Here’s What All Our Favorite 90’s Stars Look Like Now

There’s no denying the 1990s was a great time. Denim on denim came into fashion and Friday nights consisted of binge-watching the newest teen dramas. Now, who’s ready for some transformation pics of the century? It seems like just yesterday we were watching some of these female icons from the 1990s grace our screens, and now they’re all grown up!

Talk about a throwback! Popular Everything is giving you the scoop on what some of the most prominent female stars look like today after their breakthrough moments, and what they’re now getting up to, over twenty years later. Whether they’re still hitting the tabloids or choosing to keep a low profile, we must admit, we barely recognize some of these stars today.

Kirstie Alley

She may have been a hit in the nineties, but Kirstie Alley’s whirlwind career began way back in 1982, after appearing in the second “Star Trek” movie. Towards the next decade, Alley featured in a wide number of sitcoms, was generating headlines for her involvement in Scientology, and even got caught rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Travolta!

Now, this is quite some change. Over the years, Alley has been scolded in the press for her weight gain, which began late 2003. Since her heyday, the American star still features on our screens and was recently filmed in the UK version of “Big Brother.”

Jennifer Aniston

Even though her acting debut began in 1987, Aniston didn’t become a hit until the 1990s. Her most notable role, as we’re sure most of you know, was starring as the gorgeous Rachel in the popular television sitcom, “Friends.” People were so enamored by the acting superstar, there was even a hairstyle named after her character, and everyone wanted it!

Wow! If there’s one star who kills the aging game, it’s our Jen. The actress almost appears younger than when she did back in the days of “Friends.” Today, Aniston has kept her acting legacy as active as possible, appearing on some box office hits including: “Marley & Me,” “The Bounty Hunter,” “Just Go with It“…the list is never ending! We guarantee, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Aniston in the years to come.

Melissa Joan Hart

1996 was a big year for New York’s Melissa Joan Hart. If you didn’t catch her performance in “Clarissa Explains It All,” you would’ve at least heard of the popular show, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” This Disney role made this woman the big star she is today. It gave her the means to move on to other big roles, such as “Melissa and Joey.”

Oh, look! It’s another actress which seems to defy the aging process. Melissa Joan Hart looks great, despite being in the public eye for so long. Having finished filming for “Melissa and Joey” as late as 2015, Melissa has managed to keep an active profile for some years. Her latest project involves an upcoming Netflix series, “No Good Luck.”

Alyson Hannigan

Here’s another big name. Those of you are familiar with the work of Alyson Hannigan, will have probably caught her big acting debut in 1997 as the best friend of protagonist Buffy’s, Willow Rosenberg in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Before then, the star featured in a sci-fi movie “My Stepmother Is an Alien” and television sitcom, “Free Spirit.”

Hannigan became so widely recognized after her nineties role, she had no choice but to revel in the fame! In 1999, Hannigan starred as the iconic Michelle Flaherty in “American Pie” (you know, the one from band camp?) In terms of sitcoms, the acting legend spent nine whole years on set for “How I Met Your Mother.” Despite all this hard work, the woman hasn’t aged a day!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

We’ve just mentioned “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” so why not take a look at how the main character’s doing? Sarah Michelle Gellar proves she was a born actress. Her first big role as Kendall Hart on Daytime soap opera “All My Children” won her an Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Following this, Gellar took the 1990s by storm, featuring in an impressive number of shows.

She may have aged well, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has recently decided to put the acting life behind her. 2016 was officially the last ever date this actress appeared on screen. Since then, motherly instincts have taken over as the star created her own food-craft company. That’s some career change!

Angie Harmon

Texas native Angie Harmon started modeling as a child, and in her teens won a Seventeen modeling contest in 1987. She walked the runways for some of the biggest designers in the early 1990s including Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Donna Karen. Angie began acting in the mid-90s after landing a role in Baywatch Nights. She rose to fame after joining the series Law & Order.

Angie left Law & Order in 2001 to focus on a film career. The five-foot-ten, mom of three mini-me daughters still looks like a runway model! So good in fact she celebrated her 46th birthday last year with a family trip and a bikini shoot flaunting it all on her Instagram. This stunner has still got it!

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Who remembers rushing home from school, to catch an episode of NBC’s “Saved by the Bell?” One star who benefitted hugely from her role on this show was the beautiful Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. She impressed so many people that she immediately bagged a role on “Beverley Hills, 90210″ straight after!

