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Heartwarming Moments Showing How Steve Irwin’s Son Wants to Follow in His Footsteps

If we had to make a list of Australia’s biggest legends, Steve Irwin would absolutely be nearing the top. With such profound zookeeper knowledge, this man was once the closest thing the world got to a real animal whisperer. Over the years, it would seem that one important person has vowed to take over his tremendous legacy; and we couldn’t be prouder!

15 years ago, Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri, welcomed a son named Robert to the world. They may have only got a couple of years together, but the impression Mr. Irwin made on his little boy was clearly a great one, as now the two couldn’t be more similar. Popular Everything is showing you the moments proving how Robert is this Crocodile Hunter’s mini-me!

Top Role Model

Growing up, there wasn’t a single person in the world the young Robert Irwin looked up to more than his father; after all, as one of the world’s biggest wildlife experts, can you blame him? During his childhood years, Irwin Jr. enjoyed learning about his father via his educational shows, which gave him ideas about the future.

In a recent interview, the young Robert disclosed “I don’t want to be Dad, but I do want to continue his legacy.” That’s good enough for us! Over the years, Robert has worked hard to achieve a successful career; how many 15-year-olds do you know doing that? This is certainly one for the Aussie books.

Double the Trouble

We’re seeing double here! Looking at the father-son duo straight on, the similarities begin screaming at us. The blondies share such an incredible likeness to one another, that it’s difficult to tell who’s who in these side-by-side snapshots taken of the two baby Irwins.

Sure, they look a lot like each other; but the more you learn about little Robert, the more you’ll begin to discover that physical looks are just scratching the surface as to how much these two share in common. We’re 100% certain that if Steve was still around today, these two would be the best of friends!

A Matched Charisma

Let’s delve a little deeper into the ways Robert Irwin has things in common with his father! Time and again, the teen has been spotted sharing a lot of the same personality traits as his old man. Take a pinch of that fearless attitude, a drop of that true passion for his work, and you’ve got yourself two very similar Aussies!

Here’s more proof! In 2017, Robert Irwin appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, The Tonight Show. He may have only been 13 years old at the time, but Rob already made quite a big effect on the host. Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but tell the teen that “you’re actually…your dad!” The early signs were there that this youngster wanted to do Steve proud.

Expert Beginnings

If we looked beyond the surface of looks and charisma, how well does Robert fare in the world of work? While a lot of youngsters share different interests with their parents, this teen stood out from the crowd. Clearly, having a father as widely respected as Mr. Irwin is what had drawn Robert into following in his footsteps.

Here’s the deal. Steve Irwin was recognized for his wealthy knowledge of the animal kingdom. From hippos to dingoes, the man had them covered. To match his father’s extensive knowledge, Robert attended homeschooling at Australia Zoo. Talk about starting them young! Here, the young Aussie could learn everything he needed to follow his old man’s ways.

The Big Break

It’s fate! Having grown up in an Australian Zoo, an interest in wildlife animals was written in the stars for little Robert. Despite this, no one could have prepared for just how dedicated the youngster would be to paying tribute to his late father. There’s something very powerful about those Irwin genes!

A love for animals is, quite clearly, in the Irwin blood. How do we know this? For starters, the young Robert considers the animals he’s grown up around to be his family. For this very reason, the Aussie teen has worked hard to maintain his father’s efforts towards greater animal conservation.

An Important Doctrine

By, Crikey! Steve Irwin was known as many things: Crocodile Hunter, Aussie legend, and advocate for animal rights. While he was making headlines in the media, he used his high status to change people’s opinions on the treatment of wildlife creatures. He often mentioned, “if we don’t get animals into people’s hearts, they’re going to go extinct.”

How did he resolve this? Teaching crowds his expertise in this field, to break down the barriers between humans and animals. Under the watchful eye of Steve’s best friend, Wes, Robert hopes to learn as much as his father. Now, the teen uses his public status to teach audiences the importance of conservation, just like his dad. We’re super proud!

Identical Snake Charmers

These two take the term “like father, like son” to a whole new level. Being the daredevil people knew and loved him to be, Steve Irwin was never too shy to share a cuddle with the deadliest of creatures. On many occasions, the conservationist got caught doing the utterly unthinkable…holding up a venomous snake to the camera! Clearly, this brave trend runs in the family.

If there was one man who’d be able to re-enact such fearless acts, it’s Irwin Jr. Alongside mother, Terri, and older sister, Bindi, the Irwins participate in the Wildlife Warriors show at Australia Zoo. Here, Robert often gets face-to-face with the deadly reptile, just like his pops. Robert vowed to make his father proud, and believe us, he’s more than succeeded in that mission!

Eye of the Tiger

If you haven’t already guessed by now, the Irwin family is a brave specimen of people. Often, the Aussies can be spotted getting close to some of the most dangerous wildlife that most of us wouldn’t dare to approach. The next creature, which doesn’t seem to frighten this iconic father-son duo, is tigers!

This is quite remarkable. While most fathers would sing nursery rhymes to their children, Steve wanted to spend the early years of his son’s life making him brave! How? Introducing him to all sorts of wildlife animals. Due to his conditioning, Robert has no fear of petting some of the most deadly animals, like tigers! To this teen, they’re simply his fellow roomies.

Caring Sides

Since he could talk, Robert has enjoyed a lot of the same things his old man did. Proving that life in the spotlight is in the Irwin genes, Rob has worked hard to get his very own segment on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Talk about working your way to the top!

Late in the evening, Robert teaches audiences about all sorts of weird and wonderful wildlife creatures; where have we heard this before? That’s right, with the man responsible for bringing Robert into this world! We’re sure if Steve was around today, he’d be sat in the front row of every one of these shows, cheering on his little boy!

Pair of Croc Enthusiasts

While Steve Irwin dealt with many wildlife creatures on his shows, if we were to tell you his favorite animal, crocodiles would take center stage. While these dangerous reptiles may seem like an unusual choice, Steve was always brave enough to deal with them! If there’s one person in the world that shares this odd passion, it’s Irwin Jr.

Introducing Murray! 15 years ago, Mr. Irwin was snapped at Australia Zoo giving this crocodile his lunch, not to mention, from very close proximity that many wouldn’t dare to reach. Fast forward to today, and who’s stepped up to the plate? None other than Steve’s own son! Irwin Jr. was photographed feeding the same croc, in the same location. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Lifesaving Services

They say that when you love your job, you never work a day in your life so for Robert Irwin, life couldn’t be easier! Due to this youngster’s passion for all things animal, working at a zoo is not just about making pops proud, but generally just doing what he loves. To get people in the know about their conservation, the family has started several education programs.

For a small price, visitors get the chance to “adopt” one of the zoo creatures. No, this doesn’t mean welcoming a rhino into your backyard but helping fund wildlife conservation; in other words, ensuring these wild animals continue living their best lives! Steve was once an enforcer of these programs, and now it’s down to Robert to continue.

Crocodiles Come First

For the Irwin family, crocodiles are like pets. What’s the one rule for keeping a pet? Enjoy them as much as you like, but you need to make the effort to look after them. This universal rule is what encouraged Steve Irwin to take extra care of his beloved crocs and, believe it or not, it’s exactly what his son is busy doing now!

A typical day for Robert Irwin at Australia Zoo would involve researching crocodile rescue missions and then educating viewers about how they can get involved by supporting these organizations on his show. One step at a time, Robert Irwin is contributing to his dad’s lifelong mission of saving the crocs!

Hands-on Community

As a conservationist, Steve Irwin protested against constricting cages in zoos, he simply felt it wasn’t natural! To keep his animals happy, the Aussie ensured Australia Zoo was open for creatures to roam around as they pleased. There was also a much more hands-on attitude between zookeepers and animals than usual.

Want to treat the animals to some grub? Step inside the enclosure, and hand-feed them! While a lot of us would be too scared to get so up-close-and-personal with wildlife, for Robert Irwin the task has come as second nature! Had Steve been around today, we’re sure he’d feel proud by how much bravery his son shows on a daily basis.

Bringing the Facts

Despite his tough exterior, only the true fans would know that Steve Irwin was really just a big softie at heart! Years of hands-on interaction with some of the deadliest creatures known to man wasn’t to try and show off his macho bravery to the world, but something quite different!

So, what was the point Mr. Irwin was trying to make? That despite what you might hear, these creatures are not the ferocious monsters they’re made out to be, not at all! Give the right treatment, and you will begin to see just how beautiful these animals can be.

Nothing to Fear

Who understands Mr. Irwin’s message that wildlife animals pose no threat? Of course, Steve’s conscientious son, Robert. During an interview, the Aussie reinforced his father’s points that despite what everyone thinks, crocodiles are actually a “very intelligent” species with loyal instincts. It turns out, his teachings can be applied to any animal!

From reptiles to mammals, Robert Irwin is here to prove to the nation that we shouldn’t fear these beautiful creatures. With his careful guidance, we can not only stop living in fear of wildlife animals, but we can each do our part to promote their conservation! Once again, he’s doing his pops proud.

A Family Venture

It would appear Robert isn’t the only one keen to pay tribute to his late father, in fact, the whole family’s got involved! Keen to continue Steve Irwin’s tremendous work in support of the animal kingdom, older sister, Bindi and mom, Terri joined Robert on the big screen.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins aired last year and has continued running on the Animal Planet network in the States, recently getting a second season confirmed. Watching the series play out, it’s super emotional to see just how much Steve’s children reflect that exact same devotion to animal conservation as their old man.

The Show Explained

Each week, viewers keep up to date with the latest goings-on with Robert and co. at Australia Zoo. Their fascinating life makes this no ordinary reality show! Instead, the camera crew follows as the family gets to work on their animal care missions. It’s safe to say, this is a breath of fresh air compared to the superficial dramas you normally see on television!

Ok, so this show may be unique, but it’s certainly been done once or twice before. Where? On Steve’s Irwin’s original show, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. Here, he too was letting the cameras in on his daily life, while telling them a little about animal conservation. When we told you Robert was working hard to continue his dad’s legacy, we really meant it!

A Whole New Project

Robert Irwin is most definitely his father’s son! The continued support of Steve’s animal conservation work is actually what encouraged this young Aussie to find his own passion as a photographer, and a pretty impressive one at that! Ten points to anyone who can guess what this teen focuses his images on.

Among several other things, Robert Irwin has successfully made a name for himself as a distinguished nature photographer. Growing up at Australia Zoo, Robert felt inspired by his environment and the wildlife around him, so he continues to share this with others through his impressive images. Keep up the good work, Rob!

The Perfect Combination

The more you learn about Robert Irwin, the more you’ll understand how everything he’s done has been in the best interest of animals. He may consider himself quite the photography professional now, but it serves a much more important purpose than merely taking a pretty picture!

According to the Crocodile Hunter’s son, nature photography and wildlife conservation go hand-in-hand. How? Robert hopes that the younger generation will see his beautiful images, and it will inspire them to get more involved in protecting the natural world. Steve, you did well with this one!

A Seasoned Traveler

You need to make the most out of every opportunity life throws at you, and Robert Irwin learned that from the offset! After discovering he had a talent for capturing beautiful photographs, the young zookeeper expanded his mission a little. How? By traveling around to different parts of the globe, in search of more wild animals that he could snap a shot of.

Let’s go to Africa! On one of his photo trips, the Aussie was spotted getting close to some of the most vulnerable wildlife on the continent. While he was getting the best angles, he made sure to do his dad proud by working towards conserving these creature’s lives. At this point, we wouldn’t expect any less from the hard worker!

Doing Dad a Favor

As if this whole thing wasn’t emotional enough, get ready for this! It’s tremendous that Robert felt so inspired by his father that he decided to continue his legacy, whether it be in supporting animal conservation groups or teaching viewers about wildlife on television shows. Did you know, this was actually a dream of Steve’s all along?

Recently, Robert shared with his followers a video of mother Terri talking about her late husband. What did she reveal? All along, Steve Irwin had hoped his children would take over the animal conservation work straight after him. There it is! The direct proof you needed to know this father would be incredibly proud of Irwin Jr.

Stepping Over to Sister

It’s time to focus on Steve Irwin’s second bundle of joy now! Immediately after the birth of his first child, Bindi, in 1998, Mr. Irwin put his teaching cap on and began sharing his wealth of knowledge on wildlife creatures with his little girl. It’s these moments the star now holds close to her heart!

The father-daughter bond is a super special one. While a lot of young girls spend their early years enjoying shopping sprees at the mall, Bindi Irwin was petting crocodiles! This Aussie’s upbringing may have been a little out of the ordinary, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s check in on how she’s doing now!

Evaluating her Work

Just like her brother, this Aussie vowed to do all she could to ensure endangered wildlife was protected just like her old man, and her little brother now too! Stepping into her twenties now, this Australia Zoo resident has made quite a career for herself.

Here’s the deal. She’s starred in a Free Willy movie, been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and a whole lot else. Above all, Bindi is a fellow animal lover! Alongside working with her brother and mother on Crikey! It’s the Irwins, the youngster previously worked at the zoo’s wildlife hospital helping these creatures get back on the mend. Well done, Bindi!

Continuing the Tradition

So, what’s next in store for Robert Irwin We already know the teen superstar is on set to complete season 2 of Crikey! It’s the Irwins where he’ll continue educating the masses on how important it is to conserve our wildlife, but with such an undeniable love for all things animal, this is obviously just the beginning.

We really do owe a huge thanks to Steve Irwin here. Not only did he inspire a nation to pay more attention to the endangered species of our wildlife, but he made Robert Irwin a legend. It’s very rare for people to discover what they want to do for the rest of their lives at 15, but Robert was always in good hands!