WAIT! Before you start reading what your interpretations of the inkblot means, take a moment to look at it. What do you see?

Ttitle what does this inkblot say about your personality?

This may seem like a dull old blob, but like a cloud, you can sort of guess what it resembles. There are no right or wrong answers, all you have to do is say what you think it is. Individual schools of psychologist believe that you can learn a lot about a person by knowing what they think an inkblot resembles.

This one, in particular, is commonly used and offers a bit of insight into who you are. Of course, many people, as well as psychologists, find this to be bologna. How can looking at an obscure blob of ink say anything about a person? The only way to know if it works is by giving it a shot. Here’s what psychologists would say about you based on your answers.

If you see…

Two figures that lean forward from the sides of the picture, or a person praying:

You’re a very logical person. You have an elaborate and active imagination and are a deep thinker as well. You are someone who knows that concentration and patience are important if you want something to get done in the best way possible. You are not the type of person who settles.

You believe that people need to strive to be-be the best and do what makes them happy. It doesn’t make sense not to use all your potential, and you expect the same of others.

A racing car or two baby animals:

You have a big imagination, and it’s the main thing what people notice about you as a person. You love metaphors and figurative speech. Using your imagination, you can create a clear image of other worlds or an alternate universe. You’re excellent at understanding different points of view. You either imagine yourself speeding to great heights in your life or crashing into your doom.

A dentist chair or barber chair:

You are a kind, generous and sensitive person. Your tendencies to give and care at the same time lead you to feelings of fulfillment but also cause you to run into a lot of pain and emotional suffering. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and everyone knows it. The people around you want to take care of you, and that makes it hard for you to differentiate friendship from real intimacy.

You either think a person is helping you out of kindness and have a hard time understanding that their help is a way to your heart, or you confuse simple acts of kindness with attempts to gain intimacy. Conventional and formal environments drain you of your energy because everyone is acting professionally and you can’t tell who actually cares about your day when they ask.

Two dark figures that are invading another figure:

You tend to either be progressing or digressing. You often have unfinished tasks on your to-do list such as emails, phone calls, and or chores. In other words, you’re a full-blown procrastinator. If this image description matches your own, and you don’t see yourself as a procrastinator, you probably overcame this life challenge of yours.

Didn’t see anything mentioned above:

Inkblot tests are an inaccurate and unproven method of interpreting a person’s personality. If you did not find these interpretations to be accurate, do not sweat it! If you did find the descriptions to hit the nail on the head, you might just be a perfect candidate for these types of tests.