She may be older, but she still looks gorgeous! Thiessen is another star that proves natural beauty wins every time. In 2005, the acting sensation married the love of her life, Brady Smith and since have had two children together. Despite starting a new family, Thiessen has not flown too far from her roots. In 2014, She featured in US network series, “White Collar.”

Andrea Barber

Here’s some more old school sitcom nostalgia for you! Andrea Barber made a name for herself back in the late 1980s, as the quirky Kimmy Gibbler in “Full House.” By the time the show ended in ’95, Barber had bagged herself three Young Artist Award nominations for Best Young Actress in a Supporting Role.

This star has aged with grace! After settling down in 2000 with husband Jeremy Rytky and giving birth to her first child in 2004, Barber took a small hiatus from acting. Fast forward a few years, and Barber was back! She made her re-appearance to the screens in an episode of “Funny or Die” back in 2012. Since then, she has appeared in the Full House spin-off series, “Fuller House” – give it a watch!

Neve Campbell

If you’re a sucker for a good slasher-horror movie, we’re sure you’ve watched “Scream” a couple of times! Despite this being one of Neve Campbell’s most significant roles, she entered the 90s screens with teen drama, “Party of Five,” which won her a Golden Globe for Best Drama.

Personally, we think that after all these years, Neve Campbell has come out looking even more glamorous than she did during her acting heyday! Despite focusing more on her personal life nowadays, Neve still features in some small parts of shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Man Men.” We’ll always remember her as the fearless Sidney Prescott, though.

Jennie Garth

We’re taking you on a trip, back to sunny “Beverley Hills, 90210.” Another big star of the glamorous teen drama included the character Kelly Taylor, played by Jennie Garth. This star ruled the show between the years 1990-2000.

Nowadays, Jennie is a glamorous mother-of-three who seems to have reaped no effects from the curse of aging. Despite putting her acting career aside to make time for her family, Garth shocked a nation when she admitted to taking part in a 90210 reunion this summer, with all her co-stars. We cannot contain our excitement!

Alicia Silverstone

Probably one of our all-time favorite characters growing up would have to be the glamorous Cher, from “Clueless.” Would you believe the star who played her, Alicia Silverstone, kicked off her career in an ad for Domino’s Pizza? In Cher’s own words: ugh, as if! Since then, she appeared in the “Wonder Years” from 1992, and several other shows before landing the iconic “Clueless” role in 1995.

Over the years, life got in the way which caused Silverstone to take a brief interval from her acting career. Looking at her today though, who would even know the woman’s aged – she looks phenomenal! At 41-years-old, the actress returned on screens in various projects, such as comedy movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” Who said growing older meant you couldn’t do the things you love?

Robin Tunney

One of Neve Campbell’s first ever costars was none other than Robin Tunney. The Chicago actress first hit our screens in 1996, after starring on the teen thriller, “The Craft.”

Since her acting debut, Tunney has gone on to take part in some bigger projects, such as popular television series “Prison Break,” and “The Mentalist.” With such a hectic work schedule, we’re surprised to find out that years later, Tunney looks the same as she did when her acting career began!

Julia Stiles

Back in the naughty nineties, Julia Stiles was everywhere. The acting superstar dabbled in her fair share of premieres up until the motion picture that really made her a big name, “10 Things I Hate About You.”

She was a beauty back then, and she’s still a beauty now! Not only has this woman managed to keep her appearance in top shape, but she’s not let the aging process take a halt on her work life, either. Over the recent years, Stiles has featured in many television series, such as “Dexter,” “Bourne,” and “Riviera.” There’s no stopping this 90s star!

Jenna Von Oy

Who remembers the hat lady of the nineties? That’s right, this actress turned country singer was renowned a couple of decades back for her sporting of the coolest head accessories. Not just a style icon, but Jenna was wowing crowds with her performances in sitcoms such as “Blossom” and “The Parkers.

Who knew, all these years later Von Oy is still as gorgeous as she was in her heyday? The star recently took a break from acting after giving birth, but it’s not the end! She wrote a book called “Situation Momedy,” those of you new moms out there should give it a read!

Tracey Gold

Tracey Gold is one of those one-time hits. What do we mean by this? If you ever think of this woman, we guarantee you’ll all be picturing her as Carol Seaver in the famous show, “Growing Pains.” The big question is, where is Seaver now?

