Have We Met Before, Your Grace? This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Looks So Familiar

Dearest readers, it shall no doubt have come to your attention that we’re not, in fact, Lady Whistledown. But what we lack in glamorous anonymity, exclusive insider gossip, and fancy-schmancy words, we’ve made up for by watching Bridgerton over and over again. Yes, you could say that we’re super-fans. And that’s why we’re making it our mission to learn every single detail about the ladies and gentlemen who call the ton their home.

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Just like us, you may have watched Bridgerton with a confused look on your face. Not just because it goes from the Regency-era courting to saucy library shenanigans in the blink of an eye, but also because you know the people of the ton. You’ve seen them before, haven’t you? But you can’t quite place their faces? Well, at Popular Everything we’ve decided to do all the hard work for you. And we’ve figured out why the cast of Bridgerton looks so familiar.

Nicola Coughlan’s Storyline Broke Our Hearts When Penelope’s Unrequited Love Pushed Her Away…

With her bright yellow and orange gowns and her secret crush on Colin Bridgerton – which we totally don’t blame her for, by the way – there’s no doubt about the fact that Nicola Coughlan took the ton by storm as Penelope Featherington. In fact, we would do anything to be best friends with Pen and Eloise.

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For this role, Nicola donned her tightest corsets and held a major secret to her chest, but her character was somewhat overlooked. She was the “best friend” rather than the “potential wife,” which broke our hearts into tiny little pieces. We have a feeling that season two of Bridgerton will see Nicola step up her game even more, though. Yep, you know what we’re talking about.

But This Irish Actress Is Already a Huge Hit Across the Pond Thanks To Her Hilarious Schoolgirl Role

If you watched Bridgerton and scrunched your eyebrows together so hard you gave yourself a headache, that’s probably because you convinced yourself that you know Nicola Coughlan from somewhere. You’ve seen her face before, right? That’s because, when she’s not hanging out with her Hollywood BFF Jonathan Van Ness, she’s staking her claim as a hugely successful Irish actress.

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Image: Telegraph

In fact, Nicola is most known for her starring role in the hit Irish comedy, Derry Girls. And if you haven’t watched Nicola take on Claire Devlin’s character – AKA the “wee lesbian” – then you need to do so right away. Once you’re done, you can check out Nicola’s second-most famous role as Hannah Dalton in the British-American period drama, Harlots.

Adjoa Andoh Took on the Role of Sharp-Tongued Lady Danbury, and We’d Love an Invitation To One of Her Soirées…

High society wouldn’t be the same without the rules of hierarchy, and Adjoa Andoh scored the jackpot when she landed the role of Lady Danbury in Bridgerton. As the insightful doyenne of the ton, she knew what was going on at every moment – and she knew how to play her cards at every turn. Sure, she was first and foremost a Lady of high society, but that wasn’t all.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar35
Image: Digital Spy

Yes, we’re hoping we can impress Adjoa in time for season two of the show because we’d love an invitation to one of her ladies-only parties. But even if it does somehow get lost in the mail, we would happily watch this actor reside over the ton as the mentor that she is. This sharp-tongued lady is a true inspiration. Both on and off the show.

And It Seems as Though She Has Much To Celebrate, as She’s a Hugely Famous Actress in the UK

While some of you may have seen Adjoa on your screens for the first time while binge-watching the Duke and his fancy friends, there are others who may have seen her before. She has one of those familiar faces, and while this may just be a coincidence for some, this might also have something to do with the fact that she’s a hugely famous actress in the UK.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar34
Image: IMDb

In fact, those across the pond will know her for her 73-episode career in the medical soap opera, Casualty. But that’s not all. Adjoa has also starred in famous shows such as Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Death in Paradise, and more. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also starred alongside Morgan Freeman in the 2009 Hollywood hit, Invictus. Go, Lady Danbury!

Freddie Stroma Perfected His Accent for His Royal Role in Bridgerton

Frederic Wilhelm C.J. Sjöström, who goes by the name of Freddie Stroma, certainly gave Daphne Bridgerton something to think about during her time in the ton. After all, it’s not every day you have a prince vying for your attention and willing to whisk you back to his palace in Prussia. And it seemed as though Prince Friedrich just couldn’t resist his aunt’s wise choice of a debutante.

