Jonah Hill Surprises the World and Directs A Movie With Unprofessional Teen Cast

The Transition from A Comedian to A Serious Actor

Over the years, Jonah Hill has proved himself to be a serious actor. At first, Hollywood knew him as the funny guy who always joked about his weight. His Hilarious role in the movie Super Bad, as well as several other comedy films, gave us the wrong idea about who he really is.

Jonah Reveals His Serious Side

Jonah revealed his serious side in the Netflix series Maniac starring Emma Stone.

He played a schizophrenic man who undergoes an experimental treatment that has a serious glitch and interferes with his conscious as well as the conscious of the people in the study. The show has you cracking a smile here and there, but Jonah’s funny business was hardly around.

Jonah’s “Mid 90’s” Film:

Now Jonah is taking his acting to another level. We had no idea Jonah is a huge fan of the film. His affinity for the art is so strong that he’s even directing a film of his own.

Jonah’s project picked up wind once word spread that he’s hiring young kids with no acting experience at all. In fact, the only preparation Jonah required of his crew was to watch his favorite film “This is England.”

This is England is an award-winning film about a 12-year-old boy who looks for acceptance by joining Skinheads. In the movie, the boy’s father passed away, and he was constantly being bullied at school.

His life turned around when he met an older kid who gave him confidence and leads him to join the Skinheads. The movie triggers a mix of emotions; viewers are upset at the offensive and dangerous behaviors that skinheads promote. However, at the same time, you can’t help but feel totally conflicted when you see the change in the boy’s confidence.

Why This Movie

Jonah required his cast to watch “This is England” because it was a huge inspiration for his movie “Mid 90’s.” Jonah wants to paint a picture of a kid facing similar school and home-life difficulties. But rather than the boy finding acceptance in a group of skinheads, he becomes part of a teen skater crew.

“A Reverse Skate Movie”

Jonah Hill explains that he wants this movie to be a “reverse skate movie.” Hill recalls his time as a young boy watching skate videos that were, according to him, comprised of mainly skating footage and three seconds of the skate kids causing chaos and acting recklessly. “The whole thing was to make a reverse skate video.

In skate videos growing up, it would be all skateboarding and three seconds of these kids causing chaos and really connecting and just hanging out when I was a kid that’s what I wanted.

So this is the reverse — kids connecting and three seconds of skateboarding. To invert that was really my goal,” Hill tells Business Insider.

The Method He Uses to Make These Kids Professional

When asked about the challenges Jonah faces dealing with inexperienced actors, he brought up his methods that helped them understand what to do on set. Jonah explains that he tries to understand each kid’s internal struggles in their personal lives by sitting and chatting with them for hours on end.

“I would just have long conversations with each kid about what’s happening underneath and what they’re carrying with them no matter what they are saying. That’s hours and hours and hours of conversations about feelings, about life experiences, about goals. Just talking about who these people are eventually absorbed into you. That’s how I act. That is just hours and hours and hours of thinking and talking,” he says in an interview with Business Insider.

The Kids Love it

Jonah’s enthusiasm rubbed off on these kids. He said that the new actors are in love with film and plan on acting in other films as well.