It’s All About Phoebe: Following Her Emmy Win, Phoebe Waller-Bridge Enters a World of Success

    If you like to keep updated with the latest goings-on in the entertainment industry, you’ll know that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the rising star at the moment! As we all predicted, popular HBO series Game of Thrones won itself a shiny, new trophy at this year’s Emmy awards; but it appears this clan of medieval actors weren’t the only group celebrating a win!

    Image: Vanity Fair

    She may be new to the scene, but Phoebe Waller-Bridge has already made her mark! As a way to pay thanks for her tremendous work in the television world, Phoebe won her first Emmy award, and most people present at the prestigious event would say she absolutely stole the show! Here’s a look at how this one defining moment has led to so much more success for the star.

    Say Hello to the Star of the Show

    Let’s start off by giving you all a little introduction to the star. She’s an actress, a playwright, a writer, and even a producer; is there anything this woman can’t do? Phoebe Waller-Bridge catapulted herself into the spotlight after not only starring as the lead in her hit UK television show, Fleabag, but creating the whole thing, too!

    Image: Metro

    The sitcom centers around one woman, who tries to overcome a sudden grievance amid the hustle and bustle of London city life. Throughout this woman’s journey, she maintains this dry-witted sense of humor, which just about all of us can relate to! Looking back, we’re not sure there could’ve been a better actress for the role than Phoebe.

    The Moment Where It All Happened

    Let’s rewind to February 11th, 2019; the moment where it all happened! Phoebe stepped on stage to receive her two grand titles as Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Comedy Series for her impressive role in Fleabag. Her hilarious winning speeches had the whole audience in stitches and proved to eventually be a crowd favorite.

    Image: Stylist

    What is it we love so much about Waller-Bridge? Among her sheer talent, we suspect it’s this woman’s ability to remain humble among everything she’s achieved so far. Upon winning her second trophy, the star admitted herself: “well, this is just getting ridiculous!” Ever since this double-whammy, the star has gone on to continue that winning streak.

    We assume that entering the public eye must’ve been a little overwhelming for this star, but all for the right reasons! Companies everywhere have been keen to work with this super charismatic British actress, ever since she came into the spotlight. One brand that sealed the deal was Amazon Prime.

    Deals Coming in Left, Right and Center

    One day you’re learning the script to a new TV series, the next you’re a money-making machine! Following her successful night at the Grammys, Waller-Bridge signed a $50 million deal with the subscription service. Every production Phoebe writes will get to feature first on Amazon Prime. Get subscribing if you don’t want to miss out!

    Image: PopSugar

    Miss. Waller-Bridge has been in hot pursuit by pretty much everyone who’s heard of her. Companies are lining up to sign deals with her, and producers can’t wait to get her in their latest box office hit! She may be a joker, but Phoebe is set to channel her more sophisticated side very soon, alongside Daniel Craig.

    Recently, the actress joined the cast for the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die. According to sources, Waller-Bridge was added onto the scene to turn the female characters from the spy series into something more relatable. Considering this woman’s humor, we have no doubt she’ll do us proud!