House Cleaner Gets the Most Unexpected Surprise of Her Life

Sometimes in life, we meet the most selfless people who are always putting their needs aside for others. They are constantly ready to work hard and make an extra effort without expecting anything in return. Often these individuals are hard-working single moms who do whatever they can to support their family.

This is definitely the case for Cara Simmons, who was ready to do anything for her three children. Cara, who works as a housekeeper, was called to work on a special assignment. Little did she know that a huge surprise would be waiting for her there. Take a look at this incredible story.

Wonder Woman

Cara Simmons is a single mother who works long hours to put food on the table for herself and her three children. Her biggest priority is to make sure she can provide for her kids, and she knows no bounds in making sure that happens.

Cara not only goes above and beyond for her children. Her sister describes Cara’s generosity saying, “she would give you the shirt off her back.” Cara wants her kids to grow up knowing a good work ethic and makes it her responsibility to set a good example for them.

Mother of Three

Simmons has three children to raise and provide for. As a mother of two daughters and a son, she has her hands full every day. Her kids have always been the most important thing to Cara.

Taking time for herself was never a priority and she has never had a day off in her life. Luckily this didn’t go unnoticed and her kids appreciate their mom for everything that she does for them.

Hard Work Takes a Toll

Cara was working so hard that her body began to take a hit. She would come home feeling exhausted, but for Cara, a break was not an option. No matter how tired she felt, she always woke up the next day and went back to work.

All the stress even caused her to get stomach ulcers and she had to receive medical attention. Soon enough, the medical bills began to stack up and it became harder for Cara to pay her rent. This made it even more impossible for her to take any time off.

Just Another Work Day

The day of Cara’s big surprise started off just like any other day. Cara was working for an Ohio-based housekeeping company called Maid-Brite. The company would assign her to different houses and her job was to arrive at her assignment and complete any housework that needed doing.

She had no idea what surprises were waiting for her when she arrived at this particular house. Cara was told that the client was very important so she was ready to arrive at the house and work extra hard to make it spotless.

A Strange Start

When Cara arrived, she was surprised to see that the house was already cleaned. She did not understand why they needed her there. After all, she was told that this would be a full day assignment.

The client then told her that she would be hosting a party for her boss that evening, so there was still plenty of work to be done. This seemed normal enough to Cara and she waited to see what tasks they had for her.

A Bizarre Request

Before she was given her tasks, the client gave Cara a tour of the house, which ended in the kitchen. That was when she met Manny Slomovits, a prominent chef who was already preparing food for the evening festivities.

Cara began rolling up her sleeves, assuming she was going to be doing dishes. Manny then informed her that they needed her to taste test the food that he had prepared for the party.

The Gourmet Meal

Cara couldn’t believe what she heard. She had never been asked to taste test as part of a work assignment. Especially not fine cuisine like the one that Manny had prepared.

The courses included lobster, quail eggs, white truffles, shrimp and steak. Manny had her try everything! Cara could not believe her luck that she was getting paid to sample all this fantastic food. Little did she know, this was only the start of her luck that day.

Unexpected Helping Hands

Cara’s next task was even more bizarre. Soon after her delicious meal, a pair of masseuses arrived at the house. They explained to Cara that they would be providing massages to the guests of the party that night and had a rather odd request to ask of Cara.

They told her that they did not want their hands to cramp at the party, and they needed to warm them up to prevent that from happening. They then asked if Cara could help by allowing them to give her a massage.

Pampered on the Job

Cara was understandably in disbelief but agreed to the task. She sat down on the massage chair and let the masseuses work their magic. The party planner who was working at the house reassured Cara that this was a normal request.

She told her that it was important to the success of the party. Cara had never been so relaxed on or off a work assignment. All that built up tension in her body was finally getting the attention it deserved.

Ready to Work

After the massage, Cara had assumed that relaxation time was over. The client asked her to follow her upstairs. Cara was ready to finally start cleaning and get down to work.

She had no idea what to expect at this point but she followed the client up to the second floor of the house. The client told her she would need help sorting some clothing. This seemed normal enough at first.

