38 Photos That Show How Insanely Cold It Was in the US

The polar vortex of 2019 was brutal, and if you were wondering just how brutal it was, you should take a good look at these pictures. Footy pajamas, fuzzy blankets, heaters, and firewood are all recommended for those who dare scroll through these insanely cold pictures because you might shiver just by looking at them. This year, temperatures dropped to as low as negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit and believe us it was not pretty.

Food froze in mid-air, cars down in a sea of snow and people’s beards literally broke off! If you’re from Miami or any other relatively warm state, we recommend you take a look at these because you might even appreciate all the bugs and rain you get. The people who went through this winter are straight up troopers and the only way to understand why is to see these photos that prove how insanely cold things got this winter. Clearly, this is a year that Mother Nature is in no mood to spare us from the cold and dreadful winter times! Whoever spit in her bean curd… curse you! Get ready for some jaw-dropping pictures taken this winter! If you’re looking at these in the midst of the vortex, we advise you to refrain from dropping your jaw because it might freeze that way!

Here We Go!

This Is Not a Fancy Ice Sculpture

No, this is not one of those fabulous ice sculptures you see at weddings and other fancy events. We can guarantee you that champagne and or shits will not go sliding down this block of ice into party guest’s glasses.

This is actually someone’s toilet out in Minnesota. What happened was that someone’s toilet tank literally exploded because all of the water in it froze solid. You can literally see the chain standing right up in the same position it was floating in. Not only do they have to get a new toilet, but they also have to sit and wait for this gross toilet water to melt!

When It Rains in the Winter and Then This Happens

The only time you can appreciate snow when you are on your way to work is when you think about how much worse it would be if it were raining. For those of you who never experienced living in the cold and have no idea what we mean, just take a look at this guy, and you’ll totally get it.

What happened was that Mother Nature decided to warm things up enough so that snow would turn to rain, but then she totally changed her mind and made things too cold for water to flow. Not only is his beard, eyebrows, and hat frozen onto his face, he’s also having a worse day than you!

Dropped Your Coffee? No Problem, Just Pick It Up

There is a dark and twisted “up-side” to this insanely cold weather. One just needs to dig deep down into their hearts to find it. One good thing about winter is that you will never spill coffee when it’s this cold. Instead, you can just drop it and pick it right back up.

No more ugly brownish stains on your brand new button down shirt. No more sitting in your office for hours on end, getting a whiff of the remnants of your spilled coffee that sits on your clothes only to mock you for the whole day. This freezing cold winter can give you a second shot at life in this case scenario!

Antifreeze Is No Match for This Winter!

When your anti-freeze freezes, you know you there is no hope! We use this liquid substance to save us from the cold hands of Mother Nature’s winter. It goes in the most important things we own, like the radiator and our car motors.

This thing is supposed to make sure other things don’t freeze, so nothing is more frightening than seeing this liquid substance frozen solid! Take cover fellow Americans! This winter spares no man woman or liquid! Now is the time for fuzzy socks, footy pajamas and whatever the heck else there is out there that won’t freeze.

Looks Like It’s Frozen Noodles for Dinner

All this Sheriff wanted to do was enjoy a warm cup for ramen noodles on the job. But no, the winter would not allow it. Holding up your noodles for too long will leave them standing frozen, and you could forget your fork because that is a goner as well.

Believers would like to look at this picture and credit ghosts and spirits for these floating noodles, there is no doubt that this is the doing of a hardcore winter and it belongs in the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” museum because this thing is unbelievable.

Iced Out Rims Are Not so Glamorous Anymore

Pop singers and rap artists sing about their lavish lifestyles and all the shiny things they own. It is totally common to hear them talk about their “iced out rims,” but do they really know what that means for us normal folks living out here in the cold?

Clearly, they never experienced the undesired rim makeover that you get in the winter, because if they did if they would know that it’s totally not a singing matter! Iced out rims are the harshest someone has to face in the winter!

Is Anybody Out There?

When you get your first look at this picture, you think it was taken from the outside of the door. In fact, you might even hope that it was taken from the outside. Unfortunately, this is from the inside of these unlucky victims of the winter’s home.

The funny thing about this season is that it has no manners. No one taught winter how to knock before entering someone’s home. The cold just barged right into these people’s house and made itself comfortable. The audacity is quite outrageous! They can’t even look out of the hole without worrying about their eye freezing onto it.

These “Perfect” Parking Spot Went Wrong

Parking spots are a really touchy topic for some people. Looking for the perfect place to park your wheels can feel like a mission, especially right before you need to get to work. No one wants to walk more than five minutes in the cold.