Wow, that’s quite a transformation! Gold certainly looks a great deal older after her acting success, but what about her career? “Growing Pains” may have been her biggest hit, but she kept active by starring in “For the Love of Nancy.”This movie centered around both the highs and lows of this famous woman’s life.

Chloe Sevigny

Here’s a look at one of those progressive stars of the nineties. Back in 1995, a young Chloe Sevigny made her acting debut in the movie, “Kids.” This political movie was only the start of this woman’s time in the limelight.

Where is she now, you ask? It looks like Sevigny has transformed herself into somewhat of a fashion icon, and she looks better than ever! Not long ago, the star tried her hand as a fashion designer as even became a director on the set of 2016’s fantasy-drama film, “Kitty“. There’s no stopping this woman.

Amanda Bearse

This is a unique one. Unlike pretty much all the stars we’ve previously looked at that began their nineties careers very young, Amanda Bearse was all grown-up when she kicked off her fame. She’s most known for her roles in the horror movie “Fright Night” and the show “Married…with children.”

This transformation isn’t quite as spectacular as the ones we’ve previously looked at, but it’s a change nonetheless. Bearse hasn’t appeared on our screens much since the nineties, but she’s made a new impact. Recently, the star made her mark in the LGBT community and is seen as a role model to many. Go, Amanda!

Tatyana Ali

It wouldn’t be a look back at the stars of the 1990s if we didn’t pay a little tribute to “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Rewind a couple of decades, and we remember Tatyana Ali’s role as Ashley on the show.

Wow, this star has blossomed! She was once a young girl, but Tatyana Ali has grown up to become one beautiful star. She’s kept herself busy over the years not only in acting but getting herself a Harvard degree and becoming an ambassador for online dating. We feel nothing but pride for Ali!

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is one of those stars who seems to have been around forever. Sure, she was a hit in the nineties, but was she not a hit in the years before and directly after these? A timeless classic, some might say!

We mean, there’s quite a notable difference here, Daryl looks completely different! We immediately think of this woman for her roles in movies like “Splash,” “Steel Magnolias” and “Wall Street,” but what about today? Hannah has proven her versatility to the world and recently likened herself to somewhat of a campaigner. Some of her topics included debating against climate change. What a smart woman she is!

Amy Jo Johnson

Whether you had younger siblings, children or it was simply a guilty pleasure of yours, there was no escaping “Power Rangers” from hitting your screens in the 1990s. Looking at one of their main stars, how is Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson doing today?

Looking at the above images, we can see that time has only worked wonders on Johnson; she looks just as good as she did during her time on the Ranger squad! Fast forwarding to the present day and the star has kept her acting pursuits up in 2017 movie “The Space Between.”

Karyn Parsons

Oh, look it’s another star from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!” Karyn Parsons played one of Will Smith’s snooty cousins, Hilary Banks. She may have played a hated character on-screen, but off-screen the talented actress was a crowd favorite.

Looking at her now, we can’t believe how kind the aging process has been on this woman! Parsons still wows us today with her beautiful, bouncy curls. She may have taken a step back from the acting industry, but Parsons found a new passion. She became a respected producer for animated motion pictures. Who said actors were one-trick ponies?

Ashley Judd

Who knew “Star Trek” could host such beauties? One of the biggest stars to come out of the Next Generation series was Ashley Judd, who made her debut on the show back in 1991. People became so head over heels for this woman, that her appearances came in hot pursuit after hitting screens.

Over the years, Judd has been slammed in the media for notable changes in her appearance, likening them to surgical procedures. This woman has nevertheless managed to continue working hard. It may not be acting anymore, but Judd has made quite the impact on the political world, frequently speaking out on important matters.

Tori Spelling

We’re taking you straight back to the shiny streets of Beverly Hills! Another 90210 star that took the world by storm was Tori Spelling, or Donna Martin as you may remember her as.

Tori may have aged, but possibly not so much as some of the other stars on this list. Quite honestly, Tori is one of the few actors from this list which is better known today than she was all those decades ago. She may not be wowing us with her acting skills anymore, but instead keeps us hooked on her real-life, with several autobiographies coming out.

Lucy Lawless

If we were to show you a list of some of the most powerful female acting leads of the 1990s, Lucy Lawless would be nearing the top. If you’ve heard of this name, you’ll be familiar with her role in “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

We have to admit, Lucy Lawless today looks different to the days she was portraying a dark-haired princess who fought evil, but she still pulls off 50 well! Her looks may have changed, but her acting life never died down. She appeared in several shows and movies over the years. Lawless is a real-life warrior!

Eva LaRue

During her four-year stint as Dr. Maria Santos on “All My Children,” Eva LaRue won her title as a nation’s sweetheart. Fans everywhere were so captivated by her beauty that she made a big return to the show in 2002, five years after she had left the cast.

First of all, can we talk about how amazing this woman looks?! It may have been a long while since she became a star, but she has not aged a day. Speaking acting-wise, Eva continued featuring in television shows up until 2016, today we guess she’s spending quality time with her daughter, Kaya McKenna Callahan.

Debbe Dunning

This star should pay thanks to the 1990s for the breakthrough of her career. Debbe Dunning graced our screens from 1992-1999 in the sitcom “Home Improvement” – that’s almost a full decade!

Debbe still looks great today; it’s obvious she likes to keep in shape in her spare time! We don’t always stick to the same path our whole lives, and Debbe certainly can second that! Following her stint on the American comedy show, Dunning returned to the modeling world and even became a contestant on American Gladiators.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet was renowned for making headlines back in the 1990s. While viewers were captivated by her on-screen presence as Denise on “The Cosby Show,” fans were equally as interested in her controversial private life.

She may have traded in the bouncy curls for some hip new dreadlocks, but Bonet seems to look just as radiant now, as she did when she was a hot topic for the press. Nowadays, Bonet can be found in some pretty well-known sitcoms, such as “New Girl” and “Life on Mars.” Never stop dreaming, Bonet!

Rachael Leigh Cook

The 1990s proved themselves to be a successful period for the actress, Rachael Leigh Cook. Her debut came after appearing in the movie, “She’s All That“, and the successes followed immediately after. Welcome to the world of fame and glory, Rach!

We’re amazed to discover that after all this time, Rachael manages to capture that same youthful charm as she did back then. Like many stars, Rachael decided to put her acting career on hold after settling down in 2004. Her acting legacy will be celebrated for a while longer.

Liv Tyler

Some of you may not be surprised to learn that the gorgeous Liv Tyler tried her hand as a model, some years before her 1990s acting debut. The star made a name for herself in the acting world after portraying Grace Stamper in “Armageddon.”

Proving that age doesn’t stop you from turning heads is the gorgeous Liv Tyler. This superstar may have been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars back in the day, but today she likes to keep a fairly low-profile. It seems that family affairs take the center stage in this woman’s life. Who’s to blame her?

Alyssa Milano

One of the stars who we believe holds the biggest passion for acting would have to be Alyssa Milano. If you scammed through the entire acting history of this star, it would appear the woman never takes a break!

Looking at the beautiful star today, it’s no surprise she’s as coveted today as she was all those years ago. Unlike many of these actresses who chose to either take a hiatus or full-time break from acting, Milano seems to keep pulling roles out of the bag. If there’s anyone from this list who’s not leaving our screens soon, it’s Alyssa!

Mandy Moore

Here’s another triple threat! Mandy Moore was an American singer, songwriter, and actress. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this face before, does “ThePrincess Diaries” ring any bells? She may have seemed young when she played Lana, but years before this, Moore was keeping herself busy. Did you know her 1999 single was compared to the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera?

Now, this is a transformation we love to see! Mandy proves natural is beautiful. She may have aged over twenty years since the first pic, but who would’ve guessed it? You might recognize the new and improved Moore for her role as Rebecca Pearson in NBC family drama, “This is Us.”

Monica Lewinsky

One woman who brought brains and beauty to the nineties was Monica Lewinsky. This American activist is best known for her year-long affair with then-President, Bill Clinton, during her time interning at the White House. Scandalous or what?

Would you believe it? Proving not to let the rumor get the better of her, Monica decided to exit the public spotlight to gain a psychology degree. Today, the star has done all she can to promote anti-cyberbullying causes – good for her!

Yasmine Bleeth

One star who had it all in the 1990s was Yasmine Bleeth. The brunette not only dazzled the world with her good looks but starring as Caroline Holden in “Baywatch” proved to the world what a talented actress this woman was.

Looking at this recent snapshot taken on the right, we barely recognize Yasmine! It would appear that worldwide fame became too much for the star, as over the years she got involved in some life-threatening habits. Today, the star has not got involved in an acting pursuit for over ten years.