The Strange Day Continues

Cara was lead into the bedroom where she assumed she would be folding and organizing clothes from the laundry. She walked into the room and saw clothes, shoes, and accessories laid out on the bed.

The client then told Cara that these clothes needed to be thrown out so Cara could choose whatever she wanted to take home with her. The items she saw did not look used at all though. Everything was brand new and made by designer brands. It seemed her luck had not run out for the day.

Clothes Fit Like a Glove

If the day wasn’t peculiar enough, all the clothes fit Cara perfectly! They were all her size and looked amazing. She just assumed that the woman who owned the house was the same size as her and did not suspect anything otherize.

She could not believe what a perfect day she was having. It was like nothing she ever experienced before.

Special Delivery

After the surprise shopping spree, a delivery arrived at the house and Cara received her next task. She needed to receive the delivered boxes and sort the contents inside.

What happened next was too strange for Cara to comprehend. She opened the boxes and it didn’t make sense to her what she saw inside.

Trying to Make Sense of Things

Cara opened the boxes and instead of seeing the expected party supplies, the boxes were full of her belongings. They contained her clothes, photos, and other items from her home.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. When she tried to get answers from the delivery man, he responded saying, “It says here these items are for the woman who lives here in this house – Ms. Simmons.” Cara was sure that there was some sort of mixup.

Searching for Answers

At this point, Cara was extremely confused. She tried to explain to the man that there was some mistake but he kept insisting that the house they were in belonged to a Ms. Cara Simmons.

He then told her that if she stepped outside with him, things would be much clearer. Clara followed the delivery man outside and to his truck.

Yet Another Surprise

The man opened the door to his delivery truck and to Cara’s astonishment, her three kids, as well as her sister and niece, were waiting inside. They immediately jumped out and ran to hug Cara.

Cara was finally beginning to understand that her amazing day might not have been about luck. The man with the boxes then introduced himself as Craig Bensen, an actor, and host of a show called “Prank it Forward.”

Craig Had Answers to Almost All of Her Questions

Craig explains the premise of the show saying “we do good things for people who deserve some goodness.” He then revealed that the whole day was planned for Cara to have a great day and not work an ounce.

This was organized both by Cara’s sister and her employer. The lunch, massage, and shopping spree were all to make sure that Cara finally took a day for herself. There were hidden camera’s all over the house watching her enjoy the day. But this still didn’t explain the boxes.

The Biggest Surprise of All

Even though Craig had an explanation for most of her strange day, she still did not understand why her stuff had been delivered to the house. The next thing Craig revealed was not only a surprise for Cara but also for her entire family.

He told them that the team of “Prank it Forward” decided to take the surprise a step forward. They had bought and renovated the home that Cara had spent the day in and was now giving it to Cara.

Cara Left Speechless

Cara and her family could not believe their ears. The show had not only given Cara a day off but also a new home. This would save Cara so many extra hours of work.

She now had a beautiful home and would not have to struggle to pay rent and make ends meet. This deed left Cara speechless and crying tears of joy. The family, overwhelmed with excitement then took a tour of their new home.

Well Deserved Vacation

The beautiful new home was not the last surprise for Cara and her family. Greg knew that since Cara was always working hard, she never took time off to go on a vacation. He also heard from her family that she has always wanted to travel.

Because of this, the show decided that they would also pay for Cara and her sister to go on vacation to Mexico’s Riviera Maya. They would finally get to travel and relax together. Cara could not be more appreciative of all these unbelievable gifts.

Hard Work Paid Off

Cara has always been a selfless, hardworking person. She put in hours of extra work for her and her family and never complained or asked for a break. It is clear to see that this did not go unnoticed and that her family appreciates all that she does for them.

It was hard work that led her to this day and it was all finally paying off. Anyone that knows Cara would agree that all the things she received that day were more than well deserved.

One Last Surprise

As a cherry on top to this amazing day, Cara also found out that she was invited to be a guest on “The Queen Latifah Show.” The host of the show, actress and musician, Queen Latifah normally invites well-known celebrity guests.

