quite literally, Darren sent all of his writers to live in Paris for a short time so that they could connect and relate to Emily’s character. He really wanted the team to incorporate their own experiences into the storyline. If this is what “on the job training” means, sign us up today!

Mary Mouser Was Injured on the Set of Cobra Kai and Had To Go To the Hospital

When filming an action-packed karate based movie, one can assume that the injuries are countless during filming, especially when none of the actors had any prior formal training in the martial arts field. Unfortunately, Mary Mouser not only acted out the pain that was portrayed on the screen but very much felt the real brunt of it too.

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During the filming of the epic high school hallway fighting scene, Mary is brutally scratched and beaten by her enemy Peyton List who plays Tory Nichols. In reality, Mary had to absorb a kick coming her way and placed her hand in the wrong spot, causing some serious damage and pain. This ultimately resulted in a delay in filming.

The Main Characters in Outerbanks Are All Too Similar To Their Real Personalities

Like most teen based dramas, the cast of kids is exactly that, kids. From being childish in front of the cameras, these young actors reflect their age even when the cameras aren’t rolling. For the main characters in Outerbanks, it was as if they were portraying themselves the entire time. It may have been a job well done by the casting professionals, but these goofy actors couldn’t have been more at home than on the set of Outerbanks.

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In fact, a lot of creative liberties and freedoms were granted to the cast and grew during the filming process. Because everything came so naturally to the actors, many of the scenes that are included were improvised at the time. When your work requires you to be yourself, that truly must be the best paying job in the world.

Justin Min Lied To His Family About Being on The Umbrella Academy

When Justin Min was originally hired to be on The Umbrella Academy, he had no idea who he would be playing or what he would be doing. The role was supposed to be completely top secret, and the easiest way for the producers to maintain this elite profile was to keep it a secret from the character himself. Confusing, right?

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The only other person that had known about Justin’s new job was his manager, and even he didn’t know who Justin would be playing on the show. Crazy enough, Justin had to lie to his own family by saying that he was taking a semester abroad in Canada to study. The deceit continued even in a public capacity. Different codenames were plastered on his trailer so that his identity would continue to be kept under wraps!

Selling Sunset, Laguna Beach, and The Hills Were All Produced by the Same Person

What makes Selling Sunset, Laguna Beach, and The Hills different from one another? Selling Sunset basically took over the world of the hit Netflix original series, and the others did not. Aside from this, everything from the soft-lighting to the music video style editing in Selling Sunset makes the production here no different from Laguna Beach or The Hills.

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The vibes are intentional and all too similar due to the works of creator Adam DiVello. The former MTV executive has experience in dealing with rich, dramatic, California locals. Instead of focusing his talents on the life of spoiled teenagers, he’s now channeled that energy into the professional world of spoiled adults. And honestly, it’s no surprise that Selling Sunset became the success it is today – people love this kind of stuff.

The Queen’s Gambit Had the Main Character and Director Chosen Before the Script Was Ever Written

If you’ve seen The Queen’s Gambit, then you can understand that there was no one else who could possibly play the role of Beth aside from Anya Taylor-Joy. And for those that haven’t, get ready to binge-watch it on Netflix! What started as a mere idea in Scott Frank’s mind, hadn’t even been put to paper when he thought of creating The Queen’s Gambit. But one thing was certain – he wanted Anya to be a part of it.

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Luckily, Anya was completely on board with Scott’s vision and was hooked the moment the idea was shared with her. Anya wasn’t the only one who was drawn to this from the beginning. Should it not have been for his unexpected passing, actor Heath Ledger was set to have made his directorial debut in The Queen’s Gambit.

The Haunting of Bly Manor Was Filmed Next To a Cannabis Farm

The exterior to the grand Bly Manor that viewers are privy to when watching The Haunting of Bly Manor is far from what the actors dealt with. From shipping containers and green screens, the characters had no idea of what the world around them looked like.

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This being said, the actors found it hilarious that the set was being filmed next to a cannabis farm! What are the odds? In addition to the physical location, the construction of the set was quite intricate. The manor was actually separated into different floors. This made it easy for the cast and crew to navigate where they needed to go by moving from one room to another with ease.

Julie Andrews Is the Real Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton

The mysterious and well-spoken Lady Whistledown may have been revealed at the end of the first season of Bridgerton, but her true identity has yet to be seen on-screen. Low and behold, Lady Whistledown is none other than the legendary Julie Andrews! Julie’s presence wasn’t only intentionally missing from the cameras but also behind the scenes as well…

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All of the voice-over recording sessions Julie did as Lady Whistledown was done completely remote. Technology truly has come a long way, providing the fact that all of the recordings were done on Zoom! It’s only natural that Julie Andrews continues to make a name for herself in style and comfort.

The Cast and Crew Really Learned How To Launder Money on Ozark

As the saying goes, if you want a job done well, do it right. Whether if it’s laundering money or acting like you’re going to launder money, the Ozark cast and crew needed a real 101 lesson on what they were about to be impersonating. To make sure everyone had a thorough understanding, the directors hired a real FBI agent to come on the set.

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The agent was able to share her experiences as an agent and the details of what the crime actually entails. This allowed the writers to pick the agent’s brain to make sure their details were as accurate as possible. If Ozark gets canceled, it’s safe to say what this cast and crew’s next career will be.