Looking Back at Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic Career Through Photos

Confidence, jewelry, courage, strength, and inner beauty are all things that come to mind when we think of Elizabeth Taylor. The late actress took Hollywood by storm at the age of nine-years-old and continued to influence the world for decades.

At some point, she transitioned from Hollywood actress and to world icon. Some say that she was the last of Hollywood’s truly talented actresses and that no one could match the intensity she brought to theaters. The Popular Everything team feels compelled to pay homage to such a brave and kind-hearted human being, and what better way to do so than looking at some of her most Iconic photos taken over the years?

Elizabeth with James Dean

No one can forget Elizabeth’s feisty role in the 1956 hit film, Giant. She played a woman who felt equal to men and entered a town where that notion was completely taboo.

Flaunting her strengths and displaying a good character, her friends say that this role was the one closest to her real-life personality. It’s bittersweet to see her sitting next to James Dean. The two became great friends while filming, but unfortunately, Dean died in a car crash before the movie even hit the screens.

Elizabeth and Her First True Love

Elizabeth has told several interviewers that she had one true love, and it was Mike Todd. She and Mike were madly in love with each other. He took care of her and spoiled her with magnificent jewels.

Their love seemed like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Mike Todd passed away in a plane crash. He and Elizabeth were married for only 13 months, and she never stopped thinking about him until the day she died.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

The photo of Elizabeth Taylor standing beside her then-husband, Eddie Fisher in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral is simply breathtaking. Elizabeth looked like a princess no matter where she went and what she did.

The world was delighted to see Taylor smiling again. At this point, she lost what she said was the love of her life, Mike Todd, in a plane crash. Todd was her husband and Eddie’s best friend. Their love for him seemed to lead them to form a special bond.

On the Set of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the movie that changed the world of acting. The producers asked Elizabeth Taylor to play Cleopatra, but she refused unless she was to be paid $1 million. At that time, the best actors and actresses were paid a maximum of $250,000.

When the producers agreed, the contract was in all the headlines across the world. Initially, the movie was filmed in England, but the cold weather and loosely fitted costumes lead to a serious case of pneumonia. Elizabeth was not expected to survive but eventually pulled through.

Winning Her First Oscar

Elizabeth Taylor was nominated for several Oscars before she finally won her first one in 1961. Her performance in the movie Butterflied 8 landed her the Oscar for “Best Actress.” Elizabeth was accompanied by her husband at the time, Eddie Fisher. She got this award after almost losing her life to a serious case of pneumonia.

No one could forget how classy and elegant her speech was. “I don’t really know how to express my gratitude for this and for everything. I guess all I could do is say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Elizabeth Marries Richard Burton

Elizabeth met Burton while she was married to Eddie Fisher. Richard Burton was also married at the time. The two were the main characters in the Fox production, Cleopatra.

They were supposed to act out falling in love and wound up falling for each other in real life. Their relationship became very public. It was them against the world and eventually, they both divorced their partners and married each other.

The Woman Who Never Apologized for Being Herself

The world fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor right off the bat. The most captivating and inspirational aspect of the actress was her confidence. Elizabeth never apologized for anything she did in her life.

She ignored the media’s criticism and walked around with her head held high. It was her life she was going to own it in the way she wanted to.

A Photographer’s Muse

Richard Avedon was the most popular photographer for decades. Every iconic celebrity back in the day had Avedon take their portrait.

Something about his creative eye revolutionized photography and the way we look at beauty in general. Of course, Elizabeth Taylor had the honor to have her portrait taken by him and its become one of her more iconic photos over the years.

The Romance of the Century

Burton and Liz were a couple that everyone wanted to see last. He was more of a poetic, Shakespearean actor and she was a bombshell Hollwood actress. Their relationship was one of the first to be completely public in the media.

Pictures of them relaxing on a yacht appeared in newspaper. At that time, this type of personal intrusion did not exist. Ever since then, that’s all we’ve been seeing in tabloids. Burton and Liz married twice but realized they were better off apart.

A New Cleopatra Goes Down in History

Up until Elizabeth Taylor played the role of Cleopatra, the world associated the historic and powerful female figure with history class.

However, the moment that she appeared on the screen dressed as Cleopatra, the world changed the way they thought about this queen. Today, it’s hard not to think of Elizabeth when you hear the name, Cleopatra.

Jewels, Gowns & Puppies

Elizabeth Taylor is known for making every moment a fabulous one. This photo of her seems to capture her essence in its entirety. Though she’s covered in jewels and wearing the most magnificent gown, she’s still eating a cookie and sharing it with her furry little friend.

Elizabeth redefined what society thought about women. She displayed a perfect balance of simultaneous vanity and care of all living things.

The Confident Gaze

Elizabeth Taylor famous for having bright green eyes. In an interview with Barabara Walters, she was asked how it is that she pays wholesale for her diamonds.

Elizabeth batted her lashes at Barbara and said “a little bit of this.” Even in a black and white picture, Elizabeth’s striking gaze shines through and reveals how sure of herself she was.

Elizabeth as a Young Bride

Elizabeth Taylor became famous at nine years old. As she grew up, she became a very eligible bachelorette. Her family thought it would be a good idea for the actress to get married.

Conrad Hilton, the heir to the Hilton hotel company caught her eye, when she was only 18, the two married in a huge ceremony. After only eight months, Elizabeth decided this marriage wasn’t for her.

Her Signature White Fur

In this photo, taken in 1955, Elizabeth Taylor wears her signature white fur shall. This studio headshot is one of her most iconic ones.

Elizabeth Taylor admitted that she did not like to hear that she reached an iconic status because, to her, it sounded like something that would be in her obituary.

Elizabeth and Richard Tie the Knot a Second Time

Elizabeth and Richard were said to be so in love with each other to the point that it was not healthy for them to be together. When they broke up for the first time, they seemed devastated.

The fact was that there wasn’t any lack of love, that’s why they decided to give their marriage another shot. Here they stand, at their second wedding ceremony. Elizabeth wore yellow.

Love Affair With Jewels

This is the photo on the cover of Taylor’s book, “My Love Affair With Jewels.” Elizabeth Taylor is known for having one of the finest jewelry collection in the world.

She’s acquired some of her pieced on her own and with her own money, but most of her jewels were gifts from her husbands. Among her collection are the 32 carrot Krupps diamond, jewels from Egyptian kings, and loads more rubies and emeralds.

Her Best Shot

When we think of Elizabeth Taylor, this is usually the first picture that comes to mind. It was originally a black and white photo, but it was brought to light when artists colorized it.

Nothing is more iconic than this photo, or the woman in it. Elizabeth may have passed away, but she influences and inspires fashion and women to this day.