These people thought they had they were the lucky ones. All these spots were open, and they had no idea why. Clearly, the people who parked in these spaces are not from the cold states in the USA. The pros know not to park near the ocean on a windy day in the middle of winter!

Suddenly the Hot Tub at the Ski Resort Seems Like a Bad Idea

Every time you look for a ski resort, you notice that the websites try to suck you in with their hot tubs. The whole idea sounds awesome; putting a bathing suit on in the middle of the winter and relaxing in a hot tub.

The irony is thrilling, and all the Instagrammers just cannot wait to post a picture of the experience in hopes of getting more likes than they usually get. But, the reality is always very different from expectation. Just take a look at this girl. She thought swimming in the cold was all fun and games until her hair froze solid!

Staring into the Abyss, Accepting the Harsh Reality That Is Winter

This is a real picture of a woman staring into the abyss as she tries to accept the harsh reality that has just punched her in the stomach and winded her. Her eyelashes are frozen, her hair is frozen, and everything that she never thought could freeze had frozen!

This picture is proof that there is literally no way to prepare yourself for the coldest days of the year. This girl is fully covered, but that did not make a difference. Everything that you can’t put a jacket on has turned to ice!

Antarctica Is Looking Like a Good “Vacay” Spot for People in Minneapolis

Usually, when people want to explain how cold they are, they say something along the lines of, “I’m so cold I literally feel like I’m in Antarctica.” However, after looking at the comparison between Antarctica’s winter and the winter in Minneapolis, we think it is time to change this phrase.

From now on, if you want to relate how cold you are to a coworker in hopes of them finally agreeing to turn up the heat, you should say “I literally feel like I’m in Minneapolis.” And for those of you who live in Minneapolis… you should probably fly to Antarctica for the winter.

Now Is the Time to Regret “No Shave November”

The new frat-boy fad, “No Shave November,” is cute during the fall. Men challenge themselves to keep their beard growing no matter how terrible it looks. Some beards get too big, some beards are all patchy, and others don’t grow at all.

However, this is a moment of bonding for men. The only issue is that winter is right around the corner and that beard will do nothing but bite you in the butt once things get too cold. If you do not know what we’re talking about just take a look at this picture and you’ll totally get it.

The Worst Part About Winter Is the Cold Toilet Seat

There are a lot of things you can do in the winter to avoid the bitter cold. You can wear a coat, stay indoors, make a fire, and so on. However, there is one thing you can’t avoid doing, and that’s going to the bathroom.

It’s almost as if Mother Nature is playing a sick joke on us humans. She freezes our toilet seats in the winter, and at the same time makes going to the bathroom a vital part of our daily life. This is in no way funny! Just look at that toilet seat and imagine it staring at you; it is mocking you! It is frozen, and you will sit on it!

Real Winter Knows No Parties

The tough thing about a real winter is that you can’t even party. Everyone relies on alcohol to keep them warm as they party on through the night. Alcohol is known to heat up your body, but that is only if you can drink it. In this person’s case, the party was called off.

Her vodka completely froze to the point where you can’t even pour it out. For those of you who don’t understand how serious that is, you should know that the freezing point of vodka is -16 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, your kitchen freezer is warmer than the outdoors during a polar vortex!

A Car Shedding Its Skin in the Winter Season

When winter comes around, you see a side of nature that you’ve never seen before. The behavior of everything in this world changes. Even cars go through some form of metamorphosis. This one in particular looks like a snake that is shedding its skin as it passes on into another phase of its life.

However, we just really hope that ripping off this ice layer did not do any damage to the paint job because that would just be a huge mess! It was probably real hard to get that door to open up, but you have to admit, this is pretty awesome.

“Exit If You Dare;” Foreshadowing at Its Finest

Whoever walked outside of these doors clearly did not get the message that winter was trying to say which is “stay inside!” These doors look like they came right out of a creepy movie where there is this supernatural thing that is slowly creeping across the world and killing all living things.

The only difference is that this is real, and winter is totally natural! Either way, these doors are the definition of that literary term we all had to learn in the seventh grade; foreshadowing! You can pretty much guess what is on the other side of these frozen doors, so it’s better you just stay inside.

Looks Like Someone Took the “Emergency Exit”

At first glance, this looks like a normal picture of a car that was left out to down in the snow. But when you get a better look at it, you can see that there is a lot more to the story about how this car got stuck there than you think.

The window wipers are up, and the trunk has popped open. We don’t want to claim we’re detectives here, but it looks like someone was driving home in a snowstorm, got stuck and had to crawl his or her way out of the trunk in order to save their own life. Now that is a horror story!