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Image: PopSugar

Freddie must have been over the moon when he landed the role of the prince, but he certainly had to put in more work than the other Bridgerton cast members. Although Freddie himself has Swedish and German roots, he was born and raised in England. So, lords and ladies, we’re sorry to say that his accent wasn’t exactly a natural addition to the show. He nailed it, though.

But It Seems as Though He’s Been a High Flyer for a Few Years Now, and Has Built a Magical Career

As you gazed into the eyes of the handsome Prince Friedrich, you may have felt a tingling in your stomach. And not just because you desperately want to be a princess. This tingling was brought on by the fact that you’ve seen this man before… but where? Well, Freddie Stroma is perhaps best known for his role as the arrogant (but gorgeous) Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter franchise.

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Image: PopSugar

That’s pretty cool, right? But when Freddie isn’t eating dragon balls and trying to hit on Hermione, he’s also working hard to build up his ever-increasing portfolio of work. And what you might not have realized is that Cormac has also made his mark across the pond in Hollywood movies. Remember Luke from Pitch Perfect? The radio station manager with the hot bod? You guessed it; that was Freddie.

Harriet Cains Won Us Over When She Became the Love-Struck Middle Child, Philippa Featherington…

Although Philippa and Prudence Featherington gave us serious evil step-sister vibes when we first laid eyes on them, they soon showed us that they were just ordinary high society ladies looking for love. And as the actress behind the middle child, Philippa Featherington, it was down to Harriet Cains to bring this yearning to life.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar1
Image: The Tab

And it’s safe to say that she did a pretty good job. Harriet donned her extravagant wigs and practiced her needlework with precision while waiting for suitors to knock on her door. And while she certainly had a few set-backs (yes, we’re looking at you, Marina), she managed to win over a sneezing suitor just before the season came to an end. Thank goodness.

But Most of Us Had No Idea She’d Already Had a Brush With the World of Supernatural Thrillers

While we saw Harriet Cains dress to the nines in her Regency-era get-up, what you might not have realized is that this English actress isn’t used to being so prim and proper. In fact, she seems to have been attracted to the world of supernatural instead, as she’s most known for her spooky role as Jem Walker in the BAFTA-Award-winning drama series, In The Flesh.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar11
Image: IMDb

But that’s not all you may have seen her in. While Bridgerton has certainly been the breakout role that thrust her into the international limelight, she has also appeared in minor roles within popular British TV shows. If you’ve watched the likes of Line of Duty, Safe House, Marcella, or Hollyoaks Later, you may have seen Harriet in all of her acting glory.

Jonathan Bailey Proved That He Had What It Took To Run the Bridgerton Household, Despite His Wayfaring Heart…

The heart wants what the heart wants, but unfortunately for Anthony Bridgerton, his heart wanted something that high society just wouldn’t allow. While this allowed us to catch a glimpse into his life away from his family home – including that opening scene against the tree – it also gave Jonathan Bailey the chance to shine as an actor.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar33
Image: Slate

Yes, rumors have been flying around the high society papers that Jonathan will be taking on a much more prominent role of season two of Bridgerton, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with. After all, he managed to perfect the doting (yet slightly overprotective) brother, the man of the house, and the heartbroken suitor all at the same time. But do you remember where you’ve seen him before?

And You May Have Recognized Him as a Major Character in One of the Most Popular British Crime Dramas of All Time

Although Jonathan Bailey doesn’t sport the mammoth sideburns like his Bridgerton character, you’ll be happy to know that he’s just as popular away from the show. While he may not be an international acting icon just yet, one of his most prominent roles to date has already made him a recognizable face across the pond.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar32
Image: The Times

Yes, have you heard of a little show called Broadchurch? This British crime drama is not only huge in the UK, but it’s also become incredibly famous around the world. Jonathan was lucky enough to star in the show for 16 episodes, and this was a career highlight for him. But that’s not all he’s worked on. He also has credits in Doctor Who, Jack Ryan, W1A, and Chewing Gum.

