38 Photos That Show How Insanely Cold It Was in the US

    The polar vortex of 2019 was brutal, and if you were wondering just how brutal it was, you should take a good look at these pictures. Footy pajamas, fuzzy blankets, heaters, and firewood are all recommended for those who dare scroll through these insanely cold pictures because you might shiver just by looking at them. This year, temperatures dropped to as low as negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit and believe us it was not pretty.

    Food froze in mid-air, cars down in a sea of snow and people’s beards literally broke off! If you’re from Miami or any other relatively warm state, we recommend you take a look at these because you might even appreciate all the bugs and rain you get. The people who went through this winter are straight up troopers and the only way to understand why is to see these photos that prove how insanely cold things got this winter. Clearly, this is a year that Mother Nature is in no mood to spare us from the cold and dreadful winter times! Whoever spit in her bean curd… curse you! Get ready for some jaw-dropping pictures taken this winter! If you’re looking at these in the midst of the vortex, we advise you to refrain from dropping your jaw because it might freeze that way!

    Here We Go!