She also has inspirational segments, giving people like Cara the chance to tell their story. She found it important to use her show and her fame to share these stories of people doing good and to give them a chance to be seen by the world.

Getting the Word Out

Queen Latifah used the guest appearance to talk about “Prank it Forward” and their mission to help good people that deserve it most.

She then talked about the “prank” played on Cara and how her sister and boss reached out to the show in an effort to properly thank Cara for all her hard work.

Catching up with Cara

Cara came on to the show with confidence. She didn’t seem phased by the limelight or live studio audience and took to the stage with pride. She told Queen Latifah about her amazing experience and all the surprises that were arranged for her.

Cara explained her thought process throughout that day saying, “I just thought nobody is going to believe what’s going on today.”  She answered Queen Latifah’s questions and seemed to be having the time of her life on the show.

The Crowd Loved Her

The audience on “The Queen Latifah Show” instantly fell in love with Cara. Her fun personality shined on stage as she cracked jokes about her experience.

She talked about her massage from “the handsome young men” and how overwhelmed and confused she felt throughout that day. We can’t blame her!

Sharing Her Moment

Cara recalled how she felt compelled to take pictures of the gourmet meal she was asked to taste test. Even while she was eating she exclaimed to the chef that she wished she could share the moment with someone.

She didn’t think anyone would believe her and wanted the whole thing documented. Luckily there were hidden cameras to do just that.

Proud Boss

It was Cara’s boss Mary Jo who helped organize the day with “Prank it Forward.” Cara had been working for her through the Maid-Brite service.

She knew Cara as a hardworking, faithful employee and she wanted to do something special for Cara. Mary Jo and Cara’s sister both felt she deserved to finally have a day off.

About Time for a Break

There are few people in this world who are as hardworking as Cara. Queen Latifah asked her about this extreme work ethic while she was on her talk show. She asked,  “When’s the last time you had a vacation?”

Cara admitted that it had been six years since she last took a break from work. The last time was when she needed to go on maternity leave. Cara had never gone on a real vacation to take time for herself or travel.

A Word from Mary Jo

Mary Jo joined Cara on “The Queen Latifah Show.” She wanted the chance to explain just how much Cara means to her and how much Cara deserved that day off as well as the brand new house, which was a surprise for everyone, including Mary Jo.

It was important for her to make this surprise happen. Mary Jo said in her interview, “She’s a phenomenal single mom, and I see her provide [for her family].” She thought it was about time someone took care of Cara for a change.

Thanking Kindness with Kindness

Queen Latifah wanted to thank Mary Jo for nominating Cara and introducing her story to the world. She said to her, “We wanted to pay back your kindness, for being so kind as to nominate Cara for this.”

Then Queen Latifah revealed that she had a surprise of her own. She gifted Mary Jo with a trip to Mexico. Mary Jo was brought to tears by this gesture. This really proves that kindness and appreciation always pay off.

Closing Words

Host, Queen Latifah then closed the interview with a few meaningful words to the audience. She knows that many were moved by Cara’s story and wanted to utilize it to send a positive message to the world.

She challenged the audience to make strides in reaching out and changing the life of someone for the better. Latifah hopes that this story will inspire others to be kind and give back.

A New Life

Today Cara is not only a proud homeowner she is also a viral sensation! Millions of people around the world learned about Simmons and watched her heartwarming surprise unfold.

Cara and her three children, Cierra-Mia, Kiarah, and St. Gavin, are now happily living in their beautiful new home in Cleveland Heights. Luckily the kids were already in that school district. When preparing to move in Cara had said, “I think my family will just create awesome memories in this house.” We are sure that is the case!

Prank It Forward

The show “Prank It Forward” is all about this message of giving back. It aims to provide real life-changing gifts to the people who deserve it the most.

The organization has many beautiful stories similar to Cara’s that they hope to share with the world. They have made quite an impact so far and even caught the attention of some big-name celebrities who wanted to lend a helping hand.

Star Power

Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth joined the “Prank It Forward” team to play a meaningful prank of their own.

This time the prank was on comedy duo Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who together make up the popular YouTube series, Smosh. This prank was done in order to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy.