Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell Out This May

Wed May 15 2019

We’re almost halfway through 2019…where has the time gone?! One thing that’s speeding through time even quicker than the months is the world of technology. We’re not just talking about your standard iPhone, but new inventions that you never realized you needed until now.

Do you consider yourself a bit of a whiz kid, or want to keep up with the latest trends? Popular Everything is granting you the opportunity to get ahead of the game with our handpicked list of the snazziest gadgets which will turn you from ‘out of touch’ to ‘down with the kids.’ Keep an eye out though; these products are all predicted to sell out very soon – so if you see something you like, get it now!

XY Find It – Find Any Lost Item in Seconds

Are you prone to losing important items? Never fear – the device we’ve all been waiting for is here, and it goes by the name: XY4+. How does it work? Simply attach the lightweight gadget to your most valued possessions, download the Find It app and you’re all set to locate your items in seconds.

Carelessness has never been so easy. Not only are there no additional charges to this genius device, but you can tailor it exactly how you want with different color options- either as a concealed necessity or a snazzy accessory. With the XY4+, you never have to worry about retracing your footsteps again.

KeySmart – the Keychain of the Future Is Here

Are you like us? Have you collected what feels like hundreds of keys and keychains over the years, that you can’t help but jingle every time you move? Put an end to the unnecessary bulk with KeySmart.

This small piece of stainless hardware serves a multi-purpose function: it neatly organizes all your keys together, charges devices, opens bottles, and even contains a flashlight. To put it simply, the KeySmart is the tiniest device you never realized you needed until now.

SuperBoost WiFi – Better Connectivity for Your Home

One of the biggest hassles of modern technology is inconsistent WiFi. If you don’t feel like waiting three hours to watch a YouTube video, or having to move around as only certain rooms in the house cater to the internet, then you need SuperBoost.

So, how does it work? Simply plug the gadget into any…that’s right, any electric outlet in your home, and you’re good to go! See those five bars instantly pop up on your device, and the days of buffering are no longer. Save yourself the hassle of connecting with SuperBoost WiFi.

Vivian Lou Insoles – Wear Your Heels Up to 4x Longer

There are two reasons why we leave the club early: to grab some greasy junk food and to give our feet a well and truly deserved rest from our killer stilettos. If you’ve had enough of the pain and dream of partying on this summer, try the Vivian Lou Insoles – shoe inserts designed to stop the discomfort.

With Vivian Lou, it couldn’t be easier. Place the inserts into any size, style and material of shoe, et voila! These clever tools not only stop your feet aching, but suddenly you’ll feel your posture alleviated as back, knee and hip pains are diminished, too. Get your hands on the Vivian Lou Insoles, and you shall go to the ball – and stay there all night!

Dodow – the Best Night’s Sleep You’ll Ever Have

You’ve tried it all: sleeping tablets, no caffeine after 7 pm, and even a sleep-friendly mattress, but still, the struggle to get a decent sleep prevails. With the summer months approaching, thousands flock in fear that the heat will stop them sleeping. That’s where you need Dodow, the solution to a successful snooze.

This is the light metronome of the century. Simply tap the surface to switch on the calming blue light, and feel your mind slowly unwinding as you drift into sleep. Not just that, but the Dodow can adapt to any environment, making for a peaceful sleep wherever you go. Put an end to tiredness with the Dodow.

HealthWatch – the Next Generation Of SmartWatches

There’s nothing quite like a multi-purpose gadget, so what a treat we’ve got in store for you with the HealthWatch! Simply attach this device to your wrist like a normal watch, connect it to your iOS or Android phone, and reap in the benefits.

It’s called a HealthWatch for a reason. See yourself getting fit and healthy this summer as this device monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygenation while keeping an eye on your exercise levels at all time. Say goodbye to your personal trainer today, with 50% off the HealthWatch!

WackaClearView – Night Vision Driving Glasses

Driving around in the dark can be a little daunting at times, but not if you’re prepared. How can this be done? By getting your hands on the WakaClearView Revolutionary Glasses. These clever new inventions ensure a safer, and clearer journey at night.

It’s all in the lens: the yellow tinted shades work hard to block out the glare from straining lights, to make for a much clearer view of the traffic ahead. Say goodbye to blinding car journeys with 50% off the WakaClearView driving glasses.

Portable Sewing Machine – Quick Sewing Jobs Whenever They’re Needed

If you’ve had a wardrobe malfunction, and need a quick and easy solution, then look no further than the Portable Sewing Machine. This neat device is powered by the touch of a button, and can perform miracles within a matter of seconds.

Say goodbye to the heavy bulk of traditional sewing machines, the portable device can be powered with just one hand! Not only this, but the lightweight feel of the product means it can be easily tucked away in your handbag after use – you never know when it’ll come in handy! With the Portable Sewing Machine, you can be your own personal tailor.

DroneX Pro – Selfie Drone for a Fraction of the Cost of Other Drones

In this social media-crazed world, one of the biggest modern-day concerns is capturing that picture-perfect moment. Tired of stretching your arm out all day on the selfie stick? Introducing the DroneX Pro. This nifty device can fly around all day, both inside and outside, to capture those action shots from whichever direction you wish. It’s like your very own personal photographer, with wings flying 12 meters per second!

What’s more? The foldable structure of this tool makes it quick and easy to pack away, once the photo shoot is complete – no hassle at all! So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this lightweight HD photo and video recorder for those summer snaps, for 50% off the original price here.

CoolAir – The Personal Air Cooler

The days of coming back to a stuffy house are over! The CoolAir Cooler works in a very impressive way to release pure, refreshing air into your environment. If you ask us, this is essential for the upcoming summer months!

With just a plug-in of your USB, the CoolAir turns your home from hot to cool with a three-speed fan and water tank. What’s more, the lightweight feel of the product means you can take your cooler anywhere with you that will be affected by the summer months. Say goodbye to sweaty days with 50% off the CoolAir device!