It’s Time to Pay More Attention to Fingers.

There are only a few moments that people tend to pay attention to fingers. We might stare too long at a person’s wedding ring. You notice the middle finger when you accidentally cut off that guy in the next lane. We also pay attention to the thumbs up we get from our family and friends who watch our sports games. 

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About Who You Are 3

Aside from that, most people don’t even think about fingers. However, multiple studies on the length of our ten buddies suggest that there’s a lot we can know about a person based on their fingers. Our fingers can reveal our sexual orientation, our level of attractiveness, and how our brains work. 

Gay or Straight? Show Us Your Ring Fingers.

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About Who You Are 2

The ability to know a person’s sexual orientation based on the size of their finger sounds a lot like a childish myth that adolescents use to tease each other. Although it sounds like a myth, scientists claim otherwise. Studies done across the world put the ring finger to the test and confirmed the “Digit Ratio Theory.” According to this theory, if you have a long ring finger, it means you were exposed to more testosterone in the womb. Testosterone is the hormone that usually exists in small amounts in females and exists in large amounts in males. It has to do with aggression and territorial behavior.

On the other hand, a longer index, or pointer finger means a person was exposed to more estrogen in the womb. Men normally have loads of testosterone while women have loads of estrogen. This female hormone can make a person more neurotic and sensitive. Somehow stereotypes are starting to make sense here. One study that compiled the results of 18 other studies showed that women with masculine hands (shorter pointer fingers) are more likely to be gay. A study that was done in Rutgers even found a difference between the index finger lengths of self-proclaimed “butch” lesbians and the more feminine lesbians. So males with an index finger that is way longer than the ring finger are more likely to be gay according to these studies. While some researchers fully believe in this correlation, others are sure that it’s total bologna.

The Longer A Man’s Ring Finger, the More Likely a Woman Will Be Attracted to His Face.

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About Who You Are 1

Here’s another finger fact that can either boost or destroy your confidence. Women find men with long ring fingers to have a more attractive face. This may sound bizarre, but it relates to the finger fact mentioned above. The more testosterone a person is exposed to in the womb, the longer the ring finger. Camille Ferdenzi, a scientist from the University of Geneva, found that more than any other factor correlating to male attractiveness, the length of a male’s ring finger is the strongest indicator of the likeliness that a woman will be attracted to his face.

What the Length of Your Fingers Say About Who You Are 4

Researchers tested this by showing women multiple pictures of men’s faces. These women had to rate how attractive each face was. It turns out that men with longer ring fingers had higher ratings of attractiveness; but wait, it gets weirder. Although higher levels of parental testosterone lead to a longer ring finger, the faces of men exposed to the higher levels of testosterone surprisingly look more feminine with gentle features.  Apparently girls like the “pretty boys.”

Different Finger Lengths Indicate Mental Illness

Here’s another implication of hormones in the womb. Lack of testosterone exposure leads to a shorter ring finger, and apparently mental illness as well. People with shorter ring fingers are said to be more susceptible to anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. If you’re one of those short-ring-fingered people don’t worry long-ring-fingered people got issues too.

During A study on finger length and mental illness, researchers measured male participants fingers. Then, the men had to fill out a questionnaire about their eating habits and attitudes. They found that men with less parental testosterone (shorter ring fingers) had less of a drive to be masculine and had a greater drive to be skinny. They also scored higher on eating disorder symptoms.

A ring finger that is unusually long is linked with autism and or ADHD. Scientists are not sure what causes Autism but they do describe autistic people as having a super male-like brain. It’s called the “extreme male brain hypothesis.” An “extreme male brain” is a brain the prefers, and takes interest in things such as systems and things rather than people. Sounds a lot like a male’s brain to me.

Some researchers even believe that the length of a person’s ring finger has to do with the likelihood of a person committing suicide. One study put this theory to the test and measured the ring finger of 71 corpses. The corpses with longer ring fingers were more likely to have died due to suicide. Although the study found a small correlation, their statistics were insignificant, perhaps because they need more dead bodies to measure.