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Only in Australia: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Life Down Under

Australia is a pretty big place, in fact, it’s the sixth-largest country in the entire world. Due to its sheer size, it’s not so surprising to learn how many people travel miles to pay it a visit each year. Sure, it has beautiful beaches and year-round sun, but if you thought that was the extent of this place, then you’ve got another thing coming.

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If you were looking to brush up on your general knowledge about what really goes on down under, then you’ve come to the place. Popular Everything has done it’s digging and found, especially for you, some of the weirdest and most wonderful facts about the country of Australia. So sit back, put a couple of shrimps on the barbie, and enjoy!

Crazy About Yeast Extract

All of you seasoned travelers out there may have heard of Marmite, the British food paste made out of yeast extract that goes great with sandwiches, but did you know the Australians have invented their very own kind? Introducing you all to the spreadable delight that is Vegemite; it has a super acquired taste, but the Aussies can’t get enough of it!

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Whether you love it or you hate it, you have to try this Australian delicacy at least once in your life! Place the thick spread made with vegetable and spice additives on your toast, sandwich, or even pastries and you’ll be blending right in with your Aussie surroundings. Honestly, they’re obsessed with it; so bon appetit!

Full of Creepy Crawlies

We don’t want to scare you away from visiting this sunny country, but since this is a list about the interesting things you’ll only find in Australia, we have to mention the insects at least once. All of you spider-fearers better look away now, what you’re about to see is not for the faint-hearted!

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You know that fear you get in the pit of your stomach, when you spot a spider in your bedroom, shift your attention away from it for 2 seconds and when you look back it’s gone? Just imagine having that happen to you with a giant, venom-filled spider. It’d be enough to make us consider moving out! Luckily, the chances of getting poisoned by these creatures are very low.

Outnumbered by Kangaroos

If you were to stop anywhere in Australia and take a walk, the chances are you’d be met by a kangaroo before an actual human being; which is probably a good thing for all of you animal lovers! Why is this the case? Well, the population of high-hopping marsupials in Australia is a little higher than you might initially expect.

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Here’s a crazy fact for all of you. According to recent data records, the total number of kangaroos in this big old country is nearing 50 million; can you believe it? These furry jumping jacks have officially beaten humans in the population race. So if you ever wanted to see one in the flesh, you better head down under, you won’t be left disappointed!

Inventing a Wildlife Creature

Ever heard of the “drop bear?” For years, non-Australians have heard the tale of this predatory breed of the well known koala bear. The stories of drop bear attacks are sure to send shivers down anyone’s spine. We’re here to set the record straight on what this spooky creature is all about.

Life Down Under  The Craziest Facts Youd Only Hear in Australia 10

Want to know the biggest secret of all about the drop bear? It’s all a big fat lie! That’s right, this animal cannot join spiders in the list of deadly creatures, because it doesn’t even exist. It was all a cunning plan created by the Aussie clan, to keep away tourists; if that doesn’t make us feel unwelcome, we don’t know what will!

The Super Long Highway

Ever feel like your commute home from work will never reach an end? We know the exact feeling, and we bet the Australians do too! Driving along the network of roads named Highway 1 has got to be one of the most tedious parts of any Aussie’s day, and we’re about to tell you precisely why that is.

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Highway 1 spreads across a whopping 14,5000 kilometers, touring all over the entire country of Australia. This makes the famous road the longest highway in the entire world! You certainly wouldn’t want to take a wrong turn and accidentally end up on this road, you may be stuck on it for quite some time.

Finally Giving Women a Voice

If you wanted to discover a country that stands for everything girl power-related, Australia may be the place you’ve been searching for. In 1902, the country proudly announced that it would be the second country to grant women one very important right, that would later pave the way for several other countries to follow suit, and change history for the better.

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So, let’s get straight down to it! The early twentieth century saw Australia give women the right to vote, for the very first time. They followed shortly after their neighboring country, New Zealand set the standards first in 1893. Our respect levels for this country just rose straight up! Clearly, it’s not only a sunny country but a tolerant, forward-thinking one, too.

A Passion for Telling Tales

We’ve already told you all about the age-old myth created by the Aussie family about the ferocious drop bear, giving koalas everywhere a deadly new name. Well, it seems that this is only one example of how far the Australians will go when it comes to retelling an old tale. What do we mean by this? Let’s break it down for you!

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Other than riding the waves on a surfboard and greeting people with a “g’day mate,” another huge aspect of Australian culture and one you may not expect is storytelling. It began with the indigenous people, and it’s now become a common tradition for families to pass down the stories of their history. We’re sure this is a habit that will stick around for some time!

