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Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year? The Question on Everyone’s Mind

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year to say the least, and with the coronavirus pandemic still looming, we just can’t ignore the fact that holiday cheer might take a hit. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are all beginning to wonder how exactly the holiday season is going to look different this year.

Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year The Question on Everyones Mind1
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Shoppers who normally begin anticipating Black Friday deals as soon as the leaves begin to change colors are now beginning to question if the annual sale frenzy will even be happening this year. And we are happy to report that yes, Black Friday 2020 is still on.

Although Black Friday will still be in full swing, it’s safe to assume that stores will have COVID-19 safety protocols in place. This means that waiting in crowded lines and stampeding into stores at the stroke of midnight are most probably a thing of the past.

Stores Remaining Closed on Thanksgiving

One such safety measure includes changing store business hours to avoid exposure. In fact, many big name stores have already announced that they plan to remain closed on Thanksgiving day. These stores include Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohls.

In the past, these huge names have been known to open their doors around 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving Thursday but not this year. And while there will still be some traditional “door buster” deals that are only available for a limited time, other deals will extend well into the weekend.

Curbside Pickup

In addition to changing their hours, stores will have other protocols in place to try and limit the amount of shoppers roaming the aisles at any give time. One such strategy will be implementing curb-side pickup procedures. This means you can do all your shopping without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle or having to wait for your online order to be delivered to your doorstep

Possible Lottery System

Some stores are talking about implementing a lottery system. The idea is to provide the opportunity for people to win or purchase a time slot where they will be able to do their shopping without a crowd. This would mean that the store will only open for 10 or so lottery winners to come and do their shopping within a predetermined timeframe.

More Cyber Deals

In recent years, Black Friday deals have become more and more accessible via online shopping. And this year, more than ever, online shoppers will be able to take advantage of limited-time bargains that are normally only available in-store.

But get ready to press that refresh button because you won’t be the only one turning to cyber deals this year. That means higher traffic might cause sites to slow down or crash. Things are also going to sell out faster so make sure to plan ahead on what deals you want to snag before everything sells out.

Early Deals

Lastly, as an effort to control the typical Black Friday madness, many stores are already offering deals both online and in store and plan to for the entire month of November. So keep your eye out, get your credit cards ready and prepare to take advantage of some major 2020 savings.