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In an Attempt to Take Back What’s His, Notorious Street Artist Bansky Opens His First Official Store

    For as long as we can remember, the anonymous street artist who goes under the title “Banksy” has been impressing the globe with his powerful, and quite often controversial graffiti paintings. It’s a miracle to us how the talented creator has managed to keep his identity under wraps for so long, but now, new measures are being taken to maintain the secrecy!

    After a sudden threat (which surfaced last year) came about to get his trademark revoked, the British artist got his thinking cap on, and eventually created a fault-proof business plan. Without further ado, Popular Everything is taking you through the ins and outs of Bansky’s brand new store, which has opened for customers to browse around in South London.

    Who is Bansky?

    In case you weren’t 100% sure who this elusive man was, let us break it all down for you. Based in the United Kingdom, this passionate street artist likes to combine his artistic flair with his opinions (both good and bad) on current political affairs going on in the world, regardless of what people may have to say about it!

    It wasn’t until the late 1990s that this political activist-turned-graffiti artist got his work recognized in the world. For years now, the public has marveled over Banksy’s social and political commentary which is shown through his stenciled pieces that feature on buildings and streets across the world.

    The Big Threat in Question

    No matter how successful he may have become, that certainly doesn’t mean Banksy has had an easy ride this past year. It all started after an unnamed greeting card store came up with a crafty plan to take over the artist’s signature trademark, and use it to sell his images at their shop. While this idea may seem totally unrealistic, they actually have a justifiable excuse.

    According to the street artist’s legal advisor, due to the fact that Banksy has never once used his trademark to put his artwork up for sale, someone else could; who knew it was that simple? With no time to waste, the Brit came up with an idea to stop these store-owners directly in their tracks.

    Image: My London

    Given that he couldn’t show up in court to defend himself and reveal his secret identity, the other option was to beat them at their own game! For the first time ever, Banksy decided to set up his very own window store. This means that members of the public will be able to take a peek at the elusive figure’s work.

    Here’s what happens next. If customers decide they like what they see, they can head over to the world wide web and purchase the images online; it’s as easy as that! We wonder if this artist would’ve guessed all those years ago when he started his graffiti writing, that he’d turn into a money-making machine.

    Being Forced to Change His Own Rules

    Many of you who like to follow Banksy’s work, will be aware of the graffiti writer’s dislike towards capitalist culture. For these reasons, we can’t imagine the artist is too pleased about having to ignore his own beliefs by opening up his own window store. Having said this, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    If you needed a little more clarification on this point, Banksy put it perfectly in a statement. The street artist mentioned his new store was “possibly the least poetic reason to ever make some art.” Sadly, this is the price many people have to pay for graffiti’s rising prevalence in the mainstream world.

    Image: Colossal

    Here’s where it all gets real. On 1st October, Banksy’s first-ever store opened in the South London town of Croydon; a place which many people would consider the center of the urban art scene. For these reasons, the street artist couldn’t have picked a more fitting location! Let’s now move onto the online side of things.

    At the moment, the website where people can purchase Banksy’s images is still under construction. The current site under works (named features a bunch of cryptic images up for sale. Items include a welcome mat constructed from a life vest and a women’s handbag made from brick.

    Providing a Powerful Moral Message

    While it is impressive that Banksy is potentially going to earn a ton of money from his official store, he actually wants to use it to raise awareness. As graffiti art becomes more popular, the more likely it is to face complications with regards to trademarking.

    Image: Widewalls

    To strike back at the capitalist officials that tried to take advantage of his work, Banksy’s online site may actually be fueling his own feelings of disappointment. The unusual images he labeled “unorthodox and offensive” could be a short-term resort to appease the issue before he creates a new way of tackling his exploitation. Watch this space!