The First of the Beer Bellies

What’s the one thing Aussies love more than a day at the beach? Cracking open a cold one with their mates! You may already be well aware of this, but in order to be a true list about all things Australian, we’re going to need to reiterate to you just how passionate this country’s population is about their beer.

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Whether it be a Carlton Draught or a Tooheys, as long as it falls under the alcoholic brew category, these people are drinking it! If you wanted to put figures to the fact, the average amount of beer an Australian guzzles down per year makes up 96 liters. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was even recorded to chug 2.5 pints in 11 seconds; impressive stuff!

Big Camel Community

Ever heard of the Outback? This area, situated in the heart and soul of central Australia is made up entirely of a sandy desert, which explains why all the big and bustling cities are on the periphery! If you did fancy taking a trip into the drier side of life, you may be met by quite a few specific animals in this desert.

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Of course, this animal would be a camel; what else would it be? Just to put things into perspective, it was recently recorded that nearly one million of these mammals roamed around the Outback. In order to keep some control of the situation, a Feral Camel Management Program was set up by the Aussie officials.

Real Life Aquariums

Ever wondered what life is like underwater? Head over to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and all your questions will be answered. As the biggest living structure in the world, it’s safe to say you’ll be met by quite a variety of swimming creatures, big and small! You better brush up on your marine biology knowledge before paying this place a visit.

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When we told you this place was big, that was probably a bit of an understatement. The Great Barrier Reef is such a humungous system that it can be seen from pretty lofty heights, you can even see it from up in space. In order to preserve this natural wonder, pollution needs to stay on a low; so remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Home of Deadly Creatures

You didn’t think they’d stop at spiders, did you? As scary as it may sound, Australia is home to a number of different living creatures that you wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of. A second creature that sends shivers down our spines are snakes and believe us, the Aussies know all too well to steer clear of those slithering around in their country.

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The minute an Australian hears a hissing sound in the distance, their first instinct is to run away, and for very good reason! Just one wrong move and these snakes will be transferring their venom quicker than you could even utter the word Cobra. On the plus side, snakes generally keep to themselves and there’s a very low chance of this actually happening.

Booming Sheep Population

It turns out that kangaroos aren’t the only animals who run this country! If you wanted to get statistical about things, there are surprisingly 8 sheep for every one person here. You heard it here first, the country of Australia welcomes a grand total of 150 million of these domestic creatures to its fields.

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We’re pretty sure they’d rarely need it given the intense heat, but it’s good to know that this country will never be in short supply of woolly sweaters. you could knit your life away with all that sheepskin!

An Unlikely Snow Spot

It’s not all surfing and laying out in Aussie land, you know! One of the hidden gems of this large country would have to be the Australian Alps; why? It’s the one place in Australia you may actually need to pack a jacket for. No, we’re not talking about the occasional cool breeze here and there, but actual snow!

Life Down Under  The Craziest Facts Youd Only Hear in Australia 20

Skiing in Australia? You have got to be joking. Funnily enough, this is a real thing, and it actually fairs pretty well compared to the cool originals. Did you know, this part of the country actually contains even more snow than ski-resort favorite, Switzerland? It looks like we’re going to have to rethink the location for our winter getaway!

One Big Golf Course

Tiger Woods may be from the good old United States of America, but we’re pretty sure he would’ve traveled down under a few times if he’d known this fact. Australia is home to one of the longest golf courses the world has ever seen.

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Let’s bring in the big numbers. Australia’s Nullarbor Links spreads across a groundbreaking 1,365 kilometers; all along the southern coast of the country. No wonder the place is breaking world records! We wonder how many heated games have taken place on this ridiculously long gaming course over the years.

An Ancient Ancestry

What’s the oldest culture on this planet, you ask? That would have to be the aborigines. Lo and behold, the country of Australia is the one country in which these ancient groups have found a settlement. Some call Australia a surfer’s paradise, we call it a historical landmark!

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Indigenous Australians have been touring around the country, sharing their ancient histories and pearls of wisdom for a pretty long time now. How long, exactly? Between 40,000 – 60,000 years. Clearly, these inhabitants are big fans of the warm weather, and we have to say, we don’t blame them at all!

Every Paleontologist’s Dream

Remember how crazy Ross from Friends was about dinosaurs? We wonder if he knew this extraordinary fact about Australia he would’ve given the country a visit or two. It turns out, that one very ancient discovery was made, right in the heart of this large country.