Nancy McKeon

Kicking off her career in the biggest way possible, Nancy McKeon starred as Jo Polniaczek in NBC show, “The Facts of Life.” Being an immediate success gave this actress the means to partake in other big roles in the 1990s, such as her series, “Can’t Hurry Love.” Did you know, she also auditioned for the role of Monica in the famous sitcom, Friends?

This is one transformation, reminding us just how young Nancy was when her career began. McKeon took a break from the screens from 2003 – 2018. In 2018 she appeared in the latest season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Demi Moore

Those of you cinema-goers of the 1990s will remember the iconic pottery scene moment held between Molly Jensen and Sam Wheat, to the sound of “Unchained Melody.” Indeed, it was this moment that made Demi Moore one of the biggest actresses of the nineties.

She may now be in her late 50s, but Moore hasn’t ended her acting journey yet – recently featuring in series such as “Rough Night” in 2017.

Tia Carrere

Unless you lived in a cave in the 1990s, you’d probably know who Tia Carrere is. The American actress was wowing audiences everywhere with her role as Cassandra Wong in the infamous “Wayne’s World” movies, now isn’t that a blast from the past!

As much as we try, there’s no fighting the curse of time. It cannot be denied that Carrere looks drastically different to the glamazon she was, back in her glory days. Her acting career seems to have taken a back seat over time too, because times change, and people do too!

Heather Locklear

Who remembers tuning in every week to hear the latest teen scandals in “Melrose Place?” American actress, Heather Locklear hit the spotlight after her portrayal of Amanda Woodward, in 1993. People were so mesmerized by this blonde bombshell that the role won her four consecutive Golden Globe nominations.

As you can see, the curse of time has had no effect on this woman. She still looks as glamorous as she did over two decades ago. Proving she’s still got it, Locklear has kept herself in the acting game ever since the glory days. Her most notable role involves the character of Frankie in the drama movie, “The Game of Love” in 2016. Keep doing you, Heather!

Tara Reid

If you owned a television set in the ’90s, you’d know who Tara Reid is. The American girl-next-door truly made a name for herself in 1999 when she played Vicky, the innocent girlfriend of Kevin Myers in “American Pie.” Before this, the actress featured in a variety of movies such as “The Big Lebowski” and “Urban Legend.”

Back in the naughty nineties, Tara Reid was known as the nation’s sweetheart. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same still applies today. After a series of botched surgeries in the 2000s, people had a hard time accepting this was the adorable blonde they’d once fallen for. Over the years, this woman got involved in some scandalous headlines. Today, she still stays relevant with small acting roles.

Mayim Bialik

If you were a fan of sitcoms back in the 1990s, you might be familiar with the work of Mayim Bialik. The young actress made a name for herself through various acting roles in shows such as Fox’s “Molloy” and NBC’s “Blossom.”

She starred in a program called “Blossom,” and blossom is precisely what this woman did! All grown up, Bialik has never looked so sophisticated. In today’s world, it is hard to recognize this actress from anything other than her role as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in the popular sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory.” Keep up the excellent work, Bialik!

Karen McDougal

The nineties were a successful year for the stunning Karen McDougal. In a matter of months, this Playboy model was seeing her name hit headlines for the very first time. Little did she know, it would grant her the title of Playmate of the Year in 1998. Let’s take a look to see if looks really do fade over time.

Well, she was a beauty back then and she still is today! Despite there being a sufficient number of years in between the taking of these two pictures, McDougal appears to have barely aged. How can we explain this? Through fitness. That’s right, McDougal took her modeling career and transformed it into a way to promote health and fitness in magazines. Now that’s a change we like to see!

Elizabeth Berkley

Another star to come out of sitcom “Saved by the Bell” who makes our list is none other than Elizabeth Berkley. Back in the nineties, this beautiful teen star was wowing the crowds with those bountiful curls, but have they stayed in place all those years later?

She may have ditched the curls, but Berkley has never looked so glam. Proving that blondes have more fun, the actress still manages to astound us all by her natural beauty. Recently, you might have caught Berkley in season 17 of “Dancing with the Stars” or even the movie “Dream Girls.”

Dominique Swain

Who remembers “Lolita?” The classic 1997 tale, based on the 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov is what made Dominique Swain a household name. She may have entered the world of fame and glory in the 1990s, but is this star still the beauty we remember her by?

Here comes another star that embraces her natural beauty! Proving she doesn’t need any cosmetic enhancement to shine is our Swain. Showing she’s still got her acting flair, the star recently announced that she would be featuring in the slasher movie, “The 6th Friend.” All you thrill-seekers, be prepared!

Gillian Anderson

If you’re a sucker for investigation shows, you’ll surely have heard of Gillian Anderson. This talented actress got her big break featuring as Agent Dana Scully on “The X-Files.” Throughout the nineties, Anderson lasted nine series and even two movies as this character.

As we can see here, the curse of time has done nothing but work wonders on Gillian Anderson. How is it even possible this woman looks better now than she did in her twenties? In the current world, Anderson has worked to promote various charities as well as campaigning for women’s rights.

Denise Richards

One of the most beautiful stars to come out of the 1990s was Denise Richards. This woman’s small beginnings made her story to fame inspirational; starting as a fashion model and onto our screens in one of the biggest sitcoms, “Beverly Hills, 90210.” What we’re all dying to know, is whether this woman maintained those effortless good looks.

Well, who would have guessed this! Denise Richards may have picked up a few wrinkles over the years, but that’s natural – she’s still the same glamazon we remember her by. In recent years, Richards stepped back from the big screen to make time for her children. Good on you, Richards!

Larisa Oleynik

Here’s a teen star if we ever saw one. Larisa Oleynik kick-started her acting career in 1994, where she was the main star on “The Secret World of Alice Mack.” Since then, she partook in a variety of big ventures such as movies like “The Baby-Sitters Club” and “10 Things I Hate About You.”

OK, so Larisa was very young when she started acting, but how is it possible that after all these years she still looks this good? Not a wrinkle in sight for this American actress. Since her nineties fame, Oleynik has been keen to keep up with the acting, featuring in shows such as “Mad Men,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “Law and Order: SVU.”

Amanda Bynes

One of the biggest stars to come out of kid’s TV was Amanda Bynes. At the young age of thirteen, this star was already wowing us all with her acting talents, starring in her own sketch comedy “The Amanda Show.”

Sometimes, life in the spotlight from very early on can lead to an unsteady future. Unfortunately, Bynes went down a wrong route a few years ago, getting involved in a series of questionable scandals. Since then, the actress has tried to patch things up in her life, while maintaining her effortless good looks – doesn’t she look radiant in her shoot for Paper magazine last year?

Jodie Sweetin

This wouldn’t be a true list of 90s stars without another mention of “Full House.” Another star who got her big break on the hit sitcom was blonde beauty, Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on the show.

Well, it’s great to see none of those good looks have faded here, Sweetin is a picture of beauty with those glamorous long locks! After her time on the hit show, Sweetin appeared to take a back seat from the world of acting. In fact, it was even reported that the star got involved in her share of unhealthy habits. Being the talented star we know and love though, she overcame her issues and has since featured in spinoff show “Fuller House.”

Beverley Mitchell

All of us remember this classic 90s star for her ten-year role as Lucy Camden on hit US series, “7th Heaven.” Indeed, Beverley Mitchell was an acting force to be reckoned with in the nineties; following her ten-year stint on the show with series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

How time has worked it’s miracles on Beverley! She may have ditched the bangs in favor of a short bob haircut, but boy does she pull it off – this is one star who is yet to suffer from the process of aging. Since her days as a television star, Mitchell has opened up her family and given birth to two children.

Michelle Williams

She may be a household name, but did you know Michelle Williams officially kickstarted her acting career back in 1994, after portraying April Porter in the timeless classic, “Lassie?” Since then, the star has taken on a multitude of different acting roles.

We’re so glad to see how gracefully this star has aged – never has a pixie cut looked so good as it does on Michelle Williams! Recently, Williams starred in one of the biggest movies of last year, “The Greatest Showman.” There’s no stopping this talent!

Marla Sokoloff

Our favorite mean girl of the 1990s is here. Marla Sokoloff began a career in acting at age twelve in popular sitcom “Full House,” before landing her most notable role as Lucy Hatcher in American drama series, “The Practice.”

Does the word ‘aging’ mean nothing to this star? She looks just as gorgeous as she did back in her breakthrough years. After a triumphant entrance into acting, Sokoloff got involved in more and more projects during the 2000s until her most recent role in the spinoff show, “Fuller House.” Keep living the dream, Marla!

Lisa Kudrow

We’re paying the “Friends” cast one more visit. Lisa Kudrow became a household name after portraying the kookiest member of the famous US crew, Phoebe Buffay, in the nineties sitcom.

There may be a couple more wrinkles than the first image, but it’s good to see Kudrow hasn’t ditched those gorgeous golden locks! Since her “Friends” days, Lisa has featured in countless box office hits. Her most recent role was in the thriller movie, “Girl on the Train.” We love to see a star who never gives up on their original dream.

Mädchen Amick

Who remembers the days when drama series “Twin Peaks” graced our screens? If you do, you’ll likely be familiar with the work of Mädchen Amick. The American actress first got her big break on this murder-mystery show, which was followed by several other roles. We wonder if she’s managed to keep up those good looks!

It’s good to see Mädchen has not, like many celebrities, felt the need to stop the pace of time with cosmetic enhancement – not that she needs it anyway! This star defines natural beauty. Proving she’s still got a flair for performing, Amick continues to feature in recent series, such as popular sitcom which has taken the teen world by storm, “Riverdale.”

Stacey Dash

Cher would’ve been nothing without her trusty sidekick, Dionne. That’s right, a second “Clueless” star has made their way onto our list! Stacey Dash got her big break in the iconic movie, and since featured in various television series such as 2006’s “The Game.”

Wow! We’d say what a transformation, but not much has transformed. Stacey looks just as beautiful as she did during her television debut – we wonder what her secret is?! Over the years, Stacey has stepped back a little from acting and got more involved in political affairs, at one point even working as a Fox correspondent.

Candace Cameron Bure

The world of fame and glory first opened it’s doors to Candace Cameron Bure in the nineties. She may have been young, but the Californian actress was taking the world by storm, featuring in some popular shows such as “Full House” and “Make It or Break It.”

It’s amazing to see how Candace has aged, showing that blondes have more fun with barely a wrinkle in sight! While continuing to feature in her fair share of sitcoms over the years, Candace has tried her luck as an author, writing three books in total. Talk about multi-talented!

Jessica Biel

Let’s focus on the oldest child on CW’s “7th Heaven.” Jessica Biel got her acting debut, portraying Mary Camden in the popular sitcom. Since then, Biel went on a whirlwind adventure, getting involved in numerous onscreen projects.

It surprises us every day how beauty just comes effortlessly for Jessica Biel. How is it that she manages to look better today, almost forty-years-of-age, than when she was just a teen and kick-starting her career? Since her debut, Biel has pretty much been non stop working and has starred in more box office hits than we can count. Keep living your best life with hubby, Justin Timberlake, Biel!

Erika Eleniak

We’re back on “Baywatch!” Another star which showed off her good looks as she strolled down the beach with David Hasselhoff was Erika Eleniak. Proving not to be a one-trick pony, this American-Canadian actress also starred in the movie: “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.”

Over twenty years on, and Eleniak proves that life doesn’t end after Baywatch – she looks great! After a notable few years in the spotlight, Eleniak kept herself busy in various minor acting roles. Her most recent work includes a pre-production which tells a hidden tale of Marilyn Monroe. If you’ve still got it, flaunt it!

Marisa Tomei

The big screen first welcomed it’s doors to the beauty that is Marisa Tomei almost three decades ago, after her role as Mona Lisa Vito in “My Cousin Vinny.”

Probably one of the biggest success stories to come out of this list is what happened to Marisa Tomei. As you can see, this woman has not aged a day since she graced our screens all those years ago. What’s more, her acting career has just soared. We’re also super impressed that Tomei is one of the few stars that has kept her private life hidden from the press. Continue doing you, Marisa!

Barbi Benton

There’s no denying that back in her hay day, Barbi Benton was a real beauty. The New York-born model-turned-actress-turned singer was turning heads from a very young age. The main question now is, what does she look like today? Have the trials of motherhood taken their toll?

She may have been a multi-talented star back then, but today Benton is usually found kicking back with her family in Los Angeles. After her success, we think this woman deserves a break!

Elisha Cuthbert

This girl next door is known for exactly that. Elisha Cuthbert is a gorgeous Canadian actress and model best known for the 2004 teen comedy film The Girl Next Door. The young actress got her start on the 90’s TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Cuthbert starred in a handful of films throughout the 2000s but is best known for her role as Kim on 24. In 2013, Maxim magazine named her “TV’s most beautiful woman.” The actress has had steady work in the industry over the last decade starring in Happy Endings, One Big Happy and in 2019, played Abby Phillips in the Netflix Original Series The Ranch.