Exhaust Pipe Ice Castles; a Wonderful Winter Treasure

Whatever the heck is leaking out of this exhaust pipe is looking like a work of art! Put aside worrying about what that leaky substance is. It’s important to notice how crazy cold this place is.

Cars do all sorts of strange things that make you think “hey maybe I should get this checked out,” for a quick second before you realize you’re too lazy and ignorance is bliss. However, one thing they do that we can appreciate is the little ice castles like the one in this picture. Not only do they remind us of the bitter cold we live in, but they also look really pretty?

This Is the Last Message You Want to Read During a Polar Vortex

The freezing cold people of Michigan cranked up the heat in their homes so that they could make it through the brutal nights. The heaters are the only things that get keep people going during this time. But this polar vortex was so cold that it demanded everyone turn down the heat.

Imagine sitting at home all bundled up in blankets and getting this emergency message asking you to turn your heat down to 65 degrees. Emily Anderson was right, Michigan is totally falling apart!

If You Thought Your Job Was Tough… Think Again

For all of you complaining about the air-conditioning being too cold in your corporate office, we want you to take a look at this man right here. Yes, Jim gets his hot flashes and hold the remote the air-conditioning hostile as he watches you all freeze.

However, when you reach your coldest moments of the day, just know that it could be worse. People who work outdoors would rather work at the office with Jim than do what they do, especially during a polar vortex! So you just bring yourself a sweater next time you feel like complaining.

A Sea of Lost Hope

This is what we call a sea of lost hope. All of these cars have owners who once hoped that this winter would not be as cold as the last one. They hoped things would be bearable, getting to work would be easy, and that their cars would not be buried in a sea of snow.

These hopes are where they went wrong. The polar vortex of 2019 had no mercy on our souls and anyone who thought it would was met with extreme disappointment. This winter was nothing less than brutal and if you need evidence to back up that statement have a look at whatever is left of these cars!

You Shall Not Sit!

Everything about this picture screams “horror.” The water inside the toilet seat froze solid and expanded to the point that the entire seat cracked. Winter has its way of making people realize how much more they should have appreciated the past summer.

Whoever owns this toilet probably contemplated their entire life when they saw it like this. Why do I live someplace cold? Where did I go wrong? How fast can I find a job in Miami? All of these questions are so appropriate for the situation that it would just be wrong not to ask them.

Meanwhile, This Little Guy Is Frozen Solid

While we all find a way to make winter about how cold we are and how warm we would prefer to be, there are other living things out there who don’t have fuzzy blankets from Target. We all wonder what people used to do before the invention of heaters, and fuzzy socks.

Looking outside our winter windows, all we can see is snow, but if you look closer, you’ll see animals in the snow! These animals are nature’s wonder and guess what; they’re frozen solid. I guess to answer the question about what people did during the ice age; we can just look at these animals!

No Need to Wash Dishes Any Time Soon

Whoops! It looks like the whole chores chart is officially all messed up, now that doing the dishes is physically impossible! Things got so cold that even the water coming out of the fossette turned to ice. On the one hand, this could be a good thing because no one enjoys dishes.

On the other hand, this is absolutely horrible because this water is freezing indoors! There is no reason any home should be this cold. We hope this family has a fireplace!

This Is Why You Should Not Catch Fire in Winter

You’d think that all things hot and all things cold are mutually exclusive. If you thought that, then you thought wrong. This fireman risked his life in a fire, and when he got splashed by the water hose, he practically turned into a human icicle.

We worry about the firefighters during the summer, but this picture proves we should be thinking about them in the winter times too. Poor guy.

Having a Bad Hair Day?

Take a moment to think about all the times you were nervous to leave the house because your hair was not on fleek. Now, take a look at this guy and start feeling grateful for what you have in life. His hair is frozen solid and there’s a good chance that you could even break it right off of his head.

Winter is a good time for all of the men to start investing in a blow dryer! Don’t say you’re too manly for it because if you do, you might end up like this fellow.

Let’s Take the Kids to See the Water Foun-Never Mind

Winter is a tough time, especially when you have kids. They can’t go out and play in the streets or do whatever kids doo outdoors. Parents work extra hard trying to find the perfect way to keep their kids entertained.

All the parents who thought about taking their kids to see this water fountain on a cold winter day were met with one thing and one thing only: disappointment! Curse you winter!

Does This Mean We Can Park Here?

The whole thing about fire hydrants is that they’re supposed to be there for us when things literally go up in flames. But, did anyone think about the scenario playing out in the middle of winter?