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So, what did they find? A fossilized rock that contained clear evidence of prehistoric life; but it gets better. This wasn’t just any fossil. In fact, the rock was the oldest form ever found, dating all the way back to 3.4 billion years. The historical fun facts of this country are truly like no other!

The Most Unlikely Hobby

What’s an Aussie’s favorite pastime? While the obvious answer may seem like catching a few waves on the surfboard, it’s actually something a little more calculated. Move over Vegas, there’s a new gambling house in action, and it’s come to steal all of your slot machines!

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It may be a guilty pleasure to some, but to Aussies, gambling is just another way of passing the time (and the counters.) If you wanted to get a real feel for how much this country loves the money-wagering games, then get this: over $20 million a year goes towards it, making Australia the biggest gambling spenders than any other nation.

Supersized Animals Once Existed

Before the age of “g’day” speaking humans roamed around the land of Australia, chugging their beers and bearing all for the slot machines, a different type of living being dominate the country, and they certainly weren’t lacking in size! Introducing you all to the Megafauna: the OG Aussie crew.

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To put it simply, Megafauna is basically just a fancy term used to describe abnormally large animals. Ever wondered what a seven-meter long goanna would look like, or even a duck the size of a horse? All you’d need to do is get yourself a time machine, and travel back to Australia around 50,000 years ago!

Beaches Everywhere You Turn

We don’t need to be told twice that Australia prides itself on its beaches. Given how hot it is, we couldn’t think of a better location for one! What’s so staggering about this fact though, is just how many beaches the country opens it’s doors to. If you were looking for some record-breaking stats, we’ve got them for you here!

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So, how many beaches are we talking about here? Not 8, not 9, but 10,000 beaches; that’s a lot of room for all those Aussie sun worshippers! If you were to visit a new Australian beach every day, it would take around 27 years in total. It’s safe to say, there are no excuses for anyone not to be rocking a dark and sunkissed tan in this country.

A Killer Police Force

Have you ever made a mistake in life, and wanted to make it your number one duty to undo all your wrongdoings? Australia may be the tolerant and accepting place you’ve been dreaming of. This one astonishing fact about their crime prevention ways will never be forgotten.

Life Down Under  The Craziest Facts Youd Only Hear in Australia 12

Here’s a surprising piece of trivia for you. Did you know, that Australia’s first-ever police force comprised of some of the most well-behaved convicts the country had ever seen? There’s giving people second chances, and then there’s doing things the Australian way!

Dingo Prevention Tactics

Dingoes are a crafty species of animal. These dogs that are native to Australia may be cute, but measures have had to be taken to stop them from being pests! In order to prevent these fur-balls from trespassing onto fertile land, some record-breaking rules had to be set in place by the Aussie officials.

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What was done? A fence was made to stop the dingoes in their tracks. This wasn’t just any old fence though, quite the contrary! The State Barrier Fence of Western Australia is pretty darn long, 5,614 kilometers long to be exact. We bet that taught those menacing little creatures a lesson!

Making Room for Cows

Here’s a fact you probably weren’t expecting to hear today! While many of you may guess that the biggest property in Australia is some crazy-rich celebrity home with 12 different swimming pools, it’s actually something much more unusual. If you were ever wondering how the Australians take care of their cattle, here is your answer.

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Introducing Anna Creek Station. This cattle farm accounts for all mooing creatures, giving them the best care to ensure they are raised well with enough room. How much room are we talking about? A little under 24,000 square kilometers. To sum this up for you, the cattle station is bigger than the country of Israel, and about seven times larger than Texas’ biggest ranch. Not too shabby!

A Country of Foodies

We’ve mentioned to you how passionate the country of Australia is about drinking beer, but it turns out good food is celebrated just as much in this place. After all, they’re gonna need something to soak up all that alcohol! Recent statistics have made a shocking discovery about Australia’s food-loving ways.

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So, what’s the damage? A survey taken across the entire Aussie population concluded that 63% of these people are, in fact, overweight. Being a nation that enjoys its collection of staple dishes such as chicken parmigiana and barbecued sausages, we can’t say we blame any of them!

One of the Best Places to Live

Ok, so they may be a little on the larger side, but that but no means puts a halt on an Aussie’s way of life! In fact, the country of Australia was ranked in second place in terms of its Human Development Index. If you were looking to improve your quality of life, we recommend paying this beach-loving country a visit!

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Let’s break it down for you. If you combine together all the aspects of a country’s general lifestyle such as lifespan, welfare, and equality, then you’ve got yourself a Human Development Index. We can proudly say that due to their high ranking, Australia is easily one of the top locations to live your best life.