Kathryn Drysdale Managed To Trick Us Into Thinking That She Was the Parisian Dressmaker Madame Delacroix…

If you want to have suitors lining up at your door with flowers and chocolates, you’ve got to attend all of the ton’s balls in your finest gowns. And God forbid you were to wear the same gown twice! While watching Bridgerton, we quickly learned that Kathryn Drysdale’s job was to deck the ladies of the ton out with their beautiful dresses, thanks to Madame Delacroix’s modiste.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar24
Image: People

And she did a pretty amazing job of it, too. Not only did she produce the finest gowns in the most stunning materials, but she also managed to trick us all into thinking that she was a high-flying Parisian dressmaker. It must have taken her a while to perfect her French accent, but it seems as though this is something Kathryn is used to. She is an actress, after all.

But She’s Used To Transforming Herself Into Rich, Wealthy, and Even Royal Characters

Although Bridgerton may be the first time you’ve seen Kathryn Drysdale on your screens, she’s actually been pretty busy since making her way into the acting industry in 1999. Not only has she starred in famous movies like St. Trinians and Vanity Fair, but she’s also staked her claim in the world of television.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar23
Image: The Sun

Over the years, Kathryn has put her name to shows like Benidorm and Plebs, but she’s perhaps best known for taking on a title many of us are familiar with. Yes, we’re talking about Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Kathryn mixes an American twang with royal tendencies in the mockumentary show The Windsors, and fans have fallen in love with her impression.

Young Actor Will Tilson Entered High Society as the Youngest Member of the Bridgerton Household…

When watching little Gregory Bridgerton stake his claim in the Bridgerton household, it was easy to forget that he’s just a little kid in real life. In fact, Will Tilson is not even a teenager yet. And while he didn’t get to attend the fancy balls during the ton season, he did get to hang out with his on-screen family. And they’re one of the most affluent of them all.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar8
Image: IMDb

Despite the fact that he’s so young, Will was able to command the cameras’ attention and showcase his acting talent on our screens. And it’s safe to say that we were all pretty impressed. But what you may have wondered is where you’ve seen him before? After all, talented kids like him only come around every so often, and his face just looks so familiar.

But He’s No Stranger To Working With Hollywood Hot Shots and Taking the Lead in Front of the Camera

Well, the reason you recognize little Gregory Bridgerton is that Will Tilson had already schmoozed with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Many actors dream of being able to work alongside the likes of Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson, and Will did just that before he’d even reached his 10th birthday.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar7
Image: Glamour

That’s because Will took on the leading role as the young Christopher Robin in Goodbye Christopher Robin. And considering these two roles have been added to his resume so early on in his career, we have a feeling that we’re going to be seeing even more of this youngster as he gets older. First stop Bridgerton, next stop world domination!

Ben Miller Tried His Best To Lead the Featherington Household, but He Struggled With His Vices…

The Featherington family are certainly not Bridgertons, but they did try to make their mark. They have the fancy house, they have their beautiful frocks, and they attend the hottest balls in the ton in an effort to charm high society. And while it was Ben Miller’s job to lead the household as Archibald, Baron Featherington, he struggled to do just that.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar28
Image: The Sun

From the get-go, Ben seemed to portray the idea that something was a little off with Baron Featherington. It wasn’t until later on that we realized that he was trying to conceal his vices, and the whole exchange was extremely believable. Of course, it was also pretty heartbreaking. But you know where you’ve seen Ben before, right? He’s super famous, after all!

But He’s Known for Being Much More Organized Thanks To Another High Profile Role

While it’s fair to say that Ben Miller’s Bridgerton character should have stayed away from the boxing match, we can only assume that he must have been drawn to the shirtless men like we were. So we don’t really blame him for that. But you’ll be happy to know that Ben is much more successful in real life. In fact, one of his most iconic roles required him to be extremely organized.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar27
Image: The Scottish Sun

Yes, you might recognize Ben Miller as the ultimate side-kick in the Johnny English franchise. He starred alongside Rowan Atkinson to become Angus Bough, the man who organized all of the spy’s missions. But aside from this, he’s actually still pretty famous. He’s known for being one-half of the comedic duo Armstrong & Miller, and he took on a leading role in the British crime drama Death in Paradise.

Sabrina Bartlett Learned How To Sing Opera From Scratch in Order To Become Sienna Rosso, and She Blew Us Away

What would you say if we told you that Sabrina Bartlett had never sung professionally prior to her role on Bridgerton? We bet you wouldn’t believe us – but it’s true! While getting into character to play opera singer Sienna Rosso, Sabrina not only had to learn her lines, but she also had to take singing lessons and learn how to sing in Italian.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar20
Image: Insider

That’s pretty cool, right? And even when she wasn’t singing, Sabrina made sure that Sienna made her impact. From her beautiful appearance to her strong, independent personality, she made it her mission to stand out in a world that struggled to welcome her with open arms. And while her happy ending may have slipped away from her, we have a feeling there’s more to come for this character.

But Her Regency-era Appearance Is Something She’s Used To, as Her Previous Role Took Her Back in Time

For many actors and actresses, slipping into tight corsets and wearing a coat and tails would be a strange and unusual day on the job – but not for Sabrina Bartlett. In fact, this actress has worked on other shows just like Bridgerton, which means that she’s used to going back in time and living in the past.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar19
Image: International Business Times

What’s cool about this leading lady is that she’s had minor roles in the likes of Game of Thrones and Da Vinci’s Demons, but she’s also taken recurring roles in numerous period dramas. Nowadays, most people recognize her as Princess Isabella in the historical fiction drama, Knightfall. It looks like she could have borrowed Sienna’s wardrobe for that project!

Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton Was Brought To Life by Ruth Gemmell, Who Played the High Society Widow With Grace and Style…

No high society family would be complete without a strong matriarch, and that’s where Ruth Gemmell comes into play. This actress took on the role of Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton, the mother of Daphne, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Eloise, Francesca, Hyacinth, and Gregory. And with eight children on her hands, she was certainly kept extremely busy during the ton season.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar14
Image: The Independent

Thankfully, Lady Bridgerton was able to maintain composure and keep her family in check – for the most part. And Ruth Gemmell also made sure that her character was believable and lovable throughout the show, even without a male counterpart by her side. Bridgerton brought strong women to the forefront of our attention, and she has to be commended for that.

And This Style Has Shone Through For Years as She’s Continually Taken the UK Acting Scene by Storm

While Ruth Gemmell has certainly made herself known across the world thanks to her role as the Bridgerton matriarch, she’s actually been in the English limelight for a few decades now. She’s been active since the early 1990s, and she’s been able to put her name to countless projects, largely in the UK.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar15
Image: Sunday Post

While younger viewers may know her as the estranged mother in the Tracy Beaker series, the older generation will probably know her from shows such as Utopia, Midsummer Murders, Penny Dreadful, and more. But perhaps her most famous role to date is the one pictured, where she starred as Sarah Collingborne in the British period drama, Home Fires.

Luke Newton Took on the Role of Travel-Loving Colin Bridgerton, and Wowed Us With His Unexpected Singing Voice…

With so many family members to contend with, it would have been easy for a member of the Bridgerton brood to get lost in the show. But thankfully, they all had their moment to shine – and Luke Newton definitely got his moment while playing Colin Bridgerton. Not only did he get to show off his handsome features and his gentlemanly ways, but he even got his own singing number.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar22
Image: US Weekly

Yes, Bridgerton wouldn’t have been the same without his musical talent or his presence, and there’s no doubt about the fact that he had an impact on the women of the show. From Marina to Penelope, they all wanted a piece of Colin Bridgerton, both honorably and dishonorably. But if you’re a fan of the Disney Channel, you may feel like you’d seen his face before. Well, that’s because you have!

So It Should Come as No Surprise To Learn That He’s Already Used His Theatrical Talents on the Disney Channel

Luke Newton has one of those faces that just seems perfect in every way, and his career has certainly been helped by the fact that he trained at the London School of Musical Theater. This training has shaped how he acts and portrays himself, and there was one particular channel that knew they had to have him on their screens. Yes, we’re talking about the Disney Channel.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar21
Image: Twitter/Luke Newton

From 2016 until 2017, Luke took on the main role of Ben Evans in The Lodge. This British musical drama might not have become the next Hannah Montana, but it gave him the chance to shine and add an impressive project to his resume. This role has since come to an end, but we have a feeling that this is just the start of Luke’s impressive career.

Polly Walker Stepped Into Some Rather Expensive Shoes To Become Baroness Featherington…

Polly Walker was certainly dealt a difficult hand when she was given the task of bringing Baroness Featherington to life. And, to be honest, we did feel a little sorry for her. While her floral gowns may have given us a slight headache, she had to deal with a headache of her own when certain events left her family in dire straits.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar25
Image: Metro

As if Marina’s arrival wasn’t bad enough, she then had to deal with her banishment from high society. Her place in the ton was put in jeopardy, but Polly managed to strike a balance between an annoying baroness and a vulnerable wife and mother. In fact, most of the time we didn’t know how to feel about her presence on our screens. We were so conflicted.

But That Wasn’t the First Time She Donned Old-School Outfits To Stake Her Claim in the Acting World

But if you were watching Bridgerton and wondering where you’d seen Polly Walker before, it might all make sense now. After all, the picture below has probably jogged your memory, right? Not only did Polly star in the historical drama Rome, from 2005 until 2007, but she also received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Atia of the Julii!

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar26
Image: The Boston Globe

You’ll be happy to know that her acting credits don’t stop there, though. If you’re a fan of British television shows, you may have also seen her in the likes of Line of Duty, Prisoners’ Wives, and Age Before Beauty. Just before her stint on Bridgerton, this leading lady also starred in five episodes of the Netflix original, Cursed. It’s no wonder she was a high flier in the ton.

Florence Hunt Made Playing the Youngest Bridgerton Daughter Look Easy Peasy…

The Bridgerton family name is one that holds high esteem in the ton, and so it should come as no surprise to learn that every single member has their part to play. And while Hyacinth Bridgerton didn’t exactly have her chance to shine in the first season, she was still there to watch her siblings in action from the sidelines.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar6
Image: Netflix

And 13-year-old Florence Hunt was the young actress who got to bring this character to life. Just as Hyacinth was excited at the thought of being related to a potential princess, it seems as though Florence was just as excited to work her magic on the set of Bridgerton. But this isn’t Florence’s first rodeo. She’s already got quite an impressive resume to her name.

Which Isn’t Surprising, Considering She’s Starred in Another Netflix Smash Hit

Actually, Florence Hunt only has two acting credits under her belt – but they’re pretty big ones. While most people now know her for her role as the youngest daughter of the Bridgerton family, others know her from another hugely popular Netflix original series that made its way onto our screens in 2020.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar5
Image: IMDb

Yes, if you watched the incredible fantasy drama, Cursed, you may have seen this little lady show off her acting talent as the young Nimue. Considering she’s already bagged these two major roles and there’s another Bridgerton season on the way, we have a feeling that this is the start of a long and successful career for this 13-year-old.

The Unlucky-in-Love Prudence Featherington Was Played by English Actress Bessie Carter…

Let’s be honest; it was pretty hard to keep up with the Featherington family. One minute they were flying high with the rest of the lords and ladies, and the next, they were the talk of the ton – and not in a good way. While Bessie Carter’s role as Prudence Featherington wasn’t one that got too many heads turning, we did feel a little sorry for her.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar10
Image: Glamour

As all of the ladies around her were adding names to their dance cards and welcoming suitors into their home, Prudence’s life was a little more laid-back. But we can’t imagine that Bessie cared too much. She still had her chance to shine, and she still managed to convince everyone at home that they’d seen her somewhere before. But where?

And After Growing up With Her Famous Actress Mom, She’s Been Able To Showcase That She’s Learned From the Best

One of the reasons you may have recognized Bessie on your screens is because she actually has a very famous mother. And a famous father. Her mom is none other than Imelda Staunton (know, of course, for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter franchise), and her father is Jim Carter (who played Mr. Carson in Downton Abbey).

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar9
Image: Amazon.com

With two huge names by her side growing up, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that Bessie learned a thing or two from her parents. Because of this, she has already been able to stake her claim in the UK as a talented actress with lots to give. Not only has she appeared in Cranford with her parents, but in 2019 she also wore the beautiful gown pictured to become Violet Woodhouse in Beecham House.