If these things are not going to help us, then we should be allowed to park in front of them, especially because they’re always right next to the best parking spots in the city and now is not the time to walk outside.

This Boat Is Frozen and Stuck to the Wall

Sometimes we forget about the people who don’t have a choice but to go outside during a polar vortex. These men work on a boat, and they are expected to do so even if it looks like Elsa used her magical powers to freeze it solid.

The harshest part of their day, aside from enduring the brutally cold temperatures, is trying to move their boat that is clearly frozen and stuck to the wall! This is totally not the ideal way to start your day, that’s for sure. Hopefully, the groundhog will give these fellas some good news on Groundhog Day!

There Are No Colors to Describe This Level of Cold

In some sense, saying that there are no colors to describe something sounds a bit poetic, as if it were a metaphor for some feeling. But in this situation, there is no romance or metaphors. The dude was being quite literal when he said that there is no color to describe how cold it was.

Usually news stations color states during their weather forecast. Red for hot, blue for cold and so on. But Chicago and Minneapolis were so cold that there were literally no colors they could use to describe it!

This Is Another Level of Savage

Mother Nature got so cold on us to the point where we can’t even plug in our electronic devices. Forget phones, what the heck are we supposed to do about the fact that we can’t plug in our space heaters.

There is one word that describes this winter, and that’s savage! This looks like a picture of any regular outlets that froze in the cold of the winter. But, take a closer look, and you’ll see that these outlets are actually screaming!

Winter Killed the Fun in Blowing Bubbles

The best part about blowing bubbles is running around, trying to catch them before they pop. It is just one of the simple pleasures of life that winter had to steal from humanity, or at least all the people who don’t live in Miami!

These bubbles froze solid before any of the fun could start. If we could charge winter with a hate crime, we would! Just think about how crazy our cabin fever is making us these days. We can’t even blow bubbles for entertainment.

Chicago is Fighting Ice With Fire!

The railroads are frozen solid and the whole city is standing still. If the train stops working so do the rest of the people who use it. That’s why they are lighting railroad tracks on fire. There is no other option.

The winter is so intense that the only way to battle the icy weather is with fire. Although the whole thing seems quite scary and a little on the unreliable side, we have to say that this is a clever idea!

People Are Clearly Losing It

These people clearly decided to fight their cabin fever by doing something outrageous. You know what people say about cabin fever, and now there is full blown evidence. Staying indoors for days at a time can make you want to do something totally crazy.

For example, these people’s minds were so far gone that they decided to go out in their bathing suits when its negative 49 degrees. We’re hoping that cabin fever is the motive and that it’s not some quest for likes on Instagram.

This Tree Can’t Stand the Winter, Literally!

This was once a very cute, green tree. It had leaves, a branch and the hope to live. After the cold winter of 2019 hit, every nice aspect about this thing died. So much snow fell onto its branches that it could hardly stand in place.

At this point, it just looks like a spooky blob, but we remember it is the tree that thought it had a chance at life. Hopefully, it will survive the dark, cold winter so that we could glance at its glory once more. Our prayers are with you, tree.

Some One Help This Guy Out

The thing about reptiles is that they have very thin skin. You usually find alligators, and lizards in the warmer states, because their blood would freeze at temperatures where it can’t even snow. You know something is wrong with this picture because it’s evident that this alligator was not found in Chicago.

Something strange is happening to our planet, and this picture is proof. For some reason, warmer states like Florida reached freezing point, and the animals that live there are suffering.

Niagara Falls Looks More Like a Death Trap Than a Tourist Attraction

It is safe to assume that this is the cheapest time to check out Niagara Falls. This place looks more like a death trap than a tourist attraction, and we are not sure how to handle that fact.

This is supposed to be a beautiful site, but all these tourists got to see was this creepy little, frozen house covered in ice that looks like it would be a great addition to the set of a horror film! As incredible as this might look from afar, there is no doubt that all the people there are miserably cold.

Another Fine Dinner Ruined by the Cold

One amazing fact to hold in your memory for the rest of your life is that noodles do not and cannot survive a polar vortex. The worst part is that when you are indoors, and it is way too cold to make It to the grocery store and back; noodles seem like the easiest option for food. However, they actually can make life difficult because they will not make it in your mouth before they freeze!

This dude probably should have eaten his food indoors, but we applaud him for being brave enough to show the world the danger that noodles face during the winter.

Well There’s a Not-So-Pretty Sight

These fish were minding their own business, trying to fit into the circle of life, when Mother Nature decided to freeze America. If you can’t tell what you’re looking at you should take a closer look to notice that in this water is a school of fish that are stuck in a wave that froze in mid-air.

