These Dads Just Can’t Hold Back Their Inner Child on Halloween

Halloween is the time for all kids to shine. They dress up in whatever spooky or cute costume they planned on wearing for months in advance. After all the makeup and special effects are on, it’s time for the kids to enjoy their holiday full of haunted houses, candy, and spooky stories. Although Halloween turned into a kids thing, there’s a group of people who can’t help but join the fun. They’re called “dads.”

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Dads have a special kind of humor that has a unique attraction to Halloween. Popular Everything found a bunch of photos that prove dads can’t resist the 31st of October. Like a werewolf on a full moon, dads come alive! These dads, in specific, are winning at this holiday and it’s hilarious.

Hello There Little Lady

This dad was set on dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. When he couldn’t find a costume that fits him he did this:

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This is a sign of true holiday spirit and dedication. Rock on Daddio!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!

This bedtime story is a classic and a total favorite amongst the kids. So Dad decided to be a part of it on Halloween.

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He let his girl be the princess and thought, hey why not be the tower. Very creative stuff right here.

Lumberjack Studs

The lumberjack look was a total hit a few years ago, and these boys are bringing it back on Halloween.

The plaid look combined with an unkempt beard easily makes them studs.

Back to the Future, They Go!

Onwards they go! These boys are headed back to the future and everyone knows it!

Halloween Dads 12

However, we’re not sure whos having more fun Dad or his son…

Who’s Hungry For Some Wings?

We sincerely applaud this dad and give him a 10/10 for sheer creativity.

Halloween Dads 14

The little chicken girl in the KFC box is groundbreaking and simply hilarious.

Make Way for Karl Lagerfeld

If anyone’s looking for the latest Chanel bag, they’ll have to approach these two on Halloween.

Halloween Dads 5

Daddy and his daughter are looking fierce as they strut down the sidewalks asking for candy.

Annie and Daddy Warbucks Take the Town

Just like the character Annie, this girl is totally lucky. Her dad planned the whole look down to the T.

Halloween Dads 8

The curls, the dress, and his bald head make the classic movie come alive.

Dr. Evil and Mini Me

These two villains are going to steal the night! Dr. Evil and his mini sidekick will not stop until they get on million pieces of candy.

Halloween Dads 3

Kids, you better watch your pillowcases because these fellas are robing the town!

“You Be Elsa”

This dad had to just “let it go” when his daughter told him she wanted to be Olaf.

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He put his pride away and made himself a massive Elsa dress. We respect you, dad.

Star Wars Buddies For Life!

Watch out Y’all this Princess Leia and Han Solo are using the force to get some candy!

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Sure, dad is Princess Leia, but he doesn’t care. He’s just happy his girl loves Star Wars.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Busters!

She was scared of ghosts, so he found a way to conquer her fear. All kids dressed as ghosts are in for a rude awakening!

They hunt down ghosts and collect candy as a reward. This is their holiday!

Danny and Sandy Are Here to Dance

The Greece Lightning phase is back, and these two know just how to get with it.

Sandy has her dancing outfit ready, and Danny’s slicked back his hair. It’s showtime!

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

Dad couldn’t help the fact that his daughter loves the Big Bad Wolf more than Little Red.

These Amazing Fathers Seriously Deserve The Dad Of The Year Award 30 1

He rocked the wig and the dress with total confidence. This duo is unstoppable.

Ballerinas for the Night!

His daughter loves Ballet, and he knows nothing about it. The costume just says it all!

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This Halloween he’ll be cracking open the books to figure out how to perfect that twirl.


Your child is never too young to use them as an excuse to feel like a kid and dress up on Halloween.

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Stephen Speilberg needs to see this picture ASAP. It’s just too good.

Don’t They Look Pretty?

She was not going to dress up for Halloween without her best friend. Of course, she insisted on the princess look.

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His daughter has that “What are you looking at” look on her face.

Transformers Take the Town

He went from being just an average baby to a transformer baby. It looks like Dad had a field day.

more dads 10

Here’s another example of a dad who could not wait for the day he could be a kid again.

The Little Mermaid and Posidon

Poseidon finally let his girl, Ariel, out from the sea on onto dry land.

more dads 14

Looks like Halloween in the exception to his strict rules!

The Crafty Dad and His Projects

This dad knew his boys were all about Mario and Luigi. That’s why he spent his nights making them the ultimate costumes.

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Surely, there was a fight over who got to be Mario and who got to be Luigi.

Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent!!

Wayne and Garth are best friends for life, just like this dad and his son.

One day the kid will be old enough to watch the movie and totally appreciate his costume on Halloween.

When it Rains it Pours!

If you’re wondering who would have thought of this idea… the answer is in this picture.

Halloween Dads 11

This is by far, the most creative idea we’ve seen yet. It’s safe to say it’s never been done before.

Dr. Octopus and Spiderman

She might be the cutest villain ever to exist. This dad’s passion for Marvel led him down the DIY road.

Halloween Dads 13

We deem this costume a major success. They’re incredibly cute.

It’s Mike and Sully

His girl will never be afraid of monsters after she gets to be one.

Halloween Dads 7

Monsters Inc. is one of the best movies, and now she gets to live it. Even if that means dad sweating in a fursuit.

Into the Galaxy, We Go

This dad is using Halloween as a tool to get his daughter interested in the Star Wars movies!

Halloween Dads 6

We think he’s doing a great job. This Halloween she’ll be cruising through the galaxy.

Dad Just Wanted to Feel Muscular for Once…

On Halloween you can be whoever you want to be, this dad wanted to be strong, and his daughter wanted to be a princess.

Halloween Dads 2

The good news is that this costume idea is purely a win-win situation.

This is Hilarious!

The beard and tattoos don’t go with the dress, but for some reason, this is working for him.

Halloween Dads 1

If anyone’s spooky on Halloween, it’ll be this dad. What a boss!

This Step Dad Went Above and Beyond

Halloween is for everyone, and this kid’s stepdad worked incredibly hard to make it known.

These Amazing Fathers Seriously Deserve The Dad Of The Year Award 36 1

After weeks of some serious DIY crafting, his stepson showed up with the coolest costume on the block.