Celeb Romances We Wish Would Have Lasted Longer Have Us Feeling Nostalgic

    Whether we watched these celeb couples on the big screen together or followed them on social media, we all care more about celebrity relationships than we probably like to admit. We know how heartbroken we’ve been when couples have announced a big split and wished they would find a way to make it work. Here are some of our absolute favorites that we still haven’t let go of completely.

    Image : TV Guide Magazine

    This relationship is by far one of the all-time greats. You would think it is one of our favorites because they’re both huge names and they looked adorable as the 90s ‘it couple’. But the truth is, it’s because George Clooney and Kelly Preston had a pet pig together. Yes, you read that correctly, a pet pig named Max. Here are other couples that we did not want to say bye to…