Surely this is something parents are not advising the kids to look at. It’s actually frightening and the sad part is that the fish may have been alive when this photo was taken.

The Last Place You Want to Be in the Winter of 2019

We would like to take a moment to think about all the people who live in these areas that woke up to this depressing forecast. All the times we complained about it being negative five degrees suddenly seem so silly.

If you thought negative five degrees was bad, try imagining yourself trying to run from your house to your car when it is ten times colder! The people who went through this polar vortex are troopers and honestly deserve an invitation to use everyone’s timeshare in the Bahamas for the entire summer.

It’s So Cold That Sneezing Is Dangerous

Sneezing is considered a fairly normal bodily function and an absolute necessity. It is a reflex that is almost impossible to suppress. However, when you are out in the cold of 2019’s polar vortex, the last thing you want to do is sneeze.

The gross truth is that all liquids are at risk of freezing, so use that fact to try and understand why you better find a way to hold back a sneeze in this temperature. This guy experienced the consequences of making the “achoo” sound, and he may be smiling on the outside, but on the inside, he is totally crying.

The Lovely Sights Seen in Chicago…Not

So for those of you who do not know, Chicago literally froze this winter and is possibly still frozen. Chicago is known for being nothing short of awesome. People from all over the world dream of going there and taking in one of the worlds greatest cities.

However, no one plans on heading out there after they saw this picture. The place looks completely dreadful and unpleasant and of course, freezing! Whoever dreamed about seeing the great city of Chicago should probably wait until the end of summer when it’s not a block of ice.

What’s Worse a Burning House Or a Frozen One?

We are not so sure of a burning house is worse than a frozen house. However, we are sure that if we ask the owner of this property what he thinks about the topic, he’ll have an answer. Firefighters rushed to this scene to put out a nasty fire coming from the fireplace.

They did what they had to do and hosed down the entire house until the fire went out. Although it’s a great thing that the fire did not spread to other houses, the family that lives here has to wait for ages for the place to defrost, inside and out. By the looks of it, they’ll be waiting for weeks.

This Is How We Feel About Winter

This sculpture’s face says it all. That is the face we made while looking through some of these pictures. The winter is so horrid that it has our eyebrows scrunching together and our jaws dropping to the floor.

But, in addition to the feeling of disgust that this face portrays, we notice that it looks like its sick. All that water that was supposed to flow out from him froze solid. Maybe this is a better situation! Winter may have done one thing right!

This Is How You Fill Up Your Car in a Polar Vortex

When it’s this cold outside, there is no reason to leave your house or your car. Traditionally, we get out of our cars to fill them with gas, but if it gets to negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is better that you do everything in your power to avoid the cold.

This guy has the right idea. He crawled into the back seat of his car so that he could reach over and fill up the tank without ever having to fully enter the cold winter’s harsh winds. Someone should hire him to run their business because he has proven himself an innovator with this technique!

This Is What a Frozen Solid State Looks Like

This is what it looks like when the whole city freezes all at the same time. It’s pretty incredible to look at and some may even call it a wonderful view. Sure it may look “cool” but every person living in this area would actually punch you square in the nose if they ever heard you say that about this photo.

No, it is not wonderful! Living your life running from heater to heater, chipping away all the icicles that froze onto your car door, and shoveling snow are all things that are in no way wonderful!

This Is How Frosted Tips Were Invented

No, this is not the direct effect of what happened after the world saw members of NSYNC with frosted tips in their hair. This is quite the opposite. Screaming fans ran to their hairdressers and begged them to do whatever the heck Justin Timberlake did to his har so that they could be part of this regrettably hot trend.

This guy, on the other hand, walked outside his house and had his man-beard frozen solid to the tips. This was no trend at all; this was Mother Nature telling him it was.

When Your Hand Gets Stuck on a Piece of Ice

The worse thing you can do during the winter is to touch the ice with your bare hand. Our bodies are warm, and the ice is cold, and if you are not from a cold state you probably do not know this, but the mixture of the two will end up with you stuck to a piece of ice.

That is exactly what we see here in this picture. One kid took off his gloves to touch the icicle and wound up learning his lesson the hard way. If you can’t handle the cold, we recommend you just stay indoors.

This Bird Is Chilling by the “Heater”

One person’s Christmas light is another birds heater! After seeing this picture, the Popular Everything team has concluded that more Christmas lights should go up during the holidays and that they should stay up for the remainder of the winter. This little bird is doing what we all do when its time for winter.

He is sitting by the warmest thing he could find so that the day would be more bearable and it is actually one of the cutest pictures we’ve seen all winter!