Jamie Beamish Didn’t Rack up Too Many Fans as Nigel Berbrooke on Bridgerton

It must be hard to take on an unlikeable character, but we can’t imagine Jamie Beamish was too sad when he was given the chance to play Nigel Berbrooke on Bridgerton. After all, it’s broken all records to become Netflix’s biggest series ever! And he certainly wowed everyone as he created a character that was just so darn irritating.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar13
Image: IMD

While we started off the series feeling a little sympathetic towards Nigel and his unmarried life, we soon came to realize that there was a valid reason for that. And although most people disliked him by the end of the season, at least Jamie Beamish managed to get a huge shiner Regé-Jean Page while filming. That’s definitely something to write home about.

But He’s Hilariously Won Everyone Over on a Particularly Famous Television Show Based in Ireland

When many fans saw Nigel Berbrooke walk onto their screens, they instantly recognized him from somewhere. They knew that they’d seen him before, and they knew that while he had looked a little different in this other role, the facial features were all there. But what show was it? Why, it was Derry Girls, of course!

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar12
Image: The Times

Yes, just like Nicola Coughlan, Jamie Beamish also had the chance to work on this hugely popular Irish television show. And while he wasn’t quite as big of a character as Nicola was, he still made his impact as the hilarious Ciaran. But what’s so amazing is that these two roles make up two-thirds of his career so far. His only other acting gig came in 2019 when he starred in Extra Ordinary.

Regé-Jean Page Used a Spoon To Make Us All Fall in Love With the Duke of Hastings, and It 100% Worked…

We’ve never known love quite like when the Duke of Hastings licked a spoon and looked directly into our eyes, but it seems as though we’ve fallen. And there’s no way for us to get back up. Of course, that was all part of Regé-Jean Page’s plan. It was his job to bring the role of Simon, Duke of Hastings, to life – and he did a pretty good job.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar40
Image: Vanity Fair

For this role, the actor took daddy issues to a whole new level when he became the suitor of the season. And we have to say that his story did make us feel extremely sad and sympathetic to his situation. You know, until he decided to become the ultimate playboy of the Regency era and mess with Daphne’s emotions. But you’ve seen the Duke before, right? After all, he seems so familiar.

But Did You Know That He Once Hung Out With Our Favorite Witches and Wizards?

While watching the Duke strip off to fight in the ring or to get jiggy in the library, you may have felt an unusual feeling. As though you knew him well and have encountered him in your life before. Well, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you have then! He made a small appearance as a wedding guest in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1. But it was uncredited.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar41
Image: People

But what might surprise you is that Regé-Jean doesn’t have too many other credits to his acting resume. Although he has worked with Shonda Rhimes in the past for a short-lived stint on For the People in 2018, his role as the Duke in Bridgerton has been his first major production as a major character. So, we’re expecting big things from him after this.

Jessica Madsen Did a Pretty Good Job of Playing Daphne’s High Society Rival…

Life would be pretty boring if we all got along as we did in middle school, and while we’d love to bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles, it’s just not possible. Because of this, every storyline needs a rival. And in Bridgerton‘s case, Jessica Madsen was cast as the rival to end all rivals.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar4

Starring as debutante Cressida Cowper, Jessica donned her strange wigs and tried her best to beat Daphne to the hottest husband during the ton season. Of course, she had her eyes on the biggest prize of them all, and she soon got in the way of Daphne’s plans. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, right?

But This Leading Lady Is Used To Standing up for Herself, Especially With Lethal Weapons in Tow

If you were one of those viewers scratching your head and wondering where you’d seen Jessica Madsen before, we’re here to put you out of your misery. Not literally, though. That’s because you probably recognize this debutante from her 2017 role in the horror movie Leatherface. Obviously, she did look pretty different in this setting.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar3
Image: IMDb

But that’s not all this actress is known for. After her breakout role in this terrifying movie, Jessica was later cast in Rambo: Last Blood and Dark Light. Considering she’s only three and a half years into her professional acting career, we have to commend her for landing these major roles. And especially for being able to work with a huge icon like Shonda Rhimes.

Claudia Jessie Became the Ultimate Investigator To Solve the Bridgerton Mystery…

Who would you be if you were living in the ton? Would you be searching for the best husband? Would you be attending after-hours art classes? Or would you rather solve the ultimate Bridgerton mystery? Amazingly, Claudia Jessie’s character was all about the latter, and she made it her mission to uncover Lady Whistledown.

Have We Met Before Your Grace  This Is Why the Cast of Bridgerton Look So Familiar31
Image: Town & Country

As the second-eldest daughter in the Bridgerton household, Eloise Bridgerton didn’t have as much pressure put on her shoulders as her older sister. But that’s not to say that she could do everything that she wanted. For her role, Claudia Jessie had to portray a character torn between her own dreams and her family’s legacy, and she toed the line perfectly.

But She’s No Stranger To Going Back in Time and Taking on These Impressive Period Roles

There was something so familiar about watching Claudia Jessie take to the screen in her corset and her long gowns, and you’ll be happy to know that you weren’t just experiencing a severe case of déjà vu. That’s actually because one of Claudia Jessie’s most famous roles to date also took her back in time.

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In 2018, Claudia became Amelia Sedley in the historical drama Vanity Fair, and this show has since become famous across the globe. But if you’re more into traditionally British soap operas, you may have also seen her in the likes of Porters, Line of Duty, Defending the Guilty, and so much more. Yes, she certainly keeps herself busy.

Golda Rosheuvel Donned Her Magnificent Array of Wigs To Become Queen Charlotte…

High society wouldn’t be the same without someone presiding over the hierarchy, and in Bridgerton‘s case, that job was given to Golda Rosheuvel. For this role, Golda took on the role of the magnificent (and slightly blunt) Queen Charlotte, who held almost all of the power in the ton.

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It was the queen’s job to decide on the “it” debutante of the season, it was her job to know everything going on in high society, and she made sure that her subjects were behaving as they should. And with the help of an incredible array of wigs, some adorable dogs, and the ability to bark orders and strike fear into those below her, Golda transformed herself into this believable character.

But She’s Actually Not Used To Working in Front of the Screen, With Only a Few TV Credits To Her Name

But if you were wondering where you’d seen Golda before, you may have been left wondering for a while. That’s because, aside from her major role in Bridgerton, this actress is largely known for her performances on the stage rather than on the screen. But that’s not to say that she hasn’t worked on any TV shows.

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Golda has worked on shows like Coronation Street and Torchwood, and she’s even taken on the role of Agnes in a movie of Lady Macbeth. Perhaps her best-known television performance, though, came just before her time on Bridgerton, when she was cast in an episode of the popular British crime drama, Death in Paradise.

Phoebe Dynevor Made Her Debut in the Ton Thanks To a Little Help From the Queen…

No season in the ton would be complete without Queen Charlotte’s top pick, and Daphne Bridgerton was the one who managed to win over the heart of the ice queen and stake her place within high society. For a little while anyway. For this role, young actress Phoebe Dynevor stepped into the perfect high heels of Daphne, and she blew everyone away.

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From her unlikely innocence to her impressive independence, we bet Phoebe was over the moon when she landed the part. This young actress portrayed a character that seemed perfect in every way, but she also had her flaws – and she certainly struggled when it came to choosing the right suitor. But as time wore on, and the more we looked at Daphne’s face, the more we knew we’d seen her before.

But She’d Already Begun To Stake Her Claim Way Before Her Days on Bridgerton

While many people have assumed that Phoebe Dynevor has Bridgerton to thank for her fame and success, that’s not quite the case. Sure, her place in society certainly ramped up a notch when she was spotted with the Duke, but she’s been in the limelight for much of her life. In fact, her mother is a famous actress, known for her 35-year stint on the British soap opera Coronation Street. And she’s even the spitting image of her mom!

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So it should come as no surprise to learn that Phoebe has been acting since she was a child. The 25-year-old began her career in 2009 on Waterloo Road, and it wasn’t long before she was taking on larger recurring roles in British TV dramas. But most recently, she’s risen to fame thanks to her stint alongside Rupert Grint and Ed Westwick in Guy Ritchie’s comedy-drama, Snatch.