Hilarious Photos That Prove That Office Humor Is the Best Kind of Humor

Wed Nov 16 2022

If you want us to be totally honest with you; nobody really wants to work. Sure, the money is good, and having a routine does keep us in check. But given the chance (and a $10 million check) we’d quit in a heartbeat. And we bet most people would stay the same. That’s why humor is a godsend when you have to go to work.

Yep, working in an office can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be miserable. If you sprinkle in a few office pranks, passive-aggressive notes, creative reminders, and fancy dress costumes into the mix, it’s almost bearable. And we have to give credit to all of the people around the world proving that office humor really is the best kind of humor. Don’t believe us? Check these out.

Enter With Caution

There are two kinds of workers in the office world. There are those who live for the gossip sessions by the water cooler, and then there are those who prefer to sit in silence while they quietly count down the seconds until they can go home. We can only assume that these programmers are the latter. That’s why they had to put up this sign.

We don’t want to think about the experience they endured that forced them to write this sign in the first place, but at least they’ve warned anybody looking to barge into their office. Unless they’re willing to witness grown men violently cry in their office, they better get “Ave Maria” queued up on their Spotify playlist.

Go Go Office Rangers!

If you work in an office, there’s a high chance that your office building has a few different sections. There might be a break room, the main working space, some smaller private offices for the head honchos, and then perhaps conference rooms. But while these conference rooms normally house important and serious meetings, that doesn’t mean the workers have to be serious, too…

Meetings can be pretty boring, after all. So, we don’t blame these guys for spicing things up and adding a bit of fun into the mix. While pouring over their spreadsheets and working on the projections for next year, these guys decided to transform into the coolest office rangers around. Here’s the big question though… what color ranger would you be?

A Personal Experience

Nowadays, offices are quite evenly mixed between men and women. But there are still some industries and companies out there that have a larger population of men to women, or women to men. The office below was made up almost entirely of women… apart from one man called Ben.

Of course, with only one Ben in tow, it didn’t make sense for the men’s restroom to be called the men’s restroom any longer. With a little bit of creativity – and a pen and paper – the women were able to give their sole male worker a very personal experience. Not many people can say they have their own personal bathroom at work, so this guy is lucky.

So… Where’s Ed?

When you sit near someone of importance in an office, you unofficially become their spokesperson whether you like it or not. When other workers can’t find this person, you’re the one they come to. And while some people simply put up with the questions and the queries, it seems as though this worker had had enough.

When this worker got tired of people asking them where Ed was, they decided to do something about it. They decided that they would no longer give anyone an answer and would instead simply point to the flow chart attached to their computer. And, to be honest, we really don’t blame them.

Turning an Accident Into Art

‘Have you had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?’ is a phrase that many of us are familiar with. And while most of us are lucky that we haven’t had to call a personal injury lawyer, there are still some people who have had accidents at work. This guy wasn’t injured, but he did find himself in a sticky situation…

We don’t know what kind of workplace allows wine in the office, but what we do know is that we want to work at this company. Not only is wine on tap, but everyone is ready to snap a funny photo when someone spills the wine and turns an accident into a piece of art. Now that’s what you call progressive.

Firmly in the Friend Zone

If you work in an office, you’re probably used to being told to do things by the post-it-notes and signs around the building. From keeping the fire door shut to putting the date on the cans in the cupboards, these signs are there to remind you to do what is socially acceptable in a group environment. But sometimes it’s impossible to do exactly what these notes tell you to…

Especially when words can be interpreted in different ways. Sure, the person who wrote the yellow note probably wanted their co-workers to date their cans based on their sell-by date, but that’s not all it could mean. Unfortunately, this misinterpretation didn’t work out well for the person who tried to date the cans and was instead pushed firmly into the friend zone.

Testing the Rules

There are people at work who love the rules and regulations of wearing a uniform or smart work clothing, and then there are people who just wish they would be allowed to work in their pajamas. The guy in the photo below is obviously a pajama lover, which is why he started to test the rules.

