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Jonah Hill Announces He’s Diving into the Fashion World With Hopes of Making Minimalism Trendy

    Take a Look at the New Face in Fashion

    Jonah Hill has hopped in the creativity van and pressed really hard on the gas pedal. Hill started out as a comedic actor and recently reinvented himself with more serious roles. For example, you’ll hardly have an issue taking him seriously in the latest Netflix release Maniac, starring Emma Stone. His transition from funny to serious started with the award-winning movie Wolf of Wall Street, and ever since he ditched the jokes, the world has applauded him for the versatile nature of his talents as an actor. It is safe to say that he got what he wanted. We are not laughing at or with the character anymore.

    Jonah has not given up on channeling his creative abilities; in fact, he has even taken up a whole new artistic project. The actor recently announced that he is taking a quick breather from the acting/producing world as he will be diving into the fashion world. Many people are surprised to learn that Jonah Hill decided to take on this challenge, but in retrospect, we should have all seen it coming. Jonah Hill has a knack for having a very particular style. He rocks ripped jeans, tie-dye shirts, colorful beanies and a long list of other things the fashion world has not seen since the ‘80s if ever at all. If anything, the actor has been making fashion statements longer than we realized. Some confused his look with laziness, hence the big shirts. However, Hill has actually been referred to as a fashion icon by more than a few people.

    Jonah Hill’s Trend-Setting Looks

    For those of you who can’t really recall a time you saw a picture of Jonah Hill and thought “wow, this guy has some serious style,” there are Instagram accounts that log his fashionable clothing choices. That is right, the actor’s style is so creative and unique that people dedicate their social media platforms to help give people some Jonah Hill inspired fashion ideas.

    Jonah Hill Drops the Wild Colors and Ripped Jeans for Something Totally Different

    Scrolling through the posts, it’s hard to deny that he is pulling off his own look and soon enough he will be the spark of new trends. Jonah vaguely revealed that he was working on some fashion related project and we are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what it is. Earlier this year, the actor worked on a project with the London based brand Palace Skateboards. He and the company partnered up and released a bunch of videos and Instagram teasers featuring himself. By the end of their contract Hill officially labeled his role as Lord of the Fly Lewks. Apparently, “lewks” is just a new way of saying the word “look.” We are not sure how the book “Lord of the Flies” will inspire his fashion trends, but one can expect that fashion rule breaking and making are going to be a big part of his theme as a fashion icon.

    Jonah Hill recently took the whole Lord of the Fly Lewks a step further. After GQ named him “Man of the Year,” Jonah spoke to the magazine and unleashed his news. “All I will say is my next endeavor is in clothing,” Jonah told GQ. He also went on to explain what type of fashion he wants to express and what he describes is a bit of a fashion cleanse. Jonah Hill has shifted his “Lewks” into something more serious and simple. The newly established fashion icon expressed that he’s looking for simple and that’s all.

    Why Simplicity is Outstanding Today

    What makes him so different in today’s men’s fashion is Jonah’s strive for minimalist clothing. If you take a look at male fashion icons Kanye West, Asap Rocky, and Offset, you will see immense stress on just the opposite. Men’s fashion is currently going through a maximalism stage. Gigantic vests, elaborate shoes, bright T-shirts, and jeans that do all sorts of things are what makeup men’s style trends at the moment. What Jonah Hill wants is to lead fashion into a phase of simplicity.

    Plain colored shirts, classy and clean pants, and all other clothing articles that you can just throw together. It’s the stress and time-consuming task of deciding what to wear and how to wear it that the actor is avoiding. “It’s nice to have a similar outfit on press tours, so you always know what you’re wearing and don’t have to plan out, like, thousands of outfits,” Jonah added in his interview with the magazine. According to Jonah, planning out his outfits as he was promoting his new film Mid-‘90s, was a total drag. It is what made him start to think minimally.

    The Main Perk of Simplicity is Accessibility

    Loads of people will be extremely thankful if Jonah Hills plans for the near future of fashion work out. The maximal look that we see trending in male fashion is definitely a struggle to keep up with. A lot of what is “in” at the moment is pretty expensive making it hard for the average person to keep up. The minimalist vibes are easy and accessible for everyone. After all, why does our jacket have to be inflatable?