Although his office had a strict dress code, he just wanted to feel a little more comfortable during his work day. He wrote on Reddit that he was “Testing my office’s strict dress code. I’ll graduate to two feet once I feel I’ve… slipped under the radar.” So, here’s a tip for everyone else: find some smart work shoes that look like slippers and go from there.

Battle of the Fonts

When computers were new and exciting, Comic Sans was all the rage. School essays and work notes were written in this fun and casual font, and it was totally normal. But times have changed, technology has advanced, and Comic Sans has become less and less popular. In fact, most people hate it.

Yes, some fonts just shouldn’t exist any longer – and Comic Sans is one of them. The person who saw the original note on this door obviously thought so too, as they just didn’t appreciate the fact that someone who worked at a Fortune 500 company would use such an old and outdated font. We totally feel their pain, but we also hope they did indeed keep the door closed…

Too Much Time on Your Hands

They say that you can never work the same day twice, and that’s certainly true. After all, one day you might have all of the motivation in the world to complete your work to a high standard, and then the next day you might just want to wrap a load of rubber bands around each other to showcase the size difference between the earth and the moon.

Paul was obviously having the latter type of day when he decided to do just that, and it’s clear to see that he has way too much time on his hands. But we have to say that we are impressed. Not just by the size comparison and how big the earth is, but also because he chose to play with these balls at work. And not his more inappropriate ones.

The Most Beautiful Mug in the World

Every office worker should know that taking any personal item into the office comes with risks. The main risk is that you’ll never see that item again, or there’s a chance that it will turn up six months after you lose it on the desk of your office rival. This person knew the risks, but they still took their reindeer mug into the office. So, more fool them.

Yep, this person should have known that if you take a lovely mug into the office and then tell people not to touch it, they’re going to touch it. It’s almost like reverse psychology. Because of this, we don’t really blame their co-workers for responding to their note with this hilarious note. They couldn’t help it, you know.

You Wanna Steal My Lunch?

While petty theft is always frowned upon, there’s something about an office environment that inspires people to try their hand at being a thief. People steal staplers, they steal chairs, and even steal other people’s lunch. Yep, keeping your lunch safe in a communal refrigerator is such a tough job that sometimes extreme measures have to be taken.

This person had obviously had enough of their food being stolen every single day, and so they decided to put their fellow workers off the scent. Instead of packing their lunch in a lovely box or bag, they opted instead to buy a “Human Organ For Transplant” bag – and we think this is genius. Unless they have a cannibal in their office, their food should be safe.

The Smell of Old Ketchup

Office lunches have always been a bone of contention for those who share a workspace with other people. There’s nothing worse than someone heating up their fish-filled lunch in the microwave, and that’s before we mention the cooking of eggs in the communal kitchen. But it doesn’t end there. There are also problems when people don’t properly dispose of their leftover food…

This passive-aggressive office worker had obviously had enough of smelling day-old ketchup in their office, so they decided to write a note to let their grievances be known. It seems as though the ketchup culprit didn’t appreciate being called out, though. So, they responded with an even smellier response.

The Ultimate Prank

Sitting down for eight hours with just a short break to eat your lunch can be pretty boring, and most office workers know that. That’s why office pranks are so popular. You have to add a little fun into the mix sometimes, right? And we have to say that this is the ultimate office prank.

It’s so simple, yet so effective. And so evil. All this office prankster did was attach a horn to the underside of their co-workers’ chair and wait for them to sit down. As soon as they did, we bet the whole office knew about it. And we bet the whole office was also torn between being annoyed and impressed by it.

Please Check

If you’re someone who truly appreciates an intimate and private bathroom experience, having to use the communal restrooms in your office can be horrifying. And while you try and hold on for as long as possible, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and use the office facilities and see the leftovers of the person before you…

Someone in this office obviously didn’t want to have to deal with flushing someone else’s excrement down the drain during their work day, so they posted this note to remind them to flush. Their co-workers obviously had a great sense of humor, but that’s not the main thing that stood out to us. After all, who was the person who put an “X”? And… why?

When You Want a Standing Desk…

It’s no secret that sitting down at a desk all day isn’t exactly very healthy. Doing so can affect your back, your circulation, and your overall heart health – which is why we don’t blame this guy for wanting a standing desk. But as we all know, office equipment isn’t exactly affordable. Which is why he had to get creative.

Instead of buying a brand new standing desk, this guy – who we can’t help but think deserves a career in engineering after this stunt – decided to simply take away the floor tiles and lower his own body. The end result is basically the same, and his boss didn’t have to shell out a small fortune on new equipment. It’s a win-win really.

Only Small Jobs Allowed

If you work in an office where you’re allowed to print personal items, then we’re super jealous. Most bosses not only stop employees from printing anything non-work related, but they also stop people from printing large jobs that are related to their work. There’s no winning when it comes to the office printer… so why not cheat a little?

When this office decided to remind its employees that they’re not allowed to print large jobs, one person in the office decided to have a little fun. They decided to print a large job… but not the large job their boss meant. And while this was just a small step out of line, we bet it was worth it.

A Serious Milk Situation

If you’re not particularly fond of your job, you might look forward to the little moments of your day where you can unwind. Maybe you count down the seconds until your lunch break, or maybe you just can’t wait for a cup of tea. We can only assume the person who did this loves the latter, which is why they couldn’t stand it when people kept stealing their milk.

What’s yours isn’t everyone else’s in an office situation, but some people just don’t seem to get that. In an attempt to stop people from stealing their milk, this person padlocked the lid and made sure that their co-workers couldn’t even open up the jug. Their cups of tea are precious, you know.

Happy Birthday, Pal

Sure, birthdays aren’t quite the same when you’re not a child – but they’re still a day that’s solely about you, and that’s pretty cool. And while some people decide to book the day off for their birthdays, there are others who don’t get the chance and have to clock up some hours on their day of birth. And that’s pretty bleak.

In an effort to make his birthday less miserable, this guy decided to upgrade his office cubicle situation. From the giant ball pit to the bunting and the balloons, this birthday boy went all out. And while it probably didn’t take away from the fact that he still had to work, it probably put a little smile on his face.

No Spoilers, Please

More often than not, office workers spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their own family and friends. Because of this, it’s important that you find common ground and find things to talk about with the others in your office. But this person knows that some things are just out of bounds.

While this person obviously has no qualms talking about television shows and movies that have been out for a while, they draw the line when it comes to television shows that are still being released on a weekly basis. And we all know that Game of Thrones isn’t the same when you’ve been told spoilers. So, we don’t blame them for this note.

A Rare Office Hippo

If you work in an office, you probably don’t get much of a chance to showcase your individuality. You have to conform to strict uniform guidelines, you have to do your work to strict deadlines, and you have to do what’s told of you every single day. The only real way you can show your individuality is through your desktop screen…

This guy’s co-worker decided to make hippos their go-to desktop screen, but that just opened up a hilarious opportunity for him. The screensaver was just screaming out for a photo opportunity, and this guy decided to put his head into the game. Quite literally.

The Door to Your Nightmares

Sometimes the best office pranks are the subtle ones, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this is subtle. After all, you could walk past this door 10 times without realizing there’s a nightmare-inducing face stuck to the window. But that 10th time will certainly be memorable. And probably not in a good way.

Yep, we have to congratulate whoever decided to photocopy a picture of their face and then stick it to their office door window, because this really is a feat of genius. It looks incredibly realistic, and it looks incredibly scary. We bet this also tests the loyalty of this person’s co-workers… would they rush in to help, or would they flee from the scene?

When the Office Needs a Break

Let’s be honest; work is stressful. And the best way to let off steam is to have fun with people who are dealing with the exact same stress as you… like your co-workers. Some offices let their employees play table tennis during the day, others implement “wine Wednesdays,” and it seems as though some even create an indoor water slide for their staff.

We don’t know where this office is, but we want to work there. By placing a plastic sheet all the way down the office and rinsing it with soap and water, they were able to make their very own water slide – and it looks super fun. In fact, it looks